RCRM Speakers Series - Season 1

By The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, Georgiana Stanciu, Mark Vogelsang, Jonathan Vance, Gord Heath, Alex Fitzgerald Black, Sarah Poulin, Michael O'Leary, Aldona Sendzikas, Katrina Pasierbek, Heather Ellis, Grant Maltman

RCRM Speakers Series is a new program launched by The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum. The goal of the program is to engage with patrons by means of academic research across the country. Scholars of history or history buffs, well-known authors or museum curators were invited for a talk of their choice. For the inaugural year, two anniversaries are in focus: 120 years since the Battle of Paardeberg, during the South African War and the 75th anniversary from the end of the Second World War. The talks are intended as a monthly public event throughout 2020, recorded live in view of producing this podcast. Guest-speakers accompany their talks with images, moving or still; voice over is added to clarify the use of support material as necessary. When it is possible, the Q&As at the end of the presentation are included. The COVID-19 pandemic was declared only two weeks before the third event, which forced us into a different approach. The third event of the series is cancelled, but the program continues in April 2020 as an audiovisual production streamed on the museum YouTube channel. Until the quarantine is revoked, 2020 Speakers Series remains an on-line event. Program Director Mark Vogelsang from Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology recorded the public events and continues to do so until we complete the 2020 Speakers Series podcast.

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