That Moment: Heart to Heart Talk with Dr. Victoria Grinman

Dr. Victoria Grinman

"That Moment" sheds light on the possible outcome of Posttraumatic Growth in the wake of an experience that overwhelms our ability to cope. The talk highlights influential and inspiring individuals in the world and their story of struggle through a moment in their life or experiences that challenged them and contributed to their success, elevation and joy. If you enjoyed this episode of That Moment, or you would like to learn more about achieving personal freedom, self-improvement, growth through trauma and relationship success, visit:

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Victoria spoke with Kevin Parker about his incredible story of courage and triumph through struggle with addiction. Kevin shares candidly about his experiences, realizations and offers inspiration for anyone that feels broken and at a loss. I truly enjoyed connecting with Kevin and feel grateful for his bravery in sharing his truth as well as authenticity in which he does so.   Kevin Parker was born and raised in New York, NY and now resides in Staten Island, NY.  Kevin Graduated from the College of Staten Island with a major in Psychology. Kevin holds certifications in Recovery Coaching, Drug Interventions, Family Coaching, Sober Companionship, Nutritional Coaching, Fitness, and Neuroscience through The Addictions Academy and for the past Five years Kevin has been working in the self-development and recovery fields. As a young adult Kevin dealt with major depression, anxiety, and heavy drug addiction.  For almost a decade it ran rampant through his life until he was lying in a coma for a month due to an overdose.  After dying three times in the hospital, being read his last rights, and waking up to a dismal reality of multi-organ failure and the potential future of being left completely brain dead and losing all four limbs, he realized he needed to make a drastic change.  After 4 months of praying, fighting and never giving up he walked out that hospital with just one missing leg and a new found purpose and appreciation for life.  Today, Kevin Parker travels the country and the world helping men and women personally and professionally find their true warrior within and overcome obstacles of any size.  His never-ending journey of learning new techniques and strategies so that he can pass them along to his clients is what makes him, and his clients win against all odds in this crazy game we call life.

Nov 8

50 min 40 sec

Dr. Victoria speaks with Ben Levin! Ben Levin is an autistic teenage rwith a passion for writing. His first young adult novel, “In The Hole,” has just been released. Ben is a true inspiration to all around him. He says that “Autism is not a curse – it is a gift.” In this inspiring conversation with Ben, we discuss the meaning os Autism to him, his challenges and realizations  that have led to breakthroughs in the way he views himself and he shares his  perspective on resilience and compassion. As he shares, Autism Awareness Day should be changed to Autism Acceptance Day. Listen or watch this interview for a true lift to your day (and life).    In “In The Hole,” nine-year-old David Kimball finds his safe and secure world unexpectedly unraveling after discovering his father has lost the family restaurant business, and subsequently their home. Forced to live in a borrowed car until it too is lost, David, together with his parents and sister, Julia, desperately seek shelter. After finding temporary housing in a decrepit inn, together with other individuals facing homelessness, David struggles to maintain a sense of normalcy even as his family faces the challenges and trauma of being homeless. Over time, through hard work and the support of their family and community, David searches for the inner strength and outward skills needed to help his family triumph over their dire circumstances. Will David and his family make it out of the hole?

Oct 28

45 min 18 sec

Dr. Victoria spoke with Amanda Chen about her journey within. Amanda shared about her rise to success launching a niche cocktail salt company, and the role that curiosity and courage have played in her decisions to pivot to living an authentic existence. Amanda discusses the writing of her memoir, the dive into examining her beliefs about men and masculinity, and exposes the very nature of self discovery with vulnerability and strength. I absolutely loved connecting with Amanda, and am excited to share this conversation with you.   Amanda Chen is the host of the Miss Amanda Chen Show, where she unpacks how we evaluate our self worth in our relationships. She is currently wrapping up the 100 Masked Men Series, where she interviews 100 men all around the world anonymously about what masculinity means to them, their role as a man in modern society, and navigating the challenges in being understood and valued in their relationships with women. Throughout this journey, she has learned to give compassion to both herself and humans that have hurt her, and is now in the process of letting go of all material things and distractions, from her business and her home to meat, alcohol, music and sex, to become nobody in Mexico.

