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Ciara Alyse Harris is a singer/actor in her twenties performing across the country in a show called Dear Evan Hansen. While she's not singing on a stage for hundreds of audience members, she's sharing her personal experiences through her now one year old advice-giving blog "Queen Made of Light" whose purpose is to remind her readers of their innate power and how they are fully capable of finding their own light in the darkness. In this podcast we're taking it to a deeper level. Ciara is a strong mental health advocate and invites guests to share their perspective about topics such as anxiety, relationships, being a Black woman, being an artist, and learning how to love yourself where you are and where you are going. Illuminating strength, one episode at a time.

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We have created safety nets in our insecurities because somewhere along the way we've convinced ourselves we'd be better off believing the lie.In this episode I'm breaking down the lies we've been telling ourselves, where they come from and the truths behind them

Aug 11

24 min 38 sec

In this episode we're talking about deeper tools to add to your self love journey and your path to full alignment by using Spiritual  and Inner Child Healing. Jazmine shares with us her own journey and how she's using her teachings to better herself in a way that is raw, authentic, and playful.Jazmin Kylene is a journalist and certified spiritual counselor. Guided by her purpose, she created the conscious media platform Lali La Luna TV, seen in over four million homes on all streaming services. She has collaborated with outlets like Black Female Therapists and Ethel's Club, led Sacred Healing Circles, designed a line of Color Healing merchandise, and currently provides one-on-one natal chart readings and spiritual counseling sessions. She has furthered her studies with the Holistic Arts Institute and Oak Astrology School.

Jun 11

36 min 9 sec

This year a lot of us have been unlocking new dimensions of ourselves with healing, therapy, and tough conversations. Now that the world is going back to "normal" we want to be sure we stay grounded and we don't go back to old patterns.In this episode I'm giving you tips of unlocking your confidence and standing in your true self, because it's 2021 and we don't have time for making ourselves small anymore.

May 28

11 min 31 sec

In this episode were talking all the positive and negative things about social media and how to create a healthy relationship with it that involves being intentional about the content you're consuming. 

May 7

17 min 18 sec

Continuing our segment "Black Women In", today's episode is all about Faith.In this episode Brittany Nicholas,  a performer in "Mean Girls" on Broadway with an extensive career as a swing in other shows such as "Billy Elliot" and "Matilda", shares with us her relationship with her faith and how she believes it is God moving in her and the force of him behind her that transcends through everything that she does. 

Feb 21

42 min 46 sec

Continuing our segment "Black Women In", today's episode is all about wellness!In this episode Charnette Batey, a certified yoga instructor and performer, shares with us how she found yoga as a means of taking care of not just her physical self, but also her spiritual self.  Her activism, displayed this summer while marching in the streets in the middle of Louisville, Kentucky, inspired her to create her online practice  "Charnette B yoga" and hold classes that raised awareness for Black mental health. Charnette's passion  for protecting and uplifting Black women through her practice shines in this episode. 

Feb 9

30 min 3 sec

In today's episode we're introducing a new series for Black History Month called "Black Women In" Over the next month, we will be sharing stories by Black Women living life through the Black experience!Today we're starting with the beautiful and talented Samantha Williams. Samantha made her Broadway Debut  in the Tony Award winning  musical Dear Evan Hansen playing the principal role of "Alana Beck" while she was in her junior year at Pace University.  When Broadway opens back up you can catch her playing  "Emmie" in Caroline or Change. In this episode Samantha shares with us how she shows her Black body that it is LOVED despite societal standards.

Feb 2

27 min 44 sec

Our soul is the summation of everything we've experienced in our life. It is who we are. If we attach who we are to what we do then we do a disservice to the very essence of who we are. 

Jan 20

9 min 29 sec

In today's episode we're talking about the dangers of toxic positivity, forced happiness, and living  in a world where hiding negative feelings keeps us from showing real versions of ourselevs. 

Dec 2020

18 min 15 sec

Today were getting CHATTY with one of my nearest and dearest friends and Broadway Star, Kayla Davion! We're talking the challenging times and rewarding times of being an Understudy and the mental gymnastics it takes to remain confident and assured in yourself in a world where Understudies are looked at as "the other option".

Dec 2020

1 hr 3 min

What are some beliefs you have about Love and Relationships and how have they informed the kinds of relationships you've been in or the kinds of people you fall for? Let's get into it!

Nov 2020

18 min 37 sec

We're talking holding grudges, having expectations for yourself and others, and giving yourself the permission to move on! Why is is it so hard to forgive and what keeps us from fully doing it?

Nov 2020

15 min 45 sec

This week we're talking Radical- Self Love! How our inability to fully love ourselves stems from an old system that benefits off of our insecurities and prevents us from fully living our best life! Inspired by the book: The Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor. 

Oct 2020

21 min 34 sec

Sep 2020

2 min 9 sec