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Eleanor(she/her) is a New York-based artist, educator, and arts administrator. Her interdisciplinary practice explores the experience of the Black Diasporic female body in the united states of amerikkka through the examination and deconstruction of historical and contemporary narratives. She is interested in the public, private, and civic negotiations of race, gender, and class in addition to the effect and practice of violence, and surveillance on the body. This hybrid work exists as performance, video, and photography, poetry/spoken word, collaborative education, educational collaboration, installation, & writing but often draws on other methods such as social practice, and design. Eleanor is originally from Maine and has a BS in Video Production from the New England School of  Communications (2007), an MFA from the University of Maine (2018), and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2018.   /  @elfelicia 

Dec 3

39 min 57 sec

Jeff sits down with Warren Ross, President & Chairman of Ross Group at their downtown Tulsa headquarters to hear his reflections about the importance of their connection to downtown and to the city as a whole and about what the company's mission and vision mean to him at a deeper level.He also shares about his life journey and career and how he got started in the construction business and about some very formative lessons that he has learned along the way.

Dec 3

57 min 55 sec

In the Spring of 2019, I sat down with real estate investor and developer Gary Brooks at his office in Bricktown to have a deeper conversation about his experiences with historic The First National Center project in downtown OKC and what it has meant to him. He reflects about the very positive and supportive responses that he has received from current and former residents of Oklahoma City and some of their family members since this project was announced to the public and since the renovation work has begun. At that time, it was the largest historic renovation project to date in the State Of Oklahoma.

Nov 27

28 min 3 sec

About GabrielaI am a Tulsa based photographer originally from East Los Angeles, CA.I enjoy capturing lifes moments candidly. I enjoy photographing the world around me as I see it. Black and white prints are my favorite. To me it captures the essence and beauty of life.To learn more about Gabriela, visithttps://artsierthanwe.picfair.comInstagram-@artsierthanwe

Nov 11

55 min 13 sec

About Irie Blues:Photography is the portal to how my brain communicates life visually. Ever since mental health became an important element in my life, I have asked myself "How can I live a better life and remain at peace with the blues?" Presenting color psychology, light and harmony through the world of photography are my creative practices. By blending a multitude of elements to produce many forms of harmony are my experiments for socially conscious connections. I have been able to not only conduct these perspectives through photography, but through community events, where I am bridging artistic gaps and empowering others. Being a part of my local community drives my innovative spirit and empowers my artistic abilities, all while evolving individual artistry. To learn more about her and her work, visit

Nov 9

51 min 44 sec

Jeff sits down with Nicole Poole as she shares very deeply about her life journey, about her work in the community that is making love cool again in Oklahoma City through SPARK! and her pandemic street art, about her evolution as a human being, an artist, and as a creative changemaker.To learn more about Nicole and her projects, visithttps://www.nicolepoole.comTo learn about SPARK!visithttps://www.sparklahoma.comABOUT NICOLEI am a broker of delightful disruption hell-bent on making love cool again.After a couple of decades in NYC and a few years in Paris, I have returned to Oklahoma, where I seek opportunities to connect with other curious humans, create art, and initiate projects for the common good.  My background is multidisciplinary collaboration, where generosity and authentic response transcend discipline, language and culture. Spending decades in creative spaces governed by “I don’t know - let’s be lost together” has taught me that curiosity in the face of uncertainty fosters deep connection, full expression and collective transformation. Process is the product, and the medium is, as always, the message. My personal journey of healing from Complex Trauma/C-PTSD is rooted in compassion, and I am uniquely able to create brave, safe spaces that nurture vulnerability, the surest path to risk, growth and innovation.  My primary tool in performance is Soundpainting, a universal sign language for live composition, powered by the offerings of the performers, sculpted in real time to highlight the immediacy of live performance and the power of improvisation.Maverick Arts, LLC is the arm of my work that incorporates my artistic expertise with my desire to advocate for cultural dialogue and experience. I partner with individuals, non-profits, governmental organizations, educational institutions and industry to provide dynamic initiatives powered by global creative experience, expansive social perspective and contemporary collaborative expertise. ABOUT SPARK!SPARK! is a daring and diverse new ensemble of acclaimed artists joining forces to bring cutting-edge, immersive performance to the heart of OKC. SPARK! harnesses collective creativity to ignite community healing and cohesion, rethinking how the arts engage with each other, and with the public."We need spaces to heal from the trauma of isolation, division, inequity and loss brought or revealed by the past year.Live performance is uniquely poised to foster belonging, meaning and unity. But to do so effectively, I believe we've gotta rethink and transcend both the idea of shared space and the transactional, passive entertainment we've become accustomed to. Throughout my career as a collaborative performing artist, I have seen, time and again, that creating a performance together, in a public space, has the power to activate  vibrant, light-hearted and radically inclusive engagement. In fact, studies have proven this - the evolutionary psychology concept of positivity resonance explains why our heartbeats synchronize when we gather: collaborative, shared co-experience of positive emotion is the most elemental building block of love. I feel called at this moment in our lives to share the expertise I've honed in NYC and Europe with my hometown of OKC. Intentionally applied radical collaboration can help us come together with curiosity, compassion, joy and play. That's what SPARK! is all about."Nicole Poole, Producing Artistic DirectorSPARK! joyfully merges dance, visual art, music, poetry and theatre into wildly unpredictable, one-of-a-kind happenings created with the public in pop-up locations accessible to the broader OKC community. Our events are free of charge and intended to reconnect us through active creativity, radical collaboration and shared humanity.<

Oct 23

1 hr 19 min

Jeff sits down with artist Daniel Sutliff as he shares deeply about his process, his perspective, and about his evolution as an artist and as a human being.To learn more about Daniel and his work, learn about Daniel's current exhibit at Liggett Studio that is up through October 30th, Byte Sized Mind, visit HOURS AFTER OPENING: THURS 5-8pm, FRI 5-8pm, SAT 1-5pmLiggett Studio is a located at 314 S Kenosha, Tulsa, OK 74120 in heart of the "Off-Brady" East End Village District.ABOUT BYTE SIZED MINDThe genesis of this series stems from my interest in analogue technologies and the different levels of sophistication at which visual information is communicated. The word “byte” represents 8 bits, the amount of processing power and memory space used in certain analogue machines. With these works I wanted to re-formalize the dominant visual languages from my youth: video games and minimalist computer graphics. Ultimately, it’s about constraint. I’m attempting to elevate limitation as a strength in itself. 

