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A 360 approach to everything Apartments! Every property wants to be the best and we interview some of the biggest stars in all industries, bringing insight to trends, best practices, and actions you can take away from each episode.

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“When your goal is branding and awareness, it’s really important to know exactly where it’s going…” On this installment of Apartments on the Go, Courtney Patterson, Senior Director of Marketing at Northwood Ravin, joins us to talk about celebrity influences in the multifamily industry. Highlighting talking points discussed during AIM 2021, Courtney expands on the opportunities to utilize celebrities in marketing strategies. She emphasizes the importance of having a plan and purpose in mind when using these strategies and even gives some suggestions on how to begin. Take a listen and learn more about this evolving market and how to leverage it to further your brand!

Nov 23

20 min 33 sec

“Even though influencers may not be your first or last touch in your funnel, they are a very impactful touch to show the lifestyle of your community.” Another installment straight from AIM 2021 featuring creative marketer Sydney Webber! In this episode, Sydney tackles the subject of influencer marketing. She discusses her own experience implementing the social media-focused marketing tactics and the fruitful results! Sydney also gives extensive details on how our listeners can utilize the influencer marketing trend and find influencers to work with. She even explains the technicalities and minimal risk factors involved and how to handle them. Take a listen and learn about the potentials and benefits of this marketing strategy!

Nov 16

21 min 32 sec

“Opening your ears and your mind to other perspectives will help you collaboratively come up with the best solution.” In this episode, Sarah Wieman and Cedric Hendrix join us in the AIM Studio to discuss their methods of reimagining old ideas and making them new. Cedric explores going paperless, locating talent, and implementing training strategies that work. Sarah examines what it means to reimagine and how it can help businesses grow and change. Both of our guests discuss the way COVID impacted their businesses through virtual tours, online communication, and potential tenants. Take a listen and learn more from Sarah and Cedric on how to successfully reimagine!

Nov 9

24 min 6 sec

“Let’s get out of our minds… and think like a customer – what matters to them?” Another episode we recorded live from the 2021 AIM Conference features Kitty Callaghan, VP of Marketing at Wasatch Property Management! Kitty joined us to talk about the new process of around-the-clock leasing and the implementation of charging stations for tenants. She explains how technology, while it can never replace people, can be utilized to make the customer experience smoother and the employees job simpler. Kitty also discussed the opportunity the multifamily industry has in installing charging stations at their properties, helping draw in an even greater pool of tenants. Take a listen and learn more on how technology can be utilized in the best ways to effect the best outcomes for employees and customers alike!

Nov 2

21 min 27 sec

“AIM is really just a reflection of the aspirations of the people in the community and how they want to get better at serving residents…” Our first episode recorded live from the 2021 AIM Conference features the hosts of AIM, Steve Lefkovits and Dennis Cogbill! They joined us to discuss the origins and goals of AIM, as well as share their thoughts on the future of the multifamily industry! They talk about the numerous ways those within the apartment industry wish to be engaged and how we can successfully accomplish meeting their expectations! As you listen, consider signing up for the 2022 AIM Conference and connecting with and learning from others within the multifamily industry!

Oct 26

20 min 24 sec

In this week’s podcast, we shake things up! Tara Samuels is our special guest host for the day and interviews Apartments on the Go co-host Courtney Smith! They discuss life, Barrett & Stokely, the podcast and even goat yoga and zodiac signs! Take a listen and get to know Courtney!

Oct 12

16 min 59 sec

“We already are starting to see movement in the industry with companies easing their restrictions – in a really smart way.” Join us in this week’s episode as we talk with the Industry Principal for Michelson Found Animals, Judy Bellack! Judy brings pet-inclusivity to the forefront of the multifamily conversation. Her 30 years of multifamily industry experience has aided Judy in spearheading Michelson’s Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative which collects data and formats resources for apartments to utilize in deciding if allowing pets is the right step for their properties. Through the data and research, Judy and the team at Michelson Found Animals are able to challenge the misconceptions surrounding pets in apartment settings and help properties to realize the advantages of letting residents own pets. Take a listen to learn more about the beneficial manner in which you could invite pets into your apartment settings and check out the resources below for more information!

Oct 5

24 min 30 sec

“AI is more to help promote you and come alongside you rather than replace you.” Today we’re joined in the AIM Studio by Dalia Kalgreen, Director of Marketing at Unified Residential Management! Before the beginning of the pandemic, Dalia was ahead of the game in her research into the advantages of utilizing AI. Now with everything going on, it has become a valuable asset to Dalia and her team. Her approach to AI has allowed her to capitalize on its strengths and use it in a way that can connect well with humans, allowing her team some much needed relief. Take a listen and learn more about her approach and about the possibilities AI may present to you and your team!

Sep 28

23 min 9 sec

“At the end of the day, we’re in the business of people.” Today we’re joined by a man experienced in the military, waste, retail, and real estate industries, among others – Tedd Schonsheck! With such an extensive background, Tedd has a lot to offer in terms of business knowledge and knowhow. In this episode, he discusses company culture with us and the reason why so many companies get it wrong. Tedd continually emphasizes that it’s not about what type of system you implement for company culture, rather it’s about the investment of leaders into their teams and individual employees. Take a listen as he explains how to get company culture right and how to invest more strongly in your work family.

Sep 23

17 min 58 sec

“If you’re not growing, you’re not going in the right direction.” Join us as we host Steve Wunch, Sr. Director of Business Development for Leap! Steve discusses education and learning interests in this episode and how we can change our approaches and views of them to suit and engage our employees. The goal is to make it interesting and captivating for those that are learning and to continually foster their eagerness to apply themselves! Steve has a multitude of ideas and ways in which education can be fun and catered towards the individual’s needs! Listen to this episode and learn about ways to not only apply these ideas in your own life, but to also implement them in your approach to training others!

Sep 14

27 min 3 sec

“It’s about peeling back layers and getting to the root cause…oftentimes, it isn’t what you think.” Jessica Rector, the top burnout and mind wellness expert, joins us to talk about an ever-growing, relevant issue in today’s world: burnout. She believes burnout can come in any of the three stages– habits, environment, and work culture–and that each of these areas can be changed and transformed in achievable ways to produce incredible results. Jessica’s techniques have helped some companies save $7-8 million in a matter of months by solving a single problem! Her deep dive and diagnostics could be the solution you need for yourself or your team! Take a listen and find out more on how to solve burnout and implement habits that work!

Sep 7

23 min 54 sec

Motivational speaker and diversity and inclusion advocator, Alycia Anderson, joins us today! Her mission is to promote and encourage inclusion of those who are disabled and to demonstrate to companies on how to do this. Her own story gives her unique insight into the different ways diversity and inclusion are overlooked and how to remedy those failures. She has a multitude of ideas and ways in which disabled people can add to their environment, whether through work or everyday life, and why companies should notice this and take advantage of it. Take a listen and learn more about the ways you can better the inclusion in your work force and your life!

Aug 31

21 min 46 sec

“Stop doing boring resident events!” Today we’re joined by Jude Chiy to find out more about his company – Flamingo! By combining his passion for health wellness with his business mindset, Jude was able to create a company that enhances and elevates property events to the next level! He expands on how Flamingo takes the weight off property managers to organize resident interactions by instead doing all the work for them. Take a listen and find out why “Breakfast Grab ‘n’ Gos” and “Pizza Parties” may no longer be the answer!

Aug 24

22 min 51 sec

In this week’s podcast, we shake things up! Tara Samuels is our special guest host for the day and interviews Apartments on the Go co-host Matt Ruedlinger! They discuss life, Triple R Marketing, the podcast and even the story behind his “musical solos”! Take a listen and learn more about Matt and how he helps host this valuable resource while maintaining a business!

