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Golf 360 came about from a theory I wrote a decade ago called The Golf Paradigm. It is something I came up with after spending over 30 years in golf and meeting a lot of exceptional people. Some of them were within the industry while others were outside of it but they all had phenomenal information that helped me improve. Whether it was a world-renowned coach, genius club fitter or engineer, ground breaking health professional or therapist, fantastic mental coach or psychologist or someone that understood how to utilize all of these to the benefit of the whole, they are some amazing people. There were also many others, all highly accomplished and from various fields; the business world, other professional athletes, and many more that were kind enough to pass along the knowledge they had acquired over a lifetime of work. Not only did their input help me as a touring professional, it also helped me in life and with my current teaching position with the The Golf Paradigm Academy. I wanted to take my good fortune of having access to so many people and bring that to you so you could apply it to your own game and life. With such a wide array of people I thought why not call it 'Golf 360'?

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    Episode 055: Dr. K. Craig Boatright – From Sylvester, Georgia to Oxford, England the personal growth at a world level, why most golfers do NOT need back surgery, and why playing golf can be one of the best things for your overall health and longevity.
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    Episode 054: Brian Manzella – From driving range instructor to the Top 50, the importance of continuing to learn and improve, what is the ‘Alpha War’ and why should you care?
  3. 3.
    Episode 053: Jeff Champion – Being an Alabama golf legend, playing pool for a living, and why life on the mini tours can be the best time of your life.
  4. 4.
    Episode 052: Michael Finney – The difference between Science and Pseudo-Science, Being passionate about what you do, and why forces and torques are so important in the golf swing.
  5. 5.
    Episode 051: Hack Motion – From snowboarding to golf, the importance of wrist angles in the golf swing, and the hottest piece of technology in the golfing world.
  6. 6.
    Episode 050: Scott Cowx – Never stop learning, using technology but not relying on it and why going outside the box is one of the best things you can ever do.
  7. 7.
    Episode 049: Mark Silvers – What it’s like to play the PGA Tour, how he won 15 tournaments in one year, and why making the PGA Tour is so difficult.
  8. 8.
    Episode 048: Tim O’Neal –A lifetime of playing professional golf. From traveling around the globe to how sponsorship agreements work, winning in Latin America to playing on the PGA Tour. What he’s learned, what he would do over and what his plans ar
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    Episode 047: Jason Sutton– Why being uncomfortable is a necessity, the importance of always learning new things, and why providing value to someone else is one of the best things you can ever do.
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    Episode 046: Dr. Paul Wood-PING Golf – Everything you ever wanted to know about club design, fitting and how they work by one of the leading experts in the industry.
  3. 11.
    Episode 045: Dr. Scott Lynn – What is ‘Swing Catalyst’, Why you need to know more about Pressure and Force Mapping, and the next big thing that will change the golfing world.
  4. 12.
    Episode 044: Brent Henley – Caddying beyond ‘Show up, Keep up, & Shut up’, What it’s like to have a 20 year career on the PGA Tour, and the Presidents Cup ‘Aquaman’ story (long version).
  5. 13.
    Episode 043: Geoff Mangum – How to fix the number one problem in putting, Reading greens by instinct & science, and why PGA Tour pro’s putting is lacking by 20%
  6. 14.
    Episode 042: Charley Hudak – From concept and design to materials and marketability; what makes a great golf shoe, the development of the creative process, and why he loves ice baths.
  7. 15.
    Episode 041: Coach Gil Boesch – What is GOATA, why it’s helping so many, and why ‘re-coding’ maybe the secret to becoming pain free.
  8. 16.
    Episode 040: Bryan Gathright – Working with Harvey Penick, teaching the best players in the world, and great stories about four decades spent coaching.
  9. 17.
    Episode 039: Chris Sywassink – Learning branding from the PGA Tour, Why failure is often the key to doing something revolutionary, and how knowing your culture is one of the best things any business can ever do.
  10. 18.
    Episode 038: Chedo (Chad) Popovich – The PXG Experience, How he looks to grow the brand, and How networking can be one of the best things you ever invest in.
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    Episode 037: George Goich – From bottom to top, a lifetime spent in and around the golf industry. Follow the career of one of the most respected and successful PGA professionals and how he’s turned Flossmoor Golf Club into ‘the’ club to join in th
  12. 20.
    Episode 036: Aaron Terrazas – The trajectory of a professional golfer. From child prodigy to collegiate and amateur golf to the PGA.
  13. 21.
