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David Jennings Hughes

Interviews with youth, adult leaders, parents, and experts who work with youth.

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Check out this interview with Devin Burns a youth director at First United Methodist Church of Athens Georgia whose ministry position began at the same time as the pandemic shut down the whole world.  He's journeyed and learned a lot which he is kind enough to share on this episode.  He also is co hosts his own podcast entitled "Barnacles with Jep and Devin."  

Feb 18

31 min

Awesome Interview with another amazing set of twins in Kendrick and Nadia Gaudinier.  

Jan 28

35 min 39 sec

Today we talk with two amazing people who are also twins in Lilly and Harrison Giles.  This interview was conducted via Zoom due to quarantine related to Corona Virus so apologies beforehand for any audio issues.

Jan 13

28 min 25 sec

Today we speak with Andrew Elkin on a Nextflix documentary entitled "The Social Dilemma."  We will discuss the impact of social media on youth as well as ways to place parameters on social media usage.

Jan 4

23 min 48 sec

Today we talk to Jake Davis about his senior  project and how it incorporates faith, passion, and mission.  

Dec 2020

24 min 38 sec

Today we talked to Chandler Partl about his podcast (Whoop and Choop Podcasts), cheat codes for following Christ as a youth during busy schedules, and the current stats of youth spirituality in America.

Dec 2020

28 min 39 sec