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What does wellness mean to you? Hosts Sam and Lily openly chat with a variety of guests about their inspiring, life-changing experiences. Join us every Wednesday for real people, real lives and real talk.

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With office parties, Christmas markets and general festivities back on the cards this December, who better to discuss our alcohol consumption queries with than the CEO of Lyre's, Mark Livings. Lyre's, the official brand of Dry January, have an amazing variety of non-alcoholic drinks available that will help you keep track of your Points and limit the hangovers and Mark had some awesome tipple tips too!

Nov 24

35 min 14 sec

This week we're joined by Olympian and England Rugby player Heather Fisher, who is also a keynote speaker and we can see why from how inspirational this episode was! Join us on a rollercoaster of emotions, as we discuss Heather's difficult childhood, mental health issues and how she reached her dream to become an athlete. Her strength and motivational words are infectious, so make sure to listen! TW // Eating disorders, depression


Nov 17

38 min 12 sec

In celebration of the launch of PersonalPoints, we're joined by Head of Programme and WW guru Julia Westgarth to talk us through the ins and outs of the new programme. Its a great way for members to get step by step support around their new ZeroPoints, earning points and what's sticking around (Lily was super excited about rollovers, surprise surprise!)

Nov 10

30 min 36 sec

As the nights get longer, days get colder and November sets in, Sam and Lily catch up on this week's podcast. They discuss post-half term motivation, setting goals and gulp counting down to Christmas (sorry, we went there).

Nov 3

22 min 2 sec

October marked Menopause Awareness Month, where we’ve been having open and honest conversations with women sharing their experiences and platforms. This week on the podcast, we’re talking to the founder of The WomenHood, Jess Rad. The WomenHood connects women with the goal of making small changes to help overcome challenges. Jess shares why she began this endeavour of creating a platform designed for women supporting other women. We discuss menopause; shame, stigmas, symptoms and so much more!

Oct 27

34 min 3 sec

Slightly different and BONUS Wellness that Works episode for you this week! On World Menopause Day, Sam spoke with a panel of leading UK menopause campaigners about the importance of de-stigmatising menopause and breaking the societal taboo for future generations. Some pretty shocking statistics were revealed as we uncover, how much do we actually know about menopause and what support is available for women going through this stage of life? Joining Sam on the podcast is Anna Hill, WW UK General Manager, Heather Jackson, who founded the GEN-M movement, TV and radio presenter Jenny Powell, Olympian and mentor, Michelle Griffith-Robinson, Independent women’s journalist Maya Oppenheim and Smooth Radio presenter Angie Greaves.

Oct 26

46 min 40 sec

This week on the Wellness that Works podcast, we’re joined by WW member Lucinda, who shares about her recent accomplishment of running the London marathon. We talk about motherhood, making time for yourself and striking a balance.

Oct 20

30 min 38 sec

Sam’s back! In this week’s episode, Sam and Lily debate how much the temperature turning colder affects us - they talk about SAD, winter cooking, autumnal favourites, Halloween and lots more!

Oct 13

30 min 3 sec

In line with World Mental Health Day on the 10th October, today we are joined by the incredibly inspiring Thomas Duncan Bell. He talks to us about his work helping people to see that they’re not alone. He shares his own struggles with mental health and how it led him to become The Bipolar Businessman. TW// Self-harm, Suicide.


Oct 6

39 min 49 sec

This week we’re talking to long-term WW member, Laura, as she discusses the moment she decided to begin her journey and going on a whole new journey after the birth of her first child. With Lily, Laura chats about the importance of wellbeing, planning ahead and enjoying meals to the fullest. With her passion for cooking came the widely popular Skinny Kitchen Secrets blog, full of recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Sep 22

40 min 3 sec

This week Sam and Lily discuss finding routines amid chaos. With this comes the importance of time management, acceptance and adaptability. We chat through how our #StepUpToSeptember is going and some sneaky ways to bump up your steps, as well as answering some of YOUR burning questions.

Sep 15

34 min 23 sec

Let’s talk about sleeeeeep. 💤 Today on the podcast, we’re joined by Eve Sleep CEO, Cheryl Calverley. This incredibly insightful episode goes into the importance of sleep as our foundation of wellness. We discuss how you can set yourself up for the best night’s sleep, the science behind our sleep cycles and what you need to look for in a great mattress.

