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Real Estate Agent Success Calls

By Mike Cerrone - Real Estate Broker, Salesperson, Realtor, Coaching and Training Selling Skills

Talk show with top real estate agents, brokers, and Realtors sharing success tips, ideas, and advice

  1. 1.
    SC215: Scott Kato. Small 350 Person List Results In 60 Closings And 32 Million In Sales Plus How To Find A Cheap Virtual Assistant.11/05/2020
  2. 2.
    SC214: Kymber Lovett-Menkiti. From Social Worker to Agent to Team Leader to Partner of a 100 Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio.10/07/2020
  3. 3.
    SC213: Chuck House. How To Sell 100 Homes Per Year With 3 People, Double Units In One Year, And 3 Ways To Raise Your Average Price.09/07/2020
  4. 4.
    SC212: Brenda Wade. Virtual Online Listing Presentations. Relaunching Your Career After A Break. Working With Your Kids. Shadow Program For Listing Partners.08/07/2020
  5. 5.
    SC211: Bob Sokoler. Second Career Agent Personally Sold 110 Homes Last Year, Loves Internet Leads, And Works With His Son.07/07/2020
  6. 6.
    SC210: Michael Perna. How He Sold 183 Homes In One Year As A Solo Agent. Expired Listing Script That Results In Appointment 30% Of Time. Geographic Farm Power Postcard.06/07/2020
  7. 7.
    SC209: Ed Kaminsky. How To Build Confidence To List And Sell Million Dollar Luxury Homes. 3 Skills Ultra High End Sellers Require An Agent To Possess.05/07/2020
  8. 8.
    SC208: Jessica Starr. Script For Listing Homes Remotely (Or Virtually). Script For Opening With Expired Listings. Script For Setting Expections With New Clients About Your Time Off Schedule.04/04/2020
  1. 9.
    SC207: Jeff Glover. Personally Sold 100 Homes Annually For The Last Ten Years. How To Structure And Compensate A High Profit High Productivity Team Based On Prospecting. Best Expired Script To Set Appointment.03/03/2020
  2. 10.
    SC206: “Mark Z” Zawaideh. 200 Open Houses His First Year and Secrets Learned. Best Expired Listing Appointment Setting Tie Down Question. Building A 100 Million Dollar Empire.02/06/2020
  3. 11.
    SC205: Tammy Hines. How She Gets $1 Radio Ads.01/01/2020
  4. 12.
    SC204: Hudson Warren. How To Build An Agent To Agent Referral Business.12/07/2019
  5. 13.
    SC203: Joe Bourland. Zillow Profitability Collapse And Conversion To Referral Based Fees.11/04/2019
  6. 14.
    SC202: Desi Sowers. Solo Agent Gets 60 Referral Closings From Small List Of 300 People (1 in 5) By Former House Cleaner (And College Dropout).10/07/2019
  7. 15.
    ALT008: How To Get Listings By Mailing To A Geographic Farm09/23/2019
  8. 16.
    ALT007: Referrals By Sending Direct Mail To Your Sphere Of Influence09/23/2019
  9. 17.
    SC201: Phil Herman. 15 Second Elevator Commercial. Power Of Mentoring. Roleplay Of A Question Based Listing Presentation. Value Of A Pre-Appraisal.09/07/2019
  10. 18.
    ALT006: How To Get Referrals By Making Community Business Spotlight Videos09/05/2019
  11. 19.
    ALT005: How One Video Generated 6 Buyer Closings.09/03/2019
  12. 20.
    SC200: Dan Lesniak. Building A Big Team With Leverage And Generating 7.8 Million In GCI.08/07/2019
  13. 21.
    ALT004: How To Add 2 Closings Per Month By Making 1 Phone Call Per Day08/05/2019
  14. 22.
    ALT003: Script To Reconnect With Past Clients Who You’ve Lost Touch With08/03/2019
  15. 23.
    SC199: Jen Burns. How To Sell 78 Homes Per Year As A Solo Agent.07/07/2019
  16. 24.
    ALT002: Google Ads (Adwords) That Result In Clients and Closings For $330 Each07/05/2019
  17. 25.
    ALT001: Craigslist Ads That Bring In 10 Free Leads Per Day And 40 Closings Per Year07/03/2019
  18. 26.
    SC198: Scott Rodgers. Surviving The Zillow Changes And Buyer Agents Leaving.06/06/2019
  19. 27.
    SC197: Gary Raze. 72 Year Old Solo Agent Sells 69 Homes In One Year.05/08/2019
  20. 28.
    SC196: Lesley Hodge Perreault. Selling 80 homes per year as a solo agent.04/07/2019
  21. 29.
    SC195: Willie Miranda. 3-4-12 lead follow up program.03/06/2019
  22. 30.
    SC194: David Zarghami. Plan to 5X production.02/07/2019
  23. 31.