Aug 17

23 min 33 sec

“Don’t try to guess what your team members want, but really find out from them.” Come listen as we’re joined by two very valuable guests: Kara Rice and Steve Matre! Together, they break down the best solutions to ensuring your team’s success at persevering through the differences and changes of the current work environment. They place great emphasis on ensuring that your teams feel valued and appreciated in the midst of the digital age. They also highlight different ways to keep your team from burning out in order to maintain the provision of satisfactory service which customers are looking for! Take a listen and glean these powerful insights and more!

Aug 10

20 min 24 sec

“There’s a level of intimacy in building a relationship with video.” Sarah Vilmain joins us today to discuss SalesMail, a branded video messaging app that allows you to personalize your emails! Sarah delves into the riches of communicating through video and how it can enhance your chances of capturing potential residents’ attention, attracting employees and so much more! In today’s world, it’s important to know how to interact via video, as it’s an asset that is “not going away anytime soon”! Listen to this episode and learn about SalesMail and the opportunities it can present to you and those you communicate with!

Aug 3

20 min 18 sec

“What can you do to stand out? Join us as we talk with former NFL wide receiver turned businessman, Corey Parchman, about his innovative grocery store – C Store Integrations! Corey developed the idea after asking “What can I do to stand out?” in the real estate/multifamily business world. The micro-grocery store inside of a multifamily building with a wide variety of available products is a genius step in the development of new amenities apartments and communities can offer. Take a listen to the show to learn more about C Store Integrations and how it works!

Jul 27

20 min

“To succeed today really requires looking at the world in a different way.” Globally recognized author, speaker, podcaster and business consultant, Mark Schaefer, joins us as he discusses the seams, shifts, and changes of the business world today and how to take advantage of them. Expanding upon his new book Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for Your Ideas, Business, and Life Against All Odds, Mark explains the various strategies of building a new business in today’s economy, highlighting the multitude of new needs that have risen over the past year and showcasing the opportunities to meet them. This podcast is sure to provide the first step of momentum you need in beginning or continuing your business journey! Want to be inspired or to learn more? Learn more from Matt via his Blog or Podcast Find his books here, including the one highlighted today Connect with Matt on Linkedin

Jul 20

19 min 56 sec

“The problem with following the crowd is it’s crowded.” Today’s guest, Tara Samuels, has been helping apartment management professionals “AMP UP” their network one connection at a time!  Tara is a self-described networking junkie and shares 5 EASY TIPS to help build genuine connections with your residents and team!  With her creative ideas and bubbly personality you are guaranteed to love this episode!!       :55 - About Tara - She is a  self-described networking junkie, who is a veteran to the multifamily industry and prides herself on relationship building. 2:42 - Black Belt in networking - share applicable knowledge to help you build genuine connections with your residents with 5 EASY TIPS! 3:08 - TIP #1 - DON’T EXPECT YOUR TEAM TO GET TO KNOW YOUR RESIDENTS IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW YOUR TEAM. Don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day operations that you don’t get to know your own team.  Ask questions and get to know one another.   This lets your team know they are appreciated and that you know them beyond what their job duties are. 5:11 - Use my book club and share all the content.  Easy way for you to engage your residents and team.  Check it by clicking HERE! 6:45 - Where did the idea for the networking group come from?  Wanted to peel back the layers and get to know the people in her community.  Forming the group helped get feedback from others by increasing approachability. 8:15 - TIP #2 - EMBRACE THE CORKY.  Have fun artwork or throw pillows with fun sayings on them that help strike up a conversation.  Natural ice breaker.  Work these into your community.  When you engage your residents they are more likely to stay. 10:54 - Don’t take everything so seriously.  Need inspiration?  See if one of your residents is a photographer and wants to take photos that you can use as artwork or hire someone to take photos of your residents and include them in your displays.    11:15 - TIP 3 - NETWORKING TAKES WORK.  Fact-finding is not networking.  It takes commitment and consistency to network.  Set a calendar reminder and create a mission on what you are looking for to get out of your residents.  Start small. 13:20 - TIP #4 - OUTREACH MARKETING DOESN’T REQUIRE ANY GPS.  Start with your community.  Think of all the residents living in your community and see if they are willing to give a discount to their neighbors in exchange for exposure to their hobbies or business. 16:08 - TIP #5 - STOP FOLLOWING THE CROWD.  Find ways to stand out from the competition.  Turn your emails into v-mails (victory e-mails).  New tool called SalesMail lets you create little video emails and helps you differentiate yourself from the others.  Old fashioned cards are also a good way to connect. 18:45 - No retakes.  Be yourself and show your personality! Want more ideas or to learn more? If you are looking for expert education, peer-to-peer networking, and one-of-a-kind experiences that help you grow as a professional Tara is your connection! For networking and upcoming events e-mail or visit Want to talk about how to turn your trash into cash? CONNECT WITH TARA on LinkedIN: Have you tried LinkedIN Audio Messaging?  It’s Tara’s favorite new way to connect.  To learn how to start using it today check out this link!

Jul 13

21 min 32 sec

If you are in multifamily property management and haven’t heard of the company Luminous, today’s podcast is for you!  Guest Evan Happel, Director of Marketing for Luminous, joins us to tell us about the company and their exciting software solutions built specifically for apartments and condos communities! :56 - Meet Evan - takes his passions for community building and apply it to the physical spaces of an apartment community with solutions like Parking Boss, Amenity Boss, & Community Boss  2:45 - Who is Luminous?  They focus on the physical aspect of apartment communities and offer good solutions for tackling common problems like parking, amenity use and virtual tours. 3:48 - Important to maintain community and harmony so people can enjoy where they live. 4:32 - Easy to forget all the cool amenities when they are used. 5:02 - Started with Parking Boss - Bought his first condo and discovered the “unsolvable” guest parking problem so software (Parking Boss) was developed to fix it.  5:59 - How does it work? - Property has access to a dashboard that shows all of the cars on the property.  Smart decals allow them to track each car and monitor guest parking by unit. 7:29 - If a resident uses guest parking property management can know and track it for reinforcement. 8:26 - It’s all about enforcement - you can have a good system that tracks things, but you need to enforce it for it to be effective 9:03 - Generates new parking revenue and boost efficiency 10:10 - Space sharing exists, but it’s not something Luminous does 10:27 - Recommend that every property give each resident a certain amount of free guest parking before they start charging 11:23 - Great increase in the number of unauthorized vehicles in communities since COVID and a program like Parking Boss allows you to identify them and stop abuse 12:35 - Next solution - Amenity Boss - originally designed as a way for controlling capacity issues when COVID hit, but now being used to promote “private reservations” for all amenities. 13:52 - Focus has been on high use areas like fitness areas and pools.  Allows residents to see what spaces are being used and reserve them. 15:51 - Generates new revenue because payment feature is built in!  Being able to charge for amenities and schedule them is a win-win for everyone.. 17:32 - Community Boss - built as a solution to pull the other 2 products together.  Essentially serves as the dashboard/hub of the community.  Interactive community directory for residents and guests and great for virtual tours. 19:17 - Based on actual space - blue dot shows where you are on the map in real time If you’re interested in learning more about Luminous and their new technology check out their website  Contact Evan: LinkedIn