Oct 21

58 min 12 sec

Jeff sits down with Josh Stout as he shares deeply about what his art, his process, and the consciousness and presence that he channels through this work means to him at a deeper level.He also reflects on his journey both as an artist and as a human being.To learn more about Josh and his work, visithttps://joshstoutart.comABOUT JOSHTake away the sun, so I may rove the ocean despite light.Let go the hand, so sightless fog drifts in between reflections of ourselves.Give me a lifetime to forget the language of my birth,so only wind screams out my lungs when I'm aflame.We were born to create.I will not betray my instinct.I will dig my voice out from beneath the stone.Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, Father of Five talented children. Questioning everything in a relentless quest for harmony.Finding the path. Living life everyday, following my natural instincts.Growing wise.Experimenting at the boundaries of what the mind can create.The first time in my life a brush from my hand hits a canvas was an explosion of emotions that I’m still trying to figure out in my own mind as it creates images of a people and a planet. Art, my outlet has become my voice. The filtration between the brain and the hand. A direct influence of every experience in my life combined towards a single subject. Born an artist. My entire life has lead to being an artist. Creating, exploring and experiencing life and how it affects one’s outlook on the world. Ultimately how all these views are transferred through a medium.Compositions arranged straight from the most powerful tool on Earth, the mind. Paintings are sculpted at a journeyman's pace by the use of oil and pallet knife. Bronze sculptures crafted exclusively by hand, where a thought can become completely encompassed.

Oct 20

59 min 34 sec

Jeff sits down with Carlos Moreno, the author of The Victory of Greenwood, to hear about his life journey since he moved to Tulsa years ago and about his work in the Greenwood community.He speaks very compellingly about what the process of researching, connecting with all of the people in Greenwood, and writing this book means to him at a deeper level.Carlos reflects deeply about the impact of this work and the book has had in the Tulsa area and beyond.

Oct 14

59 min 20 sec

Jeff sits down with Ame Hernandez as she shares about her artistic perspective, her process, her influences and evolution, and about what it all means to her at a deeper level.To learn more about Ame and her work, visithttps://www.amegalerie.comInstagram @artbyameh

Oct 8

43 min 19 sec

Jeff sits down with Meg Sutherland as she shares deeply about her inner journey through the process of creation of The Victory of Greenwood project and what it all means to her personally.  She also speaks very compellingly about her own evolution through this process.To learn more about The Victory of Greenwood project and the book, visithttps://thevictoryofgreenwood.comMeg Sutherland is a communications and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. Much of her focus has been on helping area non-profits that provide assistance for women, children and minorities. Most recently, she co-founded Spark Collaborative which supports creative projects with some element of social responsibility. The most recent of these is the Victory of Greenwood where she performs extensive research, editing and grant writing.Her pro-bono work has included providing public relations services to TulsaNow and as a storyteller for Code for Tulsa (a local brigade of Code for America). She was also instrumental in the creation of Tulsa Little Jam, a video and podcast series showcasing area musicians and performers, which launched in Tulsa in 2018.  Meg graduated, cum laude, from Langston University in 1996 with a B.A. in Psychology. She has two adult sons and resides in Tulsa, OK.The Victory of Greenwood​ endeavors to tell the story of Greenwood from the perspective of the heroes and entrepreneurs who built Greenwood and then rebuilt it after its destruction. Historians have published many books and articles about the days surrounding the 1921 Race Massacre, but Tulsa knows very little about the founding of Greenwood. We as a city know even less about Greenwood's reconstruction. Against all odds, the neighborhood was built again, better than before, and became known as “Black Wall Street”.The name Victory of Greenwood is attributed to Timantha Norman, executive editor of the Tulsa Star. She and her staff have been wonderful joint partners throughout the process of writing this article series and book and we're grateful for their collaboration.We began publishing a series of articles in the fall of 2019 with the goal of sharing Greenwood's story from the perspective of its founders and significant historical figures. The project will cover Greenwood’s early history, the 1921 massacre, Greenwood's rebuilding, and its prosperity through the late 1960s, focusing on the neighborhood’s great nationwide legacy. Every day that we work on this project, we uncover a piece of history that Tulsa has not seen for decades-in some cases for over a century.The article series will be published as a book in May, 2021. We are producing a series of events, a video series, a podcast and a web-based interactive timeline and archive, and will be contributors to the collections/exhibits housed at the Greenwood Rising Museum.We have listened to our city’s conversation about the massacre and about Greenwood’s history and legacy for the past 20 years and we believe that it is incomplete. This project, for us, is an attempt to tell the story of Greenwood’s triumphs so that as a city we might learn from and be inspired by the people who rebuilt the neighborhood in spite of the tremendous challenges they faced.Greenwood’s history is incredibly rich, multifaceted, and fascinating. By learning the individual human experiences of Greenwood residents, Tulsa can begin to come together as a community promoting growth, cooperation, equity and respect for all its citizens. Perhaps other communities will look to Tulsa’s efforts and be moved to strive for their own growth and reconciliation. The Victory of Greenwood continues.