    SC193: Jeff Cook. Building a 1,000 unit team.01/07/2019
  24. 32.
    SC192: Ashton Gustafson. Selling 100 homes in one year as a solo agent without an assistant.12/31/2018
  25. 33.
    SC191: Dean Selvey. Exclusively represent new home builders and sell 220 homes per year.12/29/2018
  26. 34.
    SC190: Wendy Papasan. From stay-at-home mom to 6th level mega agent.12/27/2018
  27. 35.
    SC189: Mike Wall. Listing 44 expireds in 6 months while working part time at night.12/25/2018
  28. 36.
    SC188: Jonathan Spears. 26 year old sells 92 luxury homes in one year.12/23/2018
  29. 37.
    SC187: Ken Pozek. Why expensive marketing failed and how cheap prospecting saved the day.12/21/2018
  30. 38.
    SC186: Tony Baroni. 70 closings last year from online reviews.12/19/2018
  31. 39.
    SC185: Lucas Howard. Creating spotlight videos that promote local businesses and receive referrals from the owners.12/17/2018
  32. 40.
    SC184: Toni Zarghami. Scripts for getting your sellers to price correctly.12/15/2018
  33. 41.
    SC183: Noel Bittinger. Keys to successfully working with your spouse.12/13/2018
  34. 42.
    SC182: Craig Wilburn. Laid back approach to listing FSBOs.12/11/2018
  35. 43.
    SC181: Dayton Schrader. 300 referral closings last year from 250 referral partners.12/09/2018
  36. 44.
    SC180: Joy Russell. Solo agent sells 96 homes in one year while taking 6 months off to travel the world.12/07/2018
  37. 45.
    SC179: Sally Forster Jones. Selling homes to the rich and famous including billionaires.12/05/2018
  38. 46.
    SC178: Jay Acker. Retooling your practice after dramatic market changes.12/03/2018
  39. 47.
    SC177: Anne Daily. Listing 3 expireds per month by position herself as a “turn around” agent.12/01/2018
  40. 48.
    SC176: Jeff Sibbach. Why dropping the price may be the wrong way to sell a stagnant home.11/29/2018
  41. 49.
    SC175: Chris Higgins. Taking 43 listings in his first 60 days by focusing on FSBOs and expireds.11/27/2018
  42. 50.
    SC174: Todd Smith. 12 closings per month by geographic farming.11/25/2018
  43. 51.
    SC173: Tim Houk. A winning approach to listing FSBOs.11/23/2018
  44. 52.
    SC172: Anthony Graham. Why relevancy and call timing can triple your internet lead conversion.11/21/2018
  45. 53.
    SC171: Sarah Layson. Managing a team remotely from 200 miles away.11/19/2018
  46. 54.
    SC170: Nate Brill. How to sell 2 homes per month hosting open houses.11/17/2018
  47. 55.
    SC169: Ronnie Matthews. Positioning yourself as a “fixer” for new home builders and listing hundreds of their “problem” houses each year.11/15/2018
  48. 56.
    SC168: Cody Gibson. The rise of expansion teams and his move into 17 states.11/13/2018
  49. 57.
    SC167: April Stephens. How to get hired to list builders new construction homes.11/11/2018
  50. 58.
    SC166: Andy Peters. How to get people who only want to work with the team leader to work with your team members and be happy about it.11/09/2018
  51. 59.
    SC165: Brian Weast. Grossing 7 figures but losing money, the mistakes made, and the road back to profitability.11/07/2018
  52. 60.
    SC164: Chris Watters. Netting 7 Figures By His 5th Year.11/05/2018
  53. 61.
    SC163: Elaine Northrop. How To Go From Victim To Victor. The Power Of Creative Visualization. And Selling Over 1,500 Homes Per Year.11/03/2018
  54. 62.
    SC162: Bob Zachmeier. Selling Half As Many Homes To Earn Twice The Income.11/01/2018
  55. 63.
    SC161: Matt Fetick. How To Re-List Expired Listings (Even In A Hot Market), Single Letter That Results In Appointments With 20% Of Expireds. Facebook Ads That Target Expireds (And How). Expired Scripts.10/30/2018
  56. 64.
    SC160: Ruby Henderson (And Charlotte Cox). How To Mend Relationships With Neglected Past Cleints.10/28/2018
  57. 65.
    SC159: Bob Lucido. Representing Home Builders At Scale. Plus Creating A Resale Expansion Team That Sold 1,533 Homes.10/26/2018
  58. 66.
    SC158: Nina Lampley. Buyer Agent On Team Sells 102 Homes In One Year.10/24/2018
  59. 67.
    SC157: Alexander Chandler. Representing New Construction Home Builders.10/22/2018
  60. 68.
    SC156: Josh Barker. Highly Leveraged Producer Team Model. Personally Listing And Selling 220 Homes In One Year.10/20/2018
  61. 69.
