SELFISH with Nicola Cloherty

By SELFISH with Nicola Cloherty

Nicola chews the fat with women (and sometimes by herself) about reconnecting, remembering and reclaiming one's truest self - by creating physical, emotional and energetic decisions and boundaries that is authentically aligned to you and your uniqueness. She swears and loves to talk about menstruation, vaginas, vulvas, creativity, intention, conscious choices, business energetics, cyclical living, energy medicine, human design, energetics, womb wisdom, self-awareness, self-nourishment, self-connection, self-care, self-love - and so much more. She coaches women to come back to self and create life and work in collaboration with their energy, biology, skills and power. She froths on communication, connection, and delving deep into a beautiful treasure trove of self-care, self-love and self-healing tools and practices to support herself and others. She also loves ~ calamari, avocados and chocolate eclairs (not in that order) ~ dancing and moving her vessel every single day ~ mother nature, plant medicine and fresh flowers ~ writing - both for herself and her community ~ making memories with her favourite humans and furry friends Nicola believes that energy preservation and choosing your own health and well-being isn't at all selfish ~ you see what she did there? Get #unapologeticallyselfish

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