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Real estate strategies and insights to help you navigate an investing landscape that feels like the wild west.

Emmy-nominated writer/producer Mark Hentemann hosts some of the most dynamic figures in the industry to discuss his passionate, 20-year side hustle in real estate investing.

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Today’s guest is a multifamily investor and the founder and CEO of MREX, the Multifamily Real Estate Exchange. MREX is a tech startup with the goal of democratizing the multifamily Real Estate Market.  Today, Mark and Nikolai sit down to discuss the importance of education, forming your own experiences, and planning your strategy. Show Notes:  

Oct 11

38 min 44 sec

Don Wenner started investing in 2006 and has now closed on over 16,000 units with $1.3 Billion in assets under management. He’s founder and CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 15 real estate companies for the 8th year in a row. He’s also under 40 years old. He’s also the author of Building An Elite Organization, and today Mark and Don sit down to discuss the importance of leadership, discipline, and having a growth mindset. Show Notes:

Jun 25

40 min 1 sec

Jamie Gruber is a multifamily investor and the co-founder of the Multifamily & More networking communities, with over 10,000 members in 20 cities. He's also fresh off of walking away from a 20-year corporate career to pursue investing full-time.    Mark and Jamie sit down to discuss following your passion, building your network, and delivering value. Show Notes:

May 20

39 min 44 sec

Lee Ripma is a Los Angeles-based scientist-turned-real estate investor and entrepreneur. She invests in out-of-state multifamily, manages ground-up construction in LA, and is launching a prop-tech tool called Vest Map. Mark and Lee sit down to discuss the oldest rule in real estate, how to find the best submarkets, and mitigating your risks in new construction. Show notes:

Apr 15

38 min 51 sec

Joe Fairless is a real estate titan. He's a co-founder of Ashcroft Capital, which owns and operates over 10,000 units and has $1 billion in assets under management. He's also co-founder of The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast and the Best Ever Real Estate Conference. He's a volunteer at the Crossroads Hospice, a Junior Achievement Board Member, and was recognized as Multifamily Investor of the Year by Think Realty Magazine. Show Notes:

Apr 6

32 min 9 sec

Jordan Moorhead is a house-hacker and multifamily investor (both actively and passively), a realtor, and the host of the Austin Real Estate Investing Podcast. Mark and Jordan sit down to discuss the tremendous advantages of house-hacking, how to renovate just the right amount, and playing to your strengths.  Show notes :

Mar 10

37 min 38 sec

Carson Hess was a mechanical engineer designing railway systems in major cities before turning to real estate. Using his skills, he started a company called Development AI, artificial intelligence to help identify underutilized properties and reduce entitlement risk. He's also house hacking and investing passively in ground-up construction. Show Notes:

Mar 3

37 min 10 sec

Danny Monempour built a multifamily investment, management, and syndication company from scratch in one of the most competitive markets in the U.S. He's the founder of Monem Corp, which operates 100+ properties from Venice Beach to LA, and has 50 team members. He's also a guest lecturer with UCLA extension program and was featured in the new book Billion Dollar Portfolio. Mark and Danny sit down to discuss the importance of keeping things simple, looking at obstacles as opportunities, and how to take a holistic approach to acquisitions. Show Notes:

Feb 24

29 min 52 sec

Rama Krishna is a San Francisco Bay entrepreneur who built and sold two tech companies before shifting to multifamily. He's the founder of Zovest Capital and has built a portfolio that spans 300 units in markets such as Raleigh,  Atlanta, Jacksonville, Kansas City, and Cleveland. He's now venturing into new construction with over $120M worth of projects in the pipeline. Rama and Mark sit down to discuss new construction, defining your criteria, and leveraging 'dollar' markets to invest nationwide. Show Notes:

Feb 18

36 min 53 sec

Bill Ham is a multifamily investor and syndicator, entrepreneur, public speaker, and COO of Broadwell Property Group. He’s also the author of a new book, ‘Creative Cash’. He’s a repeat guest on the Wild West Real Estate Show, always bringing some fresh insights, especially now in a different economy and real estate market than his last appearance. Bill and Mark sit down and discuss creative financing and how to close deals when traditional lending isn’t an option. Be sure to check out Bill's new book, Creative Cash, where he gives step-by-step instructions on how to identify, analyze, negotiate, structure, and close creative financing opportunities. Show notes:

Feb 10

38 min 48 sec

Nick Lamagna is an investor and fundraiser who started with fix-and-flips the got into wholesaling, multifamily, and mobile home parks. He primarily invests virtually and has recently delved into land development. He’s also a jiu-jitsu black belt and the host of the A-Game Podcast. Mark and Nick sit down to discuss the importance of learning through distress, creating your own opportunities, and not making any excuses. Show Notes:

Feb 4

40 min 7 sec

Michael You specialized in molecular and cell biology on his way to becoming a doctor when he discovered that his true calling was real estate. He now works for a commercial real estate developer in the East Bay. Currently, he’s focused on creating new housing in one of the most unaffordable markets in the world using California’s ADU laws. In today's episode, Mark and Michael sit down to discuss development, ADU's, and creative strategies to be successful in rent-controlled markets. Show notes:

Jan 27

34 min 10 sec

Brent Sprenkle is a Los Angeles Multifamily investor and Top Broker with Berkadia, whose got over 20 years of experience. He’s the author of a new book Billion Dollar Portfolio about his adventures in the Los Angeles multifamily market over the last two decades. Mark and Brent discuss patience, property management, and the importance of having a business plan. Show Notes:

Jan 20

39 min 55 sec

Nick Ameluxen spent a decade in the automotive industry as a technician before transitioning to real estate. He invests in single-family, turnkey, and multifamily in multiple markets. He’s a real estate coach, host of the Austin chapter of the South Texas Multifamily & More Meetup, and is a partner and asset manager at Quantum Capital. Mark and Nick sit down to discuss networking, processes, and getting outside of your comfort zone. Show notes:

Jan 14

39 min 29 sec

Gwyeth Smith was a Wall Street equities trader before turning to multifamily. He’s the founder of New Wave Capital and Rustic Capital, investing in Ohio, Texas, Southern Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Mark and Gwyeth sit down and discuss the importance of great partnerships and how to leverage people’s strengths effectively. Show Notes:

Jan 5

38 min 18 sec

Jake Stenziano worked at Radio Shack, then the pharmaceutical industry before shifting to multifamily investing, where he’s now built an investing, property management, coaching, and education juggernaut. He’s also a two-time, best-selling author and one half of the top-ranked Jake and Gino Podcast. In today's episode, Jake and Mark sit down to discuss building an organization that is truly unique and delivering a top-notch customer experience.  Show Notes:  

Dec 2020

40 min 41 sec

Elisa Zhang controls a $100M multifamily portfolio in Texas, Arizona, and Washington. She’s a former product manager in the tech world, and after quitting her day job to invest in real estate full-time, she is passionate about teaching others to do the same. She now focuses her time and expertise on helping typical nine-to-fivers to quit their job in 10 years or less. Today, Elisa and Mark discuss the power of a side hustle, how to add value from a distance, and building momentum in top markets. Show Notes:

Dec 2020

40 min 24 sec

Hadar Orkibi started his career as a real estate broker in Israel, then moved to New Zealand, where he began building his multifamily portfolio and fine-tuning the art of long-distance international investing. He serves as asset manager for MFI Holdings and is a coach with Jake and Gino. Today, Mark and Hadar sit down and discuss powerful strategies for long-distance investors, market pricing, and overcoming obstacles. Show Notes:

Dec 2020

41 min 47 sec

Austin Hartley is a real estate investor from Denver, Colorado with a large social media following. He’s a former college athlete, the founder of Nova Real Estate Investing, and the host of the Passion First Podcast. He’s been featured in CBS, Yahoo, Fox, New York Weekly, and numerous notable podcasts. Today, Mark and Austin sit down to discuss systems and cultivating a powerful mindset. Show Notes here:

