Connections: A Podcast of the James L. Hamner Public Library

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If you want book reviews, don't listen here. The mission of the James L. Hamner Public Library is to facilitate connections that provide free learning opportunities. That means almost anything is relevant to the library. In Connections, library workers take advantage of this and talk about whatever interests them. Sometimes, they even talk about the library.

Dance, religion, why the library thinks you're a terrible person (spoiler... it doesn't... usually), almost anything is up for grabs.

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Jill reads "Autumn" by Alexander Posey.Contact Us:

Nov 30

1 min 12 sec

Jill reads "Fall, Leaves, Fall" by Emily Brontë.Contact Us:

Nov 29

1 min 12 sec

Jill reads "On Friendship" by Kahlil Gibran.Contact Us:

Nov 28

2 min 36 sec

Jill reads "To Autumn" by John Keats.Contact Us:

Nov 27

2 min 35 sec

Jill reads "Memory" by George Moses Horton.Contact Us:

Nov 26

1 min 45 sec

Jill reads "Thanksgiving" by Edgar Guest.Contact Us:

Nov 25

2 min 21 sec

Jill reads "Thanksgiving" by James Whitcomb Riley.Contact Us:

Nov 24

2 min 8 sec

Jill attempts to read "Signs of the Times" by Paul Laurence Dunbar.Contact Us:

Nov 23

2 min 56 sec

Jill reads "Thanksgiving Turkey" by George Parsons Lathrop.Contact Us:

Nov 22

3 min 8 sec

Jill reads "A Song of the Road" by José Santos Chocano.Contact Us:

Nov 21

3 min 49 sec

Jill reads "If I Had Known" by Alice Dunbar-Nelson.Contact Us:

Nov 20

1 min 41 sec

Jill reads "Life is Fine" by Langston Hughes.Contact Us:

Nov 19

1 min 53 sec

Jill reads "Spider, Say Again" by Matsuo Basho and "As I Grow Older" by Langston Hughes.Contact Us:

Nov 18

1 min 56 sec

Jill reads "Autumn" by Emily Dickinson.Contact Us:

Nov 17

1 min 28 sec

Jill reads "A Little Poem" by George Orwell.Contact Us:

Nov 16

2 min 12 sec

Jill reads "A November Night" by Sara Teasdale.Contact Us:

Nov 15

4 min 43 sec

Jill reads "Who Has Seen the Wind" by Christina Rossetti.Contact Us:

Nov 14

1 min 8 sec

Jill reads "Theme in Yellow" by Carl Sandburg.Contact Us:

Nov 13

1 min 15 sec

Jill reads "Success" by Emily Dickinson.Contact Us:

Nov 12

1 min 15 sec

Jill reads "To Her: In Time of War" by E. Nesbit.Contact Us:

Nov 11

1 min 36 sec

Jill reads "The Wind" Emily Dickinson.Contact Us:

Nov 10

1 min 30 sec

Jill reads "The Falling of the Leaves" by W. B. Yeats.Contact Us:

Nov 9

1 min 19 sec

Jill reads "Willow Poem" by William Carlos Williams.Contact Us:

Nov 8

1 min 42 sec

Jill reads "From The Kitten and Falling Leaves" by William Wordsworth.Contact Us:

Nov 7

1 min 45 sec

Jill reads "October" by Helen Hunt Jackson.Contact Us:

Nov 6

1 min 43 sec

Jill reads "October" by Robert Frost.Contact Us:

Nov 5

1 min 51 sec

Jill reads "Besides the Autumn Poets Sing" by Emily Dickinson.Contact Us:

Nov 4

1 min 28 sec

Jill reads "Autumn" by Alice Cary.Contact Us:

Nov 3

2 min 15 sec

Jill reads "O Autumn, Autumn" by Effie Lee Newsome.Contact Us:

Nov 2

1 min 18 sec

Jill explains what is different about the episodes in November.Contact Us:

Nov 1

1 min 55 sec

Mary Perrin tells Jill about her journey from struggling reader to working for a reading app company.Photo Credit: Mary PerrinContact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: Access Video on DemandOther Resources:BeanstackGary Hoover (The man with 60,000 books)

Oct 13

55 min 15 sec

Author Lisa Fipps talks to Jill about being fat, inspired by her book Starfish.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: Rosetta StoneOther Resources:The Dr. John Berardi Show: Diet Debates and Purple StatesFor Black Girls Like Me by Mariama L. LockingtonPhoto Credit: Lisa Fipps

Sep 15

51 min 3 sec

Jill encourages listeners to read Lisa Fipps' Starfish in preparation for an episode with Fipps later in September.Contact Us:

