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In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, the former model Amy Dorris talked to Lucy Osborne about allegations that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her at the US Open tennis tournament more than two decades ago, in an alleged incident that left her feeling ‘sick’ and ‘violated’

Sep 22

38 min

With just six weeks to go before Queensland voters head to the polls, it seems people can talk about little else than Covid-19. Annastacia Palaszczuk’s handling of the crisis has been well-received so far, but as Ben Smee explains, there are potential pitfalls in running a presidential-style campaign during a pandemic

Sep 21

30 min

Luke Harding tells Anushka Asthana the alleged attack on Navalny has all the hallmarks of a state-sponsored hit. As Navalny appears to be recovering from the incident, western leaders are demanding answers from Russia

Sep 20

30 min

Scott Morrison has been talking about the importance of gas in Australia’s energy market since the beginning of the year – but his speech this week raised more questions than it answered. Katharine Murphy and Adam Morton explain how we got here and what it means for the country’s climate commitments

Sep 17

34 min

After 10 weeks of various stages of lockdown in Melbourne, a new policy was announced to help single people who live alone, to allow them to spend time with others by forming a “social bubble”. While many people are excited about the prospect of being able to spend time with another person, others have questioned how practical some of the rules are.

Sep 16

23 min

When Nigel Mallender headed to Ischgl from the UK in March, he was looking forward to a fun-packed break with friends. Just four days later, he and thousands of other tourists were desperately trying to leave after authorities became aware of coronavirus cases. Mallender and the Guardian’s Philip Oltermann discuss the fallout from that week

Sep 15

23 min

Neil Punchard is a police officer who leaked a domestic violence victim’s address to her violent ex-husband. The case shocked Australia and has campaigners asking why the officer is still employed by Queensland police. Ben Smee recalls all Julie has been through and raises questions the police force has yet to answer

Sep 14

29 min

As the US election draws closer, the Guardian’s Ed Pilkington hears from civil leaders on their fears for the integrity of the process and the future of their democracy

Sep 13

34 min

The World Health Organization has called on governments to be clear about which Covid-19 restrictions are most effective to avoid blanket lockdowns in future outbreaks. With numbers now dropping in Melbourne and a roadmap announced, which measures have good evidence behind them and which don’t?

Sep 10

31 min

Guardian Australia’s political editor Katharine Murphy has spent most of this year focusing on the Coalition’s response to the coronavirus and analysing what this tells us about how Scott Morrison governs. In this episode of Full Story, David Marr interviews her about the PM’s problem-solving approach and his dislike of tough questions

Sep 9

38 min

The Guardian’s US Washington DC bureau chief, David Smith, discusses Donald Trump’s law and order gamble on the election, and how it is impacting on Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign

Sep 8

27 min

A recent review of the laws around Australia’s natural environment found they were failing. Now the government is hurrying to pass legislation that conservationists say could make them even weaker. Lisa Cox unpicks the debate and explains the consequences if the new bill is passed for Australia’s unique wildlife and habitat

Sep 7

34 min

Over four days in the Christchurch high court, survivors of the 2019 mosque shootings and the families of victims stood up and faced the Australian gunman. In this episode of Full Story, we hear their statements, as Charlotte Graham-Mclay takes us inside the proceedings.

Sep 6

40 min

Guardian US reporter Emily Holden looks at the Trump administration’s impact on the environment, and the consequences if he wins another term

Sep 3

30 min

Salvator Mundi sold for a record $450m at auction in 2017 to an anonymous bidder. But the painting’s provenance has been called into question

Sep 2

25 min

Three months after writing about how Covid helped big tech, federal public servant Josh Krook was given a choice: remove the blog post or be sacked. Now, he’s speaking out about what he says is censorship. Reporter Christopher Knaus explores the case of Josh Krook and other public servants speaking out about the right to free speech.