    SC155: Noah Ostroff. Sold 50 Homes His 1st Year. Closed 586 Homes Last Year With An Expansion Team.10/18/2018
  62. 70.
    SC154: Nick Waldner. Building A Prospecting Based Marketing Enhanced Team Model. Creating A Career Path For Team Agents.10/16/2018
  63. 71.
    SC153: Bernie Gallerani. Personally listing and closing 101 sellers in one year. Listing Expireds. Plus Zillow vs AdWord leads.10/14/2018
  64. 72.
    SC152: Brendon Payne. Listing 30 Homes In The First 5 Months Of His Career. Expired Listing Approach, Script, Roleplay, and Marketing.10/12/2018
  65. 73.
    SC151: Erin Krueger. How To Handle A Low Appraisal. Selling 70 Homes As A Solo Agent. Quadrupling Business In One Year.10/10/2018
  66. 74.
    SC150: Vicky Blair-Martin. Personally Listing 102 Homes In One Year In A Rural Market. Contents Of A Pre-Listing Package.10/08/2018
  67. 75.
    SC149: Sandi Van Camp. Retirement Career That Expoded Into Personally Selling 120 Homes In Peak Year. Breaking Into The Relocation Market. Becoming A Certified Stager.10/06/2018
  68. 76.
    SC148: Chris Montalvo. Representing Investors. Flipping Houses. Building A 160 Unit Rental Portfolio By His 30th Birthday. Buying Homes For 30% Off Market Value.10/04/2018
  69. 77.
    SC147: Luke Marvel. Specializing In The College Student Rental Market. Helping Investors Buy, Manage, Sell. And Students Rent.10/02/2018
  70. 78.
    SC146: Jeff Quintin. Taking 14 Listings His 3rd Month By Pursuing Expireds. Morning Ritual That Guarantees Success. The Team Leader Dilemma.09/30/2018
  71. 79.
    SC145: Amanda Bell. Solo Agent Sells 323 Homes With 2 Administrative Assistants In A Small 4,000 Person Rural Town After Only Selling 3 Homes Her First Year. Is She the Most Productive Agent In America?09/28/2018
  72. 80.
    SC144: Daniel Barraza. Highly Leveraged Solo Agent Sells 165 Homes In One Year. The Non-Threatening Reverse Question Referral Script.09/26/2018
  73. 81.
    SC143: Anne Lusk. Solo Agent Sells 108 Homes in One Year. She Broke Into The Luxury Market By A Referral From A Janitor Past Client. Her Go Godiva Chocolate Marketing Program.09/24/2018
  74. 82.
    SC142: Mike Ferrante. Getting Buyer Leads By Posting Video House Tours On Social Media. How To Raise Your Average Sales Price. Referrals From Social Mixers And Networking Events.09/22/2018
  75. 83.
    SC141: Benjamin Beaver. Avoiding Traditional Prospecting. Buyer Leads With Video House Tours. Starting Your Own YouTube Channel.09/20/2018
  76. 84.
    SC140: Ray Megie. Building A Practice Through Community Involvement. Telemarketing Service That Targets FSBOs And Expireds. Dealing With Clients Who Demand 24 Hour Service.09/18/2018
  77. 85.
    SC139: Matt Laricy. Getting 550 Online Reviews That Give Him Instant Credibility. Neighborhood Video Tours. Zillow Leads. Why Agents Following Up The Wrong Way.09/16/2018
  78. 86.
    SC138: Louise Juracek. How To Get The Top Agent In Your Office To Mentor You. Roleplaying Her Referral Script. How to Turn Lunch Into Referrals.09/14/2018
  79. 87.
    SC137: Colleen Lawler. Modifying Her Approach To Avoid Cold Calls. Using Emotional Intelligence In Negotiation. The Golden Referral List We All Have. How To Get Expireds To Call You.09/12/2018
  80. 88.
    SC136: Lawrence Belland. Staging A Listing Launch To Build Anticipation Before A Listing Hits The Market. His 10 Day Pre-Lauch Marketing Plan. How To Handle Seller Side Multiple Offers.09/10/2018
  81. 89.
    SC135: Wes Madden. Selling 75 Homes His First Full Year. Working A Military Base Market. Building An Army Of Referal Machines.09/08/2018
  82. 90.
    SC134: Casey Margenau. Storytelling Marketing. Luxury Homes Sales. Which Agents Can Break Into High End Homes Sales. Green And Red Cherry Marketing.09/06/2018
  83. 91.
    SC133: Justin Myer. Personally Selling 150 Homes In One Year. Why Facebook Ad Colors Matter. Working With Home Builders Because Of A Facebook Group He Started.09/04/2018
  84. 92.
    SC132: Brett Keppler. The Single Twist That Makes His Expired Listing Program Different And More Successful Than His Competitors. Personally Selling 150 Homes Last Year.09/02/2018
  85. 93.