Oct 2

47 min 17 sec

Jeff sits down with Jenny and Adam Brand as they share deeply about their experiences in facilitating this Festival since 2019, about how they have evolved, and about how this artform has impacted both performers and audience members. This year's Theatre Crude Fringe Festival opens on Friday, October 1st and runs through October 10th with both in-person performances at Factory Obscura as well as virtual performances.For more information, visit their website at https://www.theatrecrude.orgFacebook /theatrecrudeTwitter @theatrecrudeInstagram @theatrecrudeokcWhat Is Fringe?Fringe is a national and international phenomenon, with festivals happening in every major city across the globe. And what is Fringe? Fringe performances are one hour or less, low tech, and high on ingenuity. No restrictions are made as to the nature, style, theme or content. All performers are welcome, regardless of professional or amateur status. The result is a festival full of the unexpected.About The FestivalTheatre Crude Fringe Festival is a two-week event in Oklahoma City showcasing creative and original theatrical artists. With a focus on adventure, Theatre Crude gives patrons an opportunity to explore as many different genres and styles of theatre as possible. The Fringe Festival aims to provide unique perspectives and stretch the definition of theatrical performance.Theatre Crude Fringe Festival, a performing arts festival based in Oklahoma City, iscelebrating their third year with a record number of productions, artists and performances slated for October 1-10, 2021. This year’s festival follows a hybrid in-person and virtual model, with all in-person performances taking place at Factory Obscura’s Mix-Tape.The 10-day festival in Automobile Alley will feature over 45 in-person performances from 13 multidisciplinary artist groups, both local and traveling. Each day of the festival presents festival-goers the opportunity to see a new roster of performances that will include virtual reality, dance, fantasy, mentalism, clown performances and more. In addition, 7 digital-only productions will be streamed online at the festival’s website.The festival will take place at Factory Obscura’s performance space at 25 NW 9th Street, providing audiences and artists a full fringe festival experience. Attendees will walk through a secret door and find themselves in a performance space that they likely haven’t seen before.In-person attendees are encouraged to purchase pass bundles to see 4 or 6 shows during the course of the festival. There is also an unlimited pass option for those who want the flexibility to see as many shows as they like, as many times as they can.

Sep 27

42 min 54 sec

Rhiana Deck is of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. She works primarily with acrylic paint, aerosols, and occasional beadwork for family and friends. Her work has been displayed and exhibited in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Georgia. Since the age of four, she has used her art as her creative outlet. It is a part of who she is. Deck paints in her own unique style, purposely evoking emotions, arousing curiosity, inspiring ambition, and stimulating the imagination. Her style changes and grows with her. She aims to connect with others in this beautiful dream we call life. “Beauty is light set free.” – A.D. PoseyRhiana Deck is one of the four artists to collaborate on the Native Mural, an underpass located in Oklahoma City on Sheridan Avenue and Gaylord Boulevard. She worked with Chad Earles of the Caddo Nation on the North wall titled Earth & Sky. The mural will stand until 2026.

Sep 25

1 hr 10 min

Jeff sits down with David Boynton as he shares deeply about his life journey and how his experiences and evolution informs his artistic perspective and his process.To learn more about David and his work, visithttps://www.dabakhstudios.comArtist StatementCustom wood and resin artwork and fine art paintings created right here in the USA by a retired Air Force 21-year veteran. My work is inspired by my career in the USAF, the aviation industry and as a master diver doing deep sea SCUBA diving. I am deeply moved by the images of deep space that are sent back from international space projects and NASA research teams. Ocean currents and solar systems have colors and movement that greatly inspire my work and put me into motion as a painter. I am also inspired by the aura that some of my clients put out and it has produced some amazing results! I create resin and wood vases, decorative objects, and funeral urns. My wood and resin coffee tables and end tables are in the “river table” style. (And even the occasional hand-turned wood and resin wizard wand!) My philosophy of turning is that I reveal what is already within the wood and I find that if I try to bend it to my will, rather than listen to what the piece is telling me what it is, it ends in disaster or a wasted blank. The same goes with my paintings, they are created with various acrylic pouring techniques depending on what I want to convey in each painting and relaying what the painting wants to be. Custom work can be ordered to complement your color palette and aesthetic and there will never be another piece like it in the whole world, be it wood or acrylic.

Sep 17

40 min 45 sec

A previously unpublished conversation with comedian Lenny Vanhorn on a wintery Sunday afternoon at the Art Hall Uptown OKC November 11, 2018.

Sep 13

1 hr 10 min

Jeff sits down with Brittany White as she shares deeply about her artistic perspective, about how she got started taking photographs and film, and about her work that will be in the upcoming Oh, Tulsa exhibit at Living Arts of Tulsa.To learn more about Brittany and her work, visitWebsite: Instagram handle:  @brittanykelleywhite Brittany is a photographer currently based in the Tulsa area. Her work is a means of self-expression and illustrates a combination of documentary and staged narrative.  Through the use of analogue photographic processes, she explores various themes such as childhood reflection, personal identity and the community in which she lives and works.  Her work is heavily influenced by filmmakers and cinematographers such as Wim Wenders, Robby Müller and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Aug 30

30 min 21 sec

Watch on youtube- sits down with Maggie Boyett And Marwin Begaye as they reflect very deeply about their experiences in co-creating over the past 5 years and about what this project means to them a few weeks after the opening of their collaboration for OVAC Art 365 at Living Arts of Tulsa, Body Acknowledgement: The Body as LandThrough their collaboration Body Acknowledgment: The Body as Land, printmaker Marwin Begaye and performer Maggie Boyett investigate their identities as Urban Indians. Like many Native people, they have wrestled with the concept of "living in two worlds"—the idea that colonization has forced Indigenous people to navigate American culture and create space to live out their Indigenous values. This perspective fragments cultural experience, impacting their relationship to land and their communities. The recent uptick in land acknowledgments at public events and in the media inspired the artists to use the concept of land acknowledgment as an entry point for deepening their kinships with land, self, time and wellness.

Jul 21

43 min 34 sec

Jeff sits down with Alexa Goetzinger, the Associate Director of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition to hear about her experiences in administering the current Art 365 exhibit at Living Arts of Tulsa.She also shares an overview of the work of each of the artists in the exhibit.Anyone can sign up for the artists' workshops through www.Art365.orgAlexa was born and raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with degrees in fine art and art history. While she spent time working and interning in China and Italy after college, she ultimately realized there is no place like home. Since returning to Oklahoma she has been a high school educator, and most recently the Education Director for ARTSPACE at Untitled. In addition to her work in the non-profit sector, Alexa co-founded an annual international print exchange called Connect: Collect and is an avid printmaker. She is excited to be a part of the OVAC team and assist in the growth and development of Oklahoma’s visual arts community through education, promotion, connection, and funding!

