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As a final sermon in this series of sermons on Mental Illness, we discussed how the following situations and events of our life can lead us into mental illness. 1. Discouragement leading to mental illness 2. Past hurts leading to mental illness----more---- 3. Too many voices wearing us out 4. Ego leading to mental illness 5. Stress, Anxiety, Confusion, Panic attack, Worry, Fear, Sadness, Sorrow leading to mental illness Listen to the sermon to know how you can overcome such common challenges of life.

Nov 25

58 min 34 sec

There are mental challenges in our day to day life. God wants you and I to deal with them, not to give into them. • Your inability to concentrate is a mental condition that needs to be dealt with, avoid distractions and start focusing on something useful. • You suddenly losing strength is affecting your life and those who are around you, you need God's strength that will help you to keep going----more---- • Too many voices in your life caused you into a depressed state of mind, you need to listen only the voice of your good shepherd. • Your emotional outbursts make you behaviorally inconsistent and socially unfit, you need to find rest in Jesus as He makes it easy and light for you • Quitting may not be an option for you as God has greater plans for you in those areas you are planning to quit.

Nov 18

45 min 47 sec

Devil causes some of the most common mental illnesses and if we are careful, we can overcome such attacks easily. He brings sicknesses on our way, if that doesn't work he throws family issues and if that doesn't work, he brings mental illnesses. Today the Devil is attacking lives and telling lies in their ears.----more---- • He throws negative thoughts in our minds and makes us to get discouraged. • He makes us to think so low about us that we feel inadequate to do anything. • He makes us to lose our enthusiasm so that we become useless for anyone. • He causes us to worry unnecessarily and robs the joy out of our lives • He convinces us of not having any purpose and use for our existence and makes us ineffective. Listen to the sermon to know how you can keep yourself not getting attacked by the devil.

Nov 10

41 min 11 sec

Mental illness is caused by both physical and spiritual causes. Whatever may be the cause of your mental illness, whatever my be the clinical diagnosis, it doesn't matter how many counseling session you had, even if you are treated by the best psychiatrists in the world, the ultimate healing for mental illness comes only from God. But certainly, there is a part you need to play from your side. Here they are,----more---- • Do not allow Fear to control your mind, it will lead to mental illness. • Do not allow Disobedience to control your mind, it will lead to mental illness. • Do not allow Anger to control your mind, it will lead to mental illness. • Do not allow Unforgiveness & Bitterness to control your mind, it will lead to mental illness.

Nov 3

41 min 29 sec

God wants us to foresee the danger of "Mental Illness" coming on our way and prepare ourselves accordingly. Bible recommends us to remember certain things, do certain things and not to do certain things. 1. Remember, You are not alone in this battle 2. Remember, It's not your fault----more---- 3. Going away from God is not an option 4. Don't fight this battle alone 5. Have a positive attitude 6. Confront your fear & anxiety with confidence 7. Remember, God is closer to those who are suffering.

Oct 28

48 min 28 sec

Our mind is a battlefield and most of life's battles are either won or lost in our mind. We allow enemy to intrude, trespass, encroach and take control or possession of minds in a gradual way and often without being noticed. Today our emotions are attacked constantly. Why are we not doing anything about it when we are emotionally attacked?----more---- God wants us to fight back. When the devil harasses us with his lies, God wants us to refute or fight back his lies with the truth of God's Word. Listen to the sermon to learn how to do this.