Sep 8

27 min 12 sec

New podcast episode AND new partnership with drumroll please, HELLOFRESH! 🌱 Today to talk about this amazing collaboration, we’re joined by HelloFresh Recipe Developer Mimi. With HelloFresh, you can pre-plan your WW meals with SmartPoints allowing you to change things up, keep cooking simple and try out some awesome new recipes. Mimi talks us through some exciting dishes you could get in your box as well as her process as a recipe developer. We talk about our favourite ingredients, shocking hangover favourites and how you can order your WW x HelloFresh box. We also have a SPECIAL CODE just for our podcast listeners! Use the promo code WW2021 at hellofresh.co.uk to get 60% off 1st box, then 35% for the next 3 boxes.

Sep 2

24 min 5 sec

This week we’re joined by Digital 360 Coach and NHS nurse, Cath! Much like everyone else, Cath’s world has drastically changed these past 18 months. She shares how she remains so positive, the support from the WW community and her journey as a WW member, who is now able to embrace what her body can do.

Aug 18

30 min 2 sec

We’re back with another Sam and Lily catch up episode! We talk about confidence levels in the kitchen, getting stuck in a rut with cooking and they blow each other’s minds with the various kitchen gadgets Sam and Lily both use. 🤯 We also discuss our drinking challenge - Drink Up! This is where we’re asking YOU to stay hydrated in August! More details on the podcast if you’re wanting to find out more about it and the benefits of keeping hydrated. 💧

Aug 11

29 min 20 sec

After finishing a 10,000km cycling trip around the UK in 80 days, endurance adventure athlete, Jamie Ramsay joins us on the podcast. Adrenaline fueled, Jamie talks about finding fulfilment in something you enjoy just for you and getting into the mindset of a new challenge. He informs us about "type 2 fun", realising what you’re capable of and proving to yourself you can achieve your goals. It’s a great podcast to get you feeling motivated and there’s lessons to be learned in discovering where your happiness comes from. Jamie is also a Runner's Need ambassador, and when you're a WW member, you can get 15% off at https://www.runnersneed.com/ using code: AF-WW-15. T&Cs Apply.

Aug 4

38 min 6 sec

Lots covered in this week’s episode of the Wellness that Works podcast. We cover dealing with the heat, picky dinners and 3 things we’re grateful for. Lily also reveals some shocking statistics to Sam surrounding body shaming and weight stigmas that tend to occur during summer.

Jul 28

34 min 41 sec

Queen of all things food, Digital 360 Coach Nancy joins us this week on the podcast! She shares how she grew her online presence, trying new ingredients when she started her nutritional training and the tight-knit community that has formed over on Connect. Juggling motherhood, her job and her healthy lifestyle, Coach Nancy shares how she does it all.

Jul 14

31 min 44 sec

This week Sam and Lily have a good old catch up as they discuss the things that make them happy. They’ve also both got some pretty big life changes on the horizon which they discuss and the importance of finding ways to keep on top of your mental health. They also talk Love Island and their opinion on the series. 🏝️

Jul 7

32 min 41 sec

After seeing his family’s success on the WW programme, Adam decided to give it a go. Thinking he’d only stick to it for a couple of weeks, Adam has gone on to lose almost 11st in over a year! For Adam, fitness has played an important role in his journey to the point where he now runs marathons. In this episode, we discuss coming to the end of the #MoveMorewithWW challenge, those all-important non-scale victories that keep you motivated and what he feels is the most rewarding part of his journey.

Jun 30

35 min 56 sec

This week we’re joined by the founder of CleanCo, TV personality and father of two, Spencer Matthews. Our WW members may recall CleanCo being on WellnessWins, and today Spencer talks about his turbulent relationship with alcohol which led him to drastically change his drinking habits. We discuss creating goals, establishing a work ethic and juggling the things you love.

Jun 23

28 min 11 sec

You missed us last week but now we’re back with a bang alongside the incredible, 4x Olympic gold medalist, Becky Adlington. We discuss her whirlwind of a year juggling house renovations, pregnancy, home schooling and life in general. Becky is also an Everyone Active ambassador and discusses their amazing policy on wearing whatever will make you feel the most comfortable in the pool and the community element of their leisure centres (don’t forget to snag our amazing offer as a WW member).

Jun 16

40 min 48 sec

Yes, Move More with WW is back and better than ever! Sam and Lily chat through the various activities they’ll be getting up to and what counts as FitPoint boosters on the WW app.

Jun 2

31 min 39 sec

New episode alert and this week we have our very own D360 Coach Nat joining us on the podcast!! Sharing her passion for food and spin, Nat discusses what it was like to see the Digital 360 community grow from the start. She shares her go-to foods, how she plays around with SmartPoints and where the inspiration for her cooking comes from. Take a listen to feel inspired and maybe get some awesome insight to the wondrous world of Digital 360.

