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Jason Featherby

Real advice from an astute financial planner and business manager with over 10 years experience. An expert in designing investment strategies, retirement preparation plans, structuring superannuation, risk management, asset and life protection, and the development of estate planning strategies; catch him on 6PR where he discusses these topics and takes questions from listeners.

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Trading gold is a hot topic at the moment - so, what’s all the fuss?Earlier this month, Jason joined Jenny Seaton on Curtin Radio to answer some of the biggest questions around investing in gold. Jason shared the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio, the ideal percentage to hold in gold and the best way to begin investing.

Nov 26

7 min 10 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss why ASIC is concerned about influencers providing financial advice on social media. Jason answered personal finance questions on gifting assets prior to retirement, paying tax on overseas wills and whether settlement lump sums impact Centrelink payments.

Nov 25

20 min 48 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss the question on everyone’s lips, “is now the right time to buy gold?”. Jason answered personal finance questions about transition to retirement pensions, strategic decisions around long service leave and choosing the best exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Nov 18

19 min 16 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss the rise of the ‘robo adviser’ and whether this newly introduced technology could be a threat for real-life financial advisers. Jason answered personal finance questions about salary sacrificing, negotiating interest rates and choosing the right household budgeting app.Click through to listen to the latest podcast, or subscribe on Spotify to be the first in line every week!

Nov 12

16 min 36 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy covered the burning question: “how do you make money by investing?”. Jason discussed the difference between gambling and investing and answered personal finance questions on superannuation, family trusts and getting a second opinion on your financial adviser.

Nov 3

19 min 50 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy meet to discuss the top four financial concerns of the modern day Australian. Jason answered personal finance questions on rebuilding superannuation, using the popular finance app ‘Raiz’ and managing growth assets in the lead up to retirement.

Oct 27

20 min 41 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss the top three things to consider before downsizing amid Perth’s property boom. Jason answered personal finance questions on accessing super under hardship situations, using super to buy a property and minimising capital gains tax.

Oct 20

20 min 47 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss Australia’s rising interest rates, ‘cheap’ credit cards and the difficulties faced by today’s house-hunters. Jason answered personal finance questions on high growth superannuation funds and heard an interesting story about his grandfather’s career back in the 1960’s!

Oct 13

20 min 47 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss the rising concern of stagflation occurring in Australia. Jason answered personal finance questions on beginning a ‘transition to retirement’, making super contributions and Australia’s interesting retirement law loopholes.

Oct 6

19 min 52 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason joined Mark Gibson at the Perth Royal Show to discuss Australia’s growing inflation rate and smart spending at the showgrounds. Jason answered personal finance questions on offset accounts, capital gains tax and selling AMP shares.

Sep 29

19 min 59 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss the upcoming changes to the Australian age pension. Jason shared information on how to maximise your age pension and answered personal finance questions on superfund insurance and withdrawing money from super.

Sep 15

13 min 16 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy ponder the age-old question, “can money buy happiness?”. Jason talks through the average Australian’s desired income, preparing for retirement and how to adapt if you’re feeling concerned about your financial state in the lead-up to retirement.

Sep 8

18 min 9 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss their tips on educating children on the importance of money and how to use it. Jason answered questions on investing money on behalf of your kids and deciding between the many investment funds available.

Sep 3

20 min 57 sec

On this week’s podcast, Jason and Millsy discuss the recent surge in WA house builds and raise some important areas to consider for first home buyers. Jason answered personal finance questions on property decisions after a separation, increasing insurance premiums and earning money while receiving a pension.

Aug 18

19 min 6 sec

Tune into this week’s podcast to hear Jason and Millsy discuss the upcoming changes to income protection. Jason answered personal finance questions about pre-tax super contributions, the impact of health conditions on insurance premiums and navigating the changing income insurance landscape.

Aug 11

23 min 18 sec

In this week’s podcast, Jason Featherby joined Millsy to discuss common habits shared by wealthy people. Jason answered personal finance questions about ‘safe’ investing, moving funds to maximise returns and choosing the right financial advisor.03:22 Should you be saving for retirement from day one?05:08 What’s your ‘safest’ area for investment?08:17 Should you diversify your super?09:37 Managing the transition from a super policy to a regular income stream.11:56 Why should you make your payments on time?12:25 The importance of shopping around for deals.13:25 What does it mean to be 'prepared' for financial emergencies?17:15 Is now a good time to move funds from shares to interest-only accounts?18:55 Should you be moving your funds into a more conservative option?21:25 Is it normal to share a financial advisor with your partner?22:40 Jason's wealthy habits, five through to 11.