Oct 20

31 min 44 sec

Do not sorrow - is a command to obey (Nehemiah 8:10) • Being unhappy defiles the holiness of God. Because God doesn't want us to be unhappy in the day that is holy to our God. • When we are sorrowful and unhappy, we degrade the ability of God. • When we worry about the things that are not in our control, we are----more---- saying that God you are not worthy of my trust anymore. God is telling us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. • Joy of the Lord comes from knowing who our God is • Joy of the Lord comes by trusting Him • Joy of the Lord comes by having a relationship with God • Joy of the Lord comes from the infilling of the Holy Spirit

Oct 15

39 min 7 sec

There are definite things or essential things that Bible instructs or commands us to do or not to do. But there are disputable things or doubtful things or non-essential things the Word of God deals with. While dealing with such things, 1. We exercise the great freedom we have in Christ, but it is not a freedom where love is absent, its not a freedom that gives us right to sin, it is not even a freedom that gives us right to cause someone else to sin. ----more---- 2. We do not cause confusion and do anything that destroys peace 3. We do not do anything that doesn't help others to grow in Christ 4. We do not destroy the work of God by debating and standing firm on it 5. We do not make others stumble and walk away from faith 6. We keep it between ourselves and God, do not let others know and do not expect others to do 7. If we are convinced in our heart what we are doing is right, we don't feel guilty 8. If we have doubt whether to do it or not, better not to do it, otherwise we are sinning as it is against our conscience.

Oct 7

45 min 55 sec

Our inner person is easily weakened by life challenges. Inner person has to be healthy to have a joyful and a peaceful life. Key life decisions can be effectively taken only by a healthy inner man. Inner man becomes healthy when we are willing to seek God and allow His transforming power to work. Inner man must be cared, protected and strengthened by the power through His Spirit. ----more----We must allow the Power that Works - power of the Gospel, power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the power of resurrection.

Sep 29

43 min 22 sec

Only those who have "Tough Minded Faith" can sense success in dark times, come back after defeat and face the future unafraid. One can develop tough minded faith in God by knowing the existence of God, knowing that our days are in His hands and by seeking God as when we seek Him, He delivers us from all our fears.

Sep 22

38 min 41 sec

Life becomes a prison cell the moment we are unable to push through life's challenges and move forward. Life is capable of confining us inside our own prison cell and making the escape almost impossible. Prison limits our ability, Prison offers what we deserve, Prison makes us to lose our rights. But God can set us free from the prison. ----more----He is capable of cutting the chains that are binding us today. He is not only a chain breaker, He is also a door opener who sets us free from the prison.

Sep 15

41 min 27 sec

The Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah reminds us that • God is expecting the church to get into a time of return, repentance and new beginnings • God reminds us that He is in control of the earth and of our lives too. • God reminds us to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord----more---- • God doesn't want us to be ignorant of the time that we are living in • God wants us to celebrate as it is the beginning of a new year and He is going to wipe away the old and make everything anew.

Sep 9

39 min 10 sec

Christ followers cannot have a life that’s Self-Centered, they are expected to live a God-Centered life. God's Word, Prayer, Worship and Involvement in local and global mission are the four building blocks to build a God-Centered life. Listen to the sermon to know few simple practical steps of living a God-Centered life.

Sep 2

40 min 38 sec

We all must balance our Christian lives with faith and works. Pray, study, meditate, and be filled with the Holy Spirit to spiritually grow and mature in your faith, at the same time, work hard and allow your faith in God to impact lives around you by meeting their emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Don't over do either one, balance it.----more---- An apparent contradiction seen in what James & Paul are writing about faith & works. Paul is saying, no one is justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ. James is saying, man is justified by works, and not by faith only. Scriptures don't contradict with each other. I believe both Paul & James are talking about Balancing faith and works. • No one is expected to work to earn salvation, but we are expected to work not to lose our salvation. • We need faith to maintain our salvation, we lose our salvation if we don't work towards it as dead faith cannot produce salvation. • Once saved is not saved for ever. • We are saved by faith and we keep our faith alive by doing good works. Because without works faith within us dies.

Aug 26

40 min 9 sec

In Psalm 13, David, brought his complaints, his pain and petitions to the Lord, then he realized his inability to hope anything for the future. Day by day he was losing his trust and joy, but one day he turned every frustration, every disappointment, every failure, every delay into praise. God expects us to do the same. Listen to the sermon to know how to turn your pain into praise.