Jul 2

21 min 23 sec

Getting a package is meant to be fun and Fetch, a direct-to-door package delivery company, aims to keep it that way!  Residents love Fetch because it gives them complete delivery control.  Communities love Fetch because it allows them to take package management off their to-do-list and to save time and money.  Want to learn more?  Listen to this week's podcast with guest Jen Chestnutt, VP of Marketing at Fetch!     :57 - Meet Jen - VP of Marketing at Fetch 2:01 - What is package solutions? - taking packages off of the on-site teams and outsourcing it to Fetch (the solution)  2:56 - E-commerce is driving the need for this solution 3:18 - Effect of the pandemic on packaging - 30-40% volume increase and huge increase in larger items like desks, printers, ect. 4:15 - Large items?- Not a problem. 4:45 - What do consumers expect? - All about urgency 5:55 - Stats - Community with 300 units saves onsite teams approximately 35 hours a week by using Fetch for package management 6:42 - How does it work? - Fetch receives the package and safely stores it at their facility.  Fetch notifies the resident that it’s arrived.  Resident uses the app to schedule a convenient delivery window, same-day or any day!   7:40 - Can handle anything from any carrier - perishables, medications, couches  8:27 - Liability - Fetch assumes liability and even returns damaged packages on the customers behalf 9:57 - Fetch is on the radar and communities are loving the savings and service 11:03 - What’s next? - Understanding it’s not going away and that it’s an amenity   11:48 - Returns - ability to do returns is also a key element 13:58 - Preference is key - meet the request of the residents 14:35 - Increase in satisfaction - helps with retention and draws new customers into communities 16:12 - Fetch believes in the experience - want to bring the joy of getting a package to the residents 17:32 - Eliminate package pileup and be package free!  Get Fetch! Contact LinkedIn  

Jun 29

20 min 39 sec

Happy Team Members = Profitable Company Set yourself up for success!  Today’s guest, Maria Pietroforte, offers customized coaching to help create a culture of connection, intention, and growth.  In this podcast she uses her unique perspective to help inspire ambition in those looking for change and also exposes blind spots that could be holding you back.  If you are thinking about a career change or even just wondering if the job you are currently in is the right fit for you then you definitely want to listen in! 1:10 – Meet Maria – entrepreneur, motivational speaker, organizational strategist with 30 years experience in turnarounds and startups 2:25 – Job opportunities are everywhere and many people are making job changes following the pandemic 3:25 – What if the job isn’t what you thought it would be? 3:53 – Some companies can appear great from the outside, but it’s what they look like on the inside that counts – do they value their employees? 4:44 – Do they say one thing, but do another? 5:27 – People pleasers – why hire people pleasers? – They tend to be customer service people and since they aim to please.  They don’t like to rock the boat, but that also makes it hard to get honest feedback. 6:30 – Companies weren’t structurally built from a place where the team is first.  Most were built with revenue first and this needs to be flipped.     7:16 – Step 1- talk to someone in (HR is a good place to start) 8:47 – Employee engagement is really important – if you’re not listening to your employees and asking them questions then you’re not going to know what’s going on 9:45 – Do your research! – before you jump ship research the other company to find out if their words match their actions 10:30 – Look at turnover rates – most people know if the position isn’t for them in 6-9 months.  If there is a lot of turnover in this timeframe beware.  11:39 – Be prepared – have a list of questions for your interview and when your negotiating, including what’s the career path and get an org chart 13:24 – Map it out – clearly show career paths so anyone can see what steps they need to take depending on where they want to go 14:00 – What’s your ambition? – it’s not always just about the money 14:30 – Exit strategy – be aware of your exit strategy and make sure you think about the full picture.  Give notice and let the company have some control over how you announce it and part on good terms 15:33 – Check out websites like Glassdoor – see what people are saying about the organization and formulate questions around what you find out 16:06 – Make a list of what you want – PTO, sick days, bonuses, reviews? 17:01 – If they ask you to join them in less than 2 weeks they aren’t respectful of others in the business place and that’s a red flag 18:18 – If a company is fixed on we can’t, we can’t, we can’t during the interview –  think twice about joining that company Contact Maria: PH: 731-244-2032 LinkedIn Listen to Maria LIVE every Monday at 11 a.m.(central) on LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube!

Jun 22

20 min 41 sec

Want to be an “ass kicking woman”? In Episode 52, guest Michele Wierzgac, author of the forthcoming book, Ass Kicking Women: How They Leverage Their Informal Network For Success, provides tips on how you can grow as a leader! 1:02 – Meet Michele – Leadership expert, keynote speaker, and author  2:01 – New book coming soon  – Ass Kicking Women: How They Leverage Their Informal Networks For Success 2:38 – Challenge resiliency – look at the positive side of life 3:07 – Texas Apartment Association – attendees provide motivation  3:48 – Act as the conduit  3:58 – Be authentic 5:04 – Be inspired – stories of success and struggles inspired her 5:39 – What is the book about? – Written about everyday people who are successful – not celebrities 6:27 – Discovered 10 core elements to being a successful ass kicking woman  6:53 – Natural connectors – one element is always willing to help people connect to others 7:45 – Do one simple thing and change your method just a little bit – you will find success 9:45 – Go against the grain 10:10 – Find your spark 11:23 – Be disciplined – be goal-oriented instead of being jealous of others 12:46 – Do one thing at a time – make a list and don’t do anything else until it’s done 13:13 – Being older makes life easier because you’re wiser 14:00 – Start early 14:28 – Be an optimist – always see the light 15:20 – Women Don’t Ask book by Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever – if you don’t have the courage to ask you won’t ever advance 16:38 – “No” is better than not knowing 17:24 – Literally write it out and provide guidance to train young women 19:28 – Ask someone to be your mentor – (yes, you have to ask!) 19:54 – The more you give the more you receive ***SHOW SPECIAL*** – Text 33777 and put AKW in the message to get a PDF of all 10 core elements of an ass kicking woman sent to your inbox! CONTACT MICHELE: LinkedIn

Jun 15

22 min 33 sec

Lucas Haldeman, CEO and founder of SmartRent, joins us to talk about how property owners, managers and homebuilders are using new SMART technology to more effectively manage their operations. Find out how technology like self-guided tours, parking management, access control, and SMART home automation solutions are benefiting both property managers and residents. 1:04 – Meet Lucas – Founder & CEO of SmartRent and has spent over two decades developing web-based technology for the real estate industry 2:42 – Technology –  Why do we need it? 3:00 – Idea for SmartRent – developed as a solution to help operators who were frustrated because there was no good enterprise control of smart homes  3:56 – Everyone wins – the operator benefited, but the residents wanted it as well.  Over 90% of residents engage with the app on a weekly basis. 5:20 – So what is the SmartRent App – provides seamless integrations and a robust range of product offerings that can all be managed from one interface.  Allows residents to control smart thermostats and let guests in without a physical key, as well as monitor utility usage, environmental sensors, safety and security. 6:40 – Newest product offering – Alloy Parking  7:27 – Purpose of Alloy Parking – creates a database of what parking exists and where it exists and then layers in resident and guest parking services  8:10 – How does Alloy work? – features smart sensors in the parking lot and a smart window tag for cars and then it pushes notifications to the driver to let them know where to park 8:40 – Added benefits to owners – Allows owners to monetize guest parking 9:25 – What drives new technology? – Product roadmap comes from customers – it is driven by owners, operators, and residents  10:31 – 2020- the year of self-guided tours – owners embraced this change during COVID and realized the benefits 11:45 – Key issue – We are trying to lease apartments when people don’t want to be shopping for them – most self-guided tours happen from 7-9 a.m.  12:35 – Benefit – Technology enhances the work environment and makes a complicated job easier.  Also helps reduce staff turnover. 13:45 – Biggest perk – the unification of all these point solutions is what the residents like the most 15:11 What’s up and coming? – deeper and more integrations including building and mechanical sensors that can help owners understand ESG scores and improve them 17:46 – Teamwork – Everyone is aligning to make this impactful. CONTACT LinkedIn: Enjoying our podcast? Give us 5 stars and share it with your friends and family! MORE ABOUT LUCASLucas Haldeman, CEO and founder of SmartRent, has spent the last two decades innovating and developing property management technology for the real estate industry.  Prior to founding SmartRent, he served as the chief technology and marketing officer of Colony Starwood Homes where Mr. Haldeman and his team developed a platform that was instrumental in helping the business acquire, renovate, lease and manage more than 40,000 single-family homes. Previously, he served as the CIO and marketing officer for Beazer Pre-Owned Rental Homes and was the founder and managing partner of Nexus Property Management.