Sep 1

1 min 5 sec

Jill talks with author Paula Chase about her book, Turning Point.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: Access World NewsOther Resources:The Brown BookshelfI Want to Do Everything That I Ever Imagined I Could Do: Author Tricia Elam Walker, Connections episodeMickey, Sun Joo, and You: Author Patti Kim, Connections episode

Aug 18

45 min 19 sec

Jill suggests that listeners read Paula Chase's book Turning Point in preparation for the next episode.Contact Us:

Aug 4

1 min 13 sec

Jill talks with librarian John Connolly about workplace accessibility.Contact Us: Featured Resource: Rosetta StoneOther Resources:Beyond BookshelvesDrive by Daniel H. Pink

Jul 14

50 min 53 sec

Jill explains why there haven't been new episodes recently.Contact Us:

Jun 16

9 min 41 sec

Author Alyssa Hollingsworth talks to Jill about labor trafficking, inspired by her book, The Invisible Boy.Photo Credit: Jason KoonsContact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource:  Libby AppOther Resources:Amal Unbound by Aisha SaaedConnections Episode #128: Human TraffickingHagar InternationalHidden Girl by Shyiam Hall with Lisa WysockyLove146Number the Stars by Lois LowryPolaris ProjectThe Trust ConferenceVirginia Beach Justice Initiative

May 26

59 min 50 sec

Author Patti Kim talks to Jill about using one's own character traits, combined with creativity and resiliency, to help others. Their conversation is inspired by Kim's book It's Girls Like You Mickey.Featured Resource: Acorn TV (On Libby/SOVALUe after May 2021)Other Resources:Connections podcast episode inspired by Nana Akua Goes to SchoolThe Dream Weavers by Reina Luz AlegreIsabel Dalhousie Series by Alexander McCall SmithKatalin KarikoKatie PorterPhoto Credit: Sophie Kim

May 12

1 hr 2 min

Episodes coming in MayAuthor Patti Kim (It's Girls Like You Mickey)Author Alyssa Hollingsworth (The Invisible Boy)

May 5

1 min 19 sec

Jill talks about  plans for the podcast.Other Resources:It's Girls Like You, Mickey by Patti Kim

Apr 28

4 min 58 sec

Retired career diplomat Rose Likins tells host Jill about her profession.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: A to Z World FoodOther

Apr 21

55 min 39 sec

Author Lindsey Stoddard talks with host Jill about big emotions, writing, and more.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: LibbyOther Resources:#ClassroomBookADay and Jillian Heise"Let's Go to Therapy," Connections Episode #70"I Want to Do Everything That I Ever Imagined That I Could Do," Connections Episode #140

Apr 14

31 min 37 sec

Band Instrument Repair Technician Travis Thacker of Carl's Pro Band tells host Jill about his profession.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: QelloOther Resources:"I Love My Job [As a Band Instrument Repair Technician]" Connections EpisodeNational Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair TechniciansPiano Technicians Guild

Apr 7

57 min 56 sec

Traveler Brooke Shoenman of Her Packing List gives Jill tips for traveling in cities when you've never lived in one.Contact Us:  connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: LibbyOther Resources:FulFILL ContainerHPL WorldToilet FinderWanderful

Mar 31

42 min 43 sec

Author and interfaith activist Saadia Faruqi talks with Jill about her middle-grade novel A Thousand Questions and how people can get to know their neighbours who appear to be different from them.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: A to Z World FoodOther Resources:Blue MinaretThe Faith Club by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, and Priscilla WarnerA Place at the Table by Saadia Faruqi and Laura Shovan

Mar 24

46 min 18 sec

Jill lists all the episodes featuring authors.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgList of Author Episodes:Barbara EmodiCarrie FirestoneDanielle SvetcovErin TeaganGrandma SaladKarin Anderson and Kathryn ErskineLaura TuckerLee WilliamsTraci SorellTricia Elam WalkerVeronica Bartles

Mar 17

5 min 6 sec

Music Instrument Repair Technician Abby Lawson tells host Jill about her profession.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: Universal ClassOther Resources:Band Instrument Repair, Renton Technical CollegeBand Instrument Repair, Western Iowa Technical Community CollegeKBI Music ShoppeMusical Instrument Repair and Construction, MN State Technical College

Mar 10

52 min 6 sec

Tricia Elam Walker talks with Jill about writing plays, her newest book Nana Akua Goes to School, the value of picture books for adults, and more.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: LibbyOther Resources:Dream Street by Tricia Elam Walker and Ekua HolmesMufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John SteptoeThe Paper Kingdom by Helena Ku Rhee

Mar 3

52 min 31 sec

Jill talks with another librarian about how to respond to uncomfortable situations.Contact Us: connections@hamnerlibrary.orgFeatured Resource: Notary Other Resources:Connections Episode #137: Uncomfortable Conversations: Emily's ThoughtsSoutheast Collaborative Conference

Feb 24

36 min 11 sec