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Certified Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coaches providing a fully, well rounded coaching and teaching experience to help you SAVE, INVEST, and PROTECT your hard earned money by self-made, everyday millionaires who have walked the walk. Providing consumer help, how to invest your 401K, and protect your assets and personal information. All free with no sales pitches. Helping everyday consumers save, invest and protect their hard earned money to become financially independent. Saving by becoming a better consumer. Investing wisely in their 401K, 403, 457, IRA and HSA without falling prey to fees commissions and bad sales advice. Protecting all of those hard earned monies by alerting you to scams, ripoffs, and just plain old bad decisions. Created by self-made, everyday millionaires who have walked the walk and can talk the talk. This show is yours and we want to hear from you.

  1. 1.
    EP123 – Where to find real free money; How to stay motivated when paying off debt; Correct way to budget groceries
  2. 2.
    EP122 – Will the housing market crash?; When to rebalance portfolios; Best side hustles for moms
  3. 3.
    EP121 – Splitting Roth and Traditional retirement savings; Saving for your kids college education; Motivating yourself through Baby Step 2
  4. 4.
    EP120 – Using IRA for new house down payment; Can you make money with Door Dash; How to zero your credit score
  5. 5.
    EP119 – The correct order of investing; When to invest in Bitcoin; Best app for selling online
  6. 6.
    EP118 – The sure fire way to make money grow; Favorite book recommendations; How to budget for a new car
  7. 7.
    EP117 – What to do with your stimulus check; Difference between SPY and VTSAX; How to maintain the value of your vehicle
  8. 8.
    EP 116 – Stop fund mixing with Target Date Funds in your 401k; Why umbrella policies?; How to save for a car
  1. 9.
    EP 115 – How to become a multi-millionaire; Got scolded by my accountant; Age 29 with $82,000 in retirement
  2. 10.
    EP114 – How to know you are house poor; 7 ways to reduce your refinancing costs
  3. 11.
    EP113 – What are your returns so far this year?; Where to save for a new car; How to make money online
  4. 12.
    EP112 – Thoughts on penny stocks; Where to calculate your payroll tax withholdings; Why your taxes are higher this year
  5. 13.
    EP111 – Tax implications of buying and selling stocks within a Roth IRA; The correct order of investing; Are you guilty with the cost of clutter?
  6. 14.
    EP110 – How do you fix stupid?; Broke 19 year old trying to fit in; Why the Snowball Method works; Schwab slices a good idea for investing?
  7. 15.
    EP109 – Are U.S. EE Savings Bonds a good idea for kids?; Company match and your 401K contribution amount; How to calculate your net worth
  8. 16.
    EP108 – Our take on GameStop stock frenzy; Bitcoin mining as a side hustle; Credit card for airline points a good idea?; Acceptable rate for financial advisors
  9. 17.
    EP107 – Financial Goals for 2021; How to open up a mutual f und account; Will paying off debt lower your credit score
  10. 18.
    EP106 – Truth about home warranty insurance; Lump sum or monthly deposits into your IRA; Maintain your washer and dryer
  11. 19.
    EP105 – Our take on extended warranties; How to adjust your witholdings; Where to open an IRA
  12. 20.
    EP104 – Okay to use 401K to pay off debt?; Are target date funds any good?; Our favorite places to set up an IRA
  13. 21.
    EP103 – Should you pull money from your 401k to buy real estate; Should you invest in precious metals; 6 things plumbers never do to their own plumbing
  14. 22.
    EP102 – 14 MORE of the Biggest Money No-Nos According to Suze Orman
  15. 23.
    EP101 – 20 of the Biggest Money No-Nos According to Suze Orman
  16. 24.
    EP100 – Time to rebalance those 401ks; What was the most we have been in debt; Advice for a healthy financial marriage
  17. 25.
    EP99 – How to get free credit reports; Best books about money; The average annual return in your 401k
  18. 26.
    EP98 – Amanda got in on the Airbnb IPO; Best apps for budgeting; Our favorite cellphone service providers
  19. 27.
    EP97 – Review of ‘The Baby Steps’ and COVID-19; What to do if your spouse buys too many holiday gifts
  20. 28.
    EP96 – What to do if you are in danger of being furloughed; Financial steps to take during yet another shut down
  21. 29.
    EP95 – 3 months married with $150,000 in debt; What is expensive but worth it; How much to spend on a teen’s car
  22. 30.
    EP94 – Is Pet Insurance a good idea; What is a Roth account; Unmarried couple not on the same page; Is margin borrowing debt
  23. 31.
    EP93 – What makes you a millionaire; Truth about used car warranties; Should you enroll in legal insurance
  24. 32.
    EP92 – 23 reasons you will always be poor; Best way to pay off your car; Should you pay off your motorhome or home first
  25. 33.
    EP91 – Lasik eye surgery during Baby Step 2; 22 years old wants to get into real estate; How to invest $10,000
  26. 34.
    EP90 – Using margin loans to invest; Financing your first car; Buying an engagement ring; Top personal finance tips for a listener in their 20s
  27. 35.
    SAVVY SAVINGS 22: 5 easy steps creating a budget with variable incomes
  28. 36.
    SHORT – Borrowing against your 401K & Refinancing your existing mortgage
  29. 37.
    EP89 – 18 ways you are going broke attempting to get rich
  30. 38.
    SHORT – Why emergency funds can make or break your future; Renting vs Buying considerations
  31. 39.
    EP88 – Joining the Air Force to get a VA loan; How to negotiate new furniture; Taking $100k out of your 401k; Thoughts on the new Nest smart thermostats
  32. 40.
    SAVVY SAVINGS 21: The Pink Tax and how to avoid it
  33. 41.
    SHORT – Couple wants ot know if they should stop their 401k and company match to build an emergency fund
  34. 42.
    EP87 – How to pick your 401k funds correctly; Start a side hustle; Converting existing 401k money to a Roth; How to safely park your new home down payment
  35. 43.
    EP86 – How to invest during the elections; Stop investing in single stocks now; Refinancing your mortgage; Bitcoin – love it or hate it?
  36. 44.
    EP85 – How to withdraw retirement funds; Couple with separate bank accounts; Is it ever a good idea to use 401K money to pay off debt?
  37. 45.
    EP84 – Facebook Gaming as a side gig; When to quit your day job for your side hustle; Saving up for a baby; Revisiting Roth IRAs and 401Ks
  38. 46.
    EP83 – How to invest before the 2020 election; Creating an IRA for your toddler; How to start investing in mutual funds
  39. 47.
    EP82 – What single event changed the way you think about money? Plus, your questions answered
  40. 48.
    EP81 – $350,000 in debt and wanting to buy a house;Best deals on vehicles; Mary Kay side hustle advice
  41. 49.
    EP80 – How to reward yourself while paying off debt; Red flags with mortgage brokers; Side hustling while at your work desk
  42. 50.
    EP79 – Buy a new Playstation 5 or XBOX Series X while paying off debt; Is it too late to save for retirement at age 46?

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