Oct 12

54 min 18 sec

Dr. Victoria spoke with Gly Gabirel about his transformative journey of corporate success to living in alignment with his truth. Gly shares about the moments that led him to reassess his life, values and the question, "Who Am I?" He gives us the scoop on how to start living a truthful existence and the lessons he faces as he continues to grow. Gly also leaves us with tips on how to shed your light in the world while allowing others to be where they are and who they are - easier said than done! This episode is not to be missed.    Gly Gabriel is a transformational coach, storyteller, and the host of the New Norm Club podcast.  After graduating from Harvard University, working at Morgan Stanley, and backpacking for 1+ year across Latin America, he discovered his purpose – to help people live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives & careers. He is also passionate about elevating human consciousness and leverages online media & communities to create this shift. Regularly challenging himself to grow mentally, physically, & spiritually, Gly documents his journey via his content. #TheGlyGames Gly is currently living the minimalist, digital nomad lifestyle as he travels around the globe, where the line between work & play is blurred… just the way he likes it.

Sep 28

51 min 1 sec

Dr. Victoria spoke with Debra Cooper about the importance of nurturing children to be who they are and guiding them on a path to discovering their joy and living it through meaningful work they choose. Debra powerfully shares about her parenthood experience and pivoting from paving the path for her child to learning her child's interests and guiding her towards it. She shares about her journey of self discovery and inside-out transformation that led to a breakthrough in her relationships as well as a career that helps many. Debra can be reached at   Debra Olshan Cooper founded Your Career Design Lab to help be a GPS for college students as they go on their journey of self discocvery to find, craft and sell their story and tell it with confidence and conviction to potential employers. Our mission is to curate each of our clients passions and turn it into a paycheck. Debra has experience in helping each client craft their perfect pitch. In addition, to crafting, telling and selling a client's story she is instrumental in guiding the client through role-playing, branding a resume, crafting a killer cover letter and networking. Once the client is ready for their close up, we open doors to hundreds of businesses that we work with. We guide the client step by step through the career land mines and into their perfect career. We give parents a break on asking the questions,"Did you send out your resume?" "Did you follow up with...? We let parents be the support and we take on the work. It's a win-win for parent and young adult ready to take ownership of their journey, but do it smarter not harder.

Sep 23

41 min 16 sec

Dr. Victoria Grinman speaks with Palveshey about her journey of healing herself from trauma and redefining what success means to her. Palvesehy shares about her past successes and challenges in the corporate world, and how she went from chasing an outcome and feeling unfulfilled, to learning how to be present on her journey towards transformation and healing. Now, Palveshey helps others find joy and meaning through coaching and transformative experiences.  Palveshey has an exemplary academic background from a masters in finance from Harvard to a PhD in quantum physics from Yale. She has taught subjects from blockchain technology to block universe theory. After an extraordinary journey of her own, she has now geared her mission towards helping others gain fulfillment and self-awareness. Palveshey Tariq You can find the video of this episode here.

Sep 17

37 min 18 sec

Victoria speaks with Danielle Williams!   "It's Not a Death Sentence, The Other Side of the Gift" - Danielle is a source of strength, transparent truth and growth. She shares about her incredible role as a Mom of two kiddos with special needs, administrator and advocate, what it is like to be a Mom of a son on the spectrum and the unique approach she takes to support parents on their own parenthood journeys. Danielle stands by the three P's - power, potential and possibility, and how through her STIGMA Consulting group, she is on a mission to support others to know they are not alone and Autism is not a death sentence, but an opportunity. Danielle also tells us the ingredients that have kept her marriage strong and her family unit thriving.    Danielle N. Williams is the founder and CEO of STIGMA Consulting Group, LLC. She named her company STIGMA because of the stigma parents and children of disabilities face every day, which she wants to dispel.  Danielle’s passion for true inclusivity for all students with disabilities helped her to coin the slogan “potential, power, possibilities.” She believes that everyone who comes in contact with a child with a disability has the potential to help the student thrive, the power to support his or her  transformation and create endless possibilities for the child to achieve academic success.  With over 12 year’s legal experience, Danielle uses her law degree to advocate for parents and children with disabilities ensuring they receive all rights designated to them under the IDEA. As a special educator for over 15 years, Danielle has served as a teacher, administrator, coach and mentor.    Danielle’s most important role is the wife and mother of two school- aged children with disabilities who ignite her passion and resolve to guarantee students with disabilities are always treated with reverence and respect.

