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Demo Day is the podcast for founders, venture capitalists, and anyone who wants to learn more about the top accelerator, incubator, and VC programs across the country. Come hear the top venture capitalists and founders in the game discuss what it takes to go from seed to exit.

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Thomas shares his personal experience transitioning from angel investing to VC investing, as well as his advice for early stage startup founders.Guests - Thomas WisniewskiWebsite - Us!LinkedIn:

Sep 13

1 hr 5 min

Vanessa and Sean talk about the pros and cons of working at a big corporation prior to starting your own company, as well as advice for those who feel tied down by golden handcuffs.Guests - Vanessa LarcoWebsite - Us!LinkedIn:

Sep 5

1 hr 14 min

Jonathan and Sean discuss the best approaches to hosting virtual events as well as bringing value as a VC investor. Guests - Jonathan LehrWebsite - Us!LinkedIn:

Aug 29

48 min 47 sec

Todd shares his personal experiences transitioning from investment banking to venture capital as well as his advice for aspiring VCs.Guests - Todd GroverWebsite - Us!LinkedIn:

Aug 22

51 min 2 sec

In this episode Dami and Gosia share their insights on the creation and mission of the Softbank Opportunity Fund, as well as how VCs can add value to their portfolio companies.Guests - Dami Osunsanya and Gosia KarasWebsite - theopportunityfund.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Jul 12

57 min 39 sec

In this episode, Eric shares his advice for early stage venture capital investors on being a pathological optimist and being comfortable with uncomfortability. Guest - Eric ManlunasWebsite - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Jul 3

1 hr 3 min

In this episode, Dana shares her experiences working with founders and the qualities that contribute to successful startups.Guest - Dana WrightTwitter - @danawright_vc LinkedIn - Dana WrightWebsite - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Jun 26

1 hr 15 min

In this episode, Yujin shares his advice for aspiring VC’s as well as tips for standing out amongst other applicants.Guest - Yujin ChungWebsite - signalfire.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Jun 19

1 hr 39 min

In this episode, John shares his experience transitioning from Goldman Sachs to Venture Capital as well as a wide range of advice for aspiring VCs.Guest - John FrankelWebsite - ffvc.comTwitter - @john_frankelFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Jun 12

54 min 49 sec

In this episode, Eddie shares his experience as a founder and tips for fundraising as a startup.Guest - Eddie BehringerWebsite - getcopper.comEmail - Eddie@GetCopper.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Jun 5

49 min 34 sec

In this episode, Jeff shares his personal journey as the founder of Uncork Capital and discusses the most important traits he looks for when investing in startup founders.Guest - Jeff ClavierWebsite - Twitter - @JeffFollow Us!LinkedIn:

May 29

49 min 33 sec

In this episode, Jason shares his experiences in VC and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as the dos and don’ts for startup founders.Guest - Jason WhitneyLinkedin - Jason WhitneyWebsite - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

May 22

45 min 16 sec

In this episode, Chris shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and the top 4 tips for Business acquisition.Guest - Chris YoungLinkedin - Chris YoungWebsite - revelpartners.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

May 15

1 hr 5 min

In this episode, Stephanie shares her tips for founders on finding the right VC investors as well as the pros and cons of angel investing. Guest - Stephanie CampbellEmail - Stephanie@TheArtemisFund.comWebsite - www.theartemisfund.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

May 8

23 min 55 sec

In this episode, Kris shares his insights on the risks and rewards of investing in early stage startups, as well as tips for overcoming adversity as an investor and founder.Guest - Kris KemenyEmail - Kris@TekfenVentures.comWebsite - www.tekfenventures.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

May 1

50 min 15 sec

In this episode, Tim shares the dos and don’ts for entrepreneurs and early team members when it comes to business mentalities and mindsets. Guest - Tim GuleriWebsite - www.sierraventures.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 24

59 min 9 sec

In this episode, Jeff shares his insights on how having a team with different backgrounds and expertise is critical to identifying good consumer investments.Guest - Jeff CantalupoWebsite - Twitter - @ListenDotCoInstagram - @ListenDotCoEmail - Jeff@Listen.coFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 20

36 min 15 sec

In this episode, Jed shares his advice for younger business-savvy individuals who aspire to join the VC and startup ecosystem.Guest - Jed LeidheiserWebsite - www.marchcp.comLinkedIn - Jed LeidheiserEmail - jed@marchcp.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 17

1 hr 15 min

In this episode, Gale shares her key advice for aspiring VCs who are looking to raise their first fund and finding ways to add value.Guest - Gale WilkinsonWebsite - www.vitalize.vcTwitter - @galeforceVCFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 13

56 min 30 sec

In this episode, Tyler shares his journey as a VC and Antler’s mission to break down barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs.Guest - Tyler NorwoodWebsite - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 10

