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Capping off our Grateful sermon series, we have Pastor Nathan who will talk about the value of time, how it is truly a blessing, and ways we can live in appreciation for it.

Nov 28

28 min 32 sec

Thanksgiving is almost here! What are you thankful for this year? Pastor Nathan and Pastor Shino are bringing the word and will highlight how we can show our gratitude for people and relationships we are blessed with.

Nov 21

30 min 58 sec

Our new sermon series Grateful starts with Pastor Nathan bringing the message, and Pastor Kaz sharing about how the spiritual discipline of gratitude has impacted his life.

Nov 14

42 min 20 sec

Hello Church, welcome! Thank you for joining us online and we hope to see you in our in-person services soon. Today is the last installment of our Month of Miracles sermon series and Pastor Ron will encourage us with a word from the book of John on how to overcome and keep our faith amidst any storm.

Nov 7

33 min 42 sec

We are on the third week of our series on miracles, and Bonny will be encouraging us to believe for a miracle in our hand. Are you ready to offer what you have to the Lord and receive your miracle?

Oct 31

24 min 6 sec

Are you believing God for a miracle in your family, in your house? Pastor Ron will be bringing in the word, the second installment of our Month of Miracles sermon series. We hope you be encouraged to be in great faith and believe for God to perform miracles in your own homes.

Oct 24

33 min 13 sec

We are starting a new series entitled Month of Miracles and to kick it off, our very own Pastor Shino will be encouraging us to claim, hold on to and rejoice over God’s promises. Be blessed!

Oct 17

24 min 5 sec

Hello Church! We hope you are enjoying the cooler days of this new season. Be expectant to hear from the Lord through our very own Pastors Nathan and Shino, who will be delivering the word together, together.

Oct 10

25 min 16 sec

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in the midst of our current situation or your personal circumstances? We hope the word to be shared by Pastor Shino would help enlighten you about God’s purpose for each of us, for such a time as this.

Oct 3

22 min 26 sec

We are on the second week of learning about living life in community in our Together series. Pastor Ron will talk about how being together changes lives. Be blessed!

Sep 26

29 min 51 sec

Pastor Nathan will be bringing the word through his sermon entitled Secondhand Religion vs. First Hand Relationship. We pray we all get a fuller understanding of the relationship God desires from each of us as we learn from His Word today.

Sep 5

36 min 18 sec

Have you ever been passionate about anything? About learning or achieving something? Our teaching brought by Pastor Shino will encourage us to be passionate about knowing God and His Word. Let us keep coming back to our first love, Jesus, the Word.

Aug 29

18 min 39 sec

We are on our 12th week of our sermon series Living It, and we hope you’ve been learning a lot with us about being empowered by God’s Word in our everyday lives. Pastor Nathan will be bringing the word through his preaching entitled Provoked By Idols.

Aug 15

30 min 20 sec

Our very own Ailsa Lewis will be bringing the word as we continue with our sermon series entitled Living It. Be expectant as we hear about being equipped and charged as followers of Christ.

Aug 8

24 min 15 sec

Hello, Church! Although we have our services still available online for you, we do hope to see you in our in-person services! Pastor Shino brings another installment from our series Living It, encouraging us on how to seize our moment

Aug 1

23 min 24 sec

We hope you are enjoying summer so far. As we continue on our series Living It, we are encouraged in God’s Word that we were created and cut out for God’s beautiful purposes. Look forward to hearing more about it as Pastor Nathan brings in the word today.

Jul 25

32 min 57 sec

Welcome, Church! So glad you’re here. We hope you would see more of how our God is such a merciful and gracious Father, as Pastor Shino talks about Him being a God who gives second chances.

Jul 19

18 min 33 sec

Hello Church, welcome! We are still on our Living It sermon series and Pastor Shino will be bringing the word and will share about real power which comes only from our one true powerful God.

Jul 11

19 min 49 sec

Hello Church, we hope you are loving and learning a lot from our series Living It, and appreciating more the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Pastor Ron will bring the word today about living to give.

Jun 27

28 min 38 sec

Hello and welcome! We are so glad you are here. As we continue on our sermon series entitled Living It, Pastor Ron will be reminding us why we should never underestimate how God’s grace can transform us into disciples and enable us to make disciples.

Jun 20

30 min 16 sec

Miracles are everywhere and can come in grand moments or in daily life breakthroughs. Let’s hear how we can acknowledge them more, live in them and declare them from Pastor Nathan who’s bringing the word.

May 30

33 min 23 sec

Pastor Nathan kickstarts our new series entitled Living It: The Book of Acts, where we will rediscover how to fully live out our relationship with God and the power of the Holy Spirit as individuals and the church. Expect to be equipped and empowered, Church!

May 23

33 min 32 sec

May 16

33 min 28 sec

In this message, we will hear more about the value of living life in community, in doing life together, from our very own Pastor Ron and Lynette Lewis, and special guests Dr. Michael and Alyssa Schaefer.

May 9

35 min 52 sec

Hello Church, so glad you are here! Prepare to be blessed with the Word - and some real good worship and declarations - from our guest minister Pastor James Lowe of our Every Nation Bethel World Outreach family.

May 2

39 min 6 sec

Hello and welcome! We are so glad you are here. Today, be expectant to hear from the Lord through Pastor Shino who will be talking about how Christ delivers us and how that brings about freedom. NEXT STEPS: GIVE: SUBSCRIBE: NEED PRAYER? Text 844-962-3110 INSTAGRAM: ABOUT EVERY NATION NYC Every Nation Church, New York was started in 2001 as a response to 9/11. We are here to help you know God, grow together, discover purpose, and make a difference in New York City and beyond. Every Nation NYC is led by Pastor Ron Lewis.

Apr 25

29 min 17 sec