Jul 15

21 min 19 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with CJ Ward to hear him share some very compelling reflections about the power of conversations in bringing about healing between people and between communities. He also speaks about his experiences in contributing work to the The Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Project at Living Arts and what it has been like for him to move to Tulsa and becoming a part of the community.From CJ-"There is therapy in expression, and freedom in self-expression. Whether literary, visual, musical, or physical, a unique perspective has the potential of bridging gaps - spiritually, mentally, and physically. Bridging gaps, and lapses in humanity. Gaps that may divide and separate humanity based on surface level judgment(s). I believe this is why arts & humanities will always go hand and hand. Art is beauty conveyed through the creative lenses of an artist, free spirit, and/or a free mind."    Let’s work together!To learn more about CJ, visitFor youth mentorship and/or counseling (limited availability): book for workshops, sponsorships, trainings/webinars/seminars, or speaking engagements: products and other services:

Jun 17

15 min 5 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with Christina Henley, co-curator of the The Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Exhibit at Living Arts to hear about what this experience has meant to her at a deeper level, about her perspective on the impact of this exhibit on people who have interacted with it, and her thoughts on how this has been a "mind altering" experience for her and for many others.Artist Statement-Creating is a sensory experience for me in process and execution. I think about the materials I use. How they feel to the touch, the texture I want to show and convey. Choosing colors that are striking, bold, unusual and jarring, and the emotions I want to evoke to myself and the viewer. Sometimes, I'll include three dimensional elements to push the piece even further into the sensory experience. I want the viewer to feel what I feel by what they see, while also forming their own interpretation or idea of what they are looking at. I don't want to conform and I think my artwork expresses that.

Jun 10

25 min 20 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, arranger,  composer, recording artist, and podcast host Leo Sidran to hear about his journey in creating a longform interview podcast, The Third Story, and about how he developed his own unique musical style over the years.To learn more about Leo and his music and work, visit http://www.leosidran.comTo learn more about Leo's podcast, visithttp://www.third-story.comLeo Sidran is a multi instrumentalist musician, producer, arranger, composer, recording artist, and podcast host.The Third Story podcast features long-form interviews with creative people of all types.Their stories of discovery, loss, ambition, identity, improvisation, risk, and reward are deeply moving and compelling for all of us as we embark on our own creative journeys.He was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, which is sometimes referred to as 70 square miles surrounded by reality. His father, Ben Sidran, another multifaceted music man, provided my early musical sustenance. His mother, a weaver and travel agent, provided texture and safe passage.He got his start writing songs professionally as a teenager when the Steve Miller Band recorded four of his songs for their 1993 Wide River album. His father was working with Miller at the time, which is how he made the connection, but even then, at the ripe old age of 15, he was interested in production. So, Steve invited him to play keyboards, guitars and drums on the record. He co-produced the Academy Award Winning song, "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" from the film The Motorcycle Diaries with Jorge Drexler in 2005. After the Oscar win, he made a move to Brooklyn and not only started producing records for other artists, but also composing music for film and television commercials amassing a catalog of 100s of major TV ads for clients like Coca-Cola, Visa, Lincoln, McDonalds, Stella Artois, Ford, Garnier and over a dozen film scores for outlets such as ESPN 30 for 30, Discovery, IFC, Sundance, and PBS. As a drummer, he has played and recorded with jazz luminaries including Phil Woods, Howard Levy, David Fathead Newman, Clark Terry and Dave Grusin, and as an engineer he has worked with artists ranging from Snarky Puppy to Massive Attack.

May 26

1 hr 3 min

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with artist Kelsey Irvin to hear about her artistic perspective, her career, how she got started, and about how she and her work have evolved over the years.To learn more about Kelsey and her work, to bring new life to objects that may otherwise have been lost in time, Kelsey Irvin finds herself collecting traces of lives lived – “memories misplaced in need of recognition.” After spending many years exploring a wide range of techniques and media, the artist has developed a unique way of incorporating drawing, painting, and collage into almost all of her work. Reaching for a balance between the past and the present, her work exudes a deep sense of nostalgia. Irvin studied at St. Lawrence University in Upstate New York before venturing to Southern California, where she now lives. Her paintings are in public and private collections throughout the United States, Italy, Dubai, Greece, Singapore, and China. “Using vintage ephemera in my work is a way to pay homage to those memories, those lives. In a world that is becoming more digital each day, I’m driven to bring new life to objects that may otherwise be lost and deteriorated in time. The challenge I seek is to maintain a balance between working with such old objects and recreating them in a contemporary artwork that holds the test of time.”Irvin’s work is in the art collection at the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction in Santa Fe, NM. She has been in exhibitions at Laguna Art Museum, Pensacola Museum of Art, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Attleboro Arts Museum, and in several gallery exhibitions across the United States as well as Greece.

May 25

33 min 36 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with artist and educator Francine Campbell as she shares some incredibly compelling and meaningful stories about her experiences growing up in Deep Greenwood and about the connection between her childhood and why she chose to work as a teacher.She also speaks very candidly about her artwork that is featured in The Race Massacre Centennial Project at Living Arts of Tulsa and about some of the other artists' work that really speaks to her.

May 20

1 hr 10 min

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with artist Adam Carnes as he shares very deeply about what informs his work, about how moving to Tulsa and working here has changed his Consciousness, and about his work that is in the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Project exhibit at Living Arts of Tulsa.Adam Carnes (b. 1981), is a Tulsa transplant via Brooklyn. He received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art and BFA from the Ringling College of Art and Design. To learn more about Adam and his work, visithttps://www.adamcarnes.com*Photo by Melissa Lukenbaugh & Tulsa Artist FellowshipGKFF awarded Carnes with the 2017-2020 Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Growing up in Florida during the development of the Information Age, Carnes has been striving to maintain his connection with humanity through painting. Skira Rizzoli’spublication “The Figure” includes Adam’s work and is sold in museum book stores like the Met, Royal Academy and National Gallery. His Griots art pieces were published in BOMB Magazine’s Summer 2021issue #156 and “RELEASE ME, the Spirits of Greenwood Speak” anthology.These “Griots” pieces are an extension of my “Strangers, Friends & Sacred” series and they honor the 1921Tulsa Race Massacre survivors for their contributions to Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District, dubbed “Black Wall Street” for it’s thriving concentration of black entrepreneurs. The overarching narrative speaks to the triumph of the human spirit.Griot is a “West African troubadour-historian. The griot profession is hereditary and has long been a part of West African culture. The griots’ role has traditionally been to preserve the genealogies, historical narratives, and oral traditions of their people; praise songs are also part of the griot’s répertoire.