    Episode 035: Bob Koepka on Sports and the Koepka Family, How teaching your kids to be a good person is the first step to becoming great at anything, and how failure can become your child’s best teacher.
  14. 22.
    Episode 034: Matt Reagan – The Startup, Early Challenges, and Amazing Success of Operation 36
  15. 23.
    Episode 033 - Genesis to Today: What I’ve Learned in a Year of Having a Podcast
  16. 24.
    Episode 032: Shihan Marinus Hook – The similarities between martial arts and golf, Why he left the golf business, and being inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
  17. 25.
    Episode #031: Krista Dunton – Having the best mentors in the game, Growing up in a sports family, and How to maintain your passion by always looking to learn and improve.
  18. 26.
    Episode #030: Justin Tupper – How following your passion is the best decision you can ever make, How to turn that passion into a business, and How he built one of the largest online platforms for golfers in the world.
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    Episode #029: Lorin Anderson – How coaches/instructors can improve their business, the most common challenges coaches/instructors face, and the evolution of Proponent Group.
  20. 28.
    Episode 028: Mick Colella: What it was like running the most successful retail golf shop on Hilton Head Island for four decades.
  21. 29.
    Episode 027: Dr. Sasho Mackenzie: What is biomechanics? Why will it help your golf game? and Using science to hit longer drives.
  22. 30.
    Episode 026: Dan Hellman: Fixing broken golfers, long term effects of swinging harder and faster, and what is H3TV?
  23. 31.
    Episode 025: Todd Barranger: Mentored by a golf icon, how to manage a golf course, and surviving cancer.
  24. 32.
    Episode 024: Scott Parel: Life as a touring professional, goal setting, and success at the highest level.
  25. 33.
    Episode 023: Karen Moraghan – What is PR, why it is so important and How to sell the most important product you have…YOU.
  26. 34.
    Episode 022: Iain Highfield of Game Like Training – How to make swing changes stick and taking your range game to the golf course.
  27. 35.
    Episode 021: Jon Sinclair – The best technology you’re missing out on - Golf Psych, Using 3D AMM & 4D Motion Capture, and how technology has changed the game…for the better.
  28. 36.
    Episode 020: Dr. Michael Hollis – Why hormone and metabolic profiling is important, what is preventative medicine, and how this helps you perform your best.
  29. 37.
    Episode 019: Dr. Bhrett McCabe – The 21st century athlete, how coaching is changing, and the similarities between elite athletes and grandmothers
  30. 38.
    Episode 018: Bob Stevens – Inside the ropes as a PGA Tour reporter, being an ESPN ‘Sportscenter’ anchor, and a lifetime in communications.
  31. 39.
    Episode 017: Tim Moraghan – What goes into planning and running a US Open, how technology is advancing the game beyond equipment, and stories with some of the biggest names in golf.
  32. 40.
    Episode 016: Michael Napoleon – The SuperSpeed co-founder on how to develop more swing speed, get more distance and the product that makes that happen.
  33. 41.
    Episode 015: Tim Cooke, Andrew Orischak, & Bryson Nimmer on the Coach/Student relationship, training during the year, and reaching the next level
  34. 42.
    Episode 014: Suzy Whaley – Successful multitasking, being a role model, and what it's like being the first female President of the PGA of America.
  35. 43.
    Episode 013: Steve Wilmot: The PGA Tour’s longest standing Tournament Director discusses the early years, what many don’t know about the Heritage Classic, and why ‘Yes’ is the answer, even before he knows the question.
  36. 44.
    Episode 012: Dr. Greg Haff – Strength & Conditioning for improved performance, the difference between Programming and Periodization, and Can you become too strong as an athlete?
  37. 45.
    Episode 011: Preston Greene – Sports Specific Training, Being mentored by Charles Poliquin, and the role of nutrition & supplements in sports performance.
  38. 46.
    Episode #010: Martin Chuck – Learning from Legends, Developing Products, and Improving Golfers
  39. 47.
    Episode 009: Michael Carroll – Golf specific training, What you should NOT be doing, and How to hit the ball longer.
  40. 48.
    Episode 008: Andrew Rice - A career in Coaching/Teaching, why he's OK not teaching PGA Tour pro's, and how life's challenges lead to future success.
  41. 49.
    Episode 007: Dan Hellman – Physical therapist and Fitness professional on training the best golfers on the planet, the CHEK Institute, and the ‘Magic Bullet’ for golf…ELDOA.
  42. 50.
    Episode 006: Geoff Mangum - Putting Theory, the 4 Skills of Putting, and How to become a great putter

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