Aug 18

30 min 44 sec

We learn from Luke 6: 27-38 what extreme giving is. When your giving is extreme in terms of • Loving those who hate you and loving those who are unloved • Doing good to those who do evil against you • Lending those who are incapable of returning----more---- God gives it back in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over in terms of • Forgiving us eternally and • Granting us divine favor

Aug 11

38 min 8 sec

Listen to this sermon from Colossians 1:13-18. Let Christ may have the pre-eminence, superiority, sovereignty or authority over our lives. • No man can deliver us, but Christ alone • No man can redeem us, but Christ alone----more---- • Christ alone created everything and consists everything in Him • Christ is superior than every other human being we may consider superior Let admiring Christ's superiority bring more joy than the joy of admiring people we consider superior.

Aug 4

27 min 37 sec

Here is the highlight of the sermon. 1. Do not allow pain to settle down in your heart when those who are dear to you raise against you 2. When frustrations mount up, you feel like escaping, but hold on, God is causing confusion among your enemies and they are going to run away in seven ways----more---- 3. Remember, God needs you, You need you and Others need you, so take a good care of you when you are insulted and offended 4. Forget revenge, not even have a bad attitude when something happens to your enemy, instead, give him bread to eat and water to drink. Listen to the sermon to learn more on this topic.

Jul 30

44 min 8 sec

For some reason God doesn't tell what is far ahead of us instead God shows us only one step at a time. We need to know just one step, not miles ahead. God shows only one step because, • We need to know what is just in front of us----more---- • Next step is crucial for the rest of the steps • We need to live our today God doesn't show miles ahead because, • We worry about our future • We become self sufficient • We grow in maturity as we walk

Jul 20

37 min 37 sec

God wants you to rise, take up your bed and walk so that your destiny can be changed. We learned couple of truths from John ch.5 as part of this sermon. Truth #1 - Your destiny is not going to change unless you are willing for a change----more---- Truth #2 - It is time to pickup your bed, say good bye to your past where there is no hope and move forward Truth #3 - Do not allow others, past failures, self pity and bitterness to prevent you from moving forward If you are, willing to change and willing to leave your past, now you must be willing to step into your new future. Now that you got unstuck from your past, God wants you to take actions towards moving into your future without getting afraid of failures. Your past failure, self pity and resentment or bitterness can stop you from moving forward towards your new destiny. Deal with them with the help of God, He will help you to change your destiny.

Jul 14

43 min 12 sec

God appeared to children of Israel in the wilderness and went before them as a Pillar of Cloud by Day and a Pillar of Fire by Night. Understanding the nature of cloud and fire helps us to understand the nature of God himself. Cloud Hides, Fire Reveals - God protects as a mother hen protects her chicks, God also reveals His plans concerning your future----more---- Cloud Cools, Fire Heats - God comforts you like a mother, but at the same time he rebukes and instructs us to correct ourselves Cloud Produces, Fire Consumes - When we obey God, He gives us everything, but when we disobey Him, He destroys what is given. The same God who protects also reveals, same God who comforts also rebukes, the same God who grows also destroys.

Jul 7

37 min 50 sec

Peter committed a great sin of denying the Lord. That sin resulted in guilt & shame leading him to quit. This sermon is a call to invite you to put yourself in Peter's shoes to understand the emotional struggles Peter went through after committing sin. This sermon will encourage you to understand and support those who are walking in Peter's shoes. ----more----This sermon also teaches us not to be hard on ourselves when we handle guilt in our lives, instead to handle guilt with much grace and compassion.

Jun 30

37 min 9 sec

As we run our race, we either look at other's race or we allow others to control our race. • Do not look at other's race to compare, worry and try to run like them. • Do not allow others to control your race by their opinions and ideas. • Do not run to please people than pleasing God.----more---- • Do not run to win their favor, win God's favor. • Do not allow others to distract you while running your race. You can easily lose your reward by listening to people if you don't listen to the Holy Spirit.

