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Welcome to Trey & Lea's Podcast on marriage and family topics. Trey and Lea have been married over 30 years. They have a large following on social media, and conduct their "Stronger Marriage" and “Stronger Families” workshops all over the United States. They get to talk to thousands of couples yearly about healthy marriages and families. They are the authors of the book "10 WAYS TO A STRONGER MARRIAGE" available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. You can learn more about Trey & Lea from their webpage:

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One of the most powerful things you have in your home that promotes relationships, family growth and healthy relationships is the family dinner table. YET ... more and more family are not using it. Join us this week as we look at the REASONS to keep eating around the family table. Support the show (

Dec 1

29 min 51 sec

Protect your intimacy in your marriage and don't let ANY of these things sneak in and kill you sex life. Support the show (

Nov 18

32 min 46 sec

1. How to learn to say no.2. Keep it simple.3. Depend on the village.4. Seek joy.5. Take care of yourself. 6. Don't sweat the small stuff. Support the show (

Nov 10

32 min 32 sec

Here are the 10 needs we discussed in no particular order. Work through them with your spouse...1.   ____ Sexual Fulfillment 2.   ____ Affection 3.   ____ Financial Support4.   ____ Domestic Support5.   ____Recreational Companionship6.   ____Conversation7.   ____ Openness and Honesty8.   ____ Family Commitment9.   ____ Attractiveness of Spouse 10.                 ____ Admiration Support the show (

Nov 3

35 min 22 sec

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Oct 27

26 min 33 sec

In this episode we cover ...How do I know I married the right person?Are soulmates real?Is there one person for every person in the world?Singles: 2 things you need to know before getting married.Can I fall out of love?Is love a feeling or an action? Support the show (

Oct 20

29 min 8 sec

7 Things That Are OUT OF BOUNDS in Marriage1.    Hurting your spouse on purpose.  2.    Withholding sex (or any other need) as punishment.3.    Talking bad about your spouse to other people.4.    _________________ your spouse.5.    Allowing other people to _______________________ about your spouse. 6.    Keeping secrets from your spouse.7.    ______________________________ at your spouse.  Support the show (

Oct 13

24 min 26 sec

There is SO much debate over this question ... here's our thoughts. Our answer may surprise you. Support the show (

Oct 1

31 min 14 sec

5 things for husbands and 5 things for wives. Support the show (

Sep 22

23 min 36 sec

1. Make sex  M _______________  S________________.2. Say "yes" more than you say "no."3. Try ______________ things. 4. Be sexually ________________________.5. Both initiate often.6. ________________ nice for your spouse.7. __________________ only after your spouse8. Don't obsess about how you _______________.9. Flirt.10. Be naked with _____________________. Support the show (

Sep 15

24 min 13 sec

Today we are challenging you to take the 5-Day Marriage Makeover Challenge with us.  This will BLESS your marriage. Here's some hints to what you'll find here ...FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS DO THESE 5 THINGS ...1. Zero Criticism for the Next 5 Days. 2. Spend 20-30 minutes in Conversation Each Day for the Next 5 Days3. Be ___________________ Each Day for the Next 5 Days.4. ____________________ Together Everyday for the Next 5 Days.5. Send Your Spouse a Sweet Text (or write them a sweet note) Each Day for the Next 5 Days. You got this. Let us know if you did the challenge with us ... TreyMorgan@msn.comSupport the show (

Aug 31

23 min 1 sec

Healthy marriages include dating. It's so important to your marriage it should have been included in your wedding vows.  When you regularly date your spouse you're telling them that they are a priority in your life.Many couples stop going on dates once they get married and then wonder what happened to that original love they had for one another.Support the show (

Aug 25

25 min 14 sec

1.     Stop correcting your spouse in public.2.    Stop putting your marriage on auto pilot.3.     Stop treating your spouse like they are a child.4.     Stop think your spouse should know what you need.5.     Stop pretending like everything is fine. 6.     Stop purposely getting under your spouse’s skin.7.     Stop being critical of your spouse to others.  8.     Stop making your spouse the butt of your jokes. 9.     Stop checking out people who aren’t your spouse.     Support the show (

Aug 18

24 min 2 sec

10 great phrases you should be saying in your marriage. Support the show (

Aug 5

23 min 32 sec

This was such a fun episode. Flirting 101. May you never stop flirting in your marriage. Support the show (

