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Every performer who's ever been on the road has at least one bizarro story that could have been pulled straight from the iconic music mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap. Co-hosts Allen Keller and Alex Hofmann delve deep into their guests’ harrowing, humbling, and hilarious Spinal Tap Moments uncovering universal truths along the way.

(Although it would be as great as having armadillos in our trousers, this podcast is not affiliated with This is Spinal Tap and no person or entity connected with the film has sponsored or endorsed its content. This podcast is not affiliated, sponsored or licensed by Authorized Spinal Tap LLC or Century of Progress Productions.)

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Dan Konopka regales us with stories about the piss bucket that is put by his drum kit every time he plays the Paradise Rock Club in Boston; how a dead muppet looks; and what it’s like to rock in zero gravity. Social: @TMEPshow Website:


Nov 11

1 hr 2 min

Jon Langford riffs on what uber-famous band looked like schoolchildren when they opened for his band in 1979; what body part he had immortalized in plaster; and why The Mekons put another band’s photo on the cover of their first album. Social: @TMEPshow Website:


Nov 4

56 min 42 sec

Co-Host Alex Hofmann talks about being Radiohead’s American Tour Manager in 1993, and the origins of the historical contract from the band’s first US show that is being auctioned off starting October 28th, 2021 as an NFT on OpenSea. NFT auction INFO page on Auction ON SALE page on Too Much Effing Perspective social: @TMEPshow


Oct 28

15 min 36 sec

Corin and Carrie reflect on whether it’s better to just get electrocuted than to cover your mic with someone’s sock; who stunk them out of their dressing room at Colorado’s legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater; and how the glamour and the squalor are never far apart on the road.


Oct 21

54 min 12 sec

Jazz Singer Tierney Sutton tells us about being Clint Eastwood’s muse; what it’s like to attend the same seder as Barbra Streisand; and whether she was the motive for a famous showbiz murder in the '90s.


Oct 14

55 min 5 sec

Jody Porter tells us about the time Lemmy from Motorhead got tongue-tied around Joni Mitchell: what’s it like to live with The Who's John Entwistle; and the genius of bandmate Adam Schlesinger who passed away from Covid in 2020.


Oct 7

49 min 10 sec

Joey Santiago riffs on what it’s like to have been worshipped by Kurt Cobain; how to put a guy in the hospital with a guitar solo; and why his least favorite Pixies song to play is “Monkey Gone to Heaven.”


Sep 23

57 min 17 sec

Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley haul out their views on rockstar bathroom etiquette; being on tour when Covid hit; and the time the Commodores serenaded Governor George Wallace.


Sep 9

46 min 45 sec

Zia McCabe tells us about blowing bubbles on David Bowie; how she fooled her bandmates into believing her newborn daughter was one of the roadies; and what it’s like to star in a real-life mockumentary.


Sep 2

1 hr 1 min

Matt Walker shares the inside scoop on what it's like to work with two of the most brilliant and challenging guys in rock music (Morrissey and Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan); how he was forced to lie to a Russian border guard when touring with Garbage; and why destroying a drum kit each night is better than taking Xanax. Please note: Matt's audio quality during the conversation is a bit rough -- a hazard of recording over the Internet during the pandemic. But it's a great conversation that's worth a close listen. Thanks for understanding.

Aug 24

45 min 30 sec

Todd Sucherman gives the lowdown on what it's like playing the late night TV circuit with David, Nigel and Derek; why he never wears white when on stage with wild animals; and how surreal it was to play with David Hasselhoff at the Tribute Concert for Princess Diana.


Aug 23

45 min 29 sec

To the average viewer, This is Spinal Tap is one of the funniest effing films of all time. But to your average musician, it's a therapy session that triggers flashbacks of all those effing times on stage, on the road, or in the studio when things went either wildly wrong...or just plain weird. In the Biz, these are known as Spinal Tap Moments. On the podcast, Too Much Effing Perspective, musicians and entertainers share their untold, unfiltered, and often unbelievable Spinal Tap Moments. But Spinal Moments aren't just for entertainers, they happen to each and every one of us -- they're universal. To learn more visit


Aug 2

1 min 33 sec