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Theo Wildgoose

The Faultline Podcast is the companion to Faultline Social, an online music magazine covering new releases, reviews and in depth articles from our staff of writers.

Listen as we go in depth with musicians into their creative processes, musical beginnings and current projects.

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Fraser sits down to talk to Andrew Neufeld, lead vocalist and guitarist for Canadian hardcore outfit Comeback Kid. A hugely influential band in the hardcore scene, with 20 years playing together and countless shows, Andrew shares with us his experiences of being in the band and touring.He also discusses the upcoming album release 'Heavy Steps' by taking us through the first two singles that have been released so far; the full record will be ready in the new year. Check out the new record and thanks so much to Andrew for joining us and sharing his stories with the podcast.

Nov 10

43 min 6 sec

Today's guest on the podcast is hardcore vocalist and frontman for 'Your Demise', EdMcrae. He talks to Perry (Cauldron) about the upcoming 10th anniversary tour of 'The Kids We Used to Be', and his thoughts on readjusting to touring after such a long time away from playing shows.Ed is an inspirational figure in the hardcore scene, and many will remember listening to Your Demise, many thanks to him for coming on the show and talking about his music and sharing his experiences with us.

Sep 22

1 hr 37 min

Today's guest on the podcast is drummer from hardcore outfit Jesus Piece, Luis Aponte. We catch up with the work he's been doing recently; he walks us through the incorporation of electronic elements into his music and the learning process involved.

Aug 28

40 min 2 sec

Today's guest on the podcast is guitar legend Andreas Kisser of the Brazilian heavy metal group Sepultura. A name that needs no introduction, Andreas and the band were major driving forces on the Brazilian heavy music scene, and indeed their influence and work is known across the globe too.Andreas talks us through the beginnings of his life, how he was first exposed to music and then the meteoric and rapid rise that placed them playing alongside their musical heroes and influences.Their newest release 'SepulQuarta' recorded at various stages over the pandemic features live recordings of the group and a host of other musicians from across the globe.

Aug 19

26 min 54 sec

On today's episode of the podcast, Sam interviews Sunny Singh (hate5six), videographer, activist and music archivist. His solo project is focused on the redistribution of music footage and gigs to the wider community; making music available to as many as possible.They talk about live shows, music, political activism and his general mission statement with hate5six; check out his work and videos online.

Jul 22

50 min 25 sec

Perry (Cauldron) talks to Brian Talipan of the band One Step Closer; they discuss their old records, their sound and the influences on their hardcore sound. They also talk about the new release 'This Place You Know', scheduled for the end of September this year.

Jul 21

1 hr 2 min

In today's episode Rob sits down to talk to Liz Westsmith, who tells us about her experiences and career as a sound engineer and mixer. She's worked all over the States with many bands, but operates mainly now out of the Bay area. She tells us about her beginnings at Gilman Street and how her passion for music production grew from there. She gives us an glimpse into what it takes to make a live show come together and provides valuable insight into what happens on the other side of the mixing desk.

Jul 3

48 min 12 sec

Perry (Cauldron) talks to Chaka Malik of the band Orange 9mm. Chaka has been part of the hardcore scene since his days in the band Burn. They talk about how Orange 9mm was received in the context of his older work, how the project came about and how Chaka approaches songwriting in general.

Jul 1

42 min 26 sec

Perry (Cauldron) talks to Cody Dewald of the hardcore groups Mortality Rate and Serration. They talk about the music he makes and where he draws inspiration for his music and especially lyrical content as the vocalist in Serration.

May 29

1 hr 5 min

Rob talks to Kip Berman, the lead singer, guitarist and principal songwriter of the indie rock band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Kip reminisces about being in the band and how the group navigated their careers; sadly they are no longer making music, but Kip still continues to perform under another project called 'The Natvral'.

