Your Basket Is Empty

By Tim Richardson

In this podcast series, Tim Richardson (Commercial Director at Shopify Plus agency, We Make Website) sits down for an insightful and not-so-serious chat with smart people doing cool stuff. So if you’re into brands, technology, design, e-commerce and people, then tune in.

  1. 1.
    S1 2021 Episode 3: Ana Andjelic, author of 'The Business of Aspiration'
  2. 2.
    S1 2021 Episode 2 - Sam Jones, co-founder & CEO of OOOOO
  3. 3.
    S1 2021 Episode 1: Connie Nam, founder and CEO of Astrid & Miyu
  4. 4.
    Agency Side Series: Piers Thorogood & Alex O'Byrne, co-founders of We Make Websites
  5. 5.
    Agency Side Series: Adam Clarke, General Manager EMEA at Reload Digital
  6. 6.
    Agency Side Series: Kelly Brown, COO & CFO of The Working Party
  7. 7.
    Agency Side Series: Paul Rogers, Co-founder & Managing Director of Vervaunt
  8. 8.
    Agency Side Series: Leja Kress, CEO & Founding Partner of Sweden Unlimited

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