Aug 4

25 min 1 sec

In this week’s podcast, Jason Featherby joined Millsy to discuss altering life insurance, being disciplined during interest-free periods and the three biggest contributors to household spending. Jason answered personal finance questions about maximising what’s left for your estate and withdrawing and redepositing super to leave for your loved ones.00:57 Telstra’s unexpected updates to phone plans.02:15 Is now the time to sell your shares and reduce your mortgage?06:06 The problem with interest rates at the moment.06:25 Self-managed super funds and managing your life insurance09:11 What should you do before altering your life insurance?13:40 Pay-day lenders and Afterpay, are they worth it?15:15 Being disciplined during interest-free periods.15:45 Should you withdraw and redeposit your super as non-concessional?18:38 Making changes to super to maximise what’s left to your estate.19:22 The three biggest contributors to household spending.21:10 ‘Gifting’ an investment property, what are the cons?

Jul 28

23 min 29 sec

This week, Jason Featherby joined Millsy to discuss some important factors to consider when it comes to super fees, matching risk levels to life stages and over-insuring. Jason then answered personal finance questions about the structuring of wills, choosing the right super fund to consolidate funds and the importance of income protection.

Jul 22

25 min 29 sec

On this week’s episode Jason Featherby joined Millsy to break down balanced funds, explaining what they are and how they work, before sharing advice on how to choose a managed fund. Jason then answers personal finance questions, covering everything from self-managed funds to buying investment properties with super.

Jul 16

24 min 13 sec

0.14 - With the next financial year beginning, you can lodge your tax return from today.0.27 - With more people working from home, the ATO may target any expenses related to that this year.0.45 - The ATO will be considering your deductions compared to last year

Jul 1

1 min 5 sec

2:08 - Is it too late to make adjustments to your super before EOFY?3:10 - If you’re ever going to lock yourself into a fixed interest rate, the time is now.4:27 - What are the biggest changes from the new super legislation passed last Thursday?6:10 - AHPRA is introducing performance testing for super.6:45 - Are superfunds involved in making donations to political parties?7:44 - Can you hold assets offshore and avoid capital gains tax?14:39 - Jason explains the process of changing financial advisors.17:08 - Are small businesses still eligible for the 100% tax write off?18:15 - The best way to track down lost super.21:43 - After moving into your investment property, do you have to pay capital gains tax?

Jun 24

23 min 44 sec

2:00 - What’s the best way to combine super accounts?4:18 - Where should you put your money after you’ve sold your house?6:45 - Jason discusses how offsetting capital gains into super works.8:37 - Should you go for variable or fixed rates when paying off your house?10:29 - Jason talks about famous economic bubbles in history.16:00 - GESB funds can now only be used if you’re employed by the WA government.17:18 - If you don’t have enough in your super to retire, what should you do?18:55 - How super works for teenagers.20:59 - If you have money sitting in the bank, should you move it into super?

Jun 17

23 min 36 sec

2:08 - Jason provides an update on how his cryptocurrency investment is performing.3:13 - Scams in Australia have risen 34% in a year.4:04 - The average amount lost by a scam is roughly $7,000.4:44 - Is there a taxation advantage to withdrawing money from your super?7:25 - Do you have to pay tax on any super withdrawals?8:38 - Jason shares his telltale signs for a scam.9:51 - What are the best ways to avoid a scam?16:38 - What should you do when your partner passes away and you can’t access their super?19:02 - If you’re unsure about whether something is a scam or not, it’s best to ignore it.21:39 - Jason shares more tips on how to protect yourself from a scam.

Jun 10

22 min 45 sec

2:48 - After recently trialling Bitcoin, Jason has found bitcoin to be very volatile.5:13 - While there are plenty of gains to be made with bitcoin, you should still be careful.6:53 - Can you make extra contributions to super before tax or after tax?8:20 - Callers share their experience with Bitcoin.9:05 - How do you choose your cryptocurrency?15:08 - Jason shares the origins of cryptocurrency.19:16 - Some believe the whole world can benefit from cryptocurrency’s blockchain technology.22:35 - Can you access your super after you turn 65 if you’re still working?

