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Denise Ganley

Where storytellers open up about the books that changed their lives.

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As a curious middle-school reader, Daisy Bateman picked up the Charlotte MacLeod murder mystery, Rest You Merry, in the place where all good books are found... her parents' bathroom. A lifelong love of mysteries ensued, resulting in firm opinions on who is allowed to play Hercule Poirot who is "by definition, not a man of action."

Aug 2020

39 min 9 sec

As a young mother living in Caracas and working as a journalist covering Latin America, Christina Hoag discovered the Feast of the Goat, a dramatization of the assassination of the dictator, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, who ruled the Dominican Republic for about 30 years with a very iron fist  This dark story about power run amuck and how power corrupts inspired her to write.

May 2020

49 min 12 sec

With a chaotic childhood and feeling like an outcast in her own family, Maegan Beaumont discovered Aerin Firehair the Dragonslayer, and found her own voice after seeing a strong female protagonist that didn't need other people to solve her problems.

Oct 2019

1 hr 6 min

At age 9, Barry Lyga may not have had silver eyes, telekinesis, or the ability to talk to animals, but just like Katie Welker, he felt like an outcast living in a new community while his parents were divorcing.

Mar 2019

1 hr 4 min

With a new school for 5th grade, a harsh teacher, and bullies afoot, author Karen Odden found comfort with a fish out of water heroine who faced similar challenges.

Feb 2019

1 hr 15 min

The first adult book that author Katy Grant read was a much loved American classic that lead her to wanting a Boo Radley living in her small town Tennessee neighborhood.

Feb 2019

1 hr 33 min

Author KA Bedford was gobsmacked at the discovery of this award winning Australian science fiction novel which helped him find his own voice in science fiction.

Jan 2019

41 min 56 sec

Author Deborah 'Nelle' Lewis shares how she really connected with Anne of Green Gables.

Dec 2018

1 hr 11 min

Author Bill Konigsberg discusses how he fell in love with Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin.

Dec 2018

57 min 3 sec

In this episode author Dharma Kelleher shares how the book Murder at the Nightwood Bar by Katherine V. Forrest changed her life.

Dec 2018

1 hr 10 min