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I think we all know how frustrating it is that one day you're feeling like: YES, I can do this! And then the next day, all that motivation is gone and you can't put yourself to the task you've set the day before. Motivation and discipline are fickle. They can change in a second. And it's very tiring to let both decide whether you are successful in achieving your goals or not. So I've made it into an experiment with myself to find out how I could stop depend only on how motivated or disciplined I feel, and I'm super excited to share my findings with you. Easy for everyone to include in their lives. Find the blogpost: And follow me! On IG: @thehappywomencompany Or LinkedIn: The Happy Women Company

Sep 21

26 min 16 sec

The third guests of the Mothers & Daughters podcast are Yvonne (the mom) and Patricia. Patricia and I know each other through our mothers, who are in the same group of friends. Their relationship has known many phases and stages, with the necessary bumps in the road. All of it has made their relationship strong and incredibly loving. Patricia and Yvonne talk about their common past, what they've come to learn from each other and how important they are to each other. They appreciate the role they play in each other's lives, talking on the phone almost every day. This episode has a beautiful ending, with both a tear and a smile. It shows how the relationship between mother and daughter is resistant to almost anything. This type of love really conquers all. Follow us on Insta, LinkedIn, YouTube and Spotify for more content about what keeps us, young women, busy!

Aug 23

28 min 41 sec

This episode of the mini podcast series of Simone and I is all about finding a healthy mindset that makes you feel at peace and happy in your own skin. In an era where we are constantly bombarded with the opinions and perspectives of others, it becomes more and more difficult to find your own voice in what makes you happy and to feel more tuned in with your own body. In this episode, we talk about how it took us several years to get where we are now and what it means for us to have a healthy mindset. So if you want to know more about what you can do to live your life how you want it and eat/train exactly how you like it, this episode is for you! Follow Stella on @thehappywomencompany Follow Simone on @healthysiem

Aug 2

40 min 1 sec

In the newest episode of the Mothers & Daughters series, Floor and Julia sat down with me to talk about their beautiful relationship as mother and daughter. One thing that really came forward in their conversation was the importance of freedom. Freedom to be the woman you want to be and to take your place in a man's world. Floor and Julia show how much they value the role they play in each other's lives and how essential it has been for Julia to have such a strong mother figure in her life who has made her become the young woman she is today. This podcast aims to shed light on the huge impact mothers/female caretakers have on our development as young women. Something we may forget or underestimate sometimes. Enjoy listening to mothers and daughters who open up the dialogue and get inspired to do exactly the same! Follow The Happy Women Company on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Spotify! Or pay us a visit on

Jul 28

42 min 1 sec

In the 2nd episode, Simone and I sat down to talk about something that we know can be a long and sometimes frustrating journey: building and maintaining sustainable exercise routines and habits. Listen along to learn more about - Building exercise routines and habits; - Gain motivation to get started and keep going - How nutrition plays a major role - The truth about YouTube workouts - Our tips and advice on how to set fitness goals that suit your specific needs and personal strengths Follow Simone on Instagram: @healthysiem And follow me, Stella @thehappywomencompany

Jul 7

34 min 17 sec

In this first episode (in Dutch), I connect with my own mother Esther. I wanted her to be the first guest because she is the first female role model I ever had. We talk about my development as a young woman and hers when she was younger; her role as a mother and how this has changed over time. Besides, we touch on topics such as sex, self-love, self-reflection and everything there is that we deal with as women. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@thehappywomencompany) and visit my website (

Jun 21

43 min 6 sec

In this first episode of the Simone & Stella podcast series we chat about: - Food-related hypes, trends and myths - Losing our period after losing weight - All thing calories and calorie-tracking - Finding peace with food Follow Simone on Instagram: @healthysiem And follow me, Stella, on Instagram! @thehappywomencompany

Jun 9

36 min 8 sec