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EllePod is a new podcast series featuring stories of successful women in Tech and Business. Hosted by Abir Chermiti, a Software Engineer and young female Entrepreneur from Tunisia aiming to create a global network of empowered women and give them access to the information they need.

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Ashima Sharma; the Founder of Dreami, a mentorship startup on a mission to make mentorship accessible. Ashima started her career as an engineer managing multi-million-dollar capital projects, worked on developing Corporate Strategy and is currently the Group Lead for Product Strategy. In this episode Ashima talks about her journey working in STEM field, and her fight with imposter syndrome which led her to launch her own business Dreami, a mentorship platform that connects professionals with mentors.

Apr 2

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Aliya Amershi is a Tech Startup Coach and Founder of Codefree App Launch. She is on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women and women of color, break into tech and build an innovative app idea that gets customers without pitching investors, paying for costly developers, or finding a technical co-founder.She is an engineer turned entrepreneur with 20 years of technology experience and over 5 years of startup experience. She started her career working as a Software Engineer, Senior Developer, and IT Manager and helped build multiple award-winning websites, games, and apps for Fortune 500 enterprises, such as Electronic Arts and Viacom Networks. She served as a local Director for a Silicon Valley-based Incubator, won an Emmy Award for the Nick App, and has been published multiple times in Forbes, Inc.com, and other media outlets for her advice on technology and entrepreneurship.

Mar 10

41 min

Daphne Laan has spend years working in big tech companies to become the Managing Director of Down To Earth Collective, that started with a documentary that premiered at the UN Climate Conference in Paris before negotiators came together and has become a true movement. She shares her story with us on EllePod and and talk about how her career in tech helped her to serve her cause and leverage it.* Link to watch the film: https://downtoearthfilm.com/* Listen to EllePod episode on:  www.ellepod.com/episodesStart your own podcast using this link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=971215

Mar 1

34 min 40 sec

we invited Evelina Lavrova, a woman in the FinTech world, and the Chief Marketing Officer at Waves World. Evelina has about 15 years’ experience in Business Development and Marketing. She has been working at tech startups since 2012 and launched Gett and Waves. She is an Ambassador of Impulse4Women. She has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global and was named Top 10 Females In Crypto 2017 by Core Magazine.Evelina is one of the women who are disrupting the fintech industry  and today we going to share her story and learn from it.Start your own podcast using this link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=971215

Feb 16

23 min 20 sec

Jennifer LeBlanc is the Founder & CEO of ThinkResults Marketing also an Amazon Best Selling Author. She wrote her book Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders and turned it to a women empowerment movement that supports womxn founders and help them get their business funded.

Feb 9

48 min 10 sec

Nadah Feteih is a Software Engineer at Facebook working with the Messenger Security Team. She is the Founder of Muslim Women in Tech, a growing community of Muslim women involved in computing and technology with the goal to create a space to cultivate mentorship between members and to provide an inclusive environment for discussion, advice, and collaboration.* Listen to the full episode with Nadah Feteih.* Follow & Subscribe the podcast.* Leave us a review on apple podcasts.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ellepod/support

Feb 1

41 min 34 sec

In this Episode of EllePod hosted by Abir Chermiti, We invited Chitra Madhwacharyula, a Customer Success and Consulting Leader and is currently the Director of Customer Success at Couchbase. Chitra shares her success story on how having a diverse perspective has served her both professionally and personally and how it helped set her clients up for success while also feeding her own success in the services industry. About Chitra: Chitra Madhwacharyula is a Customer Success and Consulting Executive, Trusted Advisor. Speaker and Mentor with 20 years of global professional experience spanning a wide range of business domains and countries. She considers her global perspective combined with her strong technical and business experience to be her core strengths. Chitra is passionate about empowering people with the right knowledge and tools for solving their business problems and setting them up for success. She believes that trust and integrity are key to succeed in any field. She enjoys motivating teams to achieve and exceed targeted goals by adopting optimal strategy and efficient teamwork and collaboration. Chitra hold an M.S in Computer Science from National University of Singapore and M.S in Information Management from University of California at Berkeley--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ellepod/support

Jan 25

33 min 51 sec

Furkan Karayel is an award-winning inclusive leadership advisor and CEO of Diversein.com. Her passion is leveraging women-in-tech leadership, diversity, and empowering female founders globally. We invited Furkan on EllePod episode to share her journey into Tech to becoming the leader who imagined when she was a student.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ellepod/support

Jan 18

42 min 51 sec

We invited Colleen Wtorek a woman in tech enthusiast and startup founder of a consultancy firm Get Things Done. Colleen shares her story as a woman who have worked across different field and held many positions that led her to discover her potential as a founder and team leader. Her mantra is “DREAM IT, DO IT” and that becomes her company program to assist underrepresented founders with dreaming big, taking risks, and building the company of their dreams.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ellepod/support

Jan 6

50 min 34 sec

EllePod is a new podcast series featuring stories of successful women in Tech and Business. Hosted by Abir Chermiti, a Software Engineer and young female Entrepreneur from Tunisia aiming to create a global network of empowered women and give them access to the information they need.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ellepod/support

Apr 2020

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