Mar 11

43 min 24 sec

Victoria speaks with Richard Schreiber!   "The Journey With An Autistic Child" - Richard shares so eloquently about his  contribution in the world and his mission towards  inclusion and diversity among children and teens. He unveils his journey of being. a parent of a daughter with Autism, its gifts and challenges, and gives tips for rising up in the most difficult moments.   Richard Schreiber, technologist, autism advocate and diversity and inclusion activist. Richard is part of several startups that are focused on making a difference in the world in the space of diversity and inclusion.   Richard will share about his experience with his daughter who is autistic, and the journey they have been on, witnessing her being bullied and marginalized and becoming her fierce advocate and seeing the joy in watching her become an accomplished young woman.

Feb 26

38 min 3 sec

Victoria speaks with Rebekah Keat!   "From Professional/World Champion athlete with zero business experience to building a million dollar Business and two Nonprofits in three years!" - The energy that Rebekah brings to this incredible conversation can only leave one to feel empowered, heard, seen and inspired. In this conversation, Rebekah invited me into some of the most vulnerable and difficult moments of her life and shared about the gifts she has been able to receive from her struggles with the experiences. Rebekah generously shares about her journey to discovering her authentic self, the relationships that keep her grounded and gives tips on ways she has maintained an attitude of gratitude, love and positivity through challenge.   Rebekah Keat is a 2x Junior World Champion, 3x National Champion, 6x Iron Distance Champion, held the former world record and world No.1 2009 and World Rookie Record 2004. She is the Co-Founder of Team Sirius Tri Club, the number 1 ranked female club in the world! She is also the Co-Founder of Believe Ranch and Rescue 501C3 NP, saving 116 horses from slaughter since 2017. She is also the Co Founder of  In Our Hands Action Fund 501C4, lobbying organisation to lobby the bill to ban horse slaughter! Connect with Rebekah: Rebekah Keat  2x jnr World Champion,3x National Champion 6x Iron Distance Champion, former world record and world no.1 2009, World Rookie Recod 2004   Co Founder Team Sirius Tri Club no1 ranked female club in the world @sirilindley @rebekahkeat    Co Founder Believe Ranch and Rescue 501C3 NP -saving 116 horses from slaughter since established 2017 @believeranchandrescue

Feb 18

57 min 4 sec

Victoria speaks with Jen Rozenbaum!  "Turning Tragedy Into Triumph and Using Photography as a Healing Tool" - Jen candidly shares with humor and compassion about one of her life's greatest struggles- her journey with breast cancer. She tells about the wisdom she has gained, the truth that she has found within and the incredible strength that she possesses and shares with other survivors.  I was a stay at home mom in the process of trying to have another baby. After a miscarriage and a subsequent life threatening ectopic pregnancy, I found myself sad, frustrated and very alone.  I didn’t want to just wallow in my sadness, so I figured I needed a distraction. That is when I picked up a camera for the first time. I remember it clearly. I placed a glass on my coffee table and took a photo. Then I moved a knob and took another photo and so on.  Slowly but surely, I was teaching myself photography. In early 2009 I was invited by a photographer friend to assist her on a boudoir shoot.  I happily agreed. What a life-changing day that was. To this day I am not sure I can explain why, but I knew in my bones that boudoir was my calling.  I immediately started a boudoir photography business out of my bedroom and started feverishly marketing and in my first 2 years of business, I photographed more than 400 women!  Spoiler Alert: I also got pregnant with my second child!  Through my journey as a boudoir photographer, I have learned so much about women and myself. I learned that we all struggle with problems such as fertility, marriage issues, self-esteem and self-worth, body image issues, etc… Boudoir gave me a platform to start speaking about these topics publically. Out of that, the #ShamelesslyFeminine® movement was born. In 2017, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew once again it was time to be public and share my journey. I am still a boudoir photographer, but now I also turn the camera on myself to use art therapy as a way to heal from my cancer and to inspire women and men that are going through tough times in life.  Today, I spend my time shooting, teaching, writing, podcasting and working on another movement called Life After Breast Cancer to help women put their lives back together after cancer.  I am so grateful my camera has opened up opportunities for me that I never could have imagined existed. I am grateful my camera has been by my side through everything and has brought such amazing people into my life.