Jul 29

30 min 10 sec

1. Stop lying and strive for honesty.2. COMPLETELY STOP watching porn and stay away from anything that draws you towards it.  3. Take complete responsibility for your mistakes. 4. Answer questions. 5. Be patient as your partner rebuilds trust. 6. Be Open. 7. Make your partner feel #1 again. 8. Take the opportunity to refresh your relationship.9. Consider a break from intimacy to restore the spark. 10. NEVER do this again. Consider getting a marriage book to read with your spouse. Start trying to strengthen your marriage again. Watch these videos by Terry Crews: There are seven videos called Dirty Little Secret (part 1 – 7) Support the show (

Jul 21

23 min 51 sec

1. Don't wait until their is a problem.2. Find accountability.3. Find online accountability. 4. Set boundaries with your cell phones.5. Remove the things that tempt you.6. Guard your eyes and mind.7. Be sexually generous in your marriage. Support the show (

Jul 14

27 min 5 sec

Did you know more people log on to porn sites everyday than they do Netflix, Twitter and Amazon ... combined? Porn is NOT harmless!  1. Porn breaks trust in marriage.2. Porn keeps you from being intimate. 3. Porn causes self-esteem issues with both spouses.4. Porn is selfish and lazy. 5. Porn causes performance problems in your sexlife.6. Porn causes dissatisfaction in marriage. 7. Porn causes marital infidelity to go up 300%.8. Porn is linked to depression, stress and anxiety. 9. Porn alters your brain. 10. Porn is demeaning. Many of the statistics quoted in this podcast can be found here: the show (

Jul 7

32 min 3 sec

How temptation works in marriage.How to avoid unfaithfulness in your marriage. 4 ways to defend your marriage against temptation. Support the show (

Jun 23

22 min 29 sec

You fell in love because you communicated ... and you'll remain in love for the same reason. Support the show (

Jun 17

31 min 7 sec

What a fun episode .... here are 7 Ways to Show the World You are Proud of your SPOUSE.Support the show (

Jun 4

23 min 32 sec

Whoever said "Love means not having to say your sorry," is probably divorced today. There are no perfect marriages, so apologizing is a part of marriage ... and so is forgiving. Today we talk how to apologize and how to forgive ... in marriage. We hope you enjoy. Support the show (

May 26

32 min 27 sec

We're talking 8 really bad marriage myths in this episode. Things you've probably been told that are false. Don't believe them. Support the show (

May 19

25 min 11 sec

Don’t fall into the rut of being so busy that you collapse in bed from exhaustion every night. Also, don’t spend every night just sitting in your chair until you fall asleep. Instead, spend a couple of nights a week nurturing your relationship.  Here are 10 ideas we talk about in this episode: 1. Turn it off to turn it on.2. Pick out a movie night.3. Talk about what?4. Lock that door.5. It starts in the kitchen with FOOD. 6. Take it outside.7. Make it a massage night.8. Pick out a game.9. Take a bath.10. Be romantic. Support the show (

May 12

20 min 18 sec

Sex can be one of the greatest things in your marriage when it’s going well ... at the same time, it can be one of the most frustrating things when things aren’t clicking. Topics covered on this episode ... * Reasons for a sexless marriage.* In many marriages wives have a higher sex drive than their husband. * How to meet in the middle on frequency. * How to better communicate your sexual needs.* Benefits in your marriage of a healthy sex life.Link to Sexless Marriage Episode: the show (

May 5

29 min 52 sec

Things discussed in this episode... 5 Compliments to 1 Criticism drops the divorce rate to 12%. But what if my personality tends to be negative, shouldn't they love me for who I am?1. Close your mouth - 2. Focus on the positives not negatives - 3. Start a gratitude journal. 4. Don't take negativity too personal.5. Don't be hypersensitive to a negative spouse. Personality Plus Book Mentioned: the show (

Apr 29

27 min 51 sec

Feel like you are drifting apart? Need to reconnect? Here are 5 Things we discuss in detail that you can do to RECONNECT with your spouse. 1. Fall Back into Friendship. 2. Reconnect Intellectually by talking.3. Give your spouse daily affirmations and compliments.4. Reconnect Sexually.5. Connect Spiritually. Date Night Questions from Point 2:What is your favorite memory of dating me?What is one of your favorite features of me?What is one of your favorite sexual memories of ours?What is something I do for you that you really like?What did you want to be when you grew up?What all do you remember about our first date?Which of your parents are you most like?Which of our kids are most like you?What’s my best physical feature?What do you like most that I do in bed?What’s your favorite time of day to be intimate?Do you like kissing or hugging more?When did you know you really liked me?What do you think we need to work on in our marriage?If you got sick, do you think I would be there to care for you?When did you know you wanted to kiss me?What’s your favorite non-sex activity that we do together?As a child, did you trust both of your parents?What is your favorite thing I ever did for a special occasion for you?Where have you always wanted to travel?What was your favorite class in HS?Who was your first crush? Here's the link to Recreational Enjoyment Inventory lists:  Support the show (