1 hr 17 min

In this episode, Steve discusses the importance of determining a vision as a startup company and the strategies behind pitching your business.Guest - Steve BarshWebsite - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 5

54 min 23 sec

In this episode, Eric shares his advice on what to look for when investing in VC funds and how to deal with mistakes when fundraising.Guest - Eric KohlmannWebsite - Email - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 3

53 min 16 sec

In this episode, Michael discusses the challenges and advice for VCs and entrepreneurs in the agricultural tech ecosystem.Guest - Michael LavinWebsite - www.germin8ventures.comLinkedIn - Michael Lavin Email - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Mar 29

37 min 33 sec

In this episode, Jim discusses how seed stage investors can make an impact on startup founders in helping them achieve their goals and outcomes.Guest - Jim AndelmanWebsite - www.bonfirevc.comEmail - Twitter - @JimAndelman Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Mar 27

57 min 45 sec

In this episode, Greg discusses how standing out in subtle ways can lead to long term success in both life and entrepreneurship.Guest - Greg BettinelliWebsite - www.upfront.comTwitter - @GregBettinelli LinkedIn - Greg Bettinelli Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Mar 20

1 hr 17 min

In this episode, Jesse discusses the importance and different ways of empowering women in the business ecosystem.Guest - Jesse DraperWebsite - www.halogenvc.comInstagram - @JesseCDraperTwitter - @JesseDraper LinkedIn - Jesse DraperFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Mar 13

57 min 52 sec

In this episode, Adam discusses the do's and don’ts for seed stage founders as well as important advice for aspiring VCs.Guest - Adam StruckWebsite - www.struckcapital.comEmail - adam@struckcapital.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Mar 7

32 min 45 sec

In this episode, Charles discusses his experiences working at Google, founding his own company, and transitioning into venture capital, while giving insightful advice to young entrepreneurs on the key ingredients to success.Guest - Charles HudsonWebsite - www.precursorvc.comEmail - charles@precursorvc.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Mar 1

57 min 35 sec

In this episode, Howie explains the importance of getting familiar with the world of venture capital before jumping right in, why being flexible and being able to take on different roles in your company is so crucial, and how leading by example will lead you to success.Guest - Howie DiamondWebsite - Follow Us!LinkedIn:

Feb 22

1 hr 15 min

In this episode, Jeff explains the importance of getting familiar with the world of venture capital before jumping right in, why being flexible and being able to take on different roles in your company is so crucial, and how leading by example will lead you to success.Guest - Jeff BocanLinkedIn - Jeff BocanEmail - bocan@okapivc.comTwitter - @JeffBocanFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Feb 15

1 hr 9 min

In this episode, Elizabeth explains why there is a bunch of “grey area” when it comes to receiving VC funding, why people who haven’t pursued their own independent business are not the right people to get advice from, and her story about how she was able to keep her company alive during the global pandemic.Guest - Elizabeth Durand StreisandInstagram - @BroadwayRoulette / @BroadwayMixerWebsite - www.broadwayroulette.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Aug 2020

1 hr 16 min

In this episode, Elaine talks about why investment banking is an amazing platform to learn a wide set of tools that you will use in any career you go into, mistakes she made in her first startup that she was able to fix in her second startup, and the green flags that she looks for when making investments.Guest - Elaine RussellWebsite - www.greycroft.comFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Aug 2020

1 hr 4 min

In this episode, Rick discusses why a quick “no” is the second best answer a VC can give to a founder looking for investment, the importance of having faith in your process, and the reasoning as to why you should not only manage down as a CEO, but also why you should manage up.Guest - Rick SmithWebsite - crosscut.vcEmail - rick@crosscut.vcFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jul 2020

1 hr 24 min

In this episode, Chris talks about his working experience right after graduating from Yale, the importance of clear communication, and where he was able to be challenged, and grow from those challenges.Guest - Chris HillTwitter - @ChillClimberLinkedIn - Chris HillFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jul 2020

39 min 37 sec

In this episode, Anuj talks about his journey as an investment banker, how debate classes in school got him to where he is now, and what it’s like entering the world of venture capital.Guest - Anuj VarmaTwitter - @AnujVarmaLinkedIn - Anuj VarmaFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jul 2020

54 min 18 sec

In this episode, Jiake talks about why going through an accelerator program is the best way to build your first company, the process of building a team, and his story behind the successful outdoor furniture company, Outer.Guest - Jiake LiuEmail - Jiake@LiveOuter.comLinkedIn - Jiake LiuFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jul 2020