Feb 9

57 min 19 sec

Surfacing: From The Depths Of Self-Doubt To Winning Big & Living Fearlessly Victoria speaks to Siri Lindley!   "Surfacing: From The Depths Of Self-Doubt To Winning Big & Living Fearlessly" - Siri is a world champion athlete, coach, speaker, author and survivor! With compassion, love, and an energy hard to not feel lifted by, Siri shares from her heart about the triumphs in her life as well as the challenges that she experienced along the way. With grace and wisdom, she uncovers the depths of some of her life experiences and highlights the practices and people that contributed to her incredible journey. This interview leaves the listener engaged, empowered and  is not to be missed!   I was the MOST UNLIKELY person to become a Triathlon World Champion and had everything stacked against me. But I had this deep, burning, desire to be the best in the world in a sport about which I was so passionate. Nothing was going to stop me from making this dream come true. I was riddled with self doubt, fear, and anxiety but found a way to break through all of this and become the athlete I dreamed of being! I learned so many incredibly valuable lessons along the way. I use all my experiences, all my knowledge and my insight to train my athletes to become not only world champion athletes, but also world champion people. My Story, My self-discovery, My evolution. Creating strength from struggle and learning to live my life from a place of Love, not fear, is such a powerful one: a story that can relate to business, family and all aspects of life! It is my mission to share my message, as I know it can positively influence so many on multiple different levels!!!

Feb 3

56 min 16 sec

Victoria speaks with Fusun Raynart!  "Message of Hope"  - Fusun shares about her powerful and unique gifts of emotional healing and about the challenging moments that contributed to her realization of her mission and contribution in her life. Fusun highlights that problems are actually gufts, if we choose to see it this way, and the power of Hope in mindset, healing through traumas and overall happiness.  Founder of Life Healing Academy, Fusun Rynart has left a successful corporate sales career of plus 20 years to dedicate her life helping people discover their true potential and boost self-confidence.   Her holistic approach and NLP expertise focus on transforming negative emotions, and reprogramming the subconscious mind to create better results in your personal and business life.   Fusun is an expert in Emotional Healing and a Licensed NLP Master & Mindset Coach.  She uses the secret tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypno inductions and energy work to serve her clients in the most effective and transformative way possible.   She has been interviewed many times on social platformss, podcasts and has been on TV talking about her unique style of helping people who have permanent change and lead happy, fulfilled and successful lives.  You are capable of more than you think!

Jan 27

42 min 28 sec

Victoria speaks with David Alan Kogut! "When to Let Go" - David shares about his incredible journey and some poignant challenges in his personal and professional life that had him stop in his tracks and look inward for answers. He talks about the various paths that have guided him to growth and immense contribution in this world, both in his personal relationships and with those he supports in shining their bright light.  David Alan Kogut started his career in the entertainment and advertising industry working with almost every well known A-listers in business, politics and entertainment for over 25 years. As a consultant David holds experience as a CMO, CCO and CEO applying skill sets in Psychology, Project Management, Technology, Personal Development & Leadership, Graphic Arts, Event Production, Branding and Photography.  David has been entrusted to work on multi-million dollar events for sports, entertainment and fundraising industries, although during more recent COVID times he has focused his energy on small business owners that want to go from unknown to unforgettable. He took his experience working with U.S .Presidents, Celebrities and International business leaders to small business applying what he coins a customized "A-List approach." Designed for people who struggle with expanding their visibility from local to regional to national.  He takes charge guiding through a complexity of options leveraging technology, and visual communications resulting in more recognition for his clients. As a pet project he is working on a new book showing the connection between Science, Psychology and Spirituality which will be shared on an upcoming podcast meant to give new insights into the way we look at the world around us.

