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Benjamin Gold

First founded on Instagram in July 2017, (@lawyer_stories,) the Lawyer Stories Podcast discusses lawyers and law students journeys to the practice of law.

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The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 70 featuring Robert T. Simon, co-founder of the Simon Law Group - aka Justice Team. We talk about growing up in Pittsburgh as the oldest of 5 (tied!) and how he always wanted to practice law with his brothers.  Robert spends much of his time giving back to the community and mentoring other trial lawyers in the craft of consumer advocate law.  Justice HQ co-founded by Robert, is a fast growing, collaborative workspace and network aimed at helping lawyers break away from the stodgy firms of old to grow their own solo practices.  

Nov 23

42 min 56 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 69 featuring Marivel M. Zialcita, Founder of MMZ Law, a Professional Corporation in Clarement, California.  At five years old Marivel decided she wanted to be a lawyer and we discuss what it was like to be in a new land with her parents who were working hard to provide a better life for her family.  Marivel practices in the area of Trusts & Estates, Elder Law, Special Needs, Conservatorship, Trust Administration and Probate and tells us what it means to serve her clients on her own terms, in a culture of integrity and complete workability, in order to deliver on her promise to stand for them in their LIFE and LEGACY.

Nov 19

36 min 12 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 68 featuring Benjamin Crump, Trial Lawyer for Justice and President & Founder of Ben Crump Law PLLC.  Ben shares with us that in the 4th grade he experienced how the implementation of "All Deliberate Speed," from the ruling in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) still hadn't occurred in 1979 in Ben's hometown in North Carolina.  It was then that Ben decided to become a lawyer.  We further discuss how social media has played a role in documenting many of the landscape-changing cases that Ben has advocated.  We also discuss one of Ben's current cases.  

Nov 12

33 min 13 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 67 featuring Samuel Mollaei, Attorney and Strategic Advisor at Legal Funnel based out of Los Angeles.  We discuss how Sam has dedicated himself to becoming a coach to lawyers wanting to grow, scale, and automate their dream virtual law firms.  We further discuss what a funnel is and how he received so many five-star ratings.  Sam believes that true happiness is sharing with others and wants to help lawyers find their "Happy zones."

Nov 5

35 min 59 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 66 featuring Jessica Grau, Owner & Personal Injury Lawyer at Golden Injury Law in Tustin, California.  We discuss how being a victim of a grueling assault on campus and her experience with the legal system changed Jessica's life forever and how bravery and resilience helped Jessica achieve her goals.  We further discussed owing your imperfections and and not being ashamed of who you are and how sharing your story makes you more relatable.

Oct 30

40 min 14 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 65 featuring Samah ("Sam") T. Abukhodeir, Founder and Managing Partner at The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm based in Coral Gables, Florida.  We discuss the importance of completing as many internships and clinics as possible and how it is key to figuring out what area of law to pursue.  We also discuss how Sam grew her probate and family law firm so quickly.  This story is one of hard work, perseverance and sacrifice. 

Oct 22

37 min 51 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 64 featuring Tremaine L. Hemans, Managing Attorney at the Hemans Law Firm based in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We discuss how Tremaine's personal experience in the immigration system, coming from Moneague, St. Ann, Jamaica, shaped her current day practice.  We further talk about being a first-generation law student, finding her voice and how taking advantage of opportunities in law school changed her trajectory.

Oct 16

51 min 34 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 63 featuring Alan Dershowitz, who has been called "The nation's most distinguished defender of individual rights," "The best-known criminal lawyer in the world," 'America's most public Jewish defender," and "Israel's single most visible defender - the Jewish state's lead attorney in the court of public opinion." Listen to the insightful advice this Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus offers to law students and hear his personal views on the law and life.

Oct 8

37 min 45 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 62 featuring Pratik Shah, Chief Executive Officer at EsquireTek; Litigation Team Leader and Co-Founder of Shah D'Egidio APC in San Diego, CA.  We discuss why Pratik went from working at the district attorney's office to starting his own personal injury law firm.  We further detail Pratik's proclivity to be an entrepreneur and how EsquireTek powers legal teams and is changing the way Discovery is handled.

