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The Paralegal Voice covers the latest issues and trends in the world of paralegals and legal assistants. Started by Vicki Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor and now hosted by Carl Morrison, Devoted to Law, and Jill I. Francisco, the Passionate Paralegal. The award winning show invites leading paralegals and legal professionals to discuss a range of topics from career tips and tactics to writing skills and hiring trends. The Paralegal Voice is a comprehensive educational resource for paralegals and all legal professionals at any level of experience.

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Carl is joined by Ki Hwang and Bob Roberts of Bright Line Counsel, an Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP). Learn how the field is not only streamlining legal ops and more efficiently serving clients, but also creating exciting opportunities for paralegal professionals.  Hear how today’s paralegals can leverage their project management and technology skills to advance their careers and focus on meaningful, rewarding work. It’s a whole new world, and paralegal professionals are at the center of it.  And in the Listener’s Voice segment, Carl takes a question about getting into the field of legal operations and offers tips on making the leap. Is this the next step in your own career? If you’ve got a comment or question, reach out at Special thanks to our sponsors NALA, ServeNow, and InfoTrack.

Nov 25

38 min 36 sec

Host Jill Francisco talks with veteran paralegal (and BFF) Nancy Jordahl about opportunities for paralegals outside the office. Jordahl regularly writes for paralegal and legal professional journals and is a regular speaker at paralegal conferences.  Learn how to get started, find opportunities, and create the content professionals want (and need). Hear how to spot opportunities to serve on paralegal education advisory boards and even teach the next generation of paralegals.  Not only are you giving back, but you’ll keep up with the latest developments in your field, guide student curriculum, and build your network (you might even make a little extra money). You can do this. Learn how.   Special thanks to our sponsors NALA, ServeNow, and InfoTrack.

Nov 1

45 min 23 sec

It’s not just the poor. Even the middle class struggles with a complex and costly American legal system.  Our guest, Toni Marsh, JD, is a professor and director at the George Washington University School of Law Paralegal Studies program and a fierce advocate for the role of paralegals.  The paralegal profession is in flux. As Americans struggle to access their legal system, constitutional rights are becoming out of reach. Marsh believes paralegals can fill that gap as states explore expanding their role. Legal navigators, legal document preparers, and licensed legal professionals are stepping up. How can paralegals prepare for tomorrow’s legal profession?  Also, in the “Listener’s Voice” segment, host Carl Morrison answers a listener’s questions about seeking new challenges, perfecting a resume, and finding new opportunities. Got a question for Carl? Email him today at Special thanks to our sponsors CourtFiling.Net, InfoTrack,  NALA, and ServeNow.

Sep 30

34 min 59 sec

The legal profession was already going online and high-tech. But COVID disruptions, working from home, and remote legal processes have supercharged those changes. Are you up to speed?  Host Jill Francisco – a veteran paralegal and classroom instructor – interviews attorney and longtime professor Todd Richardson about today’s classroom experience. It’s more than lectures and books. Today’s learning includes new technology, working collaboratively online and in person, and leveraging digital tools to expedite cases, gather information, and navigate the modern legal jungle. Richardson explores how legal education is changing and how vital learning today’s tech keeps a paralegal valued and vital in the workplace. He also touches on areas where soft skills still play an important role. Knowing how to integrate tech with interpersonal skills can build and maintain relationships so important in the legal community. Special thanks to our sponsors, NALA, and ServeNow.

Aug 30

38 min 43 sec

Carl Morrison and Tom Stephenson detail the myriad ways paralegals can leverage their skills in the growing field of legal operations. Special thanks to our sponsors, NALA, ServeNow, and

Jul 15

34 min 44 sec

Given how fast the paralegal field is growing, it’s no wonder NALA expects record meeting attendance. CEO Vanessa Finley offers a preview. Special thanks to our sponsors, NALA, ServeNow, and Legalinc.

Jun 30

42 min 10 sec

There’s a right way to create a culture of diversity and inclusion and there are countless wrong ways companies and law firms continue to develop failing programs and policies. St. John’s University’s William Murphy tells host Carl Morrison the range from worst reasons to implement (reactionary) to best (making the business case). Special thanks to our sponsors, NALA, ServeNow, and Legalinc.

Jun 4

45 min 24 sec

Educator and trainer Amy Johnson shows how simple changes in work habits can save time, increase productivity, and add value to a legal team. Special thanks to our sponsors, NALA, ServeNow, and Legalinc.

Apr 23

47 min 23 sec

Carl Morrison reviews the changing paralegal certification landscape as states weigh and test limited licenses to expand access to justice.

