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A Healthy Alternative Audio Network is an exploration and discovery on the topics of health and wellness and what is true.

With the world becoming more increasingly health conscious, many people are taking to natural methods of healing. Fasting, in its many forms, is one of the most recent, popular methods despite it being an ancient technique. We are fasting advocates. Join us on this journey.

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Nov 2019

53 min 43 sec

Transcript C. James: 01:49 All right, Kimberly, we got you. Okay, so just so everybody has, you know, a little background information about who you are and you know, what you were kind of dealing with. If you want to just give us a little bit information about like where were you before you kind of started your health journey or what kind of inspired you to want to make some changes in your life? Kim: 02:16 Okay. Well, I've always been a chubby girl, so I was struggling to lose the weight. I was at about 315 pounds. So, uh, for a year and a half I've been wanting to lose weight--I've tried a lot of different things and one morning I just woke up and I was, well I was on youtube and I was like, what are ways to lose weight? And I came across this video on Good Morning America of someone was talking about intermitting fasting. And I said, okay, well let me try this. And I went and googled; I researched "what was intermitting fasting". So I came across your page of a healthy alternative and I was looking at your videos and I said, well let me try this. So, that's how I came across fasting and from that day forward, February 1st, 2018, that's when I started my journey. C. James: 03:08 Okay. So you've been at it for about a year now? Kim: 03:11 Yes, about a year. C. James: 03:12 That's cool. All right. That's a great reference point. So you started at 315 pounds, both before a try and fasting. Had you tried other like diet plans or you know, different ways of eating? Kim: 03:24 Yes, I tried. I tried dieting; I tried exercising and I tried a lot of different things and nothing really worked for me. If I would lose weight, it would come back in a couple of weeks. So this is the only thing that's really worked for me. C. James: 03:42 Right, right. I think one of, one of the things that I noticed is when it comes to dieting, we have this idea in our head that, okay, there's a like a normal way of eating and then when you're dieting, it's abnormal. And when you're dieting, it's always like a "healthier thing", but that's actually the "abnormal" way of thinking. And it just seems that for a lot of people, it's not sustainable. So, what I always try to encourage people to do is look at healthy eating, or healthy eating habits, as a lifestyle and not like a diet, not temporary. And then, take your time and kind of, you know, walk into it and eliminate things slowly. So, out of curiosity, I know you said you were dealing with the weight. Did you have any other health issues that you wanted to see? Were you even aware of the fact that fasting could heal you in other ways? Kim: 04:38 Not until I came across your videos. I was prediabetic so, well now I'm off of that, but I was pre diabetic. That was my only issue or health issue. But other than that, everything was okay with me. C. James: 04:50 Okay. Well that's huge though, because, as I mentioned earlier, John, he actually was prediabetic and there's a lot of diabetics and prediabetics out there, especially in the United States. It's huge out here. So for people to hear that you were able to get out of that prediabetic range with your fasting regimen, I'm sure that'll be helpful for people. Yes. So, February 18th you said... Kim: 05:22 February 1st. C. James: 05:23 Okay. February 1st, 2018, you started with intermittent fasting. What was your schedule like? Kim: 05:31 The first day I tried the 16 hours [fasting], and that worked out pretty good for me. And then the next day, I went into 24 [hours fasting]. So I worked my way up from the first day at 16, then 24, and then I tried 48, then I went to 72. So, every time I would go longer until I reached five days, and then I would go backward. So I went 16, 24, 72, and then I came back to 16. C. James: 05:59 Oh, that's interesting. I never heard that one before. Was every day it was consecutive-- so it took you roughly two weeks to complete this entire process or... Kim: 06:15 yes. C. James: 06:15 Okay, okay. That's, tha

Jul 2019

36 min 55 sec