Whiskey and The Surfer

By John Tole

WHISKEY AND THE SURFER Denver's Top Iconic Rock Whiskeyandthesurfer.com Whiskey and the Surfer is the morning radio show you always wished they’d play on the radio. Wes Key and Fliip Riivirs are two defunct Radio Entertainment AI's who escaped their holding facility 17 levels below the other Denver Airport and are saving America 1 Rock Riff and Dick joke at a time using a rigged up Time-Machine. None of this is real. It is a Fake News AI run from the mind of Comedian and Thrash Legend, John Tole JohnTole.net Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/4256/support

  1. 1.
    4 More Years
  2. 2.
    DJ Phant0m goes Country WTF
  3. 3.
    March 3rd Racist COVID Babies
  4. 4.
    March 3rd Texas gets SOME Freedom back
  5. 5.
    2nd 77 Minute Show This Sunday
  6. 6.
    3D Printed Limbaugh Shits
  7. 7.
    Feb 24 Best of Episode
  8. 8.
    2/15/21 Whiskey and The Surfer Podcast Episode 333

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