May 16

50 min 59 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with Patrick McNicholas to hear him share about all of his artistic work over the years, about how he got started, and more specific information about Time-Travel Tulsa.Patrick McNicholas is the artist behind Time-Travel Tulsa. His time-bending artwork has been featured in various museums and exhibitions since the creation in 2018. Nearing the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre, McNicholas began a powerful series memorializing the Greenwood community and resilience to rebuild. His work is now on display at Living Arts for the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Project. To learn more about Patrick and his work, visithttps://tulsapast.comIG & FB@tulsapast

May 15

31 min 38 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with Dr. Delia Gillis to hear about her work in education and about her creative endeavors.She shares very compellingly about why it is so important to her to teach and share history and Africana Studies to her students and about her passion for making it relevant and about what is going on today.Dr. Gillis also reflects about why it is so important to her to participate in the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Project Exhibition at Living Arts that opens May 7th.

May 1

36 min 11 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with artist Marium Rana to hear about her artistic perspective, about her process, and what it all means to her at a deeper level.She also speaks about her work that is on exhibit currently for the OVAC Momentum show at Living Arts of Tulsa.Marium Rana is an American-born Pakistani visual artist, who works primarily in ink and aqueous media. She is a graduate from Florida State University, where she received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 2013 and a Masters in Art Education in 2014. In 2011, Marium received a research grant from Florida State University to study Mughal miniature painting in Lahore, Pakistan. She was a teacher of visual art and art history in Tampa, Florida for 5 years. Marium has exhibited, curated exhibitions, painted murals, and taught workshops all over the United States. Her work has been on display at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Yale University, Aqua Art during Art Basel Miami Beach, and the Joshua Tree Art Gallery among others. Marium currently resides near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Apr 5

36 min 12 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down for a brief visit with artists Letitia Huckaby and Skip Hill about their upcoming exhibit at 108 Contemporary, "My Soul Looks and Wonder How I Got Over" which opens April 3rd and runs through June 20th.“My Soul Looks Back and Wonder How I Got Over” is a thoughtful visual dialogue that uses art to examine how the pervasiveness of a collective past informs our present, and how the persistence of hope and collective purpose positively redeems us to our present, and our future. Hill and Huckaby use collage and fiber and for this specific body of work are influenced by the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.

Mar 26

15 min 47 sec

WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with artist and educator Amber DuBoise-Shepherd to hear about what her work means to her at a deeper level, about her artistic perspective, and about how her work is informed and inspired by having grown up in a home immersed with different Native cultures, traditions, and languages.She also speaks about her work that will be displayed in the upcoming OVAC Momentum exhibit at Living Arts of Tulsa from April 2 through the 23rd.To learn more about Amber and her work, visithttps://www.amberlduboise-shepherdart.comAmber L. DuBoise-Shepherd depicts contemporary Native American narratives based on her family heritage of Navajo, Sac & Fox, and Prairie Band Potawatomi. Her mixed media pieces and oil paintings reference an illustrative quality. She has an Associates of Art from Seminole State College and completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Spring 2016 at Oklahoma State University. She was accepted into Momentum March 2017, March 2019, March 2020, and in 2021 she was accepted as Spotlight Artist in Oklahoma that was hosted by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. She won Best of Show in 2016, 1st Place in 2017, and 1st, 2nd, and Judges Choice Award in 2018, and Best of Show in 2019 in her categories for the Cushing, OK Native American Heritage Festival Juried Art Show and Native Fest Juried Art Show. She also won 1st in her category for the Stillwater Art Guild’s Spring Show 2019. She won grand prize and runner up in the IMAGEN Art Competition: “Native Tradition is Medicine: Resilience and Native Lifeways during COVID-19” in 2020. She was asked to show work in an exhibition at Studio112 and a Half in January 2018 for the show named Unframed. DuBoise-Shepherd was also a speaker for Native American artist of Oklahoma at the Indigenous Arts Ecology presented by First Peoples Fund. DuBoise-Shepherd was also one of two selected for the first ever Red Earth’s Emerging Artist Award in 2018 by the Red Earth board for her body of work. She has exhibited Southern Plains Indian Museum in Anadarko, OK consisted of her most recent body of work in her exhibition Tradition Through Modern Eyes 2018. Her most recent exhibition was a solo exhibition at the Jacobson Native Art Center from April-May 2019. She started off the year 2020 exhibiting at the TAC Gallery in Tulsa, OK for her exhibition Living on the Native Oklahoma Reservation, as well as being accepted into two Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Exhibition Concept/Survey at the Ahha Gallery in Tulsa, OK and Momentum 2020 in Oklahoma City. DuBoise-Shepherd will also be exhibiting work at the Ahha Gallery in July 2020 for the Re/Convening exhibition and Azhwakwa: Contemporary Anishinaabe Art exhibition at the Jacobson Native Art Center in Norman, OK in August 2020. She exhibited for the Speak: Speak While You Can exhibition at the Living Arts Center in Sept. – Oct. 2020. She has increasingly been showing at different markets to sell and show her work to the public and was accepted in the Santa Fe Indian Market August of 2018 and 2019, which is the biggest Native American arts market in the world, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She attended the Artesian Native Art Market in Sulpher, OK, and The Cherokee Art Market in Catoossa, OK for the first time in 2019. DuBoise-Shepherd is the Manager of Education and Outreach at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee, OK since April 2019. She is married and currently lives in her hometown of Shawnee, OK with her husband Josh Shepherd.

