By Spindle

Conversations with leaders in biotechnology, medicine, environmental science, bioinformatics, marine and synthetic biology, health policy and law, consulting, venture capital and more to highlight interesting and growing fields in science. The goal is to help introduce undergraduate students in biology-related programs to the many paths available to them. You can reach out to us here: spindlepodcast.com

  1. 1.
    16. Investing in the Future of Healthcare and Getting into Finance as a Science Student with Jordan Robinson
  2. 2.
    15. Project Management and Veterinary Technician School with Helena Smith
  3. 3.
    14. Synthetic biology and getting into a great grad program with Maximillian Soltysiak
  4. 4.
    13. Combining Medicine, Tech, and Business to Transform Dementia Care with Rishawn Dindial
  5. 5.
    12. Management Consulting at Bain and How to Pick a Great Grad School Project with Safee Mian
  6. 6.
    11. Vertical Development and Reflecting on 34 Years of Haffie Bio with Tom Haffie
  7. 7.
    10. Finding the Problems You Want to Work On and the Value of an MBA with Lana Marinovich and Gaurie Aggarwal
  8. 8.
    9. Early Stage Cancer Detection and Genetic Counselling with Kate Gardiner

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