Oct 2

43 min 59 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 61 featuring Areva Martin, civil rights attorney and media expert.  We discuss Areva's road to success, her time at Harvard Law, how she inspires and impacts the community and what it means to be "America's Advocate."  See what advice for law students and entrepreneurs Areva shares in this episode.

Sep 25

35 min 33 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 60 featuring Ian McFarren, Lawyer and Podcaster and Lockdown Law Podcast.  We discuss Ian's podcast, LOCKDOWN LAW, and his love for interviewing lawyers and teaching others about the law.  He has interviewed the first female president of the ACLU, law professors and historians amongst others.  We also talk about Ian's podcast LOCKDOWN LAW, and his love for interviewing lawyers and teaching others about the law.  He has interviewed the first female president of the ACLU, law professors and historians amongst others.

Sep 17

31 min 51 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 59 featuring Jazz Hampton, General Counsel and CEO at TurnSignl, a Minnesota-based on-demand, real-time service that provides guidance from attorneys to drivers, all while their camera records the interaction.  We discuss Jazz's transition from litigation to TurnSignl and how is work is no well-aligned with his personal credo that he developed in law school; to "Improve the lives of my family, the African American community, and myself...until I am able to leave the firm life and still support my family while I dedicate more time to that journey."

Sep 12

41 min 8 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 58 featuring Deborah Tonelli, attorney and counselor at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan.  We discuss the importance of having mentors and how Deb's have provided a positive influence on her life.  Deb tells us about her decision to join Christensen Law and how she values the firm's commitment to clients.  We also talk about Deb's travel and love for rescue animals.

Sep 6

41 min 47 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 57, featuring Robert McGirr Co-Founder & Director at Elit Lawyers by McGirr & Snell in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.  We discuss Rob's journey to becoming a veteran in the field, as a Senior Partner responsible for commercial litigation and insurance legal teams.  We talk about how after a sabbatical in 2019, Rob partnered with Danielle Snell to create a new transformation way of providing legal services and to pursue his passion to help clients achieve commercial solutions.

Aug 31

37 min 40 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 56 featuring Dave Christensen, founder and trial attorney at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan.  Dave tells us about a life changing incident that led him to become a personal injury attorney.  he believes that communication and having a close relationship with clients is paramount to the volume of cases Christensen Law handles.  Dave has secured one of Michigan's largest jury trial awards and has been named a 2021 honoree of the Michigan Lawyers Weekly Hall of Fame.

Aug 24

47 min 42 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 55 featuring SaraEllen Hutchison, consumer rights trial lawyer in the Tacoma-Seattle area, life coach, and host of the Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers Podcast.  We dive into SaraEllen's lawyer story and why she went from dancing on a cruise ship to consumer protection litigation.  SaraEllen tells us about launching her coaching program for women lawyers and why her motto is, "Truth, justice, and vacation."

Aug 19

51 min 43 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 54 featuring Dustin Hoff, trial attorney at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan.  We discussed Dustin's lawyer story and how he knew at five years old that he wanted to be an attorney.  Dustin tells us that he grew up in a small working class town and made the move to practice personal injury at Christensen Law because it was an opportunity he simply could not pass up.

Aug 15

45 min 31 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 53 featuring Dennis Hernandez, Owner of Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA in Tampa, Florida.  We discuss Dennis' deep family roots in Tampa, his mom's side of the family being "Crackers," and his dad's side migrating from Cuba.  Dennis tells us that he always wanted to do something that would help people so he became the first person in his family to go to college and became a lawyer.  Dennis now fights for people in Florida who have been injured in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian or slip and fall accident.  

Aug 11

45 min 17 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 52 featuring Nicoletta Ranieri, founder and principal lawyer at Ranieri Law in Vaughan, Ontario.  We discuss Nicoletta's determination and ambition to overcome comments from people telling her that the law was too competitive and that she'd never make it.  Nicoletta shares with us that she enjoyed studying law in New York City,  and decided to go back to Ontario to open her own practice concentrating on business, entertainment and media and intellectual property law with the hopes of also having a practice in New York City!