Mar 17

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with artist Kristin Gentry to hear her share about her role in co-curating the upcoming OVAC Momentum exhibit opening April 2nd at Living Arts of Tulsa and about her work and what it all means to hear at a deeper level.To learn more about Kristin and her work, visithttps://www.kristingentry.comBioKristin Gentry is passionate about using her art to create different ways to preserve her traditional Native American tribal culture. Kristin has exhibited her artwork in numerous juried, invited, open, and group shows across the Midwestern United States. She works as a professional visual artist in the areas of relief and monotype printmaking, painting, jewelry and photography. She also works as a writer, designer, and curator. She worked as a full time arts educator in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and now works full time as an artist. Kristin is an enrolled member and registered artist of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Kristin finished M.S. degree in Native Leadership from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in the spring of 2020.She received the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s 40 under 40 award in 2012. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in fine arts from Oklahoma State University in 2009, and graduated as a Senior of Significance denoting the top of her class.  She attained her Associate of Art in education from Tulsa Community College in 2005 as an Honor’s Scholar Graduate.Artist StatementShe uses her art to educate and restore the beauty of her people’s journey to where they are as Chahta Okla, Choctaw People, today. Through her art she continues to find more of her Indian Identity as a Chahta Ohoyo, Choctaw Woman, and Ishki, Mother. She understands that the need for her cultural art is necessary to the future of her daughter and her people. She works to involve her community through education and being the voice for Native American artists and Native American women in today’s society. She is a writer, curator, painter, printmaker, and photographer. She often photographs families in their tribal regalia and creates designs and patterns from traditional clothing in her painting and prints.    I stylistically form nature in a  way that is in contrast of how many artists rely on realistic representations. Formally, I am very interested in making compositions out of the colors, the positive or negative shapes of the plants and other nature. I am interested in symmetry as it’s always present throughout my tribal culture. I emphasize nature’s influence by showing the floral patterns from traditional clothing. Through this stylistic approach, my work honors my culture that is found in nature based customs and traditions. I look at our designs and research how they have transformed or remained unchanged to today. I also research the influence of tribal agrarian history of gardened produce and pollination for crops’ influence on Native American art and clothing. Through my art I explore how the symbolic meanings of the designs influence our cultural traditions today and influence our larger communities.  

Mar 3

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT Hensley and Jeff sit down with Katrina Loos to hear about her life journey, about her evolution, and about her yoga practice. She shares deeply about the most formative lessons that she has learned along the way.Katrina Loos is a yoga teacher in training whose open documentation of her spiritual journey has enchanted and intrigued humans from all walks of life. Known as Yoga With Kats across social media, Katrina shares her yogic thoughts, yoga asana practices, spiritual mantras and affirmations, and her two cats, Flicker and Pumpkin Spice Latte. Follow Katrina in her journey here: @ yogawithkats

Mar 2

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT Hensley and Jeff sit down with artist Jasmine Jones to hear about what he art practice means to her at a deeper level, about her experiences with Factory Obscura and the OKC art community, and about how she finds moment-to-moment presence as she experiences her own work unfolding.To learn more about Jasmine and her work, visithttps://artofjj.weebly.comJasmine Jones is a multidisciplinary artist and maker from Midwest City, Oklahoma. She has an Associate in Arts from Rose State College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Oklahoma. Through her art she traverses through various ideas as well as various methods and materials that she sees fit. With a form of familiarity and the everyday, Jasmine is constantly integrating areas of her life into her artwork and vice versa while working with concepts like spirituality, therapy, and interaction and materials like textiles, paper, and charcoal. Jasmine’s a member of two artist collectives – Art Group and Factory Obscura. She appreciates working collaboratively to show that art can be interactive, immersive, beneficial, and more.ARTIST STATEMENTHow we both collectively and individually function and make decisions is fascinating. Interactions, connections, and experiences have the potential to happen daily - each one having the potential to be new, yet mundane. As an artist and maker, my ideas are fueled by this magic of everyday, the secrets of life, and chance. My influences are inclusive of therapy, personal and shared memory, sacredness of humanity and self, as well as complexity and simplicity in nature. I introduce those mysteries and wonders into my work through symbolism, figures, color, and pattern. Just as there are variables in life, the materials for my work are often in flux. My methods take the form of charcoal on paper to situations presented to an audience. I work to show that people can find curiosity or beauty striking at any moment, in the seemingly insignificant or from within. The potential for the cultivation of magic and wonder may help us rethink and how to differently or actively engage in the many paths of our lives.

Feb 27

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with artist Sean Tyler to hear about her work and her focus on the human figure, the female experience, and expanding the boundaries of fine art with fiber arts.She also shares deeply about her recent work that is centered around exploring the female experience in "selfies" as well.To learn more about Sean and her work, visithttps://www.seantylerfineart.comSean Tyler is a painter, fiber artist, and mixed media artist from Tulsa, OK. Tyler received a BFA from Rogers State University in May of 2019. She works with mixed media formats and specializes in painting on canvas and fiber arts. While at RSU she showed multiple times in the yearly Juried Exhibition and received the Best in Show award of the 2017 and 2019 exhibition. She has shown across the United States as well as Italy. She is currently exploring new directions in fiber arts and expanding her teaching practice. Tyler splits her time between her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma and the University of Iowa where she is pursuing an MFA in painting/drawing.

Feb 26

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with artist Katrinka Booth to hear her reflect about the very deep and connected relationship between her life experiences and between each work of art that she creates. She also shares very deeply about her process, about where her inspiration comes from, and about how she got started creating works of art. To learn more about Katrinka and her work, visitFacebook/Pinterest: Wallflowers by Katrinka Booth Instagram: @wallflowersbykb Linkedin: Katrinka BoothKatrinka Booth was born in South Central Missouri and raised in Bentonville Arkansas. Her influences include her family, her love of textiles, her years spent as a seamstress of couture clothing, and the landscapes and terrain of Arkansas and the surrounding areas. Her art began as a relentless recurring dream of her stitching a wallflower on her simple sewing machine. The dream didn’t stop until she stitched her first piece. Each piece of art teaches her something about the next one to come. Katrinka expresses the elation and freedom she experiences stitching these detailed, Elaborate pieces. She hopes the viewer is transported to another place, where time is suspended and you can “be free in your wildness.” Much of her work is accomplished using fabric and thread on a humble domestic sewing machine in a free hand style. Recently she shelved her art practice to make over 2,000 masks, and has invented a new method of embroidery involving yarn as paint on a canvas, having dubbed it “Neo-Embroidery”.