Jun 8

19 min 4 sec

“The #1 responsibility of a leader is to define reality.”  How do you control your thoughts, decisions, and actions during a time of crisis? In EPISODE 50, guest Jason Stoughton joins us to talk about personal development and the steps you can take to provide clarity during difficult times. With easy tips and valuable insight, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!  :56 – Meet Jason – International speaker, coach & trainer in value-based leadership and personal development  2:39 – We all have a unique story – once we step inside our story and decide to own it we no longer have to stand outside of it and struggle for our worthiness  2:58 – Jason’s story – grew up in a toxic environment and believed he was the problem.  Contemplating suicide when he heard a message of hope that helped him to see life differently. 4:18 – Rather than letting circumstances define us, they should refine us  4:41 – To change your circumstances you have to first change yourself 5:20 – A house of mirrors – life can be distorted when your focusing on the wrong things 5:45 – Importance of intentional growth and proper focus 6:47 – We all battle distractions – as leaders we have to have the right context 7:25 – John Maxwell’s definition of a crisis – an intense time of difficulty requiring a decision that will ultimately become a turning point. 8:00 – Like all crises, they will pass – as leaders just need to stay strong and steady 8:27 – As adults, we get set in our ways and tend to lose focus, which results in 3 things 8:44 – First, mind wandering – focusing on what could happen instead of what is happening 9:27 – Second, negative thinking – everything that could go wrong is/will go wrong 9:36 – Third, uncertain anxiety – fear of the unknown 10:57 – Start with clarity – be visible and present  11:54 – Communicate from a position of awareness 12:40 – Hope is an active virtue 13:52 – Take the initiative – ask the question “Have you thought about this?” 15:33 – Assessment tools (DISC) – understanding how we are wired and the differences in human behavior 18:11 – Focus on ourselves and identify what we can do better 18:28 – ACT – A(apply) C(change) T(teach) 19:18 – Creating a leadership culture – test, fail, learn, improve 20:02 – D style learner – focus on controlling environment and achievement 20:48 – I style learner – cheerleader 21:18 – S style learner – supporting 21:46 – C style learner – committed to the bottom line 22:18 – Relationships are the foundation to success CONTACT INFO for Jason: LinkedIn BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS from John Maxwell: 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential

Jun 1

24 min 59 sec

“Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.” Episode 49 features guest Rommel Anacan – an expert in helping people create relationships that celebrate their INFLUENCE and IMPACT!  Check out our podcast to learn easy tips on how you too can harness the power of human connection to achieve the success you desire! :41 – Meet Rommel – Speaker. Strategist. Consultant. Coach. Writer.   2:52 – In the beginning – It can take being blindsided by a significant change to realize your communication skills need improvement. 3:41 – Lesson learned – You may cry, but you will also gain the confidence to begin to reframe some things in your life for the good.  4:30 – Becoming a leader – After you learn to use these skills then you can start to train others on how to connect and communicate 5:32 – Oblivious – Most people aren’t aware of their lacking communication skills.  We take assessment tests, but those just help us see the difference between ourselves and others – they don’t make us aware that we may be part of the problem. 6:55 – Ah-ha moment – This moment usually comes when something bad happens, a discouragement, or a disappointment that shifts your world and makes you aware of your impact on people (both positive and negative). 8:10 – Different people are triggered by different things.   10:05 – Communication is something we actually need to work on – stop the “it’s them, not me” cycle. 11:01 – Tips to start – Do a deep dive.  11:50 – Grow & Go – the path to where you want to go is paved by how much you want to grow  12:09 – Maximize your positive impact and minimize your negative impact. 12:15 – You know what to do – just pause and listen to yourself. 13:12 – Ponder this – If someone were stuck in a car with you for 8 hours what would your impact on them be?  14:08 – Start your growth journey – It’s going to be messy, awkward, and weird at times, but it will be worth it. 14:20 – The power of 1 – You can trigger change by taking steps forward.   15:45 – As you grow, they grow. 16:34 – Assume good intentions 17:50 – Be internally & externally aware – know what you bring to the party and pay attention to the signs people give you 19:28 – If what you are doing isn’t working, then do something different  19:53 – Be authentic  CONTACT: Instagram: @rommelanacanmotivation LinkedIn

May 25

21 min 54 sec

Statistics show 85% of your success comes from your ability to communicate well! In Episode 48, professional speaker, actress, and teacher Lori Klinka joins us to talk about how to communicate virtually.  Over the last year, we have seen a big shift from face-to-face communication to a more virtual setting.  While this has proven to be beneficial it has also caused some challenges.  Lori provides us with tips and tricks to help us make the best of our new virtual communication environment.  Learn how to set up your home office, prepare for a virtual interview, and even how to avoid Zoom fatigue!   :55 – Meet Lori – professional speaker, actress & teacher 2:20 – Use humor – everyone needs to laugh 3:38  -Virtual is not going away. It’s here to stay. 4:04 – Tips and tricks for working from home 4:09 – Keep your computer screen about an arm’s length from you  4:51 – Have your camera on your computer at eye level  6:07 – Put bright duct tape above your camera so you remember to look at it when on a call 7:08 – Virtual job interviews  7:52 – Avoid Zoom fatigue – hide yourself and put your camera on speaker view 9:15 – Up your communication skills to advance in your career 10:21 – Things you can do to improve your professionalism on-line keep the background simple on calls keep people, animals, and clutter out of view 13:02 – Zoom is the new norm 14:24 – Show your personality with your surroundings 15:45 – Improve your communication skills – start with the big picture…think about what they need to know.  Not about what you want to tell them.  16:21 – Dealing with a contract. – What’s in it for me?  16:45 – Think about your audience – What do you want them to think, feel and do? 15:53 – What?  So what?  Now What? 17:28 – Get your audience’s buy-in as to why they need to listen to you CONTACT INFO:

May 18

19 min 20 sec

Start a conversation.  Ask what they want and then listen! Learn to be more purposeful, productive, and prosperous with tips from this week’s guest Curt Mercadante!  Curt shares valuable insights on the importance of real human conversation and knowing your impact story.  Learn how to avoid “verbal vomit” and instead give your customers what they want!    1:10 – Meet Curt – he has trained, coached, and delivered keynotes and workshops to clients across the globe, is the host of the Authority Brand Podcast, and a best-selling author. 4:03 – Why he shut down his ad agency – had big clients who focused on big numbers that didn’t move the meter.  Decided to focus instead on helping small and medium-size businesses that focused more on outcomes. 4:48 – What is an impact story? – One sentence that speaks in a compelling, clear way as to what that client wants.  5:28 – Build a strong foundation – “I’ve worked with a lot of people who have tried the “easy button” and it wasn’t so easy because they didn’t know where they were going.”  6:03 – Bot society – In-person discussions are important. A lot of people want to just run ads and never actually deal with people, and that doesn’t work well.  6:46 – Customer service – it takes conversations to retain clients and gain new ones. Have human conversations in a real and meaningful way, then talk about tools and technology.   8:53 – Use the phone!  9:23 – Avoid “verbal vomit” – we tell them everything that is wonderful, but what they really want to know is what’s in it for me?  10:03 – Ask what they want and then listen – after you learn what they want then communicate your positive impact in direct response to their answer.  10:59 – Fulfill your why, but do it by also giving people what they need  12:45 – Ask and they will tell 14:56 – Have non-scripted conversations 16:13 – How to answer “what do you do?” – never give them a job title – talk to the positive impact. 17:33 – If you wouldn’t do it in person, don’t do it online or on the phone! 18:37 – 5 pillars of freedom lifestyles 1. Superpowers 2. Vision 3. Alignment 4. Outcomes 5. Flow  CONTACT CURT:Text youthority to 55678 for a link to instantly connect with Curt and get a few FREE GOODIES! LINKS TO CURT’S BOOK and PODCAST Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle: How to Escape Your Comfort Zone of Misery The Authority Brand Podcast ABOUT CURT: Curt Mercadante helps individuals, businesses and teams become more purposeful, productive, and prosperous. For 23 years, he has counseled small businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as some of the largest corporations and associations in the country. He’s built three profitable businesses, including a 7-figure PR and ad agency. Curt has trained, coached, and delivered keynotes and workshops to clients across the globe. He is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Trainer, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, host of The Authority Brand podcast, and author of the bestselling book, “Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle.”

