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Modernist design: it is timeless, clean, functional, and often familiar. The more you learn, the more you recognize… it is all around us. Upon reflection, admiration grows. The Perspecta aims to expand your knowledge, through tastefully interviewing the most interesting, conversant, and influential members of our community. Come listen, subscribe, and start discovering your next mid-century modern obsession right now.

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Our first entrepreneur! Not too many can say they’ve survived the Shark Tank, and came out with a deal - but Matt Bliss and his grandfather’s mid-century modern tree design captured the heart (and business mind) of Barbara Corcoran, and we hope this conversation captures yours as well! He recounted the stories of his grandfather, early stages of his business, & the iconic MCM homes he has visited to photograph his trees. We discussed design copies within our industry, and shared a nod to other makers in our community. This episode about Modern Christmas Trees is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

Nov 8

1 hr 6 min

One of our goals in starting this podcast was to learn about influential mid-century modern designers, from first hand accounts; not many relationships are closer than that of father and son. Jim was able to recount beautiful personal experiences with his father Adrian Pearsall, and spoke about his close collaboration with him - from furnishing restaurants, to designing custom pieces, and directly working together at Craft Associates. Jim told us all about the house he grew up in, which Adrian designed - and we spoke in depth about his experience being the custodian of his father’s work and legacy. Pull up a bean bag chair around the fire & warm up to our familial conversation with Jim Pearsall.

Oct 11

1 hr 22 min

Dream come true! What is more fun than sitting down with one of your favorite musicians and talking about mid-century modern design & architecture? We spoke about Jake’s personal connection to Herman Miller, learned about hi-fi audio equipment, reviewed influences & style in his music, and discussed architecture across Europe and the Northwest US. Go listen to “Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse”, sit down in your favorite chair, and come join our tour & conversation with Jake Snider.Episode Artwork Photo by Ryan Muir

Aug 30

1 hr 1 min

We officially went global in our 3rd episode, a conversation with Tim Ross (@modernister) where we learned all about Modernist design & preservation in Australia. Tim highlighted a number of famous architects & designers, including Glenn Murcutt, Harry Seidler, Grant Featherston, Jørn Utzon, Walter Burley Griffin, & John Andrews; and Canberra seems like the Modernist capital of our dreams. We were so impressed hearing about Tim’s career spanning radio & TV, but truly inspired to see he has followed his passions in Modernist design to create important, acclaimed shows which help to bring awareness to this design and architecture style we all adore.

Aug 2

1 hr 4 min

In our second episode, we learned all about America’s designer Paul McCobb - from one of the foremost experts and collectors, Samuel Hildreth. We covered Planner, Perimeter, Predictor and the rest of Paul’s prolific career - and heard Sam’s story from his first McCobb coffee table to his recent museum exhibit. Sam and DC shared tales of Facebook Group moderation, and we went in depth on native furniture manufacturing, and what makes the best modern reproductions.

Jul 5

57 min 55 sec

In this first conversation, we talk to DC Hillier about M&A, Gio Ponti, Kanye, Film, Clairtone, Kent Coffey & much more! We get a quick tour, share our vision for the podcast, brush up on our Danish pronunciations, and explore DC's perspectives & education in design. Until the next mid century... thank you & stay tuned!

May 10

1 hr 4 min

Introducing The Perspecta, a new mid-century modern design podcast from host John O'Neill, in association with DC Hiller & MCM Daily. This is our trailer, a brief origin story, introductions, vision & ambitions for the podcast & beyond... until the next mid century.


Apr 14

2 min 30 sec