Jun 3

25 min 21 sec

2:06 -The right split of shares for an annuity pension.3:40 - 1 in 4 Australians say they wouldn’t mind being paid in cryptocurrency.5:05 - Jason discusses the current state of the property market.6:02 - The federal government is encouraging people to downsize.6:38 - You should always see value in your relationship with your financial advisor.13:43 - Experiences with cryptocurrency can vary from person to person.14:46 - How to manage holding two super funds.16:12 - The tax office is releasing a website to help you compare super funds as of July 1 this year.17:13 - Before the end of the financial year, how long do you have to contribute to your super fund?17:19 - What is the maximum salary you are allowed to salary sacrifice?

May 27

22 min 2 sec

1:16 - It’s hard to know when you should keep or sell shares.2:19 - Should you invest in cryptocurrency?3:56 - Jason shares his thoughts on whether we will ever see a one world currency.4:37 - Exchange traded funds (ETFs) - when are they important?5:51 - Jason explains how ETFs work.6:37 - Why do you have to physically buy these shares?14:02 - QR code banking is being introduced to Australia.16:15 - ETFs can be a great option for those looking to move away from investment properties.17:49 - The advantages of using ETFs.19:51 - With ETFs being relatively new, they are still quite volatile.

May 20

21 min 2 sec

1:51 - Who were the biggest winners in this year’s budget?2:35 - According to Jason, the scrapping of the work test was the biggest change4:29 - The government are encouraging older people to sell their family home to put a fraction of it into super.5:21 - Employers will now always be required to put super in for you, regardless of whether you are a low- income earner5:44 - How to calculate capital gain tax on investment opportunities.7:36 - Jason shares his advice on coming out of bankruptcy13:24 - Jason runs through the other winners from this year’s budget.14:05 - The budget has increased how much you can salary sacrifice into super for first home buyers.15:01 - Did the budget mention any changes to Division 7A loans?16:59 - Jason discusses options for paying aged care fees.

May 13

21 min 11 sec

1:32 - Jason discusses last year’s federal budget and what to expect from this year.3:02 - With the end of the financial year approaching, now’s the time to sort out any tax issues.3:15 - Jason explains the rules of super and what you can and can’t do in the lead-up to June 30.5:32 - Your assessable assets will determine whether or not you’re eligible for a pension.7:46 - Are contributions to your partner’s super tax-deductible?14:17 - Can you roll money from one super account to your partner?15:08 - If you’ve reinvested dividends from old shares, do they take the cost base from every year’s dividends?16:64 - Is there a cap on non-concessional contributions can you make to your super?17:09 - Once you hit 65, you can access all of your super.17:47 - If you’re approaching retirement age and have money just sitting in the bank, move it to super.18:35 - When applying for a pension card as a couple, how much taxable income are you allowed?19:41 - Can you have a self-managed super fund that deals with cryptocurrency?

May 5

21 min 5 sec

0:55 -Two thirds of people think their money will run out during retirement.1:25 - When do you know if you are mentally ready to retire?2:00 - As a general rule, we think we need more money to retire than we actually do.3:16 - It’s natural to be concerned if you’ve overspent in the first 10 years.4:30 - What should you do when you’ve spent too much?5:45 - Most Australians have enough for 14 years of retirement only.12:08 - Jason shares his thoughts on family-friendly investments for children under 18.14:20 - Changes are coming to the Refundable Accommodation Deposit for aged care homes.14:59 - Can inactive superannuation policies be cashed out at your preservation age before retirement?19:44 - According to Jason, many people put themselves under financial strain to help their kids out after retirement.

Apr 29

21 min 8 sec

1:52 - The ABS has released data on the average first and second withdrawal for early access to super during COVID.3:00 - The ABS has also revealed how most people used this money.4:15 - If you’re employed as of June 1, you will have more put into your super by your employer.4:40 - How the increase in super guarantee will affect employers.5:07 - Jason discussed how you should prepare for this increase in super guarantee.7:12 - You should have in safe shares a % for every decade you are old.9:18 - Is super tax-free?9:39 - The amount we can contribute into our super is also increasing on June 1.16:33 - If you have any cash, Jason discusses how you should make the most of it in superannuation before the end of financial year.18:05 - Can you take money out of your mortgage and put it into a superannuation fund?20:04 - If your partner doesn’t meet the annual superannuation contribution cap, can you fill up their side of the cap yourself?22:23 - Does it make a difference whether a permanent disability payout makes its way into your super before or after the end of financial year?