May 11

23 min 49 sec

“Peel back the emotional layer & look for the root cause!” Are your customers just a generic number or do you really engage with them and value their feedback? When we get feedback generally we automatically feel like it’s going to be bad news, especially when it comes from our customers. In this podcast, our guest Gary Gregory aims to shift this negative perspective and show how customer feedback (good or bad) can actually unlock valuable insight! 1:01 – Meet Gary Gregory – A leader in the student housing and multifamily industry for over 20 years, two-time best selling author, a former sponsored triathlete and personal trainer, Gary brings the experience, tools, and knowledge to identify the SUPER within you so you can initiate the FANTASTIC around you. 2:25 – The best bad news ever – When we get feedback we generally feel like it’s going to be bad news, especially when it comes from our customers.  In this podcast, we aim to shift that perspective and give you ways to unlock actual valuable insight.  3:35 – Missing opportunities – By automatically thinking feedback is negative you’re missing opportunities to improve.  Customer feedback is like free consulting information!   4:45 – 3 types of feedback: Given Feedback, Requested Feedback, Observed Feedback  8:20 – All feedback is valuable – Feedback allows you to take actionable steps to improve. 9:15 – Don’t take it personally.  Take it professionally. 9:58 – How to respond –  Identify it, investigate it, initiate action, and follow-up. 11:16 Look for the root cause 12:11 – Look for trends 13:05 – Get curious. Ask questions.   14:57 – Facts and stats about the importance of responding to reviews -69% of consumers say they are more likely to use a business that responds to positive reviews -70% of consumers are more likely to use a business that responds to negative reviews 16:01 – Be better than your competition.  Respond to reviews.   17:12 – Respond to positive reviews – Thank the customer, be specific and entice them to refer. 18:15 – Respond to negative reviews – Apologize and thank them, respond appropriately, and don’t get into an argument with a customer online.  CONTACT GARY: Links for books on Amazon: The SUPERFANTASTIC Process: Becoming a Salt of the Earth Leader The SUPERFANTASTIC Principles: Becoming a Salt of the Earth Person Living Beyond Purpose: Stories that Inspire

May 4

21 min 10 sec

“When you're yourself you're actually doing your best work.” Today's guest Muhammad Yasin, joins us to talk about how to unmask your true identity. Instead of focusing your energy on what you're NOT, he recommends focusing on what you ARE. He also provides some valuable insight on how to land your dream job and what it means to be authentic in today's society! 1:05 - Guest intro - Muhammad Yasin, a marketer obsessed with problem solving and growth.  3:06 - Lunch therapy session - People wear a mask to hide their true identity. Instead of focusing your energy on trying to be what you’re not, increase your happiness by focusing on what you are.  3:42 - An ah-ha moment - When this clicks, then you can start working to become more authentic and to create space for those around you.   4:35 - It’s not always black or white - there’s a lot of gray space.   5:23 - To do vs. not to do - It’s just as much about what you decide to do as what you decide not to do. Lean into the items that fit with you and be good at what you're good at.    6:10 - Find a company that fits you - The company doesn’t just choose you.  You get to choose the company as well.  Do your research before an interview so you know if you are a good fit.    7:45 - Research! - In today’s world there are a lot of different ways you can research companies prior to an interview.  Drive by, read reviews online, check out their website...etc.  There is always something available for you to find.  8:50 - We all wear masks - Learn to bring your mask down, but also know you can control what you share in different spaces. 10:12 - Stand out from the crowd.  Put your authentic self into your work.  That’s what makes you unique. 12:54 - Rock the interview - 60% of people do their research before the interview, 2-5% do a deep dive. Do your research and don’t start the interview by asking “What do you do?” 14:13 -Singular focus - Don’t try to be everything to everyone.  Have a singular focus on what you want to accomplish.   16:02 - Be you - If you get hired you will work with your team day in and day out.  Be yourself during the interview and start the relationship then and there to make sure it’s a good fit.   Contact info: Linkedin Facebook Guest Bio: Muhammad is a Marketer obsessed with problem solving and growth. Agile methodology, diversity, and authenticity are his soapboxes. He is the EVP of Marketing for the AI Leasing Assistant company PERQ, Host of the Multifamily Sofa Seminar series, Co-Host of Agile Marketing Podcast, Co-Host of The Bridge Podcast, and a writer for Forbes.

Apr 27

21 min 40 sec

Work to proactively shape the culture around you! Be a thermostat. Not a thermometer. Guest Jason Barger; a dynamic keynote speaker, storyteller, established author and fellow podcaster; joins us to talk about CULTURE.  Every human being is part of a group of some kind.  Why do some groups/organizations succeed and others merely maintain?  Those that thrive are proactively shaping the culture around them.  They are “thermostats”.  Not “thermometers”.  Want to know more?  Check out our podcast!   1:40 – About Jason. – For 10 years Jason led 1,700+ people to build 125 houses internationally for families living in poverty.  He’s also received numerous recognitions including the “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things” award. 2:38 – Overview of Jason’s best selling book “Thermostate Cultures”. – Be intentional about the culture you are currently experiencing, but also about what the culture is that you proactively want.   4:01 – “Thermometer Thinking” – Leaders with this type of thinking create a culture like a thermometer – reactionary to external conditions.  This  happens when there isn’t clarity around what you do or how you are committed to doing it.  4:50 – “Thermostate Mode” – Leaders with this mentality set the temperature (culture) and align their teams/organizations to intentionally keep it there; both in what they do and how they do it.    6:24 – Culture is your competitive advantage. – Lots of companies can do what you do, but HOW you do it is your differentiator.  Be proactive and set your culture. 6:50 – Are you a “thermometer” or a “thermostat”? – Look at your team.  If there is a disconnect between what they say and what they do, then you’re not in alignment with your culture and need to recalibrate. 10:53 – Change theory and the 6 A’s. – Now for the big question.  How do we go from what we are today to what we want to be tomorrow?  Learn the 6 A’s – assess, align, aspire, articulate, action, anchor. 13:25 – It’s not a drive-thru experience. – Developing people and culture isn’t a drive-thru experience.  It takes time.  Think years down the road and be committed to ongoing development.   16:40 – Employee retention. – People want to be part of something bigger than themselves – they want to be part of a culture.  21:30 Connect with Jason JasonVBarger.comFollow on social media @JasonVBarge Listen to his podcast – The Thermostat GUEST BIO: Jason Barger is committed to engaging the minds and hearts of people in order to strengthen leadership, culture, and clarity of mission, vision & values. He is a globally celebrated Author / Speaker / Consultant and creator of the Step Back from the Baggage ClaimMovement – featured in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Kiplinger, Book TV, and many other spots worldwide. His dynamic storytelling and engaging keynote speeches have resonated at global leadership conferences around the world as well as with places like Discover Card, Alliance Data, TEDx, the Society for Human Resource Management, Nationwide Insurance, Stanley Black & Decker, Deloitte, Wendy’s and many more. Jason is a sought-after Keynote Speaker, visionary, and leadership consultant. As founder of Step Back Leadership Consulting LLC, he works with organizations that are passionate about Culture Change, Leadership Development, Innovation, Service, and bringing their Mission to life every day. Barger delivers over 70 speeches annually around the world and is passionate about positive change in people, leaders, organizations, and our world! ABOUT HIS BOOKS: “Thermostat Cultures” has been a bestseller!! “ReMember:renewing our memberships, relationships and focus in a distracting world” sold out within days. “Step Back from the Baggage Claim” include the Business Leader Edition with Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks Coffee. The Healthcare Leader Edition with Dr. Chip Souba, Dean of the Dartmouth Medical School. The Education Edition with Christian Long, Global Educational Consultant.