Dec 2020

36 min 50 sec

Today’s guest is a Multifamily Investor in Indianapolis, a frequent BiggerPockets contributor, and former World Record attemptee. He’s the host of the Real Estate Experience Podcast, and the author of From Zero to Four Hundred Units.  Mark and Sterling sit down to discuss overcoming your environment, leverage, and the power of being both humble and outgoing. Show Notes:

Nov 2020

27 min

Juan Vargas is a self-taught son of immigrants who decided to pursue multifamily investing as a way to avoid the seven-day-a-week work grind he saw his parents doing with little results. He’s the founder of GenWealth Capital Group, with over 700 units under management in Texas and Arizona, and is the host of the Commit To Wealth Podcast. Mark and Juan discuss work ethic, when you know enough, and how being a great passive investor can help you become a great sponsor. Show Notes:

Nov 2020

35 min 36 sec

Today’s guest is a former engineer before transitioning to multifamily investing. He’s the author of Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate, is a speaker, podcast host, and a principal at Achieve Investment Group with over 1700 units under management. Mark and James discuss vertical integration, the stock market, and how to be the Warren Buffet of real estate. Show notes and links to James' free book:

Nov 2020

41 min 27 sec

Kavitha Baratakke is a principal at Cherry Street Investments and a syndicator who retired from her 20-year career in tech to pursue real estate investing as a full-time sponsor. She’s been an investor since 2009, is currently invested in over 2000 doors, and runs the popular Facebook group, Purely Passive Investment Group. Kavitha and Mark sit down to discuss intuition, the correct mindset for raising capital and setting your day up for success. Show notes:

Sep 2020

39 min 30 sec

Ryan Murdock spent a decade in the electronics industry before transitioning to real estate in 2007. Now he’s the VP of Open Door Capital with Brandon Turner, where they focus on mobile home parks and have acquired $14M worth of deals in the past 18 months, with another $30M currently under contract. In this episode, Ryan and Mark sit down to discuss property management, mobile home parks, and how to find great partners (hint: offer up some value!). Show notes:

Sep 2020

36 min 49 sec

Gino Barbaro spent 25 years as a chef and restaurateur before pivoting to real estate and building a multi-faceted empire, including a $100M+ multifamily portfolio, Rand Capital, Jake & Gino, and the highly-rated Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast. He’s a professional coach, teacher, and speaker. Gino and Mark sit down for an epic discussion, touching on a range of topics including financial freedom, developing your passion, navigating partnerships, and when to check your emotions at the door.  Find Show Notes and more at

Sep 2020

38 min 2 sec

John Brackett is an investor and president of Fidelity Business Partners in San Diego, a private equity firm focused on multifamily investing. He has over 20 years experience, he’s the host of the We Build Apartment Communities Podcast, and has been a member of the International Economic Honor Society since 1997. He discusses how he survived the 2008 recession, the key to getting the best financing for your project, and the benefits of investing in complementary markets. Show Notes

Sep 2020

37 min 12 sec

Puja Talati is a former brand manager at Hershey’s, who pivoted to real estate investing and has helped build at $240M portfolio while continuing to consult with Fortune 500 companies, lending her marketing and branding expertise.  She’s also a co-founder at JT Capital, which focuses on acquiring multifamily assets in high-growth markets. Listen in as she discussed the importance of branding, developing your unique message, and how to communicate effectively with your investors. Show notes and resources:

Sep 2020

33 min 55 sec

Joe Mendoza is an investor with 30 years of real estate experience. He’s been involved in multifamily, office, development, and redevelopment projects. He’s also been featured in the Wall Street Journal and is a mentor/business coach who has taught thousands of investors. In this episode, Joe sits down with Mark to discuss coaching, boom/bust markets, and overcoming paralysis by analysis. Shownotes:

Aug 2020

38 min 21 sec

Matt Faircloth was an engineer with a Fortune 500 company who left to become a full-time real estate investor. He’s the co-founder of the Derosa Group, along with his wife Liz, a prolific educator and contributor on Bigger Pockets and the author of Raising Private Capital - Building Your Real Estate Portfolio Using Other People’s Money. Show Notes & Resources:

Aug 2020

38 min 27 sec

Yonah Weiss is a business director with Madison Specs, a national cost segregation leader helping clients save tens of millions of dollars on taxes.  Cost Segregation is an IRS approved process for reclassifying real estate components and improvements to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer taxes, and improve cash flow. Yonah and Mark discuss various strategies in this week's episode, showing investors how to reap all the benefits from owning investment real estate. Show notes:

Aug 2020

37 min 23 sec

Adam A. Adams, also known in the real estate community as Triple A, has educated thousands of investors through real estate conferences, radio & podcast interviews, his coaching program, and his thriving Meetup group. In this episode of The Wild West Real Estate Show, Adam sit’s down with Mark to talk about attracting capital, branding, and the pitfalls of investing in high cash-flow markets. Show Notes:

Aug 2020

34 min 49 sec

Neal Bawa is known as the mad scientist of multifamily real estate investing, and the founder of Grocapitus, which is invested in projects worth $150MM. He’s also the creator of Multifamily U, a multifamily education business that teaches thousands of students each year. Show notes:

Jul 2020

38 min 14 sec

Sri Latha is a data scientist and researcher who transitioned into multifamily investing. Combining her skills with serious, out-of-the-box strategies, she’s succeeded in one of the most expensive, daunting markets in the country, San Francisco. She also runs a multifamily coaching program. Show Notes & Resources:

Jul 2020

36 min 20 sec

Spencer Hilligoss is a former Silicon Valley tech leader, who helped grow several billion-dollar companies before transitioning into real estate. He’s the founder of Madison Investing, which focuses on raising capital for real estate syndications, and he’s invested in over 5000 units. Find more information here :

Jul 2020

33 min 16 sec

John Casmon is a former marketing exec, who created campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, like General Motors and Coors, before turning to multifamily investing. He’s now the founder of Casmon Capital, the host of Target Market Insights, and has partnered with investors on over 900 multifamily units worth over $90M. Show notes & resources:

Jul 2020

35 min 2 sec

Jay Helms is a real estate investor and host of the W2 Capitalist Real Estate Podcast and popular Facebook Group. He’s built a 300 unit portfolio across 5 states as a side hustle while working a full-time job. His motto is Earn. Invest. Repeat. Show notes:

Jul 2020

35 min 55 sec

Andrew Cushman is a Chemical Engineer turned real estate investor who started flipping houses in Southern California during the Great Recession. He’s since moved on to multifamily syndication, acquiring B and C class value add properties throughout the South East United States. He’s since acquired and repositioned over 1800 units to date. It took Andrew 4576 calls before getting his first deal. He knew it was possible, and all that was left was for him to develop the skillset and put in the work. That’s the difference between being interested or committed, and it enabled him to leave his corporate position in 2007 to start a business in real estate investment. Show notes :

Jun 2020

38 min 19 sec

Brandon Hall is a national speaker and the founder and CEO of The Real Estate CPA, a virtual full-service accounting firm that works exclusively with real estate investors and business owners. He’s also a multifamily investor and syndicator in his own right as a partner in Naked Capital.  When it comes to investing and business, Brandon lets his passion drive him, but doesn’t let it steer. He uses logic to elevate himself above the fray and make good, informed decisions, and it’s paid off. Show Notes :

Jun 2020

39 min 48 sec

Anthony Vicino is a serial entrepreneur who’s built multiple successful companies from the ground up. He’s also an author and investor who managed a personal portfolio of multifamily assets before launching Invictus Capital with his partner Dan Kreuger in 2019, jumping into apartment syndication. For Anthony, finding success in life has been about creating systems around his daily routines that maximize his likelihood of hyper-focusing on tasks that are really important, rather than really meaningless. For show notes & resources go to

Jun 2020

42 min 48 sec

Mark sits down with a husband and wife investor team to discuss the importance of mindset, house-hacking to buy commercial real estate, and how to leverage your current skill set in commercial real estate. Cliff Cheung is a CPA formerly with PricewaterhouseCoopers who shifted to help smaller businesses with strategy and tax planning. Joyce Shangkuan is CPA turned realtor and real estate investor.  Together they’ve made real estate investing a core part of their long-term strategy and have succeeded in two intimidating major coastal cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Show notes:

Jun 2020

40 min 45 sec

Vince Gethings is an active duty real estate investor in Honolulu Hawaii, who's been building a massive real estate portfolio for the past seven years. He holds a green belt LEAN Six Sigma Process Improvement, and specializes in market research, due diligence, strategic planning, project oversight, and execution. Vince and his team also recently closed on their first syndication, during the chaos of the coronavirus! Find out how Vince overcame volatile market conditions to wind up in a much better position at the closing table. Show notes & resources available here:

May 2020

34 min 41 sec

Kristopher German went from delivering pizzas and working as a security guard to closing over $300,000,000 in commercial real estate. He consistently ranks among the top 3 commercial agents within the RE/MAX Commercial National Division, and over the last 13 years, has been awarded every award RE/MAX has to offer. He attributes this success to a client-centered business based on hard work, honesty, and unparalleled negotiation skills. Kris also is a landlord himself, and owns multi-family investments in both Los Angeles & San Bernadino counties. Having bought, sold, and improved his own investment properties, Kris is able to offer this practical inside information to his clients and the industry he serves at large.   For more information, click here:

May 2020

38 min 59 sec

Mark is joined by The Apartment Guy℠, Bruce Petersen, who is a syndicator of large multi-family properties throughout Central Texas ranging in size from 48-292 units. He was awarded the Austin Apartment Association's Independent Rental Owner of the Year for 2016 and the National Apartment Association's Independent Rental Owner of the Year for 2017 as well as Think Realty's Multifamily Investor of the Year 2019. Bruce targets stabilized properties where he can buy a cash-flowing asset and drive value through building "community" and improved operations. He is able to do this by implementing his proven systems and deploying his experienced staff to replicate his business model across the new acquisitions. Link to the show notes & resources found here :

May 2020

43 min 37 sec

In this week’s episode, Mark is joined by Vish Iyer, a veteran real estate investor who built a massive portfolio in the mid-2000s, got caught badly in the 2008 crash, then picked up the pieces and rebuilt.  Vish is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, devout yoga practitioner, and actor who holds graduate degrees in information systems and business. For more information, check out our show notes :

May 2020

43 min 17 sec

In this week's episode, Mark is joined by Matt Teifke, a real estate investor and business owner who knew from a young age that he wanted to be in the real estate business.  After earning his real estate license at age 18, Matt bought his first investment property while in college, negotiating 10% down. He's since done residential buying and selling, commercial leasing, private lending, and operates his own property management company, and he's barely thirty! You can find more information and show notes here:

Apr 2020

28 min 15 sec

In this week's episode, Mark is joined by Tamar Hermes. a real estate investor and educator with 20 years experience, who built successful businesses in retail and entertainment, but now focuses her attention on her mission to bring more women into real estate investing. You can find more information and show notes here:

Apr 2020

29 min 47 sec

In this week's episode, Mark is joined by Bill Ham, Chief Operating Officer at the Broadwell Property Group. We'll be discussing how to navigate marketing cycles, the importance of having an exit strategy, and the pros and cons of self-managing. Wings up or wheels up, have you planned for your exit strategy? You can find more information and show notes here:

Apr 2020

48 min 5 sec

In this week’s episode, Mark is joined by Nick Ameluxen and Kyle Marcotte, real estate investors from Austin, TX. We’ll be discussing the current state of the world, including the coronavirus, how to navigate downturns, and when the right to jump back into the market is. The current market conditions can be a bit intimidating, what are you doing to come out of this on top and ready to pounce on new opportunities? You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:

Apr 2020

28 min 6 sec

In this week’s episode, Mark is joined by Jeremy Roll, a full-time passive cash flow investor with decades of experience. Jeremy and Mark discuss the possible impact of the coronavirus and the likelihood of the next recession. What’s the best asset class to be in right now, and how important is timing when it comes to exiting profitably? Listen in and find out! You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:

Apr 2020

40 min 30 sec

Lee Ripma is a former consulting biologist who recently walked away from her high-salary job to focus on real estate investing full-time. So how was she able to quit her job after just 2.5 years in the real estate world? Today Lee answers that question and more. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: 

Mar 2020

31 min