Mar 31

42 min 4 sec

Partner Marc Williams recaps the rapid litigation transition from in-person to virtual and what he expects will be the new normal.

Feb 11

49 min 56 sec

Lawyer Drew Downing explains how those injured by vaccines can file claims with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Jan 28

39 min 55 sec

Lawyer Brian Moore details evolving regulatory changes that impact employers and workers as the pandemic rages and vaccines hit the market.

Dec 2020

31 min 11 sec

Master Sgt. Albert Perez Oyola details career paths and, for some, intense assignment twists for those trained as military paralegals.

Nov 2020

37 min 38 sec

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture requires action. Jill Francisco explores big and small ways to support diversity in the workplace.

Nov 2020

43 min 49 sec

Host Carl Morrison shows how paralegals can integrate process improvement techniques in their day-to-day work.

Sep 2020

35 min 48 sec

When it comes to social media, legal professionals should tread carefully, but actively engage friends, clients and peers in these new spaces.

Jul 2020

50 min 1 sec

Anne Geraghty-Rathert discusses the mission of the WILLOW Project and prevalent issues in women’s wrongful convictions.

Jul 2020

31 min 40 sec

NALA has gone virtual for this year’s conference! Join hosts Carl Morrison and Jill Francisco and conference speaker Brian Moore as they discuss the session offerings, social events, and CLE opportunities available through the 2020 NALA Conference @ Home.  If you still need to register, head over to the today! Brian Moore is a partner at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP. Special thanks to our sponsors, NALA, ServeNow, and Legalinc.

Jul 2020

28 min 48 sec

In this brief announcement, host Jill Francisco shares some of the details about NALA’s first virtual conference.

Jun 2020

4 min 36 sec

Jillian Kuehl outlines how the recruitment process works and how to find the right recruiter for your needs.

Jun 2020

35 min 22 sec

Nicole Clark explains AI basics and how it can help paralegals work with greater efficiency.

May 2020

53 min 42 sec

Debbie Hrytzay offers remote work tips for paralegals.

Apr 2020

36 min 1 sec

Carl Morrison shares remote work tips and his perspective on the ABA’s changes to the definition of a paralegal.

Mar 2020

43 min 36 sec

Kristine Custodio Suero shares career development insights for paralegals.

Feb 2020

41 min 7 sec

Vanessa Finley gives insights on NALA’s offerings for members and plans for 2020.

Feb 2020

43 min 21 sec

New Paralegal Voice co-host Jill Francisco talks with Chris Jennison about potential changes to the ABA’s legal assistant/paralegal definition and new guidelines that would approve online paralegal coursework.

Dec 2019

48 min 48 sec

Carl Morrison shares highlights from 2019 interviews on the Paralegal Voice.

Nov 2019

47 min 57 sec

Keith Shannon offers guidance for paralegal professionals on the importance of diligent compliance with ethical standards.

Oct 2019

58 min 4 sec

Candess Zona-Mendola shares insights from her book, “The Indispensable Paralegal: Your Guide to Getting It All Done.”

Sep 2019

58 min 50 sec

NALA vice president Melissa Hamilton and conference first-timer Sherron Brightharp talk about the conference experience and its offerings for attendees.

Aug 2019

24 min 15 sec

Vicki Kunz shares about the innovative opportunities arising in the paralegal industry.

Jul 2019

21 min 30 sec

NALA CEO and Executive Director Greta Zeimetz discusses NALA’s strengths and the challenges it will face in the coming years.

Jul 2019

18 min 17 sec

Kelly LaGrave shares the importance of paralegal certification and suggests study tools for the exam.

Jul 2019

28 min 14 sec

Ken & Anna Buchner give insights into the area of motor vehicle accident recording and reconstruction.

Jul 2019

24 min 57 sec

Jeffrey Wolff of ZyLAB talks about the growing impacts of eDiscovery on the law and the tech solutions that empower lawyers and paralegals.

Jul 2019

21 min 57 sec

Join host Carl Morrison as he recaps his first day at the 2019 NALA Conference & Expo and teases the great content to come.

Jul 2019

7 min 52 sec

In this Mix Bag episode, Carl covers news from the Supreme Court, Crisis Management Plans, and presents his Corporate HR Guide to the Paralegal Profession.

Jul 2019

44 min 13 sec

In the buildup to the 2019 NALA Conference & Expo, host Carl Morrison talks with NALA president Jill Francisco to discuss why NALA is a valuable resource to paralegals, how paralegals can participate in leadership, and what obstacles NALA and the paralegal community will face in the coming years. As Jill prepares for the conclusion of her tenure as President in 2020, they also look back on her career path, her leadership style, and what legacy she hopes to leave.

