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We're focusing on thoughtful conversations that we hope will inform and provide you with a small glimpse of the work performed by Portland police officers as well as issues affecting public safety in our city.

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Officers talk about their personal experiences during the current events happening in Portland, Oregon.

Aug 7

46 min

Chief Chuck Lovell provides updates on demonstrations as well as information on recent shootings occurring in the City of Portland.

Jul 31

27 min

Chief Lovell and Officer Jackson answer media questions following 40 days of demonstrations in Downtown Portland.

Jul 11

47 min

PPB continues its efforts in educating community members about the dangers of speed racing. Thieves are continuing to steal bikes during the pandemic. And an uptick in commercial burglaries. Transcript:

May 8

5 min

Lieutenant Tina Jones interviews Director Bob Cozzie from the Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications, Fire Marshal AJ Jackson from Portland Fire and Rescue, and has a conversation with Chief Jami Resch. Transcript:

May 4

42 min

On this special edition of the Talking Beat, Lieutenant Tina Jones talks to representatives from the Portland Police Bureau's Bike Theft Task Force as well as burglary and robbery detectives. She also interviews the Portland Police Bureau's Homeless Outreach liaison and sergeant from the Gun Violence Reduction Unit and chief, Jami Resch. Hear how this unusual time has affected their jobs and what it means in regard to public safety in their respective units. Transcript:

Apr 20

52 min

The Portland Police Bureau is dedicated to protecting and serving the people of Portland. We will continue to do so during this public health emergency. Due to the ever-changing situation, PPB continues to adapt and modify our procedures to limit exposure without interrupting the high level of service provided to our community. Transcript:

Apr 6

9 min

Lt. Tina Jones moderates a question and answer panel with various members of the Portland Police Bureau, the Sunshine Division and Chief Jami Resch regarding how COVID-19 has impacted their work.

Apr 3

63 min

Chief Jami Resch answers questions regarding the Police Bureau's response during the COVID-19 outbreak. Transcript:

Mar 21

30 min

The Portland Police Bureau is expanding our online reporting system; Name changes to some PPB units and divisions; The Gun Violence Reduction Team will be using door hangers; and a new K9 in our Narcotics unit. Transcript:

Mar 9

12 min

Stephanie is the Portland Police Bureau's homeless liaison. This is a new position that was created in the 2018/2019 budget. Stephanie officially started in August 2019 and this is our first opportunity to sit down and talk to her about this position, what it's about and what the future holds. "Historically, law enforcement hasn't played the role of doing outreach and connecting people with resources. We as a police agency do a very good job helping people on the street get connected to resources if they're interested in getting resources. This position is important because it allows the police bureau to have somebody to respond to what are we doing as a city as a whole and as a county as a whole, and to be able to be the representative for the Portland Police Bureau and be able to have that information at the ready for things like policy changes internally or training needs." - Stephanie Herro Transcript:

Mar 2

16 min

In 2019, there were 426 reported incidents of gunfire in Portland, Oregon. 110 people were struck by gunfire during this time period as well, which means on average, every three days, an individual in the City of Portland is struck by gunfire. The Portland Police Bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team (GVRT) combines police investigations, technology and relationships with the community to respond to and help prevent further violence. Transcript:

Feb 6

30 min

The Department of Justice finds the City of Portland in substantial compliance; East Precinct Officers rescue three people from a burning car; PPB celebrates Black History Month; The Bike Theft Task Force asks you to please register your bike and Mark Your Calendars for future hiring events. More:

Jan 31

10 min

In this episode: The Portland Police Bureau has a new Chief, a look at how the Gun Violence Reduction Team keeps the community safe, Precinct Spotlight: East Precinct, the Bureau's new Wellness Program and an historic badge. Transcript:

Jan 7

9 min

Driving under the influence, or driving while impaired; whether it's alcohol, illegal drugs, marijuana, driving while impaired can and has killed on the streets of Portland. It's impact is far reaching from those who are injured or killed to those who are responsible. Sgt. Nick Newby talks about his experience being hit by a drunk driver.

Dec 2019

23 min

Driving Under the Influence, Active Shooter Response information, Package Theft from porches and cars and tips to avoid charity fraud. Transcript:

Dec 2019

9 min

The Portland Police Sunshine Division provides free emergency food and clothing to people in our community. We wanted to take a closer look at this long time agency and find out why police are involved, and how people can access it's services. Officer Matt Tobey acts as liaison between the Portland Police bureau and Kyle Camberg, is the Executive Director. Transcript:

Nov 2019

27 min

November is Fraud Awareness Month and the Portland Police Bureau would like to remind you that phone scams are a common way people are victimized by scammers. One popular scam is a caller impersonating police or sheriff departments.

Nov 2019

6 min

On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. In our own community, Portland police officers respond to domestic violence calls every day. Those calls are then turned over to a specialized unit. Transcript:

Oct 2019

22 min

This episode covers recent Traffic Missions, Street Racing, Bias Crimes and the work of the Gun Violence Reduction Team. Transcript:

Sep 2019

7 min

Go inside the Portland Police Bureau's Sexual Assault Unit to find out about sexual assaults and the innovative work that being is done. "The one thing that is important for victims of sexual assault to know is that you're going to be heard and your voice is going to be powerful. Yes, we do like to arrest rapists, and that is a focal point of our unit, but the victim advocacy portion combined with an investigation, I think, is the best model. It's the most progressive model out there today." - Det. Daul Links and Transcript:

Sep 2019

40 min

Every year the City of Portland has hundreds of demonstrations and protests. Most end peacefully and do not make the news, but recent violent encounters have raised the public interest as well as provide a few misconceptions. Go behind the scenes to find out what it takes to plan for and manage a large scale demonstration in the City of Portland. Transcript:

Aug 2019

27 min

Chief Daniel Outlaw provides some perspective on how recent large scale events have affected the City of Portland and the Portland Police Bureau. Transcript:

Aug 2019

22 min

Transcript: What drugs are in Portland, how do they get on our streets or in our communities, and what is the Drugs and Vice Division doing about it? Commander Art Nakamura leads the division, which we commonly call DVD. They are responsible for investigating drug trafficking organizations and money laundering. Also: Can you report a bad driver after the fact to Police? And how many Officer Involved Shootings happen in Portland?

Jun 2019

22 min

Transcript: Portland has three precincts, Central, East, and North precinct. Police Commanders for each precinct provide some insights into what is going on in each of their precincts and some of the creative strategies they're using to address crime.

Jun 2019

38 min

Transcript: The Behavioral Health Unit coordinates the Police Bureau's response to people in behavioral crisis, whether it's from a suspected mental illness or a drug and alcohol addiction or both. Also we answer the question: "Is the thin blue line a counter to Black Lives Matter?"

May 2019

25 min

Transcript: Traffic a popular topic for officers at community meetings and whether you travel by vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, foot, bus, streetcar, MAX train or scooter, you're navigating Portland's roads with a lot of other users out on the road as well. Our Portland police traffic officers two are here today to talk about all issues. Also we answer the question: Why do police park on the sidewalk, block MAX tracks or block traffic when responding to calls?

May 2019

37 min

Transcript: The Portland police bureau currently faces that critical staffing shortage as retirements come in large ways, the bureau faces more than 100 vacancies. Next year, in August, 2020, another large retirement is expected to occur. That's why today we're talking about everything recruitment and hiring. We also listen in on a seasoned officer's conversation with a new recruit.

May 2019

33 min

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