Apr 20

22 min 46 sec

“Participating and learning is the answer, not resisting.” Technology and innovation.  These two trends are shaping the future of the multifamily industry. Steve Lefkovits; a Multifamily Technology, Investor, Advisor and Promoter; joins us today to talk about best practices and how to be a forward thinker.      Technology is a “silent revolution” and over the last few years, it has become a big part of operating multifamily properties.  Fifteen years ago, data infrastructure was set up with the sole purpose of providing internet access.  Today that same wire is being asked to carry not only the internet signal but also security signals, smart building signals, HVAC-performance signals, and more.  As a result, owners are looking to transform their basic internet infrastructure and install a more robust managed Wi-Fi throughout their communities so everyone (residents, building vendors, etc.) can run through that one network.  Advancements in technology are also helping to create new opportunities for career advancement.  New innovations in automation are allowing people to expand past their roles in operations and become things like product managers.  “Participating and learning is the answer, not resisting” as more and more companies look to transform from manual labor to digitizing things.  “It’s the way the whole world is going and it’s the way consumers want to interact,” so become part of the flow.  Look to technology partners as “partners” and collaborate with them and your peers in the multifamily industry.  “The things you are doing to make your property better we want to do to make the entire industry better.”  About Our Guest:Steve is an advisor to and investor in several technology companies and consults property owners and tech companies on the adoption of technology throughout the apartment industry. His conference business – Joshua Tree Conference Group – provides executive education on technology, marketing, and innovation to the entire industry. His telecommunications and technology company – RealtyCom Partners – advises many of the industry’s forward-thinking owners on the optimization of their data infrastructure, and its future uses in apartment communities. Contact Twitter: stevelefko Call or text: 415-312-1117

Apr 6

20 min 55 sec

“Management is the #1 reason why people stay, and it’s also the #1 reason people leave a job.” Are you struggling to create an environment that promotes employee loyalty and retention?  On this week’s episode, Clint Pulver, professional keynote speaker and author of the upcoming book “I Love It Here” provides our listeners with tips on how to do just that! Over the last few years, Clint has worked as an “undercover millennial” collecting data and research from more than 181 organizations and over 10,000 employees.  He walked into organizations looking like an average customer and asked the first employee he saw “What’s it like to work here?”.  The employees he encountered told him the good, bad, and ugly and this allowed him to collect authentic data and discover emerging trends into what makes employees happy. The magic of his research was found when employees said they loved their work.  The organizations with happy employees were able to create an environment where employees didn’t just survive, but one in which they thrived!   Management and leadership in these organizations worked to build relationships with their employees and served as mentors by exhibiting these 5 key characteristic traits: Confidence Credibility Competence Candor Caring “No significant loyalty will ever happen without significant connection,” so listening to your employees is also very important.  Start with the “rock stars” in your department and give them a “status interview” by asking these 3 questions:  What can I do as your manager to keep you here? What’s getting in the way of your success at work? What can I do to help you get there? Your employees will tell you more than anybody how you can be better…and you will be amazed at what you learn! Contact Info: Pre-order Clint’s book “I Love It Here” on Amazon: Guest Bio: Clint Pulver is a professional keynote speaker, author, musician, pilot, and workforce expert. Known as the leading authority on employee retention, Clint has transformed how corporations like Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard create lasting loyalty through his work and research as the Undercover Millennial. He has been featured by Business Q Magazine as a “Top 40 Under 40,” and, as a professional drummer, he has appeared in feature films and on America’s Got Talent. In 2020, Clint won an Emmy Award for his short film Be a Mr. Jensen, which tells the story of how a single moment in time—and one particular mentor— can change the course of a life.

Mar 30

22 min 20 sec

“It’s all about taking personal responsibility for how we show up everyday in the world.” Get ready for some laughs with this week’s guest Linda Larsen!  Linda is an international award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author and popular guest co-host on the Florida ABC television show, the Suncoast View.  She is committed to helping people bring the best version of themselves to life everyday and delivers her messages in a unique way that is motivational, entertaining, and sure to leave you wanting more. In today’s show, Matt & Courtney talk to Linda about the strength (and challenge) of controlling your emotions. “It’s all about taking personal responsibility for how we show up every day in the world”– and we have more control over this than we think. Every day, all day, we are faced with situations that cause us to react in one way or another.  How we choose to react is up to us, but as a society we tend to be wired with a “what’s wrong today” attitude.  The question becomes “why do we do this?”  Why do we have automatic knee jerk reactions that cause us to act this way?  If you want to change the way you think and act, it requires a personal intervention.  Take an honest objective look at yourself.  What are you doing that doesn’t really serve you well?  If you have a habit, get clear on it.  Don’t trick yourself anymore.  Stop justifying it.  Acknowledge that you do it and make a conscious effort to stop doing it right now. Next find yourself a “feedback buddy”!  Tell them what habit you are trying to break and ask them to lovingly point it out to you when you start doing it.  Shift from focusing on what’s wrong to what’s right first thing in the morning and owning your headspace.  With these small changes we can begin to create a culture where we are bringing the best version of ourselves into the world every day.  Happiness is contagious! If you want to learn more ideas on things you can do to improve your emotional wellbeing checkout Linda’s website (! CONTACT INFO:

Mar 23

26 min 39 sec

On today’s show, Brent Williams, founder of the Multifamily Insiders, the largest online professional network in the industry, joins Courtney & Matt to talk about leadership development! Brent loves seeing people grow and uses his company’s platform to help set the stage for individuals looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in the multifamily industry.    Throughout the podcast Brent provides tips on how to nurture and grow leadership roles, both within your industry and your company.  “To be a leader you have to have ideas people want to follow, which means you have to add value.”  You can do this by finding your niche and expanding on it. Instead of trying to be an expert on everything, really dig deep on one topic and help people understand it better.  “What’s common knowledge to you may not be common knowledge to others.”  Another thing that is critical to being a thought leader is to create a personal brand for yourself.  Brent encourages people to use the storytelling perspective.  Write down the things you have done and use your story to add value to others.  By using these stories as starting points it can help you continue to develop new ideas, so your topics don’t get stale.  Finally, be okay with not being perfect.  “Critically analyzing your own message leads to success.”  You can’t get better without first starting out. CONTACT: Twitter: brentwilliams2 SHOW SPECIAL! Sign your company to the Webinar Wednesday series, and get 57% off the series at just $0.15/unit/mo. This special pricing represents an ROI of 567% if our industry experts can help your audience increase rents by just $1.  E-mail and mention this podast to receive the special discount!