    SC131: Marti Hampton. From Poverty To Success. High Energy Selling. Coming Soon Listing Promotion And The Best Day To Release Your Listing To The Market. Handling Multiple Offers. Educational Video Marketing. Getting Online Reviews.08/31/2018
  86. 94.
    SC130: Kathy Schmidt. Staying Positive Through Transition And Change. Morning Power Ritual. SMART Goals Planning Process. Annual Referral Based Marketing Plan.08/29/2018
  87. 95.
    SC129: Lance Loken. Corporate Strategies Applied To A Real Estate Team. Plan 10 Years Ahead. Setting Big Huge Audacious Goals. Selling 992 Homes In One Year.08/27/2018
  88. 96.
    SC128: Jenny Ames. Working The Luxury Market. Finding Your Portal Into High End Homes. What High Net Worth Clients Want From An Agent.08/25/2018
  89. 97.
    SC127: Kauffman and Weaver. Expansion Team Growth With A Multi-State Hub-And-Spoke Model. How To Find Expansion Agents. Training And Accountability. Leverage Through Delegation. 3 Main Lead Generators. Plus 3 Different Referral Sources.08/23/2018
  90. 98.
    SC126: Erik Hatch. From 50 To 500 Closings In 5 Years. How To Find The Right Team Members. 10 Hour Hiring Process. Showing Partners. The 300k Per Year Buyer Agent. How 2 ISAs Added 280 Closings Last Year.08/21/2018
  91. 99.
    SC125: Matt Curtis. His Internet Lead Generation And Conversion Process That Resulted In 100 Closings In Last Year Including Cost Per Lead And Cost Per Sale. The Best CRM For Internet Leads. Getting 200 Online Reviews. The Script For His Most Effective Follow Up Text Message.08/19/2018
  92. 100.
    SC124: Linda McKissack. She Entered Real Estate With 600k In Debt (Find Out Why). 27 Years Later She Has 3 Million In Passive Income. Find Out How She Did It (Probably Not What You Think).08/17/2018
  93. 101.
    SC123: Blythe Team. With Limited Funds Telephone Prospecting Is Your Fastest Path To Success. Referral Script For Calling Friends, Family, And Past Clients. Referrals From Networking Clubs. Power Of Following A Daily Schedule.08/15/2018
  94. 102.
    SC122: Edie Israel. Going From Finding Clients In Costco To Selling Luxury Homes. Best Ways To Pick Up High End Clients. Luxury Broker Package. Targeting Upscale Homes Through Geographic Farming.08/13/2018
  95. 103.
    SC121: Debbie Yost. How She Went From Listing 125 Homes Per Year By Herself To Setting Up A 7th Level Practice That Runs Without Her. Why Systems Are The Key To Long Term Success (Plus How To Set Systems Up).08/11/2018
  96. 104.
    SC120: Nick Shivers. How He Sold 48 Homes His First Year By Circle Prospecting And Door Knocking. Script For Calling Around Other Agents Listings To Find New Sellers Who Want To List. House Warming Parties. Team Agent Career Path.08/09/2018
  97. 105.
    SC119: Laurel Starks. Divorce Real Estate Expert. Get Listing Assignments From Attorneys and Judges. Earn 350 To 500 Per Hour Consulting And Testifying. How To Become A Divorce Home Expert.08/07/2018
  98. 106.
    sc118: Derek Gilbert. Facebook Failure Ads That Keep You In Front Of Your SOI Cheaply. Multiple Offer Stragegies. Marketing Plan. Referral Script With Roleplay. Client Events. Geogrpahic Farming. Running A Team Remotely.08/05/2018
  99. 107.
    SC117: Carol Wolfe. Negotiating A Higher Commission Than Your Competitors (And Bringing The Value To Back It Up). Simple Approach To Break Into The Luxury Market. Earning 7 Figures In GCI. Geographic Farming. Working With Your Daughter.08/03/2018
  100. 108.
    SC116: Timothy Reeder. Personally Closing 103 Referrals In One Year From A List of 300 People. Why Large Databases Are Distracting And Often Fail. Simple Referral Script That Gets Results. Fresh New Ideas When Calling Your People.08/01/2018
  101. 109.
    SC115: Kristan Cole. Expansion Team Concept Expert. First Expanding Across City Lines. Then Across State Lines. Lessons Learned After Mentoring Over 600 Team Leaders On Expansion Teams.07/30/2018
  102. 110.
    SC114: Lisa Archer. How One Phone Call Tripled Her Business. Agent Referrals By Digital Door Knocking. Daily 5-5-5 Plan That Takes 30 Minutes Per Day And Results In 50 Closings Per Year.07/28/2018
  103. 111.
    SC113: Charles Pence. How He Got Over The Fear Of Calling His Friends Family And Past Clients (Approach And Script). Key To Success Is Looking For Change In People’s Lives. Door Knocking Luxury Homes For 20 Years (Lessons Learned And Profits Made).07/26/2018
  104. 112.
