The Getting Social Podcast

By Jeff Policard

Why fake it 'till you make it when you can document it 'till you perfect it? Let's track our path to success while discussing today's shifts in social practices and how they reflect on our personal lives, business, and entrepreneurship.

  1. 1.
    GSP 027: I Don't Want To Die With My Music Unplayed With Kara Vaval
  2. 2.
    GSP 026: Just Show Up! With Elijah Pasquet
  3. 3.
    GSP 025: The Power of Love
  4. 4.
    GSP 024: Education Is a Right! With Naïka Charles D'Haiti
  5. 5.
    GSP 023: What Our Bodies Want! With Dr. Thierry Jacquemin
  6. 6.
    GSP 022: Family Man To The Max With Max De La Cruz
  7. 7.
    GSP 021: The Power of Giving Back with Yosef Francisco Sigaud
  8. 8.
    GSP 020: My Resolution Is...

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