Aug 5

32 min 23 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 51 featuring Sarah Stempky-Kime, trial attorney and managing attorney at Christensen Law.  Sarah discussed with us how a personal experience led her to handle traumatic brain injury cases in more than 50% of her cases.  We also discussed how Sarah's personal experience has guided her career with empathy and compassion, rather than competition as her approach to clients.

Jul 30

57 min 57 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 50 featuring David Meyer, founding principal of Meyer Wilson in Columbus, Ohio.  We discuss why David's national law firm was launched to represent fraud victims in their fight against deceptive brokers.  David tell us about his new book, The Investor Protector: Stories of Triumph over Financial Advisors Who Lie, Cheat, and Steal, and his motivation for writing it.  Furthermore, we learn the warning signs of fraudsters and the most common type of misconduct he's seen in the field.

Jul 23

44 min 35 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 49 featuring Attorney Gregory D. Brenner, founder of Beverly Hills Defense in Los Angeles, California.  Greg told us that a life-changing moment occurred when a well-respected Deputy Public Defender with the LA County Public Defender's Office told him that he was "Born to litigate."  After six years of public service, Greg launched his own law firm devoted exclusively to criminal defense to be a voice to the "Voiceless." Greg understand both the importance and the need for justice.

Jul 16

40 min 56 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 48 featuring Thomas Economy, Trial Attorney at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan.  We discuss how Tom's family has always been a big influence on how he approaches his practice and the values he learned has guided is career by serving his clients with commitment and compassion.  We also discuss how clients need someone to listen to them, to protect them, and to win for them.

Jul 9

35 min 43 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 47 featuring Jonathan Bloom, Managing Partner at Bloom & Freeling in Boca Raton, Florida.  Born and raised in New York, we discussed why Jonathan decided to forego the opportunity to work at the family collection business in order to to follow his dreams and carve out a path of his own.  Jonathan shared with us why he left the practice of law in New York City to move to Florida where he suddenly found himself working full time while studying for the bar exam.  Boca Raton is now home and he never looked back.

Jun 25

43 min 15 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 46 featuring Alessandra Ocampo, Principal Lawyer at Vantage Law in Toronto, Ontario.  We caught up Alessandra, approximately two years after her feature on Lawyer Stories, and dove deeper into her journey.  Alessandra knew from a very young age she wanted to be an entrepreneur, went to law school in Gold Coast, Australia, and now manages her own firm.  Alessandra tells us to never give up, don't compare yourself to anyone and be open to opportunity!

Jun 18

39 min 8 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 45 featuring Joshua Goldberg, Founder and Principal Lawyer at Joshua Goldberg Law in Toronto, Ontario.  We discuss Joshua's lawyer story and what it was like to spend five years in Asia, Australia and Africa before settling down to the practice of law.  We further talk about why Joshua started his own firm and the reasons he feels his clients describe him as dedicated, compassionate and experienced.  

Jun 9

37 min 21 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 44 featuring Leo Shalit, Founding Partner of Jacobs, Layliev, Graham & Shalit in New York.  We discuss Leo's move from Saint Petersburg, Russia to the United States at a young age and what turn of events prompted Leo to become a lawyer rather than a dentist.  We further discuss what Leo's experience in combat sports is like and how he continues to "Move the Mountain."

Jun 1

40 min 55 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 43 featuring Edward Lake, Founding Partner of The Lake Law Firm, Gacovino Lake, and Founder of Persist Communications Software.  We discuss Ed's time in the garment district of New York City, his years working in sales and making the transition into law school.  We also discuss Ed's book on mass torts and why he founded Persist Communications, a communications software providing interactive voice response (IVR) software, network and marketing services for law firms, specializing in mass torts.

May 23

39 min 43 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 42 featuring Kyle Newman, third-generation plaintiff's personal injury attorney at James Newman P.C. in Bronx, New York.  We discuss Kyle's lawyer story and how he achieved a victorious jury verdict fresh out of law school, propelling him into his successful career as a trial attorney.  We also discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the courts of New York and the practice of law and some advice for young and aspiring trial lawyers.