    SC112: Lynda Anderson. 168 Person Advocate Group That Sent Her 85 Closed Referrals Last Year (Find Out How). Working In A Small Rural Town Of 32,000 People. Birthday And Anniversary Videos. Mass Text Messages.07/24/2018
  105. 113.
    SC111: Jeff Cohn. Selling 56 Homes His First Year. Shadowing 30 Top Agents. 3 Primary Lead Buckets. Self Generated Internet Leads (PPC and SEO). Zero Based Advertising Cost. Expansion Team Lessons.07/22/2018
  106. 114.
    SC110: Vija Williams. Earning 200k In GCI Last Year By Playing On Facebook. Her Top 20 Referral Group. How She Moved Her Price Point Up Into The Entry Luxury Market.07/20/2018
  107. 115.
    SC109: Monte Mohr. Surviving A Recession, Divorce, Back Surgery, Loss Of Rentals And 2/3 Of Income. Regaining Personal Power By Utilizing The Confidence Formula. Rebuilding And Personally Selling Over 100 Homes Per Year. His Successful FSBO Program.07/18/2018
  108. 116.
    SC108: Michael Edlen. Grading Your Referral Database. Referral Script. Annual Referral Marketing Plan. Selling Million And Multi-Million Dollar Homes. How To Find Long Term Team Members.07/16/2018
  109. 117.
    SC107: Randy Lewis. Representing Investors. Website Used To Find Investor Clients. Flipping 100s Of Homes As A Principal And As A Broker. Plus His Referral Script.07/14/2018
  110. 118.
    SC106: Don Matheson. Specializing In Golf Course And Luxury Homes. Geographic Farming High End Houses. Free SEO Leads. Power Of Being Hyper Local. Why Small Client Parties Can Be More Productive Than Large Events.07/12/2018
  111. 119.
    SC105: Char MacCallum. Referral Power Of Client Events And Giveaways. Storytelling Marketing. Working With Bulk Investors. Property Management Division. Buyer Qualification System And Scripts. Super Simple Referral Script.07/10/2018
  112. 120.
    SC104: Linda Domis. Why She Stopped Hosting Her Big Annual Client Party And Started Cluster Parties Instead. How She Is Moving Into The Luxury Market. The Best Marketing Piece She Ever Used.07/08/2018
  113. 121.
    SC103: David Brenton. Helping 400 Move-Up Buyers With His Guaranteed Sales Program (Including Details About How It Works And Pitfalls to Avoid). Referral Script. Tracking Source Of Business. Paying Your Team Differently.07/06/2018
  114. 122.
    SC102: Andrew Manning. The Laugh Out-Loud Pre-Listing Price-Reduction Technique. Working With High Net Worth Clients And Celebrities. Action Price Plan For A Quick Sale At Maximum Price. Finding “Must Move” Clients. His “Red Dot” Postcard That Draws Listing Appointments.07/04/2018
  115. 123.
    SC101: Mark Hay. Representing Real Estate Investors. Seminars And Personal Financial Snapshots. Adding Property Manangement. Expanding Into Commercial. Why Telephone Prospecting Is Best Source Of Business.07/02/2018
  116. 124.
    SC100: Sid Lezamiz. Farm Boy Work Ethic. Working A Small Rural Market. Description Of Guaranteed Buy Out Program. Attracting Sellers And Carrying 100-150 Listings. Retirement Planning Through Real Estate. Buying Rentals Without Banks.06/30/2018
  117. 125.
    SC099: Stephanie Vitacco. Why Humor Is More Important Than Statistics. Power Of Monthly Mail To Your Sphere. How She Wins 83% Of Her Listing Appointments. Networking Groups.06/28/2018
  118. 126.
    SC098: Denny Grimes. Radical Pricing Philosophy That Maximizes The Sales Price Of Your Listings. Magic Birthday Card That Gets Referrals. Surviving Radical Market Shifts. Selling 70 Homes As A Solo Agent Before Building A Team.06/26/2018
  119. 127.
    SC097: Lars Hedenborg. Script For Turning Buyer Leads Into Appointments. How To Get Buyer Loyalty At First Meeting. Raving Fans Club And 60 Touch Marketing Program Responsible For 120 Closings Last Year. 4 Technologies To Systemitize Your Business. 5 Marketing Pillars.06/24/2018
  120. 128.
    SC096: Jack Cotton. Selling Luxury Homes. What Wealthy Sellers Want In An Agent. How You Can Transition To Luxury.06/22/2018
  121. 129.
    SC095: Rick Edler. How To Increase Your Average Sales Price And Commission.06/20/2018
  122. 130.
    SC094: Liz Egner. Former Elementary School Teacher Gets 90% Of Her Business From Repeat And Referrals.06/18/2018
  123. 131.