Jun 24

39 min 33 sec

The question is, "Why are we afraid of death and why do we struggle to handle the pain of losing our loved ones?" Here are the highlights of the sermon: • If our love on God is deep enough, we will be well prepared to handle the end days of our lives or the lives of our dear ones. • Your deep love is only for God, rest of your love for human must be shallow.----more---- • Our love cannot be concentrated around our family, it is to spread among those who are in touch with us. • Paul says, When one member suffers, all the members suffer, He is not talking about Blood Relation here. • God doesn't expect you to grieve different when your family member is lost than how you grieve for the loss of your fellow believer. • When our God, the Father and Son Jesus love others, how can we, His followers are unable to love others? There is something wrong in the way we follow God. • When we love God, when we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we will face death with no fear, and we will handle the loss with much grace and hope.

Jun 15

49 min 22 sec

What can you do when your faith is overtaken by situations, feelings & emotions and denials? • When situations are adverse, • When feelings and emotions burst out of your heart, • When your prayer is not answered,----more---- Do not let your faith go down. Remember, God's power works the best in your adversities, in your tears and in your loses. Listen to the sermon to know how to handle such moments in life.

Jun 11

37 min 11 sec

Here are the highlights of the sermon: • Having deep faith in Christ doesn't prevent one from grieving. • We don't grieve like the rest of the people do, but we do grieve with hope • Do exactly what Jesus did in times of loss - Grieve with those who grieve, but grieve with hope.----more---- • We are not afraid of death as death has no power in us • Bring this hope and comfort to those who are not grieving with hope. Listen to the sermon to know how to handle grief.

Jun 2

39 min 41 sec

Feeling lonely is not that strange and weird. Loneliness is not God's choice • Jesus not only understands our loneliness, he also destroyed it. • God is not the reason for your loneliness: Loneliness is not a bad thing • Your loneliness can help you to achieve what you wanted to achieve in life • Your loneliness can help you to define and re-define your calling----more---- • Your loneliness can enlarge your heart to love others Holy Spirit is our helper always with us to remove our loneliness.

May 27

45 min 26 sec

The feeling of rejection is not uncommon. Even though the feeling of rejection is painful, our God had already experienced rejection and who is able to reverse every rejection into a blessing if you are willing to remove the feeling of rejection from your heart. Listen to the sermon to know how we could do this.----more---- • God can reverse your rejection into a blessing. • Whatever rejection you are going through today, do not allow that to damage your life. • Rejection is painful, its frustrating, do not try to transfer that pain and frustration to others. • Your rejection can trigger God's favor on you. • Allow God to turn your rejection into compassion to make a difference in others lives. • Do not allow your rejection to turn into bitterness. • Your rejection has to be dealt with, otherwise its going to hide in your heart and show its ugly head in the next opportunity. • If you allow even a tiny bit of rejection to stick into your soul, its going to infect your soul, your hurt is going to control you and poison all the relationships around you. • If you still carry the feeling of rejection within you, it allows a foothold for the enemy in your life. • According to John 10:10 enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, enemy will convince you saying - you are unloved, you are unworthy, you are unaccepted. But if you give all your rejections to God, He will reverse them into blessings.

May 24

33 min 10 sec

This is what we learned at the end of the sermon. • Temptation is common • Temptation is lifelong • Temptation is escapable using Word of God and Prayer. Please listen to the sermon to know what God is saying to you.

May 24

34 min

It is not strange to get frustrated. Frustration is a normal human response. But God doesn't want us to continue in our frustrations. • Frustration of being trapped in the middle • Frustration of dissatisfaction • Frustration of dealing with the family members----more---- • Frustration of dealing with negativity or pessimism • Frustration of dealing with opposition Frustration doesn't lead us anywhere, we need to ask for God's grace to handle frustrations and lay our burdens on Jesus to find rest.