May 13

39 min 47 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 41 featuring Sankeetha Selvarajah, attorney, investor and consultant.  Sankeetha is the Managing Attorney and Shareholder of Selvarajah Law P.C., a practice with an emphasis on general business law and mergers and acquisitions.  We discuss Sankeetha's lawyer story and how she nearly attended medical school but shifted her focus and found her true calling with the law.  We also discuss what it is like to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur.  

May 4

41 min 25 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 40 featuring Mitra Ahouraian, founder and principal attorney at Ahouraian Law, a full-service corporate and entertainment law firm based in Los Angeles, California.  We discuss Mitra's lawyer story and how self-determination has always played a major role in her life.  Mitra is known for offering fierce but fair legal counsel that is personal and attentive at her firm where creativity and intellect meet.

Apr 22

39 min 57 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 39 featuring Eloa J. Celedon, Principal Attorney at Celedon Law in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  We discuss Eloa's experience relocating from Brazil to Massachusetts with her Chilean parents and living her life dedicated to the service of other people.  This experience led Eloa to become the owner of her own law firm with a main focus on Immigration Law.  Eloa makes it her mission to build meaningful relationships with her clients and the community.

Apr 13

45 min 48 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 38 featuring Ali Katz, Founder/CEO at New Law Business Model + Eyes Wide Open Life.  We discuss graduating first in her class at Georgetown Law, entering big law before leaving to start her own law firm, which she grew from scratch into a 7-figure business in just 3 years.  Further, we talk about The New Law Business Model and how this approach to the practice of law is enabling lawyers to enjoy a great living, a flexible schedule, and a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction.

Apr 5

57 min 22 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 37 featuring Brian LaBovick, Founder & CEO at LaBovick Law Group, Warriors for Justice, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Brian recalls his first experience in the courtroom as a high schooler cross examining a police officer and the subsequent meeting in the judge's chamber that led to his revelation that being a trial lawyer was the only path for him.  We discuss Brian's new book Not a Good Neighbor,  A Lawyer's Guide to Beating Big Insurance by Settling Your Own Auto Accident Case. Brian fights to win and loves punching the bullies back!

Mar 24

42 min 43 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 36 featuring Danielle Snell, Co-Founder & Principal at Elit Lawyers by McGirr & Snell in Melbourne, Australia.  We discuss Danielle's lawyer story and how the senior litigator pivoted after 15 years at a firm to launch her own in the midst of a global pandemic while seven months pregnant.  Danielle tells us about her passion for promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in the practice of law and for challenging the traditional law firm model to provide a more transparent and authentic legal service to clients.  Danielle encourages us all to follow our gut instinct.

Mar 16

49 min 40 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 35 featuring Siddharth Marwah, Senior Associate at Khaitan & Co in New Delhi, India.  We discuss Siddharth's profound interest in corporate law and private equity deals and why he pursued that area of law when his grandfather was a reputable senior criminal advocate.  We also discuss Siddharth's campaign and whether or not he will pursue politics in the future.  Furthermore, we talk about Siddharth's empathy and desire to help as many people as he possibly can and what he has already done to achieve that noble goal.

Mar 2

51 min 20 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 34 featuring entrepreneur Aaron Siddique, attorney at The Siddique Law Firm, PLLC in Bedford, Texas.  We discuss Aaron's lawyer story, his personal injury practice, how he got involved with Social Media Influencer Law and the importance of it in today's society.  We also talk about the Ryan Siddique Scholarship Fund - Creating More Awareness About Epilepsy - that was launched in honor of Aaron's late brother Ryan.

Feb 22

42 min 41 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 33 featuring Allen Rubenstein, Of Counsel at Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C.  We discuss Dr.  Rubenstein's longstanding interest in science and physics which led to a successful legal career specializing in intellectual property law, particularly involving advanced technology.  We further discuss how Dr. Rubenstein stays current with rapidly changing technology and some of the most interesting technological advances he's seen over the course of his career.

