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If you’re a busy guy in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, chances are you have heard that you can no longer reap the benefits of the days of your youth. Society has told you that it’s not possible for you to stay lean, stay fit, and have the exuberance and energy you once felt and had as a young man. These constant messages are telling us that it's ok to not be our best selves. We don’t have to try or stay hungry as we once did when we were young. We no longer have anything to prove to ourselves. These messages are also contributing to a larger problem we are not addressing. Obesity. In the U.S., today, nearly 50% of all men over 40 are obesity. Being overweight and out of shape is the number one contributor to early death. And today more men are passing away at younger ages than ever before. Cancer diagnoses in men are escalating. Men are being put on prescription meds for blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease at younger ages. And more families are losing fathers and husbands by the day. Obesity is the enemy, the one that sits on the top of the hill peering down at us from afar. We have allowed for far too long to let ourselves lose. To take the hill is no easy task. There are no quick fixes. There are no hacks or shortcuts to winning this battle to a better and more healthy life. The only way to win is to work. Every day, little by little. And with the right methods, tools, and strategies, together we can help you stand tall against the enemy of obesity and mediocrity and take back your life. Hi, I’m Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, CEO of The Fit Father Project and Host of this show, the Fit Father Project Podcast. For the last 10 years, my team and I have perfected a health and weight loss system designed exclusively For Men Over 40. 40,000 men in over 100 countries have come through Fit Father Project ready to take on their own hill and conquer their enemies. And now it’s time we help you with yours. On this podcast, we’re going to cover tactics and strategies to help you wage war against your enemy such as - How to increase your testosterone to build age-defying muscle - How to make healthy eating simple and sustainable. - How to become the best version of yourself. My commitment to you is to set you up for success. Truth be told, there will be times your mind will tell you to take it easy, to go back to unhealthy habits. There will be times that the daily stresses of life will make you feel like the only way to deal with it is to eat your favorite junk food meal. There will be times you will feel satisfied with where you are and give up because you’re content. But together on this podcast, we will stay the course and conquer the hill. To get the latest episodes of the Fit Father Project Podcast, follow us on Apple, Spotify, and or wherever you get your podcast and turn your notifications on so you know when a new episode drops. Stay Strong. Stay Vigilant. And Take the Hill.

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    Dr. A Talks: Can Changing Your Mindset Transform Your Body?
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    Dr. A Talks: You are NOT over the HILL
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    Welcome to Fit Father Podcast - (Listen First)

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