May 28

51 min 15 sec

Perry (Cauldron) talks to Oli Jack from London based hardcore label, The Coming Strife Records. He talks about how he started getting involved in music and how he's managed to grow his label into one of the most successful independent operations in the UK.

May 18

42 min 50 sec

Rob talks to local Midlands artist Katie Teitge, who makes music under the name of her solo project TEEJ. A talented songwriter and vocalist, she's also the vocalist for metal outfit Insurgent. She talks to Rob about how she got into music, her early beginnings in musical theatre and singing and how she came to join Insurgent and the growth of her solo work.Her debut single 'Poseidon' is streaming on Spotify now so check out the music and support her.

May 16

42 min 7 sec

James talks to Irish singer and songwriter, Chloe Agnew who has been in the music industry from a very early age and was an original member of the Celtic music group Celtic Woman. Today she is focused on songwriting and community, she has a new project with the X Collective and a new single called 'WB'.Chloe also talks to us a lot about her experiences in the music industry and the state of female representation in music; covering the problems of ageism and sexism that she has personally experienced. A veteran of the music world, Chloe Agnew gives us a real insight into what it means to be an artist now, then and in the future.

May 14

1 hr 3 min

Today's guest is Carlos Ramirez, who runs No Echo, an online music journalism platform dedicated to hardcore, metal and everything inbetween. Carlos is a veteran music journalist and talks about how he got into writing, starting off with his early days all the way through to now. Check out his platform if you're interested in reading or even writing about music, as there are opportunities to have your work up on the site.

May 12

56 min 39 sec

Today's guest is Jared Gaines, an artist based in Richmond, VA who's heavily involved in creating media with musical inspired concepts. He talks to Rob today about the ideas behind his work, what influences his art and his unique approach towards creating art. Check out his work on Instagram and support his punk rock inspired art concepts.

May 2

47 min 37 sec

Today on the Faultline Social Podcast, we talk to English folk singer-songwriter, Jay Mcallister, a.k.a Beans On Toast. He talks us through how he got into music, how he found his songwriting direction and his place in the music industry as an artist. He releases an album every year on his birthday, so look out for new material coming soon in December, followed by a scheduled UK tour..

Apr 26

46 min 11 sec

Today's episode features Drew Conte of pop punk legends I Call Fives, who have recently reformed after a relatively long hiatus and are back on the scene releasing music. They put out a new single 'Be Kind, Rewind', produced by Casey Cavaliere of The Wonder Years and Drew discusses it's creation and the reformation of the group.There's some reminiscing about the scene, their early days and the friendships the band has made along the way with their fellow pop punk peers.

Apr 25

47 min 32 sec

Today Rob speaks to Steven Jones, guitarist for Glaswegian metal outfit Bleed From Within. Steven also has another band, From Sorrow to Serenity which continues alongside his current work with Bleed From Within. He tells us how he came to join the band years later after seeing them at his first show in an amazing coincidence. They talk the creative process of his bands, and the latest album 'Fracture' from 2020, which comes with a high recommendation from Rob.

Apr 23

45 min 47 sec

Underking is the solo project from British musician Max Jeffries, Rob sits down to talk to him today about everything that goes into making his music. His new record 'At Hell's Gate' is coming out on the 23rd April, they discuss the creative process of the record and how Max has progressed as a solo artist.

Apr 21

46 min 26 sec

It's the 40th episode of the Faultline Social Podcast and there's no real agenda to speak of. Join is for a mini celebration on our 40th birthday as we mix our drinks and talk about a wide range of topics, with hopefully some focus on music that might be interesting. Cheers for listening everyone.

Apr 20

1 hr 14 min

Today on the podcast we talk to Cat Speranza about her latest band project CAT SFX; a modern take on grunge and industrial music that Cat herself grew up listening to. We talk about her musical beginnings, her career as a songwriter and lyricist for others and how she eventually came to be signed to Alan McGee's record label.