Jan 27

40 min 29 sec

Victoria spoke with Susan Hum- Love Hacker! "Measurable Ways of Making the Impossible Possible" - Susan shares about her story of feeling unseen as a young girl to being the light for so many to see their own strengths. She talks about  adventures in the corporate world,  and finding herself today leading with heart and creating a movement of authenticity and truth. She shares masterfully about how to measure outcomes for success and defines what Love means to her. She is the master of making the complicated simple and providing space for others to step into their authenticity.  Susan Hum is a thought leader in the space of conscious leadership and successful entrepreneur, with more than 25 years of international business experience in a variety of industries including health and fitness and financial markets in North America, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2003, at the age of 34, she made the scary decision to walk away from a thriving career in Singapore and return to Canada… for the potential of love. It was crazy only because she spent years telling her other single girlfriends to never do that… it’s just not logical. She returned home with no job, went back to school, took some time off and recreated herself from scratch. After retiring from a longstanding Corporate career in 2016, she pursued her passion of helping people transform and break through self-limiting beliefs. Her acute ability to be attuned to her clients’ unique strengths and core truth has been the major contributor to her success in quickly taking people through shifts and massive transformations very quickly. So, what makes Susan a master at what she does? She has always focused on self- mastery and gaining a deep understanding of herself and analyzing her results (good and not so good) and how to repeat desirable results over and over again. How did she do that? She took massive risks in life and always bet on herself. All that Susan teaches has been successfully applied to every area of her own life. Her deep belief is that we can have it ALL and that means success in ALL aspects of life. She achieved, not only her own financial freedom in her 30s, but she has excelled in business, love and relationships and family and took herself through 3 full transformations. In 2020, she was called to pursue her mission, on a mass level, to contribute towards positive change in the world by creating The Steel Rose Movement, a conscious leadership platform for all women who are inspired to create the life of their dreams and collectively elevate each other to become better versions of self. The Movement’s purpose is to elevate love consciousness in the world by narrowing all divides in society, whether between women, men and women, races or cultures, identity preferences or personal beliefs. She has repeatedly made the impossible possible in her own life and she has the simple formula to guide people to do the same! Her only desire is to empower everyone with the level of mindset required to live a life of simplicity and freedom to express in the highest state of consciousness. Susan lives in Montreal, is married to Kevin and is stepmom to 21 year old Andrew.

Jan 21

48 min 46 sec

Victoria spoke with Virginia Dutton! "It's All Therapy" - Virginia shared about her gift - the ability to paint the energy of another person. She talks about her early and ongoing challenges with diabetes, the conversation that she refused to believe as a little girl about being blind, and the determination that spread like wildfire inside of her to not only live life, but FEEL through it.  She shares that some of the darkest moments were all gifts, and "it's all therapy".  Having left a successful career on Wall Street to pursue her vocation as an artist, Virginia Dutton lives and works in New York, New York. Virginia’s uncanny aptitude for sensing, focusing, and expressing energy in color and texture are at the heart of her gift for painting. Her ability to express herself through different and unusual media creates art in which energy takes chromatic, solid form.  Her works of art have been presented and sold on, Housing Works Design Gala benefit events, Regis High School silent auction, Marjorie’s Fund Gala silent auction, CATM Chelsea gallery’s Art Live, the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Arlene Angard’s Upper East Side Gallery, Spring Market Art X Design at the DDB, and the Historical Gallery. Virginia also had her studio opened for Industry City’s 2018 Open House event. Virginia studied theatre at The Neighborhood Playhouse and has appeared in many stage productions as well as film.

Jan 20

45 min 20 sec

Victoria speaks with Sara Deren! "Getting Lost to Find Your Way" - We spoke about Sara's journey from the corporate world to giving life and nurturing an incredible experience for kids who have lost a significant person in their life. Sara sheds light on the importance of having faith, letting go and cultivating magic from leading with purpose and heart. Sara Deren is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of Experience Camps. Sara received her MBA from Columbia University and spent 12 years in the financial services industry before turning her full attention to camp. She now uses her business background and love of camp to develop and operate this rapidly growing organization and to ensure that all grieving children live a life that is rich with possibility.

Jan 20

32 min 20 sec

Victoria speaks with Dr. Vincent Leonti! Dr. Vincent Leonti has a career spanning over 3 decades. His practice has included both Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He believes in giving back to the Community and in addition to the Free Educational events he does, he has worked at Free Clinics for the Uninsured and served as the Medical Director of his local Fire Dept. Ambulance. He spent most of his life in NY. But 4 years ago, moved to Lawrenceville, NJ to open Princeton Integrative Health with his daughter, Jenna Richardson, a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and transformational Life Coach . He was motivated to switch to Integrative Health, a much more Holistic way of doing Medicine because of issues his grandson Carter was having as well as his own health issues. His Practice currently includes complex, chronic illness such as chronic fatigue, Hormone and Autoimmune issues, Lyme Disease, Heart Disease and cognitive decline. He likes to say his practice begins where the broken system of Conventional Medicine leaves off, a system that leaves many people with no answers. For Dr. Vinny, he was included in the people that Conventional Medicine had not provided an answer. Dr. Vinny, it turns out, had Coronary Artery Disease develop unawares. Heart Disease had killed his Dad and is responsible for close to a million deaths annually. It’s been the leading causes of death for over 100 years. And he has a Genetic Variant, ApoE4, that places him at higher risk of Dementia. He has 2 copies of this gene and that places him in an extremely high risk category. People with 2 copies of ApoE4 have a 50% chance of developing Alzheimer’s Dementia. The sad part, it is largely preventable. But Conventional Medicine does not do a good job in prevention. Dr. Vinny has dedicated his life to helping people avoid his fate and the fate of his Dad. He practices Integrative Vascular Medicine, meant to diagnose Vascular Disease decades before it becomes a clinical problem. This gives people the time to change their lives and Lifestyle in order to save their lives. Because of his own and his Dad’s experience, he has a mission to transform lives and keep people from dying from a Broken Heart or a Broken Brain.