May 2019

53 min 9 sec

Host Carl Morrison talks to Maddy Martin about the impact of automation in the legal profession and how it affects paralegals. They discuss how speed and accuracy in everyday paralegal tasks can be improved with AI and how this frees up paralegals for higher level tasks. After the break, Maddy talks about her role at and describes how the company provides communications services for law firms.

Apr 2019

51 min 39 sec

In this episode, host Carl Morrison talks to Erin Levine, a certified family law specialist, about the important roles paralegals play in legal product development and client interaction. Erin talks about her career and what led her to launch Hello Divorce — a platform that allows greater access to justice for those in divorce proceedings. They discuss the utilization of paralegals in her family law practice and highlight the invaluable collaboration that takes place between them.

Apr 2019

49 min 7 sec

What things can paralegals do to become a better hire? In this episode, host Carl Morrison talks to Sandy Lavender, office manager for Clark Hill PLC about recruitment strategies for paralegals and legal support professionals. They discuss the important skill sets they look for when hiring for these types of positions and give tips for improving resumes and interview skills. They also encourage paralegals to become certified with one of the legal support professional organizations.

Jan 2019

46 min 8 sec

Have you considered what goals may help you grow as a professional paralegal? In this episode of the Paralegal Voice, host Carl Morrison reflects on 2018, noting successes and discussing the importance of setting new goals for 2019. He gives practical advice on ways paralegals can challenge themselves and gives his predictions on what trends may impact the paralegal industry in 2019. Special thanks to our sponsors, NALA, ServeNow, Thomson Reuters Firm Central and

Dec 2018

45 min 38 sec

Paralegals can be a vital part of how the law office operates even if they are not in a management role. In this episode, host Carl Morrison shares his top ten tips on law office management. He gives insight into the ways paralegals can impact management issues such as hiring, technology, marketing, mentoring, and more!

Dec 2018

41 min 24 sec

Electronic filing (eFiling) is changing the court filing game across the nation. Host Carl Morrison talks to Tisha Delgado about how eFiling works. While some may be hesitant to shift to eFiling from paper filing, Tisha shares the advantages to this electronic system from saving time and energy to being able to file last minute. She also shares tips for using the PACER system and provides resources for those interested in learning more about eFiling.

Oct 2018

41 min 4 sec

The magic of paralegal conferences is that you can learn new things about your profession and make connections that you couldn’t have otherwise, all while actually having fun. Host Carl Morrison talks to Lauren Rentz and Tara Hughes about their experiences of the NALS 67th Annual Education and Networking Conference. Lauren, a new paralegal, and Tara, a seasoned paralegal, discuss about the sessions that stood out to them as well as tips and tricks for new attendees.

Sep 2018

38 min 51 sec

Host Carl Morrison talks to Linda McGrath-Cruz about how to get the most out of paralegal conference networking. Whether you need advice as a first time conference-goer or you’re a conference veteran who just needs a refresher, tune in for tips on topics like how to choose between conflicting seminars and make yourself more approachable. Linda shares how networking has directly impacted her paralegal career for the better.

Aug 2018

43 min 34 sec

A successful trial team involves more than just a good lawyer, it includes a strong trial consultant. Host Carl Morrison talks to April Ferguson about trial consultants and the important role they play in the courtroom. They discuss the basics of what a trial consultant does, how they interact with paralegals, and the education a paralegal needs in order to transition into trial consulting.

Jul 2018

41 min 18 sec

Host Carl Morrison reaches into his paralegal grab bag to bring you time management tips and tricks, current association trends, and predictions for the future of the paralegal profession. Tune in as Carl shares valuable advice that all paralegals can use, from tackling time-wasters to engaging a younger generation of lawyers.

Jun 2018

25 min 56 sec

Disclaimer: This episode was originally aired on September 29, 2017. From Erin Brockovich to My Cousin Vinny, paralegals have often been depicted in movies and TV, but is it an accurate picture of the life of a paralegal? In this Paralegal Voice, host Carl Morrison talks to Lisa Stone about paralegal representation in pop culture, whether it’s accurate, and where it could improve. They also discuss whether these depictions help or hurt the profession they represent.

May 2018

41 min 9 sec

Host Carl Morrison talks to Lisa Vessels about the characteristics that make a paralegal a strong leader. From volunteering with the Girl Scouts to effectively communicating with subordinates, they discuss Lisa’s experience becoming an effective leader. Additionally, Lisa gives her tips and tricks to improve leadership skills through understanding people’s personality type.

Apr 2018

35 min 6 sec