Apr 22

24 min 25 sec

1:24 - How superannuation policies have changed in the last 40 years.4:00 - Using ETFs for micro-investments, is it a good idea?6:27 - After accessing your $10,000 during COVID, how do you let your super recover?10:44 - The next steps after your super fund has made an error and taken too much for your accounts.15:48 - What expenses are associated with a super fund?19:30 - After being hit hard on your super during COVID, it is possible to bounce back.21:29 - What’s the best super fund to set up your teenage child with?22:36 - Accessing your super and using it for your mortgage - should you do it?

Apr 15

24 min 15 sec

2:05 - Banks have announced they will increase home loans soon.3:45 - If you’re going to borrow, now may be the time.4:13 - Is it the time to be aggressive as an investor?5:17 - As a rule of thumb, you should have in safe assets the same in percentage terms as you are decades old.5:33- Jason shares his thoughts on insurance through super.6:25 - The price of industry super funds are increasing significantly.7:05 - The importance of reading the terms and conditions when buying cover.7:52 - While income protection laws are changing on October 1st, life insurance laws are staying the same.8:30 - If your life insurance is too easy to get, it probably won’t provide good enough cover.13:25 - If you can no longer work due to an injury or illness, can you claim the money you’ve been paying through income protection back as a fee for no service?14:32 - What to look for when choosing a salary continuance policy in super.17;10 - Jason shares his thoughts on using your super for special disability housing.19:11 - The risks of having an indemnity style income protection policy.21:20 - When you claim, you always need your original policy document.11:36 - When you buy an indemnity style income protection policy, do you have to inform them every time your income increases?

Apr 1

24 min 39 sec

1:58 - What is income protection?4:00 - Changes are coming to income protection on October 1st 2021.5:09 - Jason explains why income protection laws are changing.6:10 - Using apps to round up your loose change and invest them.7:36 - Federal government has changed the retirement age - will your income protection still cover you in the gap?9:05 - Raiz is a great app to use to invest your spare change.15:53 - Jason runs through the three big changes coming to income protection again.17:10 - APRA is running these income protection changes.17:33 - A mental illness diagnosis can affect your ability to get income protection.19:45 - Jason shares his thoughts on what you should be looking for in income protection.21:45 - Can you change your super fund without losing your income protection?23:47 - Jason explains changes to the way your income is defined when you claim.

Mar 25

24 min 57 sec

3:10 - You don’t need as much as you think to retire comfortably.4:00 - How much roughly do you need to retire ‘comfortably’?5:30 - Should you check your super balance regularly?6:15 - ‘Hiding’ money in a younger spouse’s account to qualify for a pension7:48 - Moving out of high-growth to low-growth super - how long does it take to kick in?13:55 - Will you see returns on super funds in cash?14:35 - Should you be saving in case you or your partner need to go into aged care?18:19 - Are there any super funds trading in bitcoin?21:35 - The risks involved with using cryptocurrency.

Mar 18

22 min 51 sec

2:34 - Why are people worried about inflation at the moment?4:04 - Can the reserve bank really guarantee interest rates won’t rise for 4 years?5:45 - We should expect interest rates to go up eventually.10:50 - Jason shares his thoughts on the new Vanguard superannuation product that has just been announced.13:12 - How using apps to keep the change when you make a purchase and invest them into shares is a great way to save.14:10 - If you have definite plans for funds within 12 months, it may be too risky to invest that money into shares.15:50 - If you have the cash, should you buy a commercial property?16:56 - Commercial properties are best owned through a self-managed super fund.17:38 - Can you make superannuation contributions to bring down your taxable income?18:19 - Raiz is a great app to use to invest and save money.21:26 - Beware of locking into a mortgage agreement, make sure you know the penalties if you need to sell it.

Mar 11

23 min 26 sec

1:50 - If you’re in a position to help your kids, why not help?2:30 - You should be careful when and how you help your kids buy a house.3:12 - Should your help be a ‘gift’ or should you expect your share of the money back eventually?3:58 - Does a loan from your parents make you more likely to get a home loan from your bank?4:43 - Save enough for a deposit and enough to get you into the housing market to prevent house prices from getting away from you.7:00 - The fear of missing out in the housing market.8:28 - Buying a house for your kids and leaving it in your name.15:13 - The benefits of buying vacant land for your kids instead of a house.17:13 - Why you should put any loans you give to your kids in writing with terms.19:04 - Should a solicitor draw up your loan agreement?20:55 - Keep it equal - give the same opportunities to all of your kids21:36 - When is the right time to start planning to help your kids buy a home?