May 4

48 min 28 sec

Is it strange to feel useless? We feel useless or worthless, • If we don't know the wisdom of God seen in the diversity of His creation • If we base our worth on what people think about us • If we don't find the place where we are needed But, we feel useful • If we realize the wisdom of God in creating us just like we are----more---- • If we base our worth on what God thinks about us • If we find our place to serve others or where we are needed.

Apr 27

37 min 38 sec

Even though fear is not strange and unusual, God doesn't want us to live in fear. • God doesn't want our imaginations, dreams and purposes get killed by fear • God doesn't want us to fall in the trap of fear that is set by the devil----more---- • God doesn't want us to be faint hearted, cowards and fearful and lose heaven God is saying, I created you, I formed you, I redeemed you, called you by name, you are mine. Isaiah 43:1 But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine.

Apr 22

31 min 18 sec

There is a Reason for Your Season. God is keeping you in the current season for, 1. God's Glory 2. Others 3. Next Season.----more---- God is breaking you and making you as he gets you ready for the next season. During your current season, be humble, trust in the Lord and wait on the Lord. Listen to the sermon to know more about the seasons of your life.

Apr 16

40 min 53 sec

1 Peter 1:1-9 • Through the resurrection of Lord Jesus we have "Living Hope". • We have a heavenly Inheritance - incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, • Kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.----more---- • In the meantime, the genuineness of our faith is tested by various trials as gold is tested by fire and result in praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ • Though we don't see Him now, yet we love Him, we rejoice in Him knowing that our faith will end in receiving the eternal salvation of our souls.

Apr 8

45 min 9 sec

As Jesus entered into Jerusalem before His crucifixion, people welcomed Him with a great honor and celebration. But when we see Beyond the Celebration, we see the condition of the people and the city. Jesus saw the • Deceptive nature of God's people • City that lost its opportunity to receive the Messiah----more---- • People who lost the call of God But the donkey found its purpose by being a vehicle for the Master to ride on. Today, God wants us not to put a deceptive appearance in front of people, not to lose the opportunity to get saved and not to lose the call of God in our lives. 

Apr 3

40 min 8 sec

Today we need to Ask God For Open Hands. The harvest is plentiful, Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” • Open Hands are not busy, but are available for God's Work and to serve others • Open Hands are Held up, not let down so that enemy doesn't prevail----more---- • Open Hands release resources, people and gifts to others, they don't Hold. Listen to the sermon to know how important it is to pray for Open Hands and to have Open Hands to be used by God.

Mar 22

42 min 35 sec

Open heaven is essential in order to receive both spiritual and material blessings. We will have Open Heaven above our lives when • We do what is Fitting, even though it may not be the best and desired • We Give according to the Biblical Life principle of tithing • We Obey God by changing our rebellious and stubborn nature----more---- Listen to the sermon to know how to keep the heaven above your life open in order to receive the blessings that you have been waiting for a long time.

Mar 18

43 min 41 sec

God wants us to have a open heart towards Him and with others so that we can receive life from God and be a life giver to others. Open heart is the one that receives and gives. Here is the summary of the sermon. - Open Heart Receives God's Word - Open Heart Receives God's Will----more---- - Open Heart Gives Life in Words - Open Heart Gives Life in Action - Open Heart Gives Life through Sacrifice Listen to the sermon to know more about Open Heart and Ask God For Open Heart.

Mar 11

45 min 12 sec

God wants us to Ask For - Open Doors. When we ask, 1. He will open the door in the midst of our enemies 2. Door of great opportunity will open for us 3. Only prayer could open the closed doors 4. God opens doors when we are found faithful with our little strength----more---- Prayer is the Key to open closed door. 1. Pray for the door of promotion to open 2. Pray for the door of breakthrough to open 3. Pray for the door of fruitfulness to open

Mar 3

36 min 8 sec

Here are some of the thoughts that emerged out of this sermon. • God saw the struggles of your past. • Even before you knew your God, He knew you • The one who number the stars and calls them by name, knew your struggles of the past----more---- • You do not know what is ahead of you, but God knows • Give all your Unknowns into the hands of the Known God who Knows your Future • Hagar's problem was different from your problem, but the same God who saw Hagar is seeing you today • If you are called out of your country and wandering in this land as strangers and pilgrims, wilderness is part of your life. But remember, He is your El-Roi, the God who sees.