    SC093: Sam Ferreri. Direct Mail Geographic Farm Brings In 60% Of His Business And The Criteria He Uses To Determine If A Neighborhood Is Farm Worthy.06/16/2018
  124. 132.
    SC092: Mike Parker. How To Get Back Up After Getting Knocked Down As Well As The Simple Daily Habit That Will Result In 48 Closings Per Year06/14/2018
  125. 133.
    SC091: Christy Crouch. How To Build Your Business On A Shoestring Budget As Well As How To Maintain A 70% Net Profit Margin.06/12/2018
  126. 134.
    SC090: Chris Suarez. How To Start Over In A New Market After Relocating Plus Perfecting Details For Open House Success.06/10/2018
  127. 135.
    SC089: Brent Gove. What It Feels Like To Net 6 Figures In One Month. Successful Radio Ads. Teaching Your Buyer’s Agents To Generate Their Own Leads.06/08/2018
  128. 136.
    SC088: Leslie McDonnell. Having A Successful First Year Starting Part Time. Maintaining A Super High Profit Margin. Picking A Geographic Farm.06/06/2018
  129. 137.
    SC087: Gwen Daubenmeyer. Introvert Marketing. Rebounding From A Recession. Achieving 94% Of Her Business From Repeat, Referrals And Sphere Of Influence.06/04/2018
  130. 138.
    SC086: Terry Moerler. The Exact Steps To Her Simple (Yet Profitable)Referral Marketing And Prospecting Program.06/02/2018
  131. 139.
    SC085: Judy Markowitz. A 3000 Person Client Event. Marketing That Stands Out From The Crowd. Taking 3 Months Off Each Year.05/31/2018
  132. 140.
    SC084: Jennifer Carstensen. Making 100k In The First Year. The Power Of Mentors And Modeling Successful Agents.05/29/2018
  133. 141.
    SC083: Tami Spaulding. Consistently Sell 100 Homes Per Year With A Small Team. Dealing With Family Challenges While Running Your Business. Creating A Successful Realtor Referral Program.05/27/2018
  134. 142.
    SC082: Russell Rhodes. Achieving 35% Market Share In A Geographic Farm. Team Member Retention Strategy That Works.05/25/2018
  135. 143.
    SC081: Liz And Mike McKee. The Difference Between The Sales Side And The Business Side Of Your Practice.05/23/2018
  136. 144.
    SC080: Linda Craft. Client Events Including Costs. Video Emails. In Office Listing Appointments. Free SEO Leads.05/21/2018
  137. 145.
    SC079: Bob Bohlen. Focusing On Multi Transactional Sellers. 4 Minute Listing Presentation.05/19/2018
  138. 146.
    SC078: Jennifer King. Inexpensive Client Events. Using Social Media To Contact Your S.O.I. Picking The Right Virtual Assistant.05/17/2018
  139. 147.
    SC077: Jeff Scislow. Rebounding From Illness. Strategy For Turning 1 Transaction Into 3 Commission Checks. Doubling Your Average Sales Price.05/15/2018
  140. 148.
    SC076: Drew Johnson. A Model That Works In Up Or Down Markets. Delegation Strategies.05/13/2018
  141. 149.
    SC075: Bob McTague. Free Niche Blogging To Bring In Seller Leads. 300% R.O.I. On Internet Lead Investments. A Solution To The Buyer Agent Accountability Challenge.05/11/2018
  142. 150.
    SC074: Martin Bouma. Completely Turn Your Business Around In 120 Days. Geographic Farming For High-End Listings. Keeping Your Staff Motivated And Accountable.05/09/2018
  143. 151.
    SC073: Paul Wheeler. Work Only Monday Through Friday 9 A.M. To 3 P.M. And Take 6-8 Weeks Off Per Year. Guaranteed Sale Program Specifics.05/07/2018
  144. 152.
    SC072: Kendra Cooke. Working As A Listing Agent With New Home Builders. Multi-Transactional Referral Partners.05/05/2018
  145. 153.
    SC071: Josh Anderson. A Radio Ad That Brings Listings And Earns A 300% R.O.I. A Compensation Structure For The Team.05/03/2018
  146. 154.
    SC070: Amanda Howard. Non-Salesy Scripts That Build Positive Relationships. How To Retain The Best People Year After Year. Maximizing Free SEO To Pull Traffic To A Website.05/01/2018
  147. 155.
    SC069: Curtis Johnson. Internet Marketing That Converts 3-4 Times Better Than Average. 1000 Seller Leads In 90 Days From The Internet.04/29/2018
  148. 156.
    SC068: Alexis Bolin. Lessons From “The Queen Of Objection Handling.” 70 Percent Of Business From Past Clients And Sphere Of Influence.04/27/2018
  149. 157.
    SC067: Craig Lerch Jr. Shrinking Your Team And Raising Your Net Profit. How To Add 3 People To Your Database Every Day For Free. Maintaining A 76% Profit Margin.04/25/2018
  150. 158.