Mar 5

23 min 40 sec

1:44 - How much is too much insurance cover?4:48 - Opting in vs opting out for life insurance - what do you need to know.7:17- If you’re in a position to help your kids out financially, should you?8:35 - Can superannuation help you out with a house deposit?14:04 - We are 6-9 months into a bull market so we shouldn’t expect a severe market crash anytime soon.15:12 - Income protection policies haven’t extended to catch up with new extensions before pension.16:18 - Why you should ignore offers from subprime lenders on a fixed-term deposit.18:13 - Recent changes for self-funded retirees to pay for accommodation for our growing ageing population.22:08 - Can you salary sacrifice through super, withdraw it and then only pay 15%?

Feb 25

22 min 57 sec

2:17 - It has never been harder to shop around for interest rate returns.3:17 - Jason offers advice on what to do about the current low rates.4:40 - Lending your money to big banks - does this control investment risk?7:20 - Borrowing money from a family member with interest - would this impact their pension?13:00 - Should financial advisors be paid on commission or at a yearly rate?15:04- The percentage of safe assets you have should be based on how old you are in decades.16:38 - If you’re older than your partner, should you diversify your portfolio into the partner that is going to continue working to qualify for government benefits?17:57 - Jason shares his opinion on reverse mortgage.19:13 - Should you cancel your income protection and use that money for super instead?20:52 - Can you make non-concessional contributions into your super at 65 if you’re not working?21:47 - Starting an allocated pension - if you don’t need the funds, should they be left in super instead?

Feb 18

23 min 42 sec

1:11 - Selling two properties - should you sell both within the same financial year?2:36 - If you make capital gains on the sale of a house, can you put that into your superannuation?3:50 - When you have a home loan with a broker, is it best to get a lower variable somewhere else or should you fix it?5:22 - Jason discusses the importance of a financial advisor and talks through why people shouldn’t be afraid to trust them.8:04 - Once your super is used up, can you apply for an old age pension?13:45 - Teaching your children to save money - should a 7 year old child have a debit card?17:14 - Where your money should go after you’ve paid off your mortgage.18:39 - What you need to know about super splitting with your spouse.20:25 - Is there a benefit to equalising the amount of super that you and your partner have or should it be based on age?21:50 - Is there a grace period in the assets test?

Feb 16

23 min 39 sec

2:28 - The importance of having a fulfilling retirement to avoid loneliness and depression.3:50 - Is now the time to look into fixed rates for investment loans?5:33 - How often should your financial advisor see you?6:50 - Jason shares his opinion of AMP as a super fund.12:39 - Breaking a fixed mortgage - what should you do?15:38 - Having cash in a short term investment account - is it time to invest this in shares or an investment portfolio18:05 - At 60, Is it too late to start putting money into a super account?20:00 - Where you should invest your money after selling a property.

Feb 5

22 min 53 sec

1:54 - The five big traps investors need to avoid - avoid being overconfident and set up your own investment process with your own rules.3:26 - Avoid herding, don’t follow the crowd when it comes to investing.6:57 - Having a reasonable sum parked against an investment property vs managed funds - which is better?9:28 - When it comes to investments avoid anchoring - don’t hold onto an irrational idea.10:29 - Avoid choosing investments based on familiarity - not all investments need to be in Australia.11:30 - Gambler’s fallacy, the mistaken belief that a random process becomes less random and more predictable as it is repeated, should be avoided.12:14 - Given the share market has gone up so high in the past 12 months, will there be a leg down soon?

Feb 3

14 min 38 sec

This week Jason discussed Christmas spending and chatted to callers about how they manage their spending during this period.

Dec 2020

21 min 59 sec

01:30 Will superannuation be taxed when left to a non-dependent?02:53 What’ll be taxable and non-taxable within your super?04:02 Bitcoin appears to have made a resurgence of sorts - what does this mean?05:29 Is crypto currency the way of the future?06:43 Transitioning pensions - from disability to aged, what’s involved?10:30 Paying tax on super when you pass away - what’s involved?12:25 Assets in your bank account - when will they impact your pension?14:45 What’ll be deemed when you’re on a pension and using your super?17:00 Income protection within your super fund, at what age will it cut out?19:38 UK Government changes to expat entitlements - what does this mean?21:40 Will there be asset or income testing in the transition between disability and age pensions?

