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Ken and Lori Heise

Welcome to the Your Retirement Navigator podcast, where financial advisors and founders of Heise Advisory Group, Ken and Lori Heise, discuss various aspect of retirement planning as you navigate the road to and through retirement.

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Ken and Lori discuss five elements of Yoga that are particularly useful for personal wealth.

Nov 24

15 min 13 sec

What are my Estate Planning options?

Nov 24

16 min 25 sec

Healthcare can be a large expense in retirement. And some people delay retirement because they are concerned about the cost of healthcare. Ken and Lori look at three phases: 1. Covering healthcare expenses from retirement date to age 65 2. Medicare at age 65 3. Long-term care

Nov 23

17 min 29 sec

Tax planning is an important part of preparing for retirement. On this episode, Ken talks about four different buckets your money can be in, and the importance of knowing exactly which buckets your retirement assets are in.

Sep 20

17 min 33 sec

Ken and Lori begin discussing tax planning, and how it can be vitally important for retirees to know how taxes will effect their retirement accounts.

Jul 19

15 min 15 sec

In this episode Ken and Lori discuss risk management in retirement, and how emotions can get in the way of making wise investment decisions.

Jun 21

17 min 42 sec

Continuing their deep dive into investment planning, Ken and lori take a much closer look at the details inside of the three major asset classes, cash, fixed income assets, and equities.

Jun 7

20 min 16 sec

Ken and Lori begin to explore an extremely important pillar of any retirement plan; investment planning.

May 24

17 min 33 sec

Ken Heise discusses some potential strategies that could address some of the retirement income roadblocks discussed in the first three episodes of this series.

May 6

16 min 13 sec

In this episode, Ken and Lori continue their deep dive into income planning, this time focusing on some complex topics such as sequence of returns risk, and reverse dollar-cost averaging.

Apr 20

16 min 20 sec

The second in this series of episodes looking into income planning in retirement, Ken and Lori discuss combatting 2 of the 4 biggest potential pitfalls that can damage an income plan, rising inflation, and longevity risk. 

Apr 6

16 min 47 sec

An income plan is one of the staples of a successful retirement. In this episode, Ken and Lori begin diving in to this topic and discuss strategies for generating cash flow in retirement.

Apr 6

13 min 10 sec

When planning for retirement, one of the biggest mistakes a person can make is failing to account for all the various aspects that go into a successful retirement plan. In this episode, Ken and Lori break down the areas in which a holistic retirement plan should cover.

Apr 5

18 min 59 sec

Welcome to the Your Retirement Navigator podcast! This first episode will give you an idea of what to expect in future episodes, as well as helping you get to know the founders of Heise Advisory Group, the husband and wife team of Ken and Lori Heise. 

Apr 5

15 min 13 sec