The Week in Italian Startup

Giacomo Mollo

The Week in Italian Startup discusses and analyzes the latest news from the Italian startup ecosystem. Giacomo Mollo is a former academic in philosophy turned tech investor. He is co-founder and partner of iN3 Ventures, a corporate innovation and VC firm. Niccolò Sanarico is an Oxford MBA and a software engineer with a passion for innovation and startups. He is currently an Investment Manager at Primo Ventures SGR, a venture capital firm based in Italy.

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Wetacoo, Aryel, Algor, and others raise funding. Epsilon Bio was acquired by Chroma, Keyless was acquired by Sift, Alira Health acquired PatchAI, and more M&A. CDP Venture Capital launches Tech4Planet. Oltre Impact launches Oltre III.

Nov 25

30 min 31 sec

BionIT Labs, TOT, Deesup, Neuron Guard, Endurance Group, and Random Power raise funding. Genenta files for an IPO. Acquisitions by Teamsystem, Lutech, and Datrix. The EU launches Cassini. The FT on Investing in Italy.

Nov 17

27 min 36 sec

Viceversa, Sibill, and Emotiva raise funding. Namirial, Gada Group, IBM, and Amilon go shopping. Reading or listening to this week: the IAG index, Let’s Venture, and a call for bigger VCs. The Harmonic Innovation Hub.

Nov 11

28 min 40 sec

Midori, Step4Business, Herbolea raise funding. The Italian government funds CDP Venture Capital with €2bn. IPOs (Defence Tech, Alfonsino) & liquidations (Vetrya). AppQuality, Hippocrates Holding, and ISEO go shopping

Nov 6

25 min 28 sec

Join our discussion on what is happening in the EU in the Early Stage ecosystem; SWG strategy and how they grew B2B companies in the past two years.

Oct 29

42 min 40 sec

Credem invests in the USA. 3DNextech raises funding. Atida acquires An interview with Claudia Pingue. Azimut and Gellify move East.

Oct 27

20 min 3 sec

WeRoad, Sidereus, Divinea, WelMed, and others raised funding. Seco acquired a German IoT company. Doctolib acquired MotorK plans an IPO before the end of the year.

Oct 19

32 min 43 sec

Matchplat, Endu, Mylab Nutrition, and others raise funding. MotorK shops in France and Spain. New funds: Five Seasons launches Fund II; Azimut launches a crypto fund.

Oct 13

28 min 6 sec

Join me and Niccolò Sanarico from Primo Ventures in our discussion on the latest updates in the Space Economy. We talk with Raffaele Mauro, GP of Primo Space, one of the first VC funds launched in Italy focused on Space tech.

Oct 8

36 min 18 sec

Futurely, MDOTM, Lithium Lasers, and others raised funding; ITATech 2.0; reports from Startup Wise Guys, Legal Tech Italy, and other readings; the State of the European Tech 2021.

Oct 7

31 min 21 sec

Treedom, Exein, and others raise funding; lessons learned from TrueLayer’s new unicorn status.

Sep 30

24 min 51 sec

Caracol, Epicura, and 4Securitas raise funding; CDP VC announces a new fund; Objectway shops in Germany; the relevance of Italian crowdfunding.

Sep 28

35 min 38 sec

Scalapay raises $155m; BlackSheep Ventures announces the first closing at €40m; MiScusi opens in London, Wallapop launches in Italy; Piacentini joins Exor Seeds.

Sep 17

31 min 43 sec

Italian founders raising funding abroad (Heroes, Eight Sleep); Newcleo raises capital for nuclear energy; My Solar Family and Kyklos are acquired; Renovacor in a SPAC merger.

Sep 10

28 min 12 sec

New funds for Oversonic Robotics, Tau Group, and Corticale; Exor invests in India; Telepass launches Telepass Digital; Neva SGR opens its fund to private investors; CDP Xjobs.

Sep 1

32 min 43 sec

Summer rounds for Entando, Resalis Therapeutics, Enerbrain, YOLO, Seedata, and HT Material Science; Helbiz completes its listing on the NASDAQ.

Aug 25

25 min 17 sec

Funding rounds announced by Walliance, Vedrai, Develhope, and several others; P101 exits from Bipi; Prana Ventures announces the first closing of its seed fund.

Aug 10

24 min 34 sec

Soldo and Yapily raise more than $230m in funding; Poke House invests in the Netherlands; new funds in biotech and medtech; Azimut gets approval for a crypto-focused fund.

Jul 27

20 min 49 sec

Erbert, Reviva, Rebo, and Superfluid raised capital; several M&A news involving Satispay, Kaleyra, Cloudcare, and others; Stevanato goes public; CDP launches an edtech accelerator and a senior living startup.

Jul 22

23 min 47 sec

Lots of funding rounds were announced, including by Cubbit, ShippyPro, Lampoo, Senso, and others; Enea Tech may return to invest in startups; the Italian fintech sandbox.

Jul 13

23 min 47 sec

New funds for Translated, Wonderflow, Kampaay, and others; InvestCorp acquires CloudCare; more action in the online wine market with XtraWine; H1 2021 in Italian startups.

Jul 8

29 min 44 sec

Italian crypto exchange Young Platform; Big Data and ML: Datrix and Sith Sense. MeglioQuesto goes public and Spindox plans to do the same; Elon Musk in Italy.

Jun 29

20 min 46 sec

Automotive startups take the scene (Brumbrum, AutoXY, MotorK); Habyt raises capital and acquires another competitor; Zucchetti again; the CyberXcelerator; EdtechItaly.

Jun 21

23 min 47 sec

Join us for our weekly recap of the biggest news from the Italian tech ecosystem. In this episode: CyberGuru, 4books, Collegia, Neurala, Zucchetti acquiring Axioma, Global Tech Ventures and the Italian National Cybersecurity Agency. 

Jun 18

19 min 42 sec