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NC tech talks is a podcast for people who are starting a career in the tech industry. We bring in expert guests to talk about everything from mental wellbeing as a new technologist to the latest and coolest tools and software.

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This week our host Amy talks to the amazing Dan Sodegren, co-founder of They dive into the varied world of diversity and inclusion, and how leaders can be improving not only that, but also the culture in their working environments. Crucially, it's not only the right thing to do, it's also good for business!

Mar 30

35 min 10 sec

This week, one of our partnership success managers, Lucy, talks to Anna Sutton, CEO & Co-Founder of Data Shed, and Steph Varley, who has just moved into the role of Shedder Engagement and Office Manager. Topics range from Data Shed's handling of remote working, through diversity and inclusion to the essential topic of how long will it be until Data Shed employees can have dogs back in the office.

Mar 5

34 min 6 sec

This week is hosted by our Chief Commercial Officer Amy Wild. She's talking to Simon Sear, CEO and founder of who takes us through his career in innovation consulting, including founding design agency SPARCK and growing it into a multi-million pound business. 

Mar 3

33 min 6 sec

This week our host Ian talks to Northcoders graduate Lucy Woodhead, who is now working as a full stack developer at GSK. Lucy has also recently won a Tech Women 100 award.  Ian and Lucy talk about her journey into coding, her hopes for the future and more.

Feb 24

32 min 28 sec

This week our Head of Solutions, Jonny Rathbone, talks to one of the first Northcoders students, former tutor Mauro Gestoso. Conversation touches on Mauro's roles at the BBC and Infinity Works, diversity, working remotely and a little bit of Railroad Tycoon.

Feb 18

35 min 36 sec

This episode, our host Ian is joined by Jeff Watkins, Chief Engineer at AND Digital. Jeff takes us through his career and his outlook on what makes an effective workforce, workplace and employer.

Jan 27

39 min 57 sec

After their talk with Dr Sandi Mann on Impostor Syndrome in a previous episode, Ian and Will Barker talked for a little while longer...and then a little longer after that, so we decided to make another episode out of it! Listen as Will takes Ian through some of the events in his career.

Jan 20

31 min 10 sec

In this episode, our host Ian is joined by Lee Crosley, Director at San Digital, to talk about his varied and impressive career. Describing himself as someone who writes music that's bug free and software that sounds good, Lee's career has seen him work on contracts, with startups, large international corporations and more.

Jan 13

36 min 29 sec

Our host Ian discusses the phenomenon of Impostor Syndrome. His guests are Will Barker of AND Digital, who talks about his own experiences of Impostor Syndrome as a developer, and Dr Sandi Mann, Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and author of Why Do I Feel Like an Impostor?

Dec 2020

31 min 21 sec

Liam joined us to tell us about his journey from Developer to CTO and the extraordinary #freeschoolmeals project they worked recently on at Silvership. It all began on the Friday before half term in October when it was announced the cut of free school meals over the holidays. After seeing lots of local businesses including local chippies offering children in need access to free meals on facebook, Liam and his team quickly recognised the need for a central directory to avoid these offerings being lost in the ether of the internet. Inspired by Marcus Rashford MBE, the ‘free school meals’ app was born.  

Dec 2020

30 min 30 sec