Mar 16

19 min 12 sec

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Jessica Fern is a leader in the multifamily housing industry, doubling as a motivational speaker! In this podcast, Matt & Jessica focus on the internal work of mindset management and personal accountability because good leaders are good examples. The podcast starts by looking at one of our biggest roadblocks – fear.  “In order to grow as a leader, you have to get out of your own way and get to know your own fears,” Jessica says.  She also encourages people to never stop learning.  “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” is how she phrases it.  To be a leader, you need to be humble enough to learn from others and be vulnerable. Don’t lead by authority but aim to lead by influence. Jessica’s other notable accomplishments: – Apartmentalize Living Room Learning contributor  – APTvirtual speaker – Collaborated with Multifamily Leadership filming Legendary Leadership – Past keynote speaker for Grace Hill Vision Conference, WMFHA’s, & EdCon – Past panelist at Zillow Unlock, Multifamily Insiders webinar, and AIM – Author of the podcast “Living with Einstein” Contact Info:

Mar 9

23 min 51 sec

“Embrace the fact that perfection is a fairytale.”  In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Brian Fanzo, a professional speaker and “digital futurist” for his company, iSocialFanz. Brian aims to educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing in order to successfully reach their customers, many of which are Millennials and Generation Z consumers. Brian has been recognized as a Top 20 Digital Transformation Influencer, a Top 50 Most-Mentioned User by CMOs on Twitter, and a Top 25 Social Business Leader of the Future by The Economist. In this current hybrid climate due to COVID-19, trust is even more important for brands, and facilitating that trust is a necessity. “…The game has changed. The consumer has never been smarter, had more data, and had more options. I don’t buy in that today’s consumer has a shorter attention span. What I buy into is, ‘We have no time for crappy content or crappy messages and we have so many options, we’re willing to jump immediately.” Companies should be focusing on their current customers that already believe in their brand, Brian says. Ultimately, customers want to be seen and heard, and if you understand and foster the power your customer has, you can create authentic brand ambassadors. Resources Brian’s website: Brian’s podcasts: Brian’s LinkedIn:

Mar 2

21 min 52 sec

“If you’re intentional, you get to make choices everyday about the kind of business you have and you’re more apt to create a business that supports your life for the long run.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Kathleen Richards, the owner of PM Made Easy, a company that aims to help real estate and property management colleagues streamline their operations and increase productivity by offering customizable, professional, and Fair Housing compliant property management forms, letters, checklists, and documents.  For the last 30 years, Kathleen has been a nationally recognized speaker, instructor, author, and thought leader in the property management field. And right now, Kathleen says, there is a lot of growth pressure within the industry. “There is such a push to grow and grow quickly, which leads people to be reactive business owners versus intentional business owners who actually have a company that supports them financially, personally, and professionally. Property management is a wonderful business to be in, but you must be intentional and clear about what you want for your business.” If you are intentional and strategic with your business goals, she says, you will find success much faster. “When you’re really clear about who’s a good fit for you, then it makes it really easy to say ‘No.’ The intentional business owners are able to say ‘No.'”    Resources PM Made Easy website: 20% off coupon code: AOTG2021 Kathleen’s phone number: 800-475-3084 Kathleen’s email: (PM Made Easy) or (coaching services)

Feb 22

23 min 38 sec

“We live in an environment where peer influence in the biggest influence, and pure feedback is far more important to students in this generation than anything else that comes from an authority figure.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Mike Porritt, the International Vice President for The Scion Group, the largest privately-held owner/operator of student housing communities in the United States. The company’s current portfolio includes 87 properties comprised of approximately 58,700 beds over 29 states. Mike has 15 years of executive director or director-level experience in student housing at institutions in the United States and Canada. Over that time, he says he’s unfortunately seen a shift towards a “money first” ideology in the property management industry, especially in student housing. “Helping students succeed through their experiences in housing leads to success and revenue. Student housing is not just a place to warehouse students. Off-campus or on campus, it is an experience that helps them learn, grow, and succeed. When you focus on that, the money takes care of itself through reputation, retention, and student-to-student recruitment.” Mike says he believes property managers need to focus on two things: affordability and student success.  “The student experience matters – for your bottom line and for the students success, which, don’t forget, is the success of society itself after they graduate. We cannot, morally and for the future, make the have/have not divide even bigger.” If you focus on these things, he says, the rest will follow. Resources The Scion Group website: Mike’s LinkedIn:

Feb 17

20 min 32 sec

“Culture is so important. It’s not just a bunch of pretty words to hang up on a poster in your corporate office.”  In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Laura Formica, the Vice President of Operations for Homestead Companies, a real estate development firm that specializes in multi-family, student housing, senior housing, and construction. Laura oversees the day-to-day operations for their student housing, multifamily, and senior living divisions, which equates to about 8,700 student beds and 2,000 multifamily units nationwide. Over the past year, Laura says COVID-19 caused her to look at necessary industry-wide shifts, including the implementation of automation, streamlining efficiencies, and increased digital marketing efforts. But with the integration of new technologies and strategies, how does this impact company culture? “I don’t think culture is a ‘one and done.’ I think any organization change is a constant, especially after the year we’ve been through. We’re continually evolving and continuing to grow. Leadership is transitioning and changing, so I think it’s important to continually assess where you are and where your culture is, and take the pulse of that and recalibrate as you go forward.” Laura explains the importance of a strong foundation and how it can allow a company to show who they are, how far they’ve come, and where they’re going. Resources Homestead Companies website: Laura’s LinkedIn:

Feb 9

19 min 54 sec

“At some point, your unique fit might be something that isn’t a job. Sometimes, you have to create the right fit, you can’t necessarily find it. And I think that’s the beauty of it.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with David Rendall, a keynote speaker and MC. Over the last fifteen years, David has spoken to audiences on every inhabited continent. His previous clients include the US Air Force and the Australian Government, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, United Health Group, and State Farm Insurance. David says he believes that in life, under the right circumstances, our weaknesses become strengths. This is something he has dubbed, “The Freak Factor.” “As an entrepreneur, as an adult, outside of the traditional education system, my weaknesses were strengths. So, it’s not who I am that sort of is something or isn’t something, it’s who you are related to where you are and too often, we don’t focus on that.” David says you can take this concept and apply it to business concepts and professional development. “When you’re thinking about your career…when you’re thinking about the kind of people to hire for your business, really, what you’re looking for is the right match between the person and the place. It’s not just finding ‘good people.'” He says can also apply this concept to multifamily property management. “There’s not necessarily such a thing as a ‘bad apartment.’ It’s ‘Is this what I need in this particular situation? This is small and I don’t want to have to do a lot cleaning. This is close to where I want to be…It’s the right fit for me right now.’ You’re looking to find out who wants that thing you have.”  Resources David’s website: David’s Facebook: David’s Instagram:

Feb 3

30 min 30 sec

“What chaos ultimately is, is that, it actually isn’t chaos as we feel it and understand it. It’s just highly, highly networked environment.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Claire Haidar, the CEO and Founder of WNDYR, a company comprised of productivity and human behavior specialists that aim to help companies improve their current work processes by focusing on workflow and technology efficiency improvement. She is also the founder of Pattyrn, a company who strives to improve company and employee performance through data analysis. “If you go and look at the scientific concept of chaos theory, there’s multiple pinpoints, and all of those pinpoints are a piece within the greater hall, and they’re just undergoing major changes all the time…And that is work, that is work today. We’re global, we’re virtual, and we’re all these nodes within this greater network all undergoing major changes on a daily basis. We’re all figuring out how best to work, and that’s what feelings chaotic. But it actually isn’t.” Claire speaks on improving the different components and levels of work, knowing that one solution will not fit all scenarios. Just like designing an apartment complex or a multifamily system, she says the processes of working also need to be designed. “Work is meant to be the place where our souls, minds and hearts come alive! And if this happens, I know in my gut that a solution for every other major problem we face on this planet will come to us much quicker because we will have a world filled with human beings who are being human, not robotic. And this is a very beautiful thing.” Resources WNDYR website: Pattyrn website: Claire’s LinkedIn:

Feb 2

21 min 10 sec

“We’re always looking for the next best thing and the things that are going to be trendy and help our customers stand out amongst the crowd.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Tom Rector, the CEO of ScreenBroidery, a creative merchandising agency that combines data science with innovative techniques to create custom engineered products. Tom talks about his extensive experience in brand marketing and how it can be adapted for the multifamily property management industry. “We have always been on this idea that promo marketing should be used to drive a behavior. I give you ‘this marketing item’ because I want you to ‘do something.’ If you take a different approach, you can be much more targeted in your efforts and make a stronger impact. My view is that we should be rewarding people with marketing items for doing something. It will strengthen the behavior and be used for a true customer.” Over the past year, ScreenBroidery’s strategy had to change because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They quickly adapted to branding relevant items such as hand sanitizer, and even strengthened their customization efforts by mailing personal sales and marketing packets to fit each client’s need while they were working from home. Tom said he believes that instead of relying on the “one product fits all” method of the promotional product world, companies should be looking for unique, creative products that will connect with their customer’s specific needs. Resources ScreenBroidery website: Tom’s LinkedIn:

Jan 12

19 min 50 sec

“...How can we break this down? How can we put it into really small steps so that, every day, we can have a little success and get over a little challenge?” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Cliff Devries, the Head Diving Coach at the Rochester Institute of Technology, a private research university based in Rochester, New York. Throughout his 17-year career as the Head Diving Coach for RIT, he has coached eight All-Americans and every season, has a host of divers in the mix for All-American honors. He is also the CEO of The Professional Diving Coaches Association. In 2018, Cliff was awarded the Richard E. Steadman Award by the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America. He became the first diving coach to win the award, which is given annually to a swimming or diving coach in high school, club, or at the university level who, in the opinion of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Inc. the CSCAA Forum, and the CSCAA, has done the most to spread happiness in the sport of swimming and diving. In addition to his numerous awards and national championships, Cliff has also been featured on ESPN, USA Today, and as a TEDx speaker with his segment, “Breathe Fire.” Soon, he will be releasing a book. In this episode, Cliff gives insight into his long, successful career as a diving coach and how the mentality and techniques he uses with his divers can be applied to individuals and businesses alike.  Resources RIT athletics department website: The Professional Diving Coaches Association website: Cliff’s email:

Jan 5

18 min 39 sec

“Renters want real-time, accurate conversations. They want it wherever they are in the digital marketplace.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Robert Turnbull, the President and Founder of BetterBot, a company that aims to build the best conversational leasing bot in the real estate rental market. Robert has more than 20 years in multifamily property management and 25 years inventing businesses, even creating Apartment Guide in 1999. And he’s learned a thing or two during that time. Mainly, he’s learned about the lack of technological solutions available in the industry. “Property managers and leasing staff are overwhelmed. They are overwhelmed by vendors, residents, potential residents, and technologies, and it seems to be getting worse with each passing year.” With an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to improving the multifamily property management sector, Robert is on the way to bringing the industry into a new age of truly seamless technology solutions that benefits both the renter and the leasing staff. “Let’s enable the consumer to engage in the same manner they can with airlines, hotels, heck, even Uber Eats.” Resources BetterBot website: Apartment Guide website: Rentals website: Robert’s LinkedIn:

Dec 2020

22 min 8 sec

“…To me, the wealth is so deep in the network that we can rely on, and that’s what really makes us successful.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Megan Orser, the CEO and Director of Professional Development of Smart Apartment Solutions, a company that delivers custom, innovative solutions to a wide variety of property management problems, including marketing, staffing, education, and more. Megan grew up in the property management industry, as her mom was a community manager and her dad was maintenance technician. At Smart Apartment Solutions, Megan works alongside her mom, Dawn Ford. Between the two of them, they have more six decades of apartment industry experience. Megan also currently serves on 11 local, state, and national committees and councils for property management. She says the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the property management realm, while also revealing some of its shortcomings. “Property management is passive with embracing technology or change in general. It took a pandemic for a large part of the industry to get on board with online applications and video, especially in our affordable and low income communities. It also bugs me that some owners and operators don’t find value or support their people getting involved in associations and committees. I have learned a lot from mentors like my mom, but getting involved in something that allows people to come together and share and learn from one another makes me scratch my head on why they don’t see value in that.” With her extensive experience in professional apartment networking and apartment associations, Megan shares the importance of becoming part of a network that allows you to improve your business through the sharing of resources and experiences, as well as creating and maintaining professional relationships. Resources Smart Apartment Solutions website: Indiana Apartment Association website: Institute of Real Estate Management website: Multifamily Insiders website: Megan’s Twitter handle: @SmartChickMegan Megan’s LinkedIn: Megan’s email:

Dec 2020

21 min

“…Because operational training within itself is only about 10% of a person’s performance. You have to look at the other 90%. That’s where the problem usually lies.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Jamie Dalferes, the founder and CEO of Change Reaction, a company that aims to improve employee retention and performance with definitive steps and measurable outcomes through its three-step solution: hiring right, leading right, and promoting right. Jamie has worked in the learning and development sector for more than 20 years. Throughout her experiences, she says that training, or the lack of training, is often blamed for performance issues. When she dug a little deeper, she discovered an underlying theme that revolves around the right person in the right role, and how they are being lead on a day-to-day basis. “As a leader or a business owner, you really have to look at what vibe are you trying to create? You have to define it, you have to be really intentional about supporting it. What is the culture of your company? What do you stand for? Why would people want to work for you? What do you value? What message are you trying to get across to your customers and your clients? And then, you hire people to that intention.” With her extensive experience in bettering companies and their employees, Jamie discusses best practices for hiring prospective employees, how to have various types of needed conversations with current employees, and  the best problem-solving approaches to take in order to have long-term company and employee success. Resources Change Reaction website: Jamie’s LinkedIn:

Dec 2020

18 min 5 sec

“COVID has taught our industry to expect the unexpected…I think there is going to be a shift in what residents truly want moving forward.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Joe Summers, the Chief Revenue Officer for PrintWithMe, a printing network company based out of Chicago. PrintWithMe is the first network self-serving, modern printer stations. Their printers can be found in more than 1,000 locations across the US, including coffee shops, apartments, and co-working spaces. Joe has more than 20 years in the multifamily property management industry. Though a veteran in property management, he says the recent COVID-19 pandemic made him think about the future of the business. “We know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, that definition happens daily in multifamily. COVID-19 has taught us that we can and should be future-proofing communities with forward-thinking technologies. Printer tech is one of those technologies. Work from home was a growing trend before, and it is now a very big part of a resident’s living experience. Communities need to offer amenities and services that make working and schooling from home easier.” With this new realization, Joe discusses the prioritization shift from design and space to function and convenience within properties. He also shares his expertise on the future of multifamily home technology and what residents will expect after the COVID-19 pandemic. ResourcesPrintWithMe website: AvalonBay Communities website: “VoteWithMe” campaign: Joe’s email: Joe’s LinkedIn:

Dec 2020

21 min 47 sec

“Getting traffic to property websites is only one part of the game. It’s never been more important to find quality ways that work to drive leads.” In this episode, Matt and Courtney sit down with Kathryn Benadum, the North Regional Sales Director for PERQ, a software solution company based out of Indianapolis. PERQ’s marketing cloud utilizes Al to engage property website visitors, and better convert this traffic into high quality leads for leasing teams. Within the property management industry, especially in the multifamily sector, Kathryn says that, “Exposure is a big part of the game, but driving traffic is only one part. As an industry, we have to zero in on the effectiveness of all sources down to the lease in order to know how to maximize individual property marketing budgets. So many dollars wasted when we assume we ‘have’ to be seen somewhere.”  With this mindset, Kathryn shares her expertise on the effectiveness of strategic digital advertising in order to make the most of your budget while generating quality leads. She also touches on the mass transformation and adaptation of online touring tools, including virtual leasing, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources PERQ website: Kathryn’s email:

Dec 2020

24 min 30 sec

“In order to be successful, we constantly have to be educating ourselves, moving forward, and trying to better our day-to-day activities and the way we look at things and do things.” Are you constantly wondering what professional development book you’re going to read next? Well, worry no more! In this episode, Matt and Courtney go over some of their previous guests’ favorite books, as well as why these specific books were chosen. Matt and Courtney even throw in a few favorite books of their own! Resources Link below to see what books have been recommended by industry experts to help you continue learning.

Nov 2020

21 min 25 sec