44 min 35 sec

In this episode, Jonathan talks about the patience needed in order to execute successfully, who really stands out when times get tough, why getting real life experience and networking is more important than a college degree, and that there is no right or wrong way to start a company. Guest - Jonathan HungWebsite - Unicorn.VPEmail - Jon@UnicornVP.comLinkedIn - Jonathan HungFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jun 2020

44 min 27 sec

In this episode, Kelly talks about mentor and mentee relationships, his experience on “The Apprentice” and how he used his leadership skills from the military to guide his team to victory, and what he looks for in founders before investing in their companies.Guest - Kelly PerdewWebsite - Moonshots CapitalEmail - kelly@moonshotscapital.comLinkedIn - Kelly PerdewFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jun 2020

55 min 17 sec

In this episode, Kelly talks about what he learned in the military and how he applied it to his life as an entrepreneur, how to watch out for the “spotlight rangers” in your organization, and why you only have so much time to put your best foot forward.Guest - Kelly PerdewWebsite - Moonshots CapitalFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jun 2020

46 min 18 sec

In this episode, Divya talks about his experience at Harvard, being a good judge of character, why entrepreneurship isn’t just about the money, but more about the impact, and digs deep into knowing what is market for a particular issue.Guest - Divya NarendraWebsite - SumZeroFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

Jun 2020

1 hr 23 min

In this episode, Sam talks about how he got into dot.LA, his thoughts on the future of the education system, and the importance of taking the opportunity to try different things that match where you want to be.Guest - Sam AdamsWebsite - dot.LAFacebook - Sam N. AdamsLinkedin - Sam N. AdamsFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

May 2020

37 min 42 sec

In this episode, Jyri talks about his mission on fighting COVID-19, angel investing, and what it means to be the soda straw.Guest - Jyri EngeströmWebsite - Yes.VcTwitter - @JyriFollow Us!LinkedIn: Information:

May 2020

1 hr 37 min

In this episode, Andy talks about the entrepreneurial experiences of his early life and how they molded him into the man he is today, the importance of being as communicative as possible when starting a company with a co-founder, his advice on recruiting, and the story behind Lensabl.Guest - Andy BilinskyWebsite - lensabl.comTwitter - @lensablInstagram - @lensablFacebook - LensablTwitter - @andybilinskyInstagram - @andybilinskyFacebook - Andy Bilinsky Follow Us! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Information:

May 2020

1 hr 4 min

Selina Troesch Munster, Principal at Touchdown Ventures, talks about how dancing helped her understand the comfort of uncertainty, being clear of what expectations are in a startup and in chaos (economic downturn situations), giving people the freedom to be creative and contribute, and the different phases of work that Touchdown Ventures does.Guest - Selina Troesch MunsterTwitter - @SelinaTroeschMedium - Risky BusinessFollow Us!LinkedIn:

May 2020

57 min 16 sec

Karl Alomar, Managing Partner at M13 Ventures, talks about how humans will interact with technology in the future and how things are going to change, why you have to find the “offense” in the current situation, and how fortitude pushes us through the obstacles in our lives.Guest - Karl AlomarLinkedIn - - - - Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 2020

58 min 34 sec

In this episode, we cover what makes a great leader, the value of going through accelerators, and the mindset VC's look for.Demo Day Guests Featured in this Episode:Ben SmithLucas PolsEric NetschAnthony KelaniLaurent GrillFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 2020

15 min 6 sec

Brett Munster, Principal at Sway Ventures, talks about his passion for VC and early-stage tech, why Los Angeles is a more collaborative environment than San Francisco and the correlation between baseball and venture capital. Guest - Brett MunsterTwitter - - brett@swayvc.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 2020

1 hr 4 min

In this episode, Howard talks about how you should be using this time to your advantage and utilizing your resources while being quarantined, what makes a great principal at a VC fund, and his advice for other VC’s on how to make decisions based off virtual interactions.Guest - Howard KoEmail - Howard@Morpheus.comWebsite - Morpheus.comFollow Us!LinkedIn:

Apr 2020

1 hr 27 min

On this special episode of Demo Day, we review some of the best moments from Season 1 and Season 2 to give you some of the best advice to power through these difficult times.Overcoming ChallengesMike SuBrendan RogersEric NetschDan FlaneganSean GoldfadenObi Onyejekwe Comradery of VCs and CEOsLuke ArmourDavid TurkellAnthony KelaniWellness TipsAbha NathCarolyn Yashari BecherBrian GarrettMiki ReynoldsBen SmithLaurent GrillLuke Armour

Apr 2020

32 min 17 sec

Carolyn Yashari Becher, Co-Founder at HopSkipDrive, talks about her journey of becoming a co-founder, how having a diverse team in today's society is highly profitable, and what it takes to be the best possible you.Watch the video out our website! - Carolyn Yashari BecherLinkedIn: Us!LinkedIn:

Mar 2020

1 hr 3 min