Jan 19

32 min 6 sec

Victoria spoke with Neal Conlon! I'm a man who has lived a lifetime of life experiences that I want to share and contribute with men who are open and seek to learn and accelerate their personal development. I seek men with like-minded views.   I support men to rise up and show up for themselves by supporting them as they overcome personal and professional challenges. I bring a perspective and a set of skills that have been developed over decades as an US Marine veteran, entrepreneur, growth marketer, investor, parent, and partner.  I coach with intention and focus on practical, tangible, and masculine results.

Jan 14

52 min 47 sec

Victoria spoke with Susan Burdick! Susan Burdick, Integrated medicine, is the founder, developer teacher of the Restore for Life technique and 2-day online workshop. She is licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts under Asian Studies and Nationally Registered. She has worked at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire, in addition to developing a Restore technique for people with lymphedema and neuropathies. She was an Approved Provider Unit for Continuing Nursing Education by the Northeast Multi- state Division (NE-MSD). She is also an Approved Provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworker’s (NCBTMB) and former Polarity educator (Nationally Registered) teacher of various types of energy medicine. Speaker at the Autism One national conference, 2020. Published Author, Reboot Your Body, Flexibility for Better Body Function, Registered Copyright, 2015.

Jan 7

51 min 37 sec

Victoria spoke with Polina Shkadron! Polina Shkadron is the owner of Play to Learn, SLP PC, an established private practice in the Forest Hills area of Queens, New York servicing children and families. Polina holds a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from CUNY Queens College where she is also an adjunct lecturer. Over the course of her career, she has earned three ACE awards from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association for her dedication to learning. Her specialties include: autism spectrum disorders and social skills intervention; behavior management through play; feeding therapy and nutrition education; language challenges and executive function deficits; parent coaching and empowerment. Polina is a Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP) through the International Association of Trauma Professionals, which has significantly guided her practice to include aspects from the field of mental health. She has researched and formed intricate connections between adverse childhood experiences, ramifications of toxic stressors, and the ways in which detrimental relationships are created with food. With her Master’s of Science in Nutrition Education, she attends to the enhancement of the mealtime environment for children and families through nutrition counseling, parental empowerment, and self-efficacy.   Polina is deeply passionate in helping parents/caregivers connect and reconnect with their kids. Her overall goal is to educate families on the major impact that foundational attitudes have on building lifelong skills.

Jan 5

43 min 17 sec

Victoria spoke with Ed Green! In his own words: My name is Ed Green; I live on a small farm (ranch) in Iowa with my wife Tammy. My wife loves to collect animals and take care of them. It really does not matter what kind of animals and most people are amazed that we essentially have a menagerie. I am a lifelong learner, who loves to read and take courses to improve my knowledge and to keep up with the latest technology.  One of my passions is learning about health and fitness. I was born in the 1960’s. While there have been many improvements and advances since I was a kid; the 1960's were a good decade to grow up. I went to Penn State (GO Lions) and studied Science. After I graduated from college in 1984, I joined the Marine Corps where I served for 20 years.  During my career, my main job was as an AV-8B Harrier pilot and I had various non-flying assignments as well.     In June 2004 I retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service, and obtained my MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.  In my current job, I am a Project Manager for a Software company where I am responsible for several projects, and manage projects across their life cycle, including business pursuit, design, production and transition to maintenance support.  The purpose of my life is to be a leader, to enjoy love and to use my unique gifts to serve the greater good.  A big area of focus for me is on fitness and health and I am passionate about sharing the distinctions I have on nutrition, healthy eating and use of supplements to improve health, which are based on research and evidence.