Apr 6

24 min 32 sec

Rob talks to Brandon Ossont, drummer for emo rock band from Scranton PA, 'The Maguas'. The band has been steadily growing and doing a fantastic job of making their mark on the world during exceptionally difficult times with the lockdown affecting live music massively. Brandon shares with us a lot of his ideas for marketing the band, the group's writing process. They put out their EP 'One of us is Lying' recently and are also working with producer Nik Bruzzese on some upcoming music.

Apr 3

1 hr 1 min

Canadian drummer Mike Peters of hardcore giants 'Cancer Bats' joins Rob today on the Faultline Social Podcast. They talk of course about how the band formed, Mike's initial foray into music and his influences. Check out their latest record 'The Spark That Moves' and lockdown inspired recordings the 'Separation Sessions'

Apr 1

58 min 34 sec

This week Rob's been eating lots of baguette and pate, taking a short break only to talk to James and Theo about the death of the band; is it real, or are we just being hysterical as usual?

Mar 31

58 min 44 sec

Today's guest is Christopher Mansfield, best known for his rock band Fences; we talk about the reissue of the 2019 release Failure Sculptures which has a couple of extra acoustic tracks. He has a new EP scheduled for release in April, and as usual we delve into the past to talk about his early musical life and his musical journey.

Mar 21

31 min 51 sec

James talks to Sam Lambeth, guitarist and songwriter from the Midlands. They talk his early years, his work with bands across the local scene and his eventual transition to a solo artist. He talks about his experiences with the scene in general and also about his new EP that is coming out soon.

Mar 21

1 hr 23 min

James sits down to talk to Mike Miley, all the way from Nashville where the Rival Sons are currently finishing up their latest studio album. They talk about the new record, their new self managed label 'Sacred Tongue' and Mike's reflections on his journey in music so far.

Mar 19

1 hr

Perry (Cauldron) talks to math rock drummer Chris Collis, of Oxford band TTNG; they talk about their formation, the songwriting and Chris' favourite records they've produced and released so far.

Mar 15

35 min 25 sec

Dan Lambton, frontman for Rationale and formerly Real Friends joins Rob today on the Faultline Social Podcast. They chat pop punk, covid, touring and everything in between.

Mar 12

1 hr 28 min

For episode Rob, talks to Olivier Roy from hardcore punk band, Boundaries who hail from Quebec City; the band are innovators of the hardcore genre and their take on music is fresh, energetic and aggressive. They have an upcoming live stream, and a new single 'The Devil's Breath' so check both of them out.

Mar 11

1 hr 19 min

James, Rob and Theo are back for another Beer Garden discussion. Today they discuss what, if anything, was the 'golden age' of music; obviously very subjective depending on who you're talking to. Then afterwards there's some good news for humanity, but something about it raises James' blood pressure alarmingly high.

Mar 10

1 hr 12 min

James sits down to talk to lead guitarist of Led Zep tribute band Fred Zeppelin; the band have been playing together for almost 30 years and have won various accolades and praise for their live performances. With recognition from Zep fans, and musicians alike, Fred Zeppelin are definitely worth checking out when live music returns in the near future.

Mar 8

1 hr 2 min

Rob and Theo sit down to chat to NJ rock band Wishful Thinking for an informal chat about their creative process and what they've been up to. The guys talk about their latest record 'After Hours', recording with Nik Bruzzese and what the future holds for the band.

Mar 3

46 min 55 sec

Perry (Cauldron) talks to UK hardcore hero and vocalist of Knuckledust, Pierre Pelbu. They get into the roots of the starting the band, how they made a name for themselves in the early days. He talks about his other musical projects and his experience running his hardcore label, Ruckiton Records

Mar 2

37 min 46 sec

Perry (Cauldron) talks to Sam Bloor, a Midlands based producer and owner of Lower Lane Studios. He's a veteran of the scene and has mixed and recorded in excess of a thousand tracks; his work has been featured on BBC Radio 1, Radio 6, Kerrang!, Rocksound, ITV and many more.