Apr 21

26 min 49 sec

No one enters marriage thinking they will have an affair, yet how do so many slide into infidelity so easily?  93% of affairs begin with a simple friendship. If you have locked your spouse out of your phone to hide messages you're sending to someone of the opposite sex, or if you're deleting those texts so your spouse won't find them ... you're not headed towards cheating ... you're already there.  A healthy marriage is a marriage that doesn’t hide things from one another. Honesty is the main foundations of having a great marriage.Support the show (

Apr 14

35 min 55 sec

Daily Marriage Check List: 1. Kiss good morning.2. Text each other throughout the day.3. Do something _______________.4. Have uninterrupted conversation.5. __________________ together. 6. Laugh together7. Make some __________________.8. _____________ on _______________together. 9. Kiss goodnight10. Go to bed at the same time.Repeat tomorrow.   Support the show (

Apr 1

21 min

Are phones intimacy killers or a relational blessing? The answer is both. It is important to study the role that cell phones have in our marriage and how we can make sure they provide an effective, supportive role in our marriage.Here are some DO's and some DON'Ts on using cellphones in your marriage. Support the show (

Mar 24

29 min 22 sec

1. Always remember you are on the same team.2. Seek first to understand, and THEN to be understood.3. Don't get ______________________. 4. _______________________ and ____________________ are essential.5. Seek help when you come to an impasse. Support the show (

Mar 10

26 min 40 sec

All marriages ups and downs ... and conflicts. The absence of conflict is not a sign of a healthy marriage, but a sign that both partners have disengaged from working on their differences.How you handle this makes or breaks your marriage. Support the show (

Mar 4

29 min 24 sec

Part two ... last week's was "How to be Your Wife's Best Friend" ... Friendship is one of the keys to a strong marriage and as a wife there are things you can do to be your husband's best friend. LIKE ...1. Do things with him he likes to do.2. Be his __________________________.3. Be his biggest cheerleader. 4. ________________________ for him. 5. Don't constantly be annoyed by him. 6. Be __________________________ to him.7. Laugh at his jokes. Support the show (

Feb 26

25 min 49 sec

1. Give her your time.2. Be interested in what she's interested in. 3. Talk to her.4. Be T_______________________5. Be loyal.6. L_____________ a H_______________ hand7. E________________ and A________________ her8. Appreciated your marriage and friendship. Support the show (

Feb 20

25 min 7 sec

Things covered in this podcast ... What is considered a sexless marriage?How often should a married couple be having sex?Why sex is important in marriage?What if I'm too tired?What if there has been infidelity?What if my spouse isn't meeting my needs sexually?Why porn is a HUGE contributor to a sexless marriage.What if there are healthy issues?My spouse NEVER initiates.Co-sleeping with children. Support the show (

Feb 12

33 min 59 sec

Valentine's Day is a GREAT time to rekindle romance in your marriage. Be intentional about nurturing your marriage. There are traditional and non-traditional ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Here are some of our ideas ... Don't forget to visit Support the show (

Feb 3

36 min 41 sec

Don't overlook these amazing marriage tips no one is talking about.  We cover them in detail ... and explain them. No matter what it is you’re doing, always let your spouse know they are welcome to be a part of it. Include your spouse by asking them if they want to go ... even though you know they might not.  Don’t just assume they know that they are welcome to go, ask them.  Spend time together without your kids.Go to bed at the same time. Don’t stop making an effort to _________ your spouse.  Learn your spouse's _____________ and then strive to meet them.Watch for unobvious threats . Support the show (

Jan 27

32 min 20 sec

1. Thank God for your Marriage & Family2. Ask God to Bless yours Spouse and you as a Spouse3. Ask God to give you _______________ as Parents.4. Pray for your Children.5. Pray for your _______________ together as Husband and Wife.6. Ask God to Protect your Family7. Ask God to help you not be critical. Support the show (

Jan 22

25 min 1 sec

TIME TO GET NAKED in your marriage ... Did you know in Genesis 2:25, it says, "Adam and Eve were both naked and they felt no shame."That word "NAKED" means "UNCOVERED," ... and uncovered means more than just naked, it means they were totally "bare" with one another .... there was nothing hidden from one another. God created marriage where you are to be "uncovered" with one another. Nothing hidden ... no secrets. No secret friendships, text messages, Facebook friends, etc.When someone tells us, "My spouse won't let me see their cellphone," it tells us that their spouse is doing something they shouldn't. Don't hide things from your spouse ... not purchases, friendships, cellphones, passwords, etc. The healthiest marriages are open, honest and keep NO secrets. Have a marriage that is "uncovered." That's how God created it.Interestingly enough ... if you know the story, after Adam and Eve sinned they immediately "covered" themselves with fig leaves. In marriage, when sin enters, nakedness leaves. Protect your trust and your nakedness in your marriage.Support the show (

