The Binge Factor

By Tracy Hazzard

In The Binge Factor podcast for aspiring podcasters and seasoned podcasters, podcast strategist Tracy Hazzard explores whether your podcast has what it takes to create and grow a bingeable podcast – where listeners binge on your every word and get to know, like, and trust you in an accelerated way. The Binge Factor is that strategic key to making your show irresistible, influential, authority-building, and successful. Tracy’s unique gift to the podcasting and branding world is being able to identify that unique binge-able factor - the thing that makes people come back again and again, listen actively, share as raving fans, and buy everything you have to sell.Join Authority Magazine columnist, BuzzFeed contributor, and former Inc. Magazine columnist, Tracy Hazzard, as she talks to Top Brandcasters using audio and video to spread their message to the world. With over 2600 interviews under her belt across all her articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts, Tracy asks the probing questions to bring you diverse views from successful industry veterans like Pat Flynn, Joe Rogan, and John Lee Dumas, and exposes the podcast launch and growth myths that no longer work. She covers the five things that make a show more bingeable and more profitable - the best ways to get great podcast guests, increase podcast listeners, encourage audience engagement, produce your podcast professionally, and find alternative ways to monetize your show.NEW on The Binge Factor Podcast –Each episode becomes an article in Tracy’s Authority Magazine column, is syndicated in Thrive Global, and some are added to a BuzzFeed roll-up podcast tips article.On Tuesdays, Tracy gives shout-outs to new and noteworthy podcasts as she joins podcasters in the UK and Australia for a weekly #GivingTuesdayPodcasts episode.Want to improve your show and get Tracy to up your bingeability factor one-on-one? Take advantage of her free on-air coaching sessions available to all podcasters at all stages – from pre-launch to pivot to podfading recovery.Tracy will be dropping in monthly specials – replays of her Podfade Prevention Masterclasses on referrals, social media planning, pod to publish, interviewing, guesting, and other podcast launching, podcast marketing, and business growth topics. These masterclasses are usually only available to Podetize clients, but listeners get an exclusive peak.Finding the Binge Factor is a skillset that Tracy has honed over her thirty-year career as a Brand Product Strategist for Hazz Design where she ghost-designed and launched 250+ consumer retail products generating more than $2 Billion at retail for her clients. Tracy has worked with leading brands like Martha Stewart Living to out-design and out-profit the competition and has taken her brand-building experience into her role as CEO and Co-Founder of, the largest post-producer of podcasts in the US. Podetize is reinventing brand marketing, creating a community and business that is obsessively podcaster-centric and focused on solutions to get hosts seen, heard, found and rewarded in this noisy digital world.In addition to writing an Innovation Column for Inc. Magazine for four years, Tracy has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Wired, and CNN Money. Tracy co-hosts three additional podcasts: Feed Your Brand, ranked as one of CIO Magazine’s Top Entrepreneurial Podcasts; the Product Launch Hazzards for inventors and Amazon sellers; and WTFFF?! 3D Printing: the 3D Start Point for disruptive technology, now sponsored by HP.Subscribe to The Binge Factor now and discover the keys to outranking other podcasters and catapulting yourself to the top of the must-listen list. Check out for even more FREE infographics, tips, downloads, and masterclasses for podcasters.Want to be Tracy’s next guest, get your show mentioned on #GivingTuesdayPodcasts, or get free on-air coaching and mentorship? Go to and apply now.