Mar 2

37 min 36 sec

Another episode of the Beer Garden, today Jim, Rob and Theo chat about the murky grey area of musicians paying for their music to be reviewed, and some of the shadier practices that can take advantage of bands just starting out. There's also some interesting Welsh power station facts just to keep things interesting, enjoy

Mar 1

1 hr 15 min

Perry (Cauldron) talks to Tom Lovejoy, guitarist of the band Vatican; they discuss how COVID has affected his musical life, stories from his time on tour with the band and his approach to writing and performing music.

Feb 28

58 min 55 sec

Rob sits down to talk to musician and founding member of the experimental Icelandic band Múm, Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason. Thankfully Kerry Katona makes no appearance, but the guys do chat about a wide variety of topics relating to the band, how it started, how the music has evolved and the collective, collaborative nature of making music.

Feb 27

58 min 42 sec

Rob talks to Jess Webberley, a Midlands based artist who makes music under the name Graywave; her shoegaze, indie solo project. They talk about how the project came to light, the evolution of her music and the transition from band member to solo artist.

Feb 26

50 min 12 sec

Frazer (Cauldron) sits down to talk with Rotting Out frontman, Walter Delgado. He goes pretty deep into his own feelings and philosophies, discusses musical themes and the latest record he put out, 'Ronin'.

Feb 24

1 hr 39 min

Today our guest is Will Levy, guitarist for pop punk giants The Story So Far, but Will also plays bass in another project: 'Cold Moon'. He talks to us about the early days in TSSF, Warped Tour, and the dynamics and songwriting processes of both bands and how they compare.

Feb 23

50 min 32 sec

Frazer (Cauldron) sits down to talk to Alex Erian known for his vocal work with Despised Icon and formerly with Obey The Brave. The group is known for modernising death metal and pushing the boundaries of the genre. He talks about the time with the bands, his new career ventures and everything in between.

Feb 22

1 hr 2 min

Rob sits down to talk with veteran of the punk scene, Vinnie Caruana, known for his work as vocalist for The Movielife and as the lead singer and songwriter for hardcore band I Am the Avalanche.

Feb 21

52 min 17 sec

Today Rob sat down and talked to Nate Sander, he's a multi instrumentalist who's worked on many projects, laying down strings for The Wonder Years' 'Burst and Decay' EP and on the Aaron West stuff. He also plays guitar in 'The Early November' and has even toured playing guitar with The Ramones.

Feb 19

49 min 46 sec

Rob sits down to talk with music producer and record exec, Loren Israel. Loren has worked with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay, Plain White T's, Neon Trees, Less Than Jake and Sugarcult to name a few.He goes pretty in depth into his thoughts about how musicians should approach making music, gives some hard hitting career advice for anyone with aspirations in the music industry and tells us the story of how he started as a kid in a surf shop to working for Capitol Records.

Feb 16

56 min 55 sec

James sits down to talk to Midlands singer and songwriter, Rhianna Keane. They talk about her influences, how she writes music and her thoughts on the music scene in the Midlands

Feb 15

44 min 39 sec

James sits down to talk with Midlands indie musician Jack Cattell. They talk about the live music scene in Birmingham, his early musical influences, songwriting and working with a full band.

Feb 14

39 min 47 sec

Rob sits down to talk to guitarist Sean Hynes of death metal band Ingested. They talk the 15th anniversary of their first EP which was recently remastered, the beginnings of the band and the music scene in general.

Feb 13

55 min 9 sec

The second episode of 'The Beer Garden'; it's another informal chat between James, Rob and Theo. Today we're talking about whether you can separate musicians and their actions and whether should we look to them to be role models.

Feb 12

1 hr 3 min

Rob talks to vocalist for Awakebutstillinbed, Shannon Taylor for a deep dive into the writing and recording of their new EP.

Feb 9

1 hr 22 min