May 26

30 min 36 sec

Jamella aka The Shrinking Nurse joins us this week on the podcast. She started her WW journey just before the initial lockdown, when she was returning back to work after maternity leave, and was upset to see her uniform no longer fitted. Her ethnicity and weight put her in a high-risk category for Covid, which highlighted even more why she wanted to get healthier. In this episode, Jamella shares what she focused on during her weight loss journey to keep her motivated, fitting her journey into working on the frontline for the NHS and avoiding temptation in the staff room. She also shares the differences she’s noticed mentally and physically after losing an incredible 8st, and what it's meant to her as a mum of a 2 year old.

May 19

29 min 13 sec

We have an important topic to discuss this week, it’s not one to miss. As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we discuss the variety of different ways you can help yourself and others, in times of struggle. There are plenty of different coping strategies, some that may work for you, others that may not, tips that link our wellbeing to food and fitness and how important it is to step away from social media. As shared by the Mental Health Foundation, this year’s theme is nature, something we could all turn to in the height of lockdown. 🍃

May 12

37 min 52 sec

As we start to re-enter into society, we discuss the newfound appreciation and gratitude for our friends and family and with BBQs aplenty because of it, we're excited! We want to know, what are you putting on your BBQ? You best believe Sam is at the ready with condiment theories! We’re also now over a year into lockdown and we’re finally giving you some film and TV recommendations! 👀 So for all of this and some laughs along the way, be sure to take a listen!

May 5

30 min 30 sec

WOW! Are you ready to feel inspired? The legendary hurdler, multi-gold medalist, world recorder breaker, Colin Jackson joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Colin is also an ambassador with Everyone Active who we’ve recently partnered with and discusses the long-lasting benefits of health and fitness. He talks what’s on the menu, post-lockdown anxiety and the one thing he would trade all of his athleticism for 👀 Take a listen and absorb his incredible view on life.

Apr 28

41 min 42 sec

Happy Wednesday everybody!! It’s a Sam and Lily catch up episode this week, and as per there’s lots of ramblings, thoughts and feelings. We discuss things starting to open back up again, the fear of the unknown but at the same time, the feeling of compassion with others. Amongst other things, we discuss the reopening of workshops, cracking out summer foods and there’s even a mystery ingredient quiz from our new Best Bakes cookbook - will you guess them correctly?

Apr 21

33 min 18 sec

We’re back! This week we’re joined by our very own Mr Motivator, Digital 360 Coach Josh! Fitness has always played an important role in Josh’s life, and he explains how the mindset element came into play later but is key in developing habits and creating new routines. Josh discusses why everyone should have hobbies they love doing that are just for them, and shares advice on the anxieties of going ‘back to reality’. The support that’s been created on our Digital 360 platform is unmatched, and in Josh’s words “we’re only just getting started”.

Apr 14

33 min

This week on the podcast, we’re joined by the incredible Emma Revie, CEO of The Trussell Trust, a non-profit charity that supports a network of food banks as well as people locked in poverty and has the goal of creating a hunger-free future for everyone. Emma shares how difficult the start of the pandemic was for food banks with volunteers shielding, referral centres closed and essential food items like pasta were off supermarket shelves. It was through sheer force of will to help people that The Trussell Trust made it though. If you’ve donated your Wellness Wins to The Trussell Trust, this is also a great listen to hear how those donations help.

Mar 31

30 min 7 sec

One year since lockdown was announced, HOW?! This week on the podcast we’re joined by Dr. Gemma Newman who shares her lockdown experience from the point of view of a healthcare professional. Gemma also shares the importance of coming back to ourselves, how we can love ourselves more, recognising the influences around us and so much more.

Mar 24

31 min 44 sec

Exciting omelettes, stretching, adapting all over again, this week on the podcast Sam and Lily have a good old catch-up and natter. From not putting pressure on ourselves to look or feel a certain way by a certain date, to making sure you find something that makes you happy every day, it’s an episode you don’t want to miss.

Mar 17

38 min 4 sec

We’re joined by the brilliant Maddie Hinch MBE, who went from school sports to winning gold at the Olympics in the British Women’s Hockey team. Maddie discusses having confidence in the things you do, finding new things to enjoy, and knowing where to best invest your energy. We talk about what lockdown has looked like for an Olympian, the importance of goal setting and so much more.

Mar 10

35 min 11 sec

You heard it here, even celebrity chefs can get bored of cooking dinner! This week on the Wellness that Works podcast we’re joined by the incredibly talented Lisa Faulkner. We had a lovely chat with Lisa about being grateful for your body, eating to be happy and the sliding door moment she had when she took part in Master Chef. She also shared with us her challenges with fertility, the stigmas around adoption, and the communities of people you find on your journey.