Dec 2020

41 min 50 sec

Victoria spoke with Dr. David Ajibade!   Dr Dayo David Ajibade is the medical director and founder of Brain and Body Solutions, Ltd., an integrated health center in Abuja. He is also the Executive Director of Brain and Body Foundation (BBF), an organization – established in both Nigeria and   the USA – focused on educating theNigerian public on important health issues, providing safe, innovative solutions to health conditions affecting the brain, endocrine (hormones), immune and cardiovascular systems, and on alleviating the suffering of medically fragile children, including those diagnosed with severe brain disorders, genetic disorders, and sickle cell disease. BBF holds a free clinic every Friday during which free consultations and nutraceuticals are provided to children from low income families. The Brain and Body Foundation has signed MOUs with the Federal Ministry of Health and The Nigerian Military to address Mental Health, Brain disorders and non-communicable diseases in Nigeria. The Brain and Body Foundation was recently granted approval to carry out a multi-site research into the use of nutraceuticals in the treatment and management of sickle cell disease in children.

Dec 2020

39 min 59 sec

Victoria spoke to Erick Rivas!   Erick Rivas has made a career in Accounting within the Commercial Real Estate industry and has realized over his time in the industry that helping Accountant's unleash their confidence makes the team successful. And within this past, unprecedented year, he has pivoted that knowledge and experience in helping other share their message in today's multi-social media platforms. Erick passion is helping people share their message while, his profession is helping them b build a successful brand along the way.  We all have a message to share with the world, and Erick is helping those ready to do so.

Dec 2020

37 min 2 sec

Victoria spoke with Sarah Gaines! Sarah Gaines a writer, speaker and teacher of self love, joyful wellbeing, and conscious creation. Sarah is the creator of Joyflow, movement for you - blending yoga and ecstatic dance. In all things, Sarah aims to guide others to their deepest truths and most expanded state of love.

Dec 2020

53 min 19 sec

Victoria spoke to Raun Kaufman!   Raun K. Kaufman is the author of the book, Autism Breakthrough and the former CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America®. An international lecturer and graduate of Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics, Raun has been interviewed by media such as National Public Radio, BBC Television, Fox News Channel, the London Telegraph, and People Magazine. Raun has a very unusual history, which he will tell you about - and which was the subject of a bestselling book and television movie. He now helps families going through autism crises and works with individuals, couples, and businesses in the area of relationships and communication.

Dec 2020

43 min 53 sec

Victoria spoke with Slash Coleman!   Slash Coleman is a US Laughter Ambassador, professional storyteller, and founder of Laugh for Life. Over the last decade, he’s produced, performed and published his writing internationally on stages, television and in books. HIs work has been featured on PBS and NPR and in The Washington Post, The New York Times and Psychology Today where he continues to preside as a personal perspectives blogger.  After suffering a mysterious lung injury while on his book tour for The Bohemian Love Diaries in 2015, his journey back to health led him to India where he studied with Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder and originator of the worldwide laughter yoga movement. During the next year, he conducted an informal yearlong experiment with unconditional laughter in which he developed strategies to dramatically improve his mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Since then Slash has helped over 400 organizations - from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies - turn their ordinary events and meetings into highly engaging experiences through laughter yoga. Slash’s cutting edge techniques and entertaining presentation style have made him a highly sought-after speaker for top organizations, including: Capital One, AARP, TEDx, Columbia Center for Oral History Research, and the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Dec 2020

48 min 22 sec

Victoria spoke with Elaine Williams!   Captivate the Crowd & On-Camera Coach  Elaine is an award winning comedian, speaker  and performance coach with credits like: Saturday Night Live,  America’s Got Talent, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX TV; been featured in The New York Times, Hay House Radio & the Huffington Post.  Elaine’s clients have gone from never doing video/speaking live to having their own You Tube Channels, doing International Book Tours, and speaking for NASA.   Elaine combines her Debbie Ford/JFK University coaching certifications with her 30 plus years of performing professionally in theatre, film, tv, voice-over, radio, and stand up comedy to transform her clients into “Captivating Speakers.”   Elaine has spoken on college campuses across the US. Recent colleges include: Kent State, Notre Dame,  UT Austin, SUNY Empire State, and  U of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Her TV pilot, “Room for Improvement”, about her life as a landlord, comic and speaker, was a finalist with Lifetime TV and A & E  in the NY TV Festival; and Elaine was voted the top “Up and Coming Comic” in the NY Underground Comedy Festival.   Her other trainings include: Leadership Training with Landmark Education, EFT Training, Meisner Acting Training, and has been honored for her work with the military and their families at Fort Drum in NY and Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.  She did the NYC Marathon in 4:40, and raised thousands in charity bike rides for MS. Her degree is a BA in Drama from UT Austin with honors.   Elaine’s the author of 3 books: Stop the Madness: How to Identify Addiction Warning Signs in your Friends…and What do do about it.  What Every Student Needs to Know Before They Leave for College: How to Stay Safe and Stay Smart.  Nothing but Net: Creating Your Customer’s Wow Experience with Humor!