    SC066: Melinda Estridge. Unique Client Events And Seminars. Sharing Marketing Expenses With Vendors. Hiring And Compensating A Leads Manager.04/23/2018
  151. 159.
    SC065: Brian Maecker. How To Reestablish Relationships With Neglected Past Clients. How To Eliminate Evening And Weekend Appointments.04/21/2018
  152. 160.
    SC064: Leigh Brown. How A Young Mom Can Build A Cranking Team. Owning Your Political And Religious Beliefs In Your Business And Marketing. Starting A Property Management Division.04/19/2018
  153. 161.
    SC063: Jason Daniels. Marketing Plan For Promoting A Past Client Event. Phone Scripts For Easy Follow Up With A Purpose.04/17/2018
  154. 162.
    SC062: Rita Driver. Working With Your Spouse. Setting A Minimum Commission.04/15/2018
  155. 163.
    SC061: Nate Martinez. Farming Multiple Neighborhoods And Price Ranges With Direct Mail. High-End, Glossy, Jumbo-Sized, Marketing Postcards That Work. Weekly Inspirational Email Campaign.04/13/2018
  156. 164.
    SC060: Laura Duggan. All Aspects Of Working The Luxury Home Market. Producing Webinars To Generate Leads.04/11/2018
  157. 165.
    SC059: Shawn Cunningham, Creating An Investor-Based Business. Property Management Fee Structure, Software, True Expenses, Tenant Screening And Qualifying Process.04/09/2018
  158. 166.
    SC058: Patrick Lilly. Using Your Mindset To “Control Your Reality”. Double-End 20% To 50% Of Your Transactions.04/07/2018
  159. 167.
    SC057: Brad Korn. Listing Pricing Strategy That Sets You Apart. Marketing Program To Sell A Home Faster Than Your Competition. Get Your Printing Costs Down.04/05/2018
  160. 168.
    SC056: Buckley Jolley. How To Set Up And Maintain A Successful Real Estate Partnership. Finding The Right Team Members. Increasing Your Production.04/03/2018
  161. 169.
    SC055: Craig Hartranft. Radio Advertising For Seller Leads. Give-A-Ways To Get In Front Of Your Past Clients.04/01/2018
  162. 170.
    SC054: Patrick Tuttle. Do Business Without Making Any Prospecting Calls. The Ins And Outs Of Property Management.03/30/2018
  163. 171.
    SC053: Daniel Keltner. Virtual Assistants (VAs) In Detail.03/28/2018
  164. 172.
    SC052: Toril Schoepfer. Clickable CraigsList Ads That Generate 400% More Leads. Property Flyers That Cause The Phone To Ring Like Crazy.03/26/2018
  165. 173.
    SC051: Nancy Jenkins. 80% Of Business From Repeat And Referrals. A Marketing Plan Designed To Touch Her Sphere 15 Times Per Year. A Monthly Newsletter Which Appeals To The Four Personality Types. How To Give Back With College Scholarship Giveaways And Charity Work.03/24/2018
  166. 174.
    SC050: Les Walden. Make Friends And Money At The Same Time. Super Profitable Business Model With A 72% Net Profit Margin.03/22/2018
  167. 175.
    SC049: Mitch Ribak. Basing A Practice On Buyer Sales. How To Design A Successful Google Ad. An Unknown Internet Lead Source That Costs Half As Much As Google Adwords And Generates 33% More Leads. Plus His Biggest Marketing Mistake.03/20/2018
  168. 176.
    SC048: Shane White. Dominating In A Small Rural Market. Community And School Involvement Programs. Market Presence, Reputation, And Geographic Farming.03/18/2018
  169. 177.
    SC047: John Jones. Surviving The Deep, Nasty, Multi-Year Recession And The #1 Lesson He Learned. Getting Referrals Without Begging, Bothering, Or Pestering.03/16/2018
  170. 178.
    SC046: Steve Cohen. How To Sell Your Listings In 31 Days Or Less Even In A Down Market. How To Bounce Back From A Major Set Back. Reorganizing Your Team In Tough Times.03/14/2018
  171. 179.
    SC045: Rhyan Finch. REO’s. Doubling His Business Every Year. Expanding Into Building Homes, Flipping Homes, And Developing His Portfolio.03/12/2018
  172. 180.
    SC044: Buddy Blake. How To Triple Your Seller Leads With The Same Marketing Budget. A Long Discussion Of The Principals Behind A Guaranteed Sales Program. Radio Advertising To Generate Massive Seller Leads.03/10/2018
  173. 181.
    SC043: Kenny Klaus. In-Depth Specifics Into Geographic Farming. How To Create A Predictable Business Model.03/08/2018
  174. 182.
    SC042: Joe Martin. The REO Business How To’s. Staging A Home For A Quick Sale. The Mental Side Of Success.03/06/2018
  175. 183.