Dec 2020

22 min 25 sec

2:11 - Wall Street hit 30,000 points for the first time this week - what does this mean?3:19 - Looking back on the last 8 months, ‘hanging tough’ has paid off as we’ve seen great recoveries in super.4:10 - The importance of getting good financial advice in the lead up to retirement.4:55 - Selling a rental property - where could you invest that money to get a similar return?7:46 - Tips for planning for retirement after a career change.11:58 - Can you move money out of transition to retirement pension back into super?13:13 - When you hit your 60s, it’s important to understand what you have access to.13:50 - How a transition to retirement pension when you hit 60 can boost your super and save tax.14:35 - Make after tax contributions while you can - don’t run out of time!16:32 - Moving overseas indefinitely - what can be done with your super?17:45 - Jason gives general advice about helping out grandkids with money.18:35 - Offsetting your savings accounts against mortgage - is that the same as paying extra off your mortgage?20:35 - Changing financial advisors and seeing your super drop, what should you do

Nov 2020

22 min 55 sec

2:45 - Pros and cons of lump sum contributions into your spouse’s superannuation.5:35 - Rental vacancies are now below 1% for the second month in a row - what does this mean?7:18 - Winding up a self managed fund in preparation for retirement.10:55 - Does your partner’s pension form any part of your taxable earnings?13:32 - If your partner doesn’t want to retire yet, should you put your super into theirs?15:15 - Which is better: making additional payments on your loans, or putting that into savings for a property?17:39 - Starting from scratch after losing your self-managed super fund through a divorce settlement - what’s the best approach?

Nov 2020

20 min 43 sec

2:58 - Are you on track with your super in your 40s?3:58 - Buying a commercial property in your super can be a great way to create wealth if you are self employed.5:07 - Do you have to liquidate your assets to gain your permanent residency?7:02 - Get into a good financial position before you splurge on fancy toys.8:23 - When saving for a house, is it worth putting your savings into index stocks?12:34 - When does capital gains tax apply?12:22 - Should you invest in a property with your super?16:29 - Why signing a one-page loan agreement with friends can be problematic.20:23 - Put more into your super than you have to in your 30s and 40s.20:30 - Understanding the new carry-forward concessional contribution rules.20:48 - It is critical to ensure your insurance is up to date.

Nov 2020

22 min 55 sec

This morning Jason joined Nay on SEN Spirit to talk about all things personal finance.

Nov 2020

11 min

1:05 - How the stock market has reacted to the US election results.4:04 - If you are gifted money from another country, do you need to pay tax on it?5:27 - The best way to research investment opportunities.8:02 - Advice for 18 year olds regarding superannuation.8:42 - In this day and age, are we better off in property or share markets?12:06 - Using salary sacrificing to buy a vehicle.13:55 - Using Vanguard to help you short term invest.16:01 - Do you have to prove you have been COVID affected to access your superannuation?15:31 - What happens to binding death benefits if you and your spouse die at the same time?17:55: 5 tips for 20 year olds regarding superannuation.

Nov 2020

24 min 4 sec

02:38 - As the polls are favouring Joe Biden so significantly, the markets are already factoring his win in.03:18 - If the results are close and contested, then we may see a hiccup in the markets.03:40 - The effect that Trump’s win could have on our markets.04:42 - When do businesses start thinking about the effect the upcoming state election could have on the market?06:02 - How superannuation returns have changed since April/March.07:03 - Jason discusses whether he saw large numbers of people accessing their super earlier this year.07:44 - Why you should know where your super is invested and why it should be invested in a growth-orientated fund.11:40 - What to do when you haven’t put enough in your super as you reach retirement.14:04 - Working overseas then coming back to Australia and getting re-taxed.16:35 - Keeping your super in a well-performing industry super fund vs a private super fund.18:38 - Getting approached on the phone from interstate planning firms.

Oct 2020

22 min 16 sec

02:50 - Should you start putting your budget together weekly, fortnightly or annually?03:30 - Why people are susceptible to poor budgeting.04:46 - Budgeting is a tool to manage money that offers us freedom.06:05 - You need to be specific, realistic and you need to set yourself goals.07:02 - Should everyone budget?08:18 - Selling your house or keeping it as an investment property.10:48 - Understanding the right amount to have in life insurance depending on which stage of life you are in.13:34 - Life insurance: inside or outside of super?14:16 - The best practice for managing bills.16:08 - Tools to help you save and budget.18:46 - Are you entitled to a pension if you are still holding onto investment properties?

Oct 2020

22 min 8 sec