Feb 19

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with veteran comedian Derek Richards to hear about what it's like to be a comedian from his experience and perspective "on the other side of the mic."A regular on the Las Vegas Strip, Derek’s act is fast, fresh, and at times, fanatical. He brings the funny with tales about his Irish-Catholic upbringing, divorce, the holidays, and his child-free existence. Described on a show review as, ‘Just the right amount of wrong.’His one hour special with The Irish Comedy Tour can be seen on demand via Amazon Prime, DISH, DirecTV, iTunes, VUDU, Vimeo, Google Play, Microsoft XBOX and YouTube. \You can also catch him via the SiriusXM Satellite Radio Network, Pandora, The Weather Channel’s Top 10, The Tom Shillue Show on Fox News Radio Network, and The Anthony Cumia Show with Dave Landau.A veteran of several USO and Armed Forces Entertainment tours, Richards has performed at U.S. base camps in Iraq, Afghanistan and 15 other countries. His work for the military has been featured in Newsweek.On the concert stage, he’s been the opening act for Motown legends, The Temptations and The Four Tops.His third comedy album, 60 MPH School Zone, garnered Honorable Mention accolades in the International Songwriting Competition.His release is sold at shows, iTunes and at October of 2018, Derek released his first self-published book, Whiskey, Cancer & Bad Decisions, which is his twisted memoir of a comedian’s journey with cancer. The release is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.To learn more about Derek and his life and comedy,

Feb 13

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT Hensley and Jeff Krisman sit down with Mac Coplin as she shares very deeply and compellingly about her life journey, some very formative lessons learned, and about her evolution.She also shares about her work as a freelance photographer and about her practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and how these practices have been very healing for her.To learn more about Mac or to reach out to her, @macluvsyou @mac.bjjphotos @vineandjude

Feb 10

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with artist Frida Cornelio to hear about hear artistic perspective and about how she creates art that confronts the public on social issues while promoting awareness and change. She is a Mexican figurative painter whose interest in the human figure is in what composes it aesthetically and psychologically.Frida also speaks about "Dalia," her exhibit at Liggett Studio that closed recently. Her work for this show deals with the femicide that is plaguing Northern Mexico right now due to the culture of machismo. Latin America has one of the highest rates of femicides around the world, and the cultural acceptance of this violence is linked to the culture of machismo that exists within Latin America. Through the depiction of the female portrait, Frida has brought light into this issue and empower women who have been victims of gender inequality and abuse to find their own self-worth. To learn more about Frida, visit

Feb 6

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down for a Conscious conversation with artist Ra Vashtar about the deep relationship between his life journey and his artistic perspective. He shares very candidly and compellingly about his process and evolution and how that has informed his craft and how his craft has brought about new insights and healing as well. To learn more about Ra and his work, visit ABOUT RA's UPCOMING SHOW AT LIGGETT STUDIO ON FEBRUARY 12TH "LIVING EPHEMERA": This will be a one-night event showcasing an art installation and gallery pieces created out of ephemeral materials such as newspaper, junk mail, receipts, packaging, etc. The focal point of the event will be an installation of multiple rows of wire with string wrapped around the wire and through holes punched in Polaroid photographs depicting themes of nature, time, and human experience. The gallery pieces will be artwork created from/on ephemeral materials that echo themes of mortality, time, and change. No photographs will be allowed of the artwork, and all artwork is to be destroyed immediately following the event. ABOUT RA AND HIS WORK Ra Vashtar is a mixed media artist with a focus on depicting monsters as a metaphor for the internal world. Vashtar's method often involves layers of ink, acrylic paint, watercolor, found objects, and resin. He draws imagery from dreams, mythology, and the belief in the esoteric practice of creating art. Vashtar cites Junji Ito, Guillermo Del Toro, Salvador Dali, and Japanese Gaming and Animation as influences in his work. As a queer, transgender, and autistic person, Vashtar's work explores themes of mental health, neurodiversity and identity. He finds meaning in seeking to show others they are not alone in their struggles, and in opening conversations about difficult topics. Vashtar was born and raised in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and has worked full time as an artist in the Tulsa area since 2017. Vashtar graduated from CG Spectrum with a certificate in advanced concept art in 2020. He works as a freelance illustrator and sells handmade adoptable monster figurines. Vashtar is a member of the Hot Topic Creator Program and a contributor for the neurodiversity blog NeuroClastic, making comics and illustrated articles about living with autism.

Jan 30

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Steve Liggett, former Artistic Director of Living Arts of Tulsa and owner of Liggett Studio to hear about his life and work since he came to Tulsa in the 1970's. He shares deeply from the beginning of his affiliation with the founder of Living Arts, Virginia Myers and about some of the highlights of his career there. He also reflects about the impact of Living Arts on the arts community and culture in Tulsa.Steve Liggett has been an arts advocate, teacher and artist in the Tulsa community for over 40 years. He is the recipient of the Harwelden Award, Jingle Feldman Award, Governor’s Art Award and John Hope Franklin Award for his artistic work in social justice. His own studio work has evolved from his ceramics and papermaking background to performance/video/installation work. He is the past Artistic Director for Living Arts of Tulsa and presently runs Liggett Studio.

Jan 26

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Brandi Ross and Tyler Huffman to hear about their experiences in participating in the recent exhibit at Living Arts, Project Hope, Unity, and Compassion. EXHIBITION STATEMENTThroughout history, downtowns and town squares have served as the foundation of society’s freedom of expression and the center of community discourse. Downtown Tulsa is certainly no different. At an incredibly tense time in our community, and in the midst ofplanning for unprecedented events, we found an opportunity to showcase Downtown Tulsa’s core values on temporary canvases throughout Downtown.More than 300 artists responded to a last-minute call for art on June 18, 2020. Within hours, commissioned artists began painting storefronts thanks to permission from businesses and the generosity of an anonymous donor. Within two days, we were able to mobilize more than a dozen artists to paint murals and messages inspiring hope, unity, and compassion throughout Downtown.While the storefronts were restored and businesses reopened the following week, the conversations sparked by this art and the core values it represents continue.