Jan 13

28 min 28 sec

I few years ago I spent a little time with a man that was a millionaire. I think he was the first millionaire I’d ever met. I'll admit I was a bit in awe of him when I found out how much money he had. He told me about his plane, his multiple houses and other things that had me in awe.He said something to me that I'll never forget. His words literally rocked my world and made me rethink everything that I thought was important. His words still made me have chills. You want to know what he said? Listen to this podcast. Support the show (

Jan 8

11 min 45 sec

10 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR MARRIAGE1. SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER. Make a commitment to spend more time together this year. One of the best things you can do is commit to a weekly date night with your spouse. This may take you sitting down together with your spouse and planning out your schedule.2. BRAG ON YOUR SPOUSE REGULARLY. Any old lame critic can pick out someone’s faults; instead focus on pointing out your spouse’s strengths.3. BE MORE SEXUAL. Touch, flirt, hug and have sex together. Make your marriage sizzle, and as one author put it, “A married couple’s sex-life is a great measuring stick of how their relationship is doing.” A healthy sex-life most often equals a healthy marriage.4. PRAY TOGETHER. Men, this is where you MUST step up and be a man. Take the lead on this and do it. Your wife will love you for it.5. DON'T BE HISTORICAL. Fight fair. Don’t bring up past hurts and things you’ve already forgiven your spouse of.6. CHECK IN. It’s respectful to check with your spouse and let them know where you are, what you are doing and when you might be home.7. HAVE ONE MEAL A DAY TOGETHER. Turn off the electronics and just visit with your spouse and your children.8. DON'T GO TO BED ANGRY WITH ONE ANOTHER. Simple enough.9. FORGIVE. The key to being successful in real estate is location, location, location. The key to being successful in marriage is forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Marriage is made up of two imperfect faulty people. We make mistakes … so learn to forgive.10. DATE. Date night should be a regular weekly activity if it's not already. We hear couples say all the time, "We had so much fun when we were dating," and we always reply, "Why have you stopped?" Date ... it's fuel for your marriage.TreyAndLea.comSupport the show (

Dec 2020

22 min 10 sec

How do you overcome an affair in marriage? Once trust is broken, can it be reestablished?Do you just forget and move on?What role does God play in reconnecting?All these things you'll hear address on this week's podcast episode, where you will meet Chris & Tracey. You are going to want to hear their amazing marriage story! They met in 1988, got married ... divorced ... and then remarried.  They survived an affair to build a great marriage. Their marriage story will inspire you. Take time to give it a listen today.Support the show (

Dec 2020

41 min 18 sec

Order our new book here ... the show (

Dec 2020

27 min 55 sec

10 Ways To Deal With A One Sided Marriage!Here's the link to our book: the show (

Dec 2020

25 min 42 sec

It's Thanksgiving week. Let's spend a few minutes being Thankful for marriage. Here's our list. AND #18 sure caught Lea off guard. 😜LOL Support the show (

Nov 2020

23 min 9 sec

Flirting with someone other than your spouse.Confiding in the opposite sex. Spending time alone with someone else.Talking negatively about your spouse. Chatting on the internet with someone of the opposite sex.Dressing to attract the attention of someone other than your spouse.Texting someone of the opposite sex. Not being a willing sexual partner with your spouse. Putting your parents, friends or children before your spouse. Support the show (

Nov 2020

27 min 20 sec


Nov 2020

25 min 48 sec

1.  Brag on me please.2.  I wish you'd initiate sex more often. I don't like to beg.3.  Come do some stuff  with me that I like to do. 4.  Dress up for me please.5.  Remind me often that I’m a good dad.6.  I'd like a little free time. 7.  Appreciate me. 8.  Please don’t mother me. 9.  I love your body and would like to see it more often. 10.  Let me be your hero. Support the show (

Oct 2020

30 min 18 sec

1.  To Feel Loved and appreciated2.  Try to understand me3.  Talk to me & give me your attention4.  Plan the date night5.  Affection6.  Help with Daily Tasks (chores, kids, etc)7.  Take care of your body8.  I love it when you protect me.9.  Don’t be selfish sexually10.   Let’s go have some fun. Support the show (

Oct 2020

28 min 19 sec

Talking a fun and "spicy" topic today in marriage. EVERY marriage should be doing this. Support the show (

Oct 2020

29 min 39 sec