Feb 13

57 min 19 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 32 featuring Noam Cohen, Founding Partner at CGL LLP, a new type of law firm that values quality, autonomy, and humanity.  We talk about Noam's transition from big law to CGL and how CGL delivers exceptional legal service while being dedicated to the well-being of attorneys.

Feb 5

46 min 54 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 31 featuring Theresa E. Viera, attorney and founder at Modern Legal in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We discuss how growing up in an environment of domestic violence influenced Theresa's passion to change how the community handles family legal matters.  Over many years of practicing law with a focus on Family Law, Theresa has been able to help hundreds of clients and their families find healthy solutions by utilizing the law.

Jan 27

41 min 43 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 30 featuring Ankit Kapoor, founding partner of Cohen Stine Kapoor LLP.  We shared Ankit's lawyer story on Instagram and Facebook on October 23, 2017 when he was working full time as a New York City Police Officer, while attending Brooklyn Law School as an evening student.  We catch up with Ankit and discuss the transition from police officer to attorney  to founding partner of a law firm and why matrimonial and family law was a good fit for him.

Jan 19

44 min 6 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 29 featuring Ydelmis Cutino, law student at WMU-Cooley Law School Tampa Bay Campus.  We discuss how Ms. Cutino received an associates degree at the age of 17 and her bachelor's degree at the age of 18.  Ms. Cutino shares why she believes everyone should live towards their true potential and true purpose and invest in themselves and their minds everyday.

Jan 10

38 min 39 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 28, featuring Ali Awad, Founding Attorney of Ali Awad Law, P.C., in Atlanta, GA. We discuss the Forbes Featured Injury Attorney's extraordinary lawyer story, and how his many entrepreneurial endeavors led him to become one of the youngest and most successful injury attorneys in the profession. Mr. Awad has also become a pillar of our social media legal community (@ceolawyer.)

Dec 2020

1 hr 3 min

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 27 fearing Christine Han, Founder and Managing Attorney of Han Law Group in Aurora, Colorado.  We discuss Ms. Han's lawyer story, how entrepreneurship runs in her family and why she felt Family Law, Criminal Defense and Immigration Law were a good fit for her practice.  

Dec 2020

42 min 2 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 26, featuring Leon Del Canto.  Mr. Del Canto leads Del Canto Chambers International Tax & Legal team and is a tax qualified English Barrister and Spanish Abogado and works with solicitors and auditors all around the world.  We discuss Mr. Del Canto's lawyer story and how he became the first person to be called to the bar in both Spain (1999), and England (2006.)

Dec 2020

43 min 25 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 25, featuring Edwina Elcox, Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney.  Edwina has earned the nickname "The Pitbull in Heels," because of her fierce advocacy for her clients.  We discuss Edwina's path to becoming a lawyer and how she is available for her clients day and night.

Nov 2020

47 min 31 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 24, featuring Jason Lazarus, Founder and CEO of Synergy Settlements.  Jason's written work is widely published and his thought leadership in Medicare compliance has been cited by Federal courts and Florida courts including the Florida Supreme Court.  We discuss his recently released book called The Art of Settlement: A Lawyer's Guide to Regulatory Compliance When Resolving Catastrophic Claims.

Nov 2020

53 min 38 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 23, featuring Tamara Freeze, founding shareholder of Workplace Justice Advocates in Irvine and Beverly Hills, California.  We discuss Tamara's exclusive focus on employee's rights and why she transitioned from Big Law to her own law practice.

Nov 2020

38 min 26 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 22, featuring Molly Parmer - Criminal Defense Attorney, adjunct professor at Emory Law, and Court TV analyst.  We discuss Molly's unique childhood and how her parents taught her the dangers of over-criminalization and unfettered police powers.  Molly was encouraged to question authority, fight for rights, and defend individual liberties.

Oct 2020

51 min 40 sec

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 21, featuring Todd Burnham, the Founding Partner of Burnham Law.  We discuss Todd's journey to the law and his proclivity for entrepreneurship.  Todd tells us about being a tenacious client advocate and the importance of emotional intelligence.

Oct 2020

43 min 50 sec