Sep 1

24 min

At this year’s AFL Indigenous round, set up to celebrate Indigenous players and culture, there was one big change – the Aboriginal flag was not painted on the field. This was the result of a growing conflict about how the flag can be used, with AFL clubs and players, Indigenous companies and communities, and the minister for Indigenous Australians, all weighing in. Guardian Australia’s Indigenous affairs editor Lorena Allam explains the history of the flag and why it’s at the centre of such a bitter dispute

Aug 31

25 min

Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman discusses the fallout from the publication of Finding Freedom, a biography of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the latest allegations surrounding Prince Andrew

Aug 30

25 min

Unlike past recessions, this one has decimated predominantly female jobs. Women have also been affected by taking up the burden of homeschooling and care work. Some economists say the outcome could set back gender equality by a generation. Gabrielle Jackson speaks to Hex, who lost her job as a chef in Melbourne, and to Per Capita’s Emma Dawson about what the government can do

Aug 27

27 min

Thousands of Australians overseas have been trying to get home over the past few months, but have been hindered by cancelled flights and exorbitant airfares. This has left many stranded in unsafe, volatile environments, with money fast running out. On this episode of Full Story, Elias Visontay explains why this is happening and how it’s entirely avoidable

Aug 26

27 min

The number of migrants arriving to the UK in small boats this year is already double that of 2019. But those who manage to reach the country find themselves confronted by a government that is increasingly hostile to new arrivals

Aug 25

29 min

As Covid-19 tore through aged care homes during Victoria’s second wave, state and federal governments attempted to shift blame for the rising death toll. Political editor Katharine Murphy examines what has happened and who has ultimate responsibility

Aug 24

32 min

Economics writer Aditya Chakrabortty describes how the coronavirus crisis has sent Britain plunging into a record recession and what it means for the millions of people fearing for their jobs

Aug 23

30 min

Emma Sheppard Simms tells us how she struggled with closing borders and mandatory quarantine to spend time with her dying father at the height of the coronavirus outbreak in north-west Tasmania

Aug 20

25 min

Before coronavirus, Victoria’s economy was powering ahead, but the tough lockdown as it endures a second wave has hit businesses hard. As companies close their doors and staff numbers are savagely cut, the state’s shutdown threatens to drag the rest of Australia even further into economic peril. Business correspondent Ben Butler explains how Victoria’s prosperity was dealt a succession of blows

Aug 19

20 min

Kamala Harris is the first Indian American and the first black woman to run for US vice-president on a major party ticket. Lauren Gambino discusses why, as Joe Biden’s running mate, Harris is in prime position to go one step further

Aug 18

31 min

Last summer, bushfires burned through more than 12.6m hectares of the Australian landscape – an area almost the size of England. Reports that billions of individual animals were lost in the fires, pushing some native species to extinction, attracted global headlines. Environment reporter Graham Readfearn revisits the devastating story of Kangaroo Island in South Australia to explain the efforts to help local species survive, and discusses what needs to be done on a national level to protect wildlife from more catastrophic losses

Aug 17

26 min

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Belarus to contest the claimed election victory of the president, Alexander Lukashenko, and met a violent police response. Hanna Liubakova, a Belarusian journalist, describes being on the ground, while the Guardian’s Andrew Roth looks at how Lukashenko has remained in power for 26 years

Aug 16

28 min

Lebanese Australians are accustomed to bad news from Beirut, but last week’s explosion in the port, which killed at least 220 people and wrecked buildings across the city, brought a new kind of despair. Antoun Issa reflects on the weight of Lebanon’s violent past in Australian families, and the struggle to offer practical help in the aftermath of the explosion, amid the country’s economic chaos and entrenched political corruption

Aug 13

31 min

The national Covid-19 commission was created to help steer the government through economic and social recovery from the pandemic. However, an interim report recommending large-scale investment in gas has raised alarm among energy and climate experts. Christopher Knaus explores what we know about the commission and concerns that key information is being withheld from the public

Aug 12

30 min

The deadly explosion that ripped through Beirut last week has left more than 200 people dead, thousands injured and hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes. The blast happened in a summer of already simmering tension in Lebanon as an economic crisis has taken a devastating toll on the country. The Guardian’s Martin Chulov, who is based in Beirut, describes the moment his apartment was rocked by the explosion – and what he witnessed that day. Middle East correspondent Bethan McKernan, who joined Beirut residents in the recovery effort in the days that followed, describes how grief turned to simmering anger, as those who lost their homes and loved ones took to the streets demanding answers and retribution. This episode first aired on Today in Focus, the Guardian’s global daily news podcast

Aug 11

29 min

Millions of people in Melbourne are living under the toughest lockdown laws in Australia, as Victoria tries to stem a fresh wave of coronavirus cases. Residents are subject to a curfew between 8pm and 5am, and police patrol the streets to enforce stringent restrictions on leaving the house, with even exercise and shopping severely limited. Writer Anna Spargo-Ryan and Guardian readers share their stories of life under lockdown, and how this time is very different from the first shutdown in March and April, when the whole of Australia was in roughly the same situation.