    SC041: Sam Miller. Building A Powerhouse Team. Using A Wide Variety Of Lead Generation Sources. Carrying Over 100 Listings At A Time. Finding A Seller’s True Motivation Before Going Out To The House.03/04/2018
  176. 184.
    SC039: Brett Tanner. Fix And Flips. Short-Sales. Quickly Building A Listing Inventory. How To Adapt Your Business Model To Changing Market Conditions.02/28/2018
  177. 185.
    SC038: Mary Berry. Specializing In Selling REO Properties. Working As An Exclusive Seller’s Agent And Not Representing Buyers. Representing Distressed Property Sellers Such As: Banks, Asset Managers, And Fannie Mae. Breaking Into The REO Market.02/26/2018
  178. 186.
    SC037: Wayne Turner. Building Two Successful Teams In Two Different States. Goal Setting. Generating Business From Expired Listings And For Sale By Owners. Using The DISC Personality Test To Put His Team Members In The Right Positions.02/24/2018
  179. 187.
    SC036: Raquel Quinet. Raquel Quinet talks about: Moving From One City To Another And Starting A New Real Estate Practice. specializing in REO, Short-Sale, Sphere-Of-Influence, Buyers, And Out-Of-State Investors.02/22/2018
  180. 188.
    SC035: Russell Shaw. The Number One Most Successful Strategy For Rising To The Top In Real Estate. Being The Godfather Of Radio Ads. The Most Important Skill An Agent Needs To Have To Survive And Thrive In Any Market.02/20/2018
  181. 189.
    SC034: Ellen Mitchel. Working Her Way Up In A Real Estate Office. Starting A Geographic Farm And Shares How She Achieved A 30% Market Share After Only 24 Months. Learning From Those Above And Helping Those Below.02/18/2018
  182. 190.
    SC033: Don Wenner. Specializing In Radio Advertising, 1st Time Buyers, Expired Listings, Short-Sales, And Past Client Referrals. Entering Real Estate At 21 And Closing 67 Transactions In His First Year. Running Multiple Businesses Including: A Real Estate Brokerage, A Real Estate Technology Company, A Short Sale Negotiation Company, And A Restaurant.02/16/2018
  183. 191.
    SC032: Ellen Brewood. Closing 423 Transactions. Specializing In REO Sales. A Full Overview Of The REO Business From The Perspective Of A Hard-Working, High-Achieving Agent.02/14/2018
  184. 192.
    SC031: Michael Balsitis. Closing 411 Transactions. How He Set Up His Team Of 8 Members And Which Software To Use. How He Started Selling Homes At 19-Years-Old. Specializing In REO Sales. Selling Homes For Hedge Funds And Bulk Buyers.02/12/2018
  185. 193.
    SC030: Lindsay Sanger. How A Traditional Agent Switches Gears to Pursue REO’s. How she Developed And Maintains Her REO Business. Learning To Speak The REO Language.02/10/2018
  186. 194.
    SC029: Chantel Ray. Closing 810 Transactions. Anticipating Market Shifts And Moving Ahead Of The Pack. Being An Early Adapter. Knowing Your Strengths And Your Weaknesses. How To Excel At Team Leadership, System Building, Goal Setting, And Accountability. Only Working On Tasks You Love And How To Delegate The Rest. Successful Radio Ads.02/08/2018
  187. 195.
    SC028: Joshua Smith. Closing 463 Transactions. What He Did When Foreclosures, REOs And Short-Sales Increased. How He Converts Expired Listings. How He’s Adjusting To The New Changes In The Market.02/06/2018
  188. 196.
    SC027: Doug and Kirsten Hill. Running a family-owned business. Weathering Market Fluctuations. Repeat and Referral Business. Experimenting With The Showing Agent Concept.02/04/2018
  189. 197.
    SC026: Mark Delgado. Specializing In REO Sales. Why He Believes In Being Full-Time, Hands-On, And Accountable. Conquering His Fear Of Cold Calling.02/02/2018
  190. 198.
    SC025: Pat Hiban. Being A Billion Dollar Agent. Selling Over 5,000 Homes In His Career. Selling Over 500 Homes A Year For Three Years In A Row. His Book Titled 6 Steps To 7 Figures. How He Has Adapted To The Changing Markets.01/31/2018
  191. 199.
    SC024: Krista Mashore. Changing Careers From Being A Teacher To An Agent. Selling 69 Homes In The First Year. What To Do When The Market Shifts. Why Education, Systems And Certifications Are Important.01/29/2018
  192. 200.
    SC023: Jeremy Chubb. Starting Real Estate Right Out Of High School. Taking A Quantum Leap In Production Going From 19 Closings To 213 Closings. Focus, Determination, Partnership, Team building, And The Willingness To Work 80 Hours Per Week. REO’s. Networking With Other Agents To Expand His Knowledge Of The Industry.01/27/2018

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