Dec 2020

45 min 5 sec

Victoria  spoke with Jo Coburn!    After years of overcoming her own health challenges and then birthing 5 kids with their own unique struggles, Jo was confronted with tragedy and stress that really could have taken her back into a chronic state of disease and dysfunction.  Instead, with an inner knowing and a lot of searching she found Functional Medicine to be the thing that brought it all together and gave her the vitality and clarity to walk forward in wellness and now she brings that wisdom and knowledge to others to empower them on their own path to True Wellness.

Nov 2020

49 min 35 sec

Victoria spoke with Dr. Dan Wolfson! Dr. Dan Wolfson is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the field of grief and loss. He is the Mid-Atlantic region Clinical Director of Experience Camps for Grieving Children, and a supervising Staff Psychologist at Rennicke & Associates in downtown Manhattan. Dr. Wolfson completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University's Center for Complicated Grief, where he developed expertise in the highly effective modality of Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT), while also conducting research and providing bereavement training to mental health professionals. Over the past decade, he has developed and led therapeutic grief groups in a range of settings for children, college students, and adults, and his doctoral project explored the relationship between self-esteem and social connection among bereaved adolescents participating in a therapeutic summer camp.  In addition to his work with Experience Camps and Rennicke & Associates, Dr. Wolfson is an advisory board member for the grief resource company Lantern, a featured author and advisor to the website Modern Loss, and an adjunct faculty member at the NYU Center for Counseling.  His work on grief and loss has been featured in local and national media outlets including ABC, The Huffington Post, Vice, and more.  Connect with Dr. Dan:  |  @griefny instagram |

Nov 2020

33 min 8 sec

Victoria spoke with Michelle Dickinson!  Michelle E. Dickinson is a passionate mental health advocate, a TED speaker, and a published author of a memoir entitled Breaking Into My Life. After years of playing the role of child caregiver, Michelle embarked on her own healing journey of self-discovery. Her memoir offers a rare glimpse into a young girl’s experience living with—and loving—her bipolar mother.  Michelle spent years working to eradicate the mental health stigma within her own workplace by elevating compassion, causing more open conversations, and leading real change in how mental illness is understood in the workplace.

Nov 2020

34 min 28 sec

Victoria spoke with Debra Crosby!  Debra Crosby trains clients on how to communicate in a clear, concise, compelling and confident manner. She is passionate about working with speakers who want to deliver ideas that have the power to ignite imaginations and inspire positive change from the TED Stage.  She was nominated best media and acting coach in the US by the National Digital Film Academy and was a  television host on MYTV New England to a home audience of 2.5 million. She brings over 10,000 hours of experience to her practice with more than 30 years of skill as a professional speaker, instructor, producer and writer.

Nov 2020

44 min

Victoria spoke with Marc Williams!   Marc Williams is a speaker, coach, author, and professional branding expert. As the founder of Mark Your Mark, he teaches professionals and young children how to see and express their value.   Clients reach out to Marc when they need help with public speaking, self-marketing, and personal development. His first two books   The Rules of Engagement for Public Speaking and Beyond Limitations will prepare you to make a meaningful and memorable impression.

Nov 2020

38 min 22 sec

  Victoria spoke with Heidi Rome!   Heidi Rome, MBA, is an internationally recognized expert on the autism journey for mothers. She has just launched her book, You Just Have to Love Me: Mothering Instructions from My Autistic Child, which became the #1 New Release bestseller in three categories on Amazon during the pre-order period before it was even released.  Heidi is the Autism Mom Coach and founder of Moms Spectrum Oasis. Heidi has been featured in the Huffington Post, Princeton Community Televisions, West Essex Tribune, AM970 The Answer, and iHeart Radio, 24/Seven Magazine, TAP into Livingston, and NJ Kids on the Go/Special Needs Guide, and other media.

Oct 2020

51 min 30 sec