Jan 24

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with artist Krystie Bunch to hear her share deeply about her work and about how she got started creating art. She also speaks in a very heartfelt, moving, and a compelling way about the importance of community and culture and about what her experiences have been like facilitating and teaching art classes and participating in Downtown Tulsa & Living Arts Of Tulsa's recent project, Project Hope, Unity, and Compassion. Artist Bio:  I’m a Tulsa-based interdisciplinary artist. I utilize art as a portal, allowing outsiders a glimpse into the beautifully complex layers of my daily existence. I’m a Black American female who lives as a lifelong creative, full-time mom, community activist, youth advocate and human who experiences a neurological disorder called misophonia/misokinesia. Life is a constant state of processing and readjusting. In my art I allow myself the opportunity to be still, heal and move in hope.

Jan 20

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with artist Terren Zinbi as she shares deeply about her artistic journey, about how she got started creating art, and about her experiences since she started working as an artist full time. She shares very compellingly and in a very inspirational tone about her experiences in working through her emotions as she creates her work and about the importance of putting herself and her work out there and taking chances in her career. To learn more about Terren and her work, visit https://www.terrenzinbi.comAbout Terren: "I am a 26 year old modern artist currently calling Tulsa my home with my bf, dog, + houseplants. i am a true enneagram type 7 wing 6. i believe that variety is the spice of life + fomo is real!! i’m always looking forward to my next big adventure + making plans with people i love. i’m an eternal optimist + i think my biggest asset is being able to find joy in every little thing! Because a huge part of my life ever since i could remember. creative work is truly my passion in life and biggest outlet.  i love getting to make art + designs that show a glimpse into my heart + creating things that point you to knowing + loving God more. my biggest hope in my work is that i am creating pieces that help you find joy in the little + the big things, and that they may help celebrate the everyday!"

Jan 12

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TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Natty Watson and Lauran Drummond with Cult Love Sound Tapes to hear about how their collective got started, about their vision and passion for supporting the Tulsa DIY music and art community, and about what their work and dedication to this community means to them at a deeper level. Cult Love Sound Tapes is a D.I.Y. community-based cassette tape, music, and art collective specializing in rare and limited releases from a wide variety of genres. They also have a large project, the Cult House, nearing its unveiling. Since the project's beginning in December, the Cult House, a 2 story 100-year old family residence, has been covered floor to ceiling in murals painted by local artists.

Jan 8

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In the summer of 2018 before their debut show, Jeff sat down on a late summer evening in Uptown OKC with Topher Owen, Founder and Creative Director and LaRonn Marzette, Ann-Lisette Caveny, and Gabi Merchen from The Space, a local improv-based sketch comedy group as we go behind the scenes to learn more about their members, about their skit development process, and about their feelings regarding their upcoming debut show on August 24th and 25th of 2018. 

Dec 2020

34 min 45 sec

In this episode, Jeff visits with Kelsey Karper, Co-Founder of Current Studio and Factory Obscura and Thomas Thompson, a Co-Founder of Factory Obscura as well. We begin by hearing from Kelsey about Current Studio and how they provide opportunities for various artists-in-residence at their facility. She then speaks about the inspiration and the origins of Factory Obscura and how it came into being as well as how she and Romy Owens, her partner at Current Studio, decided to house the first Factory Obscura exhibition, SHIFT, at their facility. Kelsey then gives us an overview of how they created a vision for this group and how they brought area artists together to be a part of this first project at Current Studio. We transition into an overview about SHIFT and how it is the first fully-immersive and experiential art installation in the OKC area and what makes it so unique. Kelsey then shares with listeners about where they can find more information about SHIFT, and all of this information is at the bottom of this summary for those who are interested. After this, we hear from Thomas Thompson about his motivation for being involved in this project as he has an interest in human consciousness and in helping lead a project that will be providing both children and adults with the opportunity to have a full-sensory art experience that is so unique. He then reflects upon other art exhibits in other states that are somewhat similar to SHIFT. After this, we hear some details about SHIFT from Kelsey as well as an overview of what people can expect, and it is really exciting that each person will have their own unique experience We continue the conversation as Kelsey speaks about how it is very possible that people who feel that they aren't necessarily interested in art will find that they are partaking of it while interacting with the various full-sensory aspects of SHIFT as they progress through it. We wrap things up by hearing from Thomas as he reflects about how this exhibit really focuses on providing people with an opportunity to experience something genuine and authentic as they interact with it in numerous ways. Kelsey then shares an overview of the future vision of Factory Obscura as they plan to grow this project and ultimately have their own facility that will house larger-scale exhibits in the future. Lastly, we hear from Kelsey about the various opportunities for volunteers to help be a part of Factory Obscura, and the link to sign up and indicate how they want to help in the future. Visit the Current Studio website to learn about how to support Factory Obscura. Donations fund the creation of SHIFT at Current Studio including supplies and most importantly, paying the artists. Plus, donors will be the first to experience the fully immersive installation. 

Nov 2020

28 min 17 sec

TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT has the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by Pam Savino of Live Authentically Podcast and spoke about his spiritual Journey and some of the most formative lessons that he has learned along the way.Pam has an incredible Gift and has so much to share about living more authentically, and to learn more about her work and her podcast, visit Live Authentically Podcast can be found at

Nov 2020

51 min 47 sec

TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Francisco Treviño, Executive Director of Casa de la Cultura to hear about his life and work in Tulsa as he moved here in 1978 from Monterrey, México at the age of 11. He reflects about his experiences in Tulsa as a performing musical artist since his teenage years, as the former Executive Director of Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce where he made it a point to collaborate with our local arts community, and about his current work at Casa de la Cultura and as a consultant with Vega & Treviño Consultants, where he helps companies reach their community engagement and diversity representation goals.He also speaks in a very compelling way about his strong belief in the undeniable link between the arts and business communities and why it's so important for him personally to be able to still get along with others even if they don't agree about the larger issues of life. The interview as Francisco also shares about what this time has been like during the pandemic for him and his family as well as for the Tulsa area Hispanic and Latin American community in general.To learn more about Casa de la Cultura and their programs, visit

Nov 2020

36 min 49 sec

TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with artist Hershel Self to hear about his work and some deeper thoughts about transition as he has had the opportunity to experience that recently and offers some very enlightening and inspiring thoughts about his experience over the past several months.To learn more about Hershel's work, please visit

Nov 2020

23 min 38 sec