Mar 3

36 min 32 sec

Ready for some positivity? We sure are! This week on the Wellness that Works podcast, Sam and Lily catch up on how their lockdowns have been and discuss their newly found non-scale victories. They discuss regaining optimism, finding what’s important in life, and commando running?? It’s a good one this week if you’re needing a bit of a mindset shift.

Feb 24

34 min 24 sec

From starting off at his local athletics club to becoming an Olympic athlete, Tom Bosworth joins us on the Wellness that Works podcast to talk us through his incredible journey on how he became a race walker. Using it as a form of escapism, Tom’s enjoyment for race walking demonstrates you don’t always have to be good at something when you start out. Through his perseverance, he’s gone on to smash records that changed the trajectory of his life.

Feb 17

43 min 19 sec

Feeling positive about Feb? We are! This week on the podcast we’re discussing a wide range of eclectic topics. We also share how our Walks to Wellness have been going that take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1PM, as well as an inside scoop into Digital 360.

Feb 10

19 min 20 sec

Sharing her tips on staying inspired during lockdown and how to remain positive, this week on the Wellness that Works podcast we’re talking to WW member Verity. In this episode, Verity takes us through her WW journey and how she got to where she is with the support of those around her.

Feb 3

29 min 18 sec

Beaming positivity this week on the Wellness that Works podcast by speaking to WW member Pai. Pai shares how she’s gained more confidence through her WW journey, picking up running later in life, the amazingly supportive Connect community, and how to feel grateful in life.

Jan 27

34 min 15 sec

Three weeks into Jan, how are you all holding up? If you’re in need of a pick me up, and some inspiration about what to do with everything in your fridge right now, then we are ready to educate you on this week’s Wellness that Works podcast episode! Theories with Sam, stats with Lily, innuendos, and rambles - you’re really getting it all this week so buckle up!

Jan 20

27 min 47 sec

Just over a year ago, stuck in a cycle of eating out of boredom, Saskia decided to join WW to lose weight and feel confident again. She was surprised that there was a community of people that would help her in her journey, push her out of her comfort zone, and inspire her newfound love for cooking. Saskia has reached her goal and hasn’t looked back since.

Jan 13

30 min 22 sec

Can you believe it, season 3 is here - and look, we’ve had a makeover! To kick off the new season, we jumped on the chance to chat with our programme expert Julia, to talk all about myWW+, setting goals, and all the goodness we need to get 2021 off to a great start.

Jan 6

29 min 22 sec

Well what a ride Season 2 of the podcast has been! We’ve had some truly amazing guests join us on the Wellness that Works podcast this year, each with their own incredibly inspiring journeys and stories. Thank you to everyone who has listened and downloaded our episodes - we’re so glad that listening to Sam and Lily each Wednesday can bring you a bit of mid-week joy. We’re so excited to return in the New Year with Season 3!! Watch this space!!

Dec 2020

55 sec

This week we look into the ties we have to our phones and whether or not we truly need every app we’ve downloaded. We discuss some of the shocking statistics from our latest research, as well as the impact being on our phones can have on our sleep and wellbeing.

Dec 2020

25 min 36 sec

With the wealth of content that’s available on the WW app, we thought this week, we’d bring on our very own content guru Sophie. We discuss the progression of the app, how you can achieve your goals and make the most out of your membership.

Dec 2020

25 min 55 sec

It's a random rollercoaster of topics as we catch up for the first time in a couple of weeks.. Sam and Lily discuss their lockdown goals, and whether or not they’ve achieved them, the importance of hyping yourself up, and getting creative over the festive season.

Dec 2020

26 min 14 sec

Wellness works! This week we’re joined by a truly uplifting guest, one of our WW members, Kay. Since lockdown began, Kay has walked 10 thousand steps every day and got the chance to have a sit-down chat with fellow member, Robbie Williams! Kay shares how small steps can lead to big change and how the happy atmosphere of Virtual Workshops has played a part in her journey these past couple of months.

Nov 2020

30 min 24 sec

“Getting your mindset in the right place can help you achieve any goal you want to put into place”. This week we’re joined by WW Coach and meditation expert Miranda. She shares her beginner’s guide to meditation, how it can work for you, and how she deals with stress. Miranda also gives us a teaser of the meditation sessions she runs on the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind group on Connect.

Nov 2020

36 min 30 sec

WW Coach Laura, who also runs the My Hormones, My Health podcast, joins us and shares her experience with PMDD and the challenges it brings. We also discuss how important WW Workshops are to members and the whole mindset element of the programme.

Nov 2020

28 min 42 sec