I Want Your Job (IWYJ)

Jim Cavale: Founder & CEO of INFLCR

INFLCR is excited to launch Season One of the "I Want Your Job (IWYJ)" podcast, hosted by Jim Cavale, featuring the stories of standout college athletics coaches, athletes, ADs, and digital-social-creative professionals.

Listeners will be able to hear the origin stories of some of the most influential leaders in college sports and apply their lessons to their own careers.

Introduction to "I Want Your Job (IWYJ)"
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Patti shares stories from the jobs and experiences that led her to her current role as CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports, offering insights into the importance of branding and messaging, work ethic, networking, and the potential for new opportunities through community collaboration.

May 2020

43 min 45 sec

This Season 2 special edition episode of "I Want Your Job" features a video and audio interview with Penn State Football Coach James Franklin. Coach Franklin shares the story behind his decision to become a football coach, the lessons he's kept with him throughout his career, and the core values he teaches his student-athletes that push him and Penn State football to reach new heights every day.

May 2020

34 min 51 sec

Texas A&M Ross Bjork shares his journey as a college intern, all the way to Director of Athletics of two SEC schools. Listen to his football shaped mentality on leadership, work-life balance, and tackling obstacles.

Mar 2020

57 min 23 sec

On Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020, Jim Cavale hosted a webinar exploring parts of Florida’s NIL legislation, and offering analyses into how NIL legislation and topics are progressing at the national level. Jim was joined by panelists Darren Heitner, sports lawyer and author of “How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know,” as well as Tom McMillen, President and CEO of the LEAD1 Association, which represents the athletic directors and programs of the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Feb 2020

50 min 15 sec

Danette Leighton shares her journey through collegiate sports, professional basketball, and beyond. Valuable lessons learned at each stop along the way help in her current position as CMO of the Pac-12. Hear the challenges she faces now, and how the Pac-12 targets such a vast audience. 

Feb 2020

45 min 28 sec

Coach Calipari shares stories about his upbringing, his coaching philosophy, how culture plays such an important role at Kentucky, and the impact that social media has had (and will continue to have) in college athletics.

Feb 2020

49 min 27 sec

America East Commissioner, Amy Huchthausen, joins Jim Cavale on the 12th "I Want Your Job" episode to discuss her impact on future leaders in sports, why discipline is necessary for success, and how social media played a role during her time working with the NCAA.

Nov 2019

50 min 12 sec

Oregon Athletic Director Rob Mullens joins Jim Cavale on "I Want Your Job" to talk about his journey to becoming an AD, balancing his role as AD with his role on the College Football Playoff committee, and the ever-growing system of support for student-athletes at Oregon athletics.

Nov 2019

32 min 21 sec

Marquette head basketball coach Steve Wojciechowski joins Jim Cavale on "I Want Your Job" to talk about his passion for basketball, the influences that helped guide him to a career in coaching, and the insights he's using to take Marquette basketball to the next level. Steve discusses his time as a student-athlete at Duke, his work for the US National Team, and his approach to coaching athletes to lead impactful lives both on and off the court.

Nov 2019

39 min 3 sec

Arkansas head basketball coach Eric Musselman joins Jim Cavale on this episode of IWYJ, to talk about his highly decorated basketball career and the strategies he plans to use in further building the Arkansas basketball program. Along with Coach Musselman, Arkansas Assistant AD for Brand Development Taylor McGillis shares his background in college sports, digital, and his insights on social media in modern college athletic departments.

Oct 2019

1 hr 17 min

In this "I Want Your Job" episode, Jim Cavale interviews Auburn Director of Athletics Allen Greene, who shares stories from his days as a student, a professional athlete, and his journey into leadership in intercollegiate athletics. Joining Allen is former Auburn basketball player Bryce Brown, who recently signed with the Boston Celtics, and who talks about his experience as a student-athlete at Auburn and as a part of the team that won a conference championship for Auburn and made it to the semifinals in the 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Oct 2019

1 hr 38 min

In this "I Want Your Job" episode, Jim Cavale is joined by Duke Basketball's Dave Bradley and Nolan Smith. Dave, the Creative Director and leader of Duke's digital presence, shares the stories of his career as both a student and employee at Duke University, including key insights from the development of Duke's iconic digital brand. Central to growing that brand was current Director of Basketball Operations Nolan Smith, a former Duke basketball champion who played a central role in creating Duke's earliest video content.

Oct 2019

1 hr 21 min

The "I Want Your Job (IWYJ)" podcast continues with Reese's Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy, who talks about his background in recruiting, his transition to leading the Senior Bowl, and the value that the Senior Bowl gives prospective NFL athletes as they begin the Draft process.

Oct 2019

42 min 38 sec

The "I Want Your Job (IWYJ)" podcast continues with Syracuse University Director of Athletics John Wildhack, who shares the story of his journey, from early days studying media, playing major roles at a fledgling ESPN, mentors that guided him along the way, and the unexpected opportunities that eventually brought him to Syracuse.

Sep 2019

42 min 8 sec

University of Alabama-Birmingham Head Football Coach Bill Clark shares how he came to be a football coach, the famous story of The Return of UAB football, and the steps it took to win a championship and bowl game in the second year back. Ted Feeley, Associate AD for Comms at UAB, shares his journey from New York, Alaska, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and now to Birmingham, and talks digital plus vision for UAB athletics. Special guest appearance by Super Bowl champion Roman Harper, coached by Bill Clark, who brings some unique stories to the episode.

Sep 2019

1 hr 4 min

The "I Want Your Job (IWYJ)" podcast begins with the Atlantic Coast Conference's Associate Commissioner for Digital Media, Eric SanInocencio. Eric talks with host Jim Cavale about his journey through the newly-formed digital ranks of college athletics, with brands like the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the NFL’s Houston Texans, before joining the ACC to lead their digital movement during the launch of the ACC Network this August.  

Aug 2019

56 min 4 sec

In this trailer, INFLCR Founder and CEO Jim Cavale explains the concept behind the "I Want Your Job (IWYJ)" podcast, and introduces the first guest who will appear on the first full-length episode.

Aug 2019

1 min 31 sec