  1. 1.
    How Turning Passion into a Top Dog Podcast Makes an Active Niche for Krista Karpowich Host of the Wag Out Loud Pawdcast
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    How to Irresistibly Make Heart the Podcast Focus of Your Life Coaching Business - On-Air Coaching with Louis Morris, Host of The Heart Matters
  3. 3.
    The Essential (And Really Effective) Podcast Guest Skills No One Taught You With Best-Selling Author Of The Career Toolkit, Mark Herschberg
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    Can Your Show Actually Lead To Powerful Partners? Lou Diamond's Podcast Thrive LOUD Does
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    Why Accepting Your Podcast As A Live Experiment Is Success Making Advice From Melanie Parish Host Of The Experimental Leader Podcast
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    How To Gain A Niche Audience And Fascinate With Short Laser-Focused Episodes With Not A Momma Life Podcast Host Raphie Wagner
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    Podfading? Make Time To Affirm Your Purpose And Change Your Pace Just Like Brodie Welch Of A Healthy Curiosity Podcast
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    Gaining Confidence And Getting Comfortable With Being A Podcast Host With Podetize Social Media Strategist & Host Whitney Lauritsen Of This Might Get Uncomfortable Podcast
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    Why This Cyber Expert Knows Purposeful Commitment is the Heart of Podcast Success - Advice from All In with Rick Jordan
  2. 10.
    How to See Past Your Podcast Tech Fear to Move Listeners from Crisis to Opportunity with Amy Schmidt, Host of Fearlessly Facing Fifty
  3. 11.
    How To Think Carefully About Branding Yourself As A Visionary Founder Or Lead Hungry Podcast Guest With Jeremy Slate Of Create Your Own Life Podcast
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    Committing To Make The Strongest Podcast Media Experience For Your Show With Bree Noble Of The Profitable Musician Show
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    Taking Advantage Of Podcast Expertise To Expand The Reach Of Your Show - On-Air Podcast Coaching With Patrick Veroneau Of The Learning From Leaders Podcast
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    Make Quality Time to Think About Setting Better Podcasting Goals After 100+ Episodes - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Penny Zenker, host of Take Back Time
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    How the Right Energy and Authentic Control of the Podcast Listener Tone Makes More Impact - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Susan Norton of Connecting 2 Spirit
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    Reaching Busy Executive Women with a Re-energized Podcast Content Strategy - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Elizabeth Bachman, host of Speakers Who Get Results
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    Shift Your Show Format to Create Social Media Growth and Funnel Lead Generation - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Chris Larsen of The Next-Level Income Show
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    Little Stories In Your Show: How to Energize Your Podcast With More You Featuring Lisa Pezik of The Lisa Pezik Show
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    Fire Up Your Podcast Interview! See How To Let More Unique Influence And Passion Glow With Connie Benjamin Of My Fire Within Radio
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    Listen Up! Emerging New Social Good Podcasts Devoted to Inspiring Us to Give More - #GivingTuesdayPodcasts
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    One Podcast Host Compels Million Dollar Companies To Fulfill The Desire To Live And Give More - Meet Paul Higgins Of The Build Live Give Podcast
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    Meaningful Podcast Marketing With A Focus On Reasons And Not ROI With Shiv Gaglani Of The Raise The Line Podcast
  15. 23.
    How To Create A Niche Podcast That Builds And Empowers Investing Women With Moneeka Sawyer Of The Real Estate Investing For Women Podcast
  16. 24.
    Engaging Binge Podcast Listeners To Super-Share Your Show By Making It Remarkable With Dr. Peter McGraw, Host Of Solo
  17. 25.
    Podcast Funnel Automation and Guest Connection with Chad Burmeister of The AI for Sales Podcast With Chad Burmeister
  18. 26.
    Intangible Business Podcast Success Metrics with Jess Dewell of the BOLD Business Podcast
  19. 27.
    Strategizing A Podcast Series To Match Your Big Why With Mark Gober Of The Where Is My Mind? Podcast
  20. 28.
    Successful Podcast Leaders Patiently Build A Strong Foundation With Kevin Dawson Of The Leaders & Lagers Podcast
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    Building Podcast Confidence And Trust With Suzanne Sena Of The Confidence Connection Podcast
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    Powering Your Podcast Lead Generation With Laura Powers of The Healing Powers Podcast
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    Successfully Transitioning From YouTube To Podcasting
  24. 32.
    The Credibility Factor: Building Authority In Sports Law With Jeremy Evans, Host Of Bleav In Sports Law
  25. 33.
    Comedy Duo On Co-Hosting And Working With Wondery Podcasts With Brooke Siffrinn And Aricia Skidmore-Williams, Hosts Of The Even The Rich Podcast
  26. 34.
    Thought Leadership Podcasting With Net New Client Metrics With Peter Winick
  27. 35.
    Podcasting In The Virtual Summit Space With Dr. Mark T. Wade
  28. 36.
    Beyond The Smart Passive Income Podcast And Into Building An Online Business That Works With Pat Flynn
  29. 37.
    Increasing Podcast Listeners: Why Amazing Shows Struggle With Listenership And What You Can Do About It With Brett de Hoedt
  30. 38.
    Building Your Business Podcast Infrastructure Like A Pro With Alicia Butler Pierre
  31. 39.
    Advanced Techniques For Increasing Client Referrals – Masterclass Special Cross-Over From Feed Your Brand
  32. 40.
    Defining Podcasting Success Through Network Net Worth Growth With John Livesay
  33. 41.
    Investing In Extreme Podcasting And Becoming An Agent For Your Podcast Audience With Jason Hartman
  34. 42.
    Lessons From A Binge Listener’s Perspective With Jennifer Otto
  35. 43.
    Content Binge-ability Principles That Build Trust With Shane Snow
  36. 44.
    Exploring An Internal Corporate Podcast For Your Business With Erin Smith
  37. 45.
    Live And Breathe Your Brand: Being Enough To Broadcast Your Movement With Megan Fenyoe
  38. 46.
    The Secrets To Converting Your Charisma As A Host Into An Asset With Kim Seltzer
  39. 47.
    How To Innovate Your Podcast Using The Right Resources With Chad McAllister, PhD
  40. 48.
    Writing A Bestselling Bingeable Book Series With Mark Victor Hansen And Crystal Dwyer Hansen
  41. 49.
    Diving Into The White Space: SnapChat Podcast Communities With Jack Settleman
  42. 50.
    Creating Bingeable Content By Being A Business Freak With Donna Shannon

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