Aug 10

26 min

While Donald Trump continues to claim the US is ‘doing very well’ in its fight against Covid-19, the figures suggest a different story. The US has the highest death toll in the world, with over 150,000 deaths. Guardian US chief reporter Ed Pilkington examines how Trump got it wrong

Aug 9

32 min

The final year of high school is supposed to be challenging but also fun, full of things like your end of school formal, 18th birthday parties and at the end leaving school and becoming an adult. But this year has been different. Today we speak to a student about what the year’s felt like and what it means for their future

Aug 6

27 min

From Portugal to Pakistan, the Guardian’s international correspondent Michael Safi looks at the different ways countries have been affected by the virus and the impact it is having on the lives of people

Aug 5

27 min

With over half of Covid-19 deaths in Victoria associated with aged care facilities, the Australian Medical Association has called for a royal commission into the situation. But experts say there were warnings about the sector’s vulnerability stretching back many years. So how did this happen?

Aug 4

30 min

New evidence on how our bodies combat the virus has huge implications for the development of a coronavirus vaccine

Aug 3

26 min

Queensland is often a conservative stronghold in federal elections, but in recent years the Liberal National party has struggled to gain and hold power at state level. Now, three months away from an election, tensions in the LNP are on the rise. Ben Smee explains why backroom powerbrokers could be holding the party back

Aug 2

30 min

The anti-racism protests in Portland appeared to be dwindling in size until Donald Trump sent in federal officers to confront them, reports the Guardian’s Chris McGreal

Jul 30

28 min

Australia is experiencing its first recession in 30 years. It’s the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and one like no other before it. Greg Jericho explains where the economy is at now, where we can expect it to take us and why this downturn is so different to others

Jul 29

27 min

A narrow win for the populist incumbent Andrzej Duda in Poland’s presidential election last week has cleared the path for the rightwing Law and Justice party to pursue anti-LGBT policies and further assault the courts and free press. The Guardian’s Christian Davies reports from Warsaw

Jul 28

29 min

There is growing evidence from around the world that some people continue to experience debilitating symptoms of Covid-19 months after contracting the virus. They have been dubbed the ‘long-haulers’. Melissa Davey explains what we know about how patients in Australia who were diagnosed in March and April are recovering more than three months later

Jul 27

18 min

Planetary scientist Sarah Stewart Johnson describes how the latest mission to Mars builds on centuries of discoveries about the red planet – Earth’s nearest neighbour

Jul 26

28 min

On the island of Guam, the church is at the centre of everyday life, but the community is going through a reckoning, as person after person comes forward with stories of being sexually abused by priests. Today we speak to one alter boy, Walter Denton, about his search for justice and how he helped bring change to the island.

Jul 23

40 min

Wearing masks in Melbourne is now mandatory with $200 fines for those not wearing them outside the home. This is a first for Australia, but the enforced wearing of masks has been legislated in numerous countries around the world, particularly in the past few weeks. So why are the rules changing?

Jul 22

16 min

On 4 July, police surrounded nine public housing towers in Melbourne, locking around 3,000 residents inside due to fears of an uncontrolled spread of Covid-19. But the police presence triggered fear in the community because of a history of over-policing in this multicultural, tight-knit community. Nor Shanino and Ahmed Dini tell us about what it was like to grow up in the towers and the incredible resilience of their residents

Jul 21

32 min

Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and daughter of the media baron Robert Maxwell, once attended parties with princes, presidents and celebrities. Now she faces up to 35 years in a US prison for her alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of underage girls

Jul 20

31 min

In November, Julia Carrie Wong reported on the continued presence of white nationalist organisations on Facebook – and a weeks-long campaign of racist and sexist harassment followed. She discusses the impact it had on her and why she believes Facebook has played a role in creating the conditions that enable that kind of harassment

Jul 19

27 min

Victoria is in the midst of grappling with a surge in coronavirus infections that has now spread into NSW, forming a cluster of cases linked to one pub in Sydney. Melbourne bureau chief Melissa Davey and infectious diseases expert Professor Peter Collignon explain how the outbreaks may be stopped

Jul 16

22 min

Next July, your employer is due to raise the amount it contributes to your super from 9.5% of your wage to 10%. With the economic fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, some business groups argue they can’t afford it. Others argue it will come from workers’ pay rises. Ben Butler breaks down the debate

Jul 15

20 min

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