Feb 24

42 min 55 sec

John 4:31​-38 is a conversation Jesus was having with His disciples. These verses could be grouped as "My Food, My People and My Servants" Jesus is telling us the same thing that He told to the disciples the other day. • Do not lose your spiritual sensitivity • Do not ignore people, look for divine encounters, divine opportunities----more---- • Start loving this land, start loving the people who are not of your color, not your nationality and don't speak your language • Open your eyes to see the opportunity God has brought in front of you • Your mission field is not within four walls, its outside the four walls • The land you are living today, the land you are immigrating to is your Mission Field • You are not just an international student, not just a sponsored immigrant or a permanent resident, none of us are permanent here. • You are a missionary to this land, no question of turning back, you are called to run your race in this land, once its all done, get buried here in this land. • This is the call of God on each one of you.

Feb 17

49 min 19 sec

Praise is Eternal, the Praise that we start on this earth even in the midst of our challenges, wearing our sackcloth is going to continue into the Eternity as Eternal Praise as we will be clothed with the garment of Praise. David is Praising God for the way God helped him in every situation. He revealed couple of truths concerning our lives and the way God works among us.----more---- • Depressing nature of Life • Momentary sorrow that we experience • The falling nature of man and the sudden nature of troubles • The uselessness of Life once lived and the pricelessness of Life while living • The ultimate deliverance of eternal praise raising when the garment of praise if put on and the sackcloth is permanently removed. Following are some of the truths that are revealed in Psalm 30. Truth #1 Life is depressing at times, but the God of David will not allow your enemies rejoice over you. Truth #2 : God works through the momentary forsakenness, momentary affliction, momentary suffering and weeping that endures only for a night, to show the extent of His favor and to give the assurance of joy. Truth # 3: The moment pride comes in our lives, moment we start depending on our strength, God hides His face. Truth #4: Life is useless once lived only for the world, but it is priceless once lived for God. Truth #5: The Praise that we started on the earth for the momentary deliverances is going to continue as Eternal Praise in heaven once the sackcloth is permanently removed and the garment of praise is put on for ever.

Feb 11

47 min 6 sec

This is what happens when we praise God according to Psalm 138. • When we Praise for the ordinary, the extra ordinary will happen. • When we Praise for the usual, the unusual will happen. •When we Praise God Wholeheartedly, Unashamedly and Exclusively for the Usual things God has done, an Unusual Expectation, an Unusual Kindness, an Unusual Help and an Unusual Confidence comes from God.

Feb 3

44 min 52 sec

The six Psalms 113-118 are known as the "Egyptian Hallel". Psalm 113 is an introductory Psalm that could be divided into three sections as below. • Praise Unbounded - There is no limit how much we can praise our God. God wants us to praise Him from morning till evening and forevermore. • God Unconfined - Let's not limit God with what we know, but allow God to work in and through our lives without any restrictions. ----more---- • Favor Undeserved - Let God raise us from our situation to a much higher leave that we don't even deserve. Let His favor remove the barrenness that is in our lives and produce more natural and spiritual children. Here is the one line summary of Psalm 113 - When we raise Unbounded Praises to the Unconfined God, we will see the Undeserved Favor coming upon His People.

Jan 26

46 min 5 sec

Psalm 148 is the most solemn and earnest call to all the creations to praise the creator according to their capacity. • Human is not the only creature that praises God, human is one among the many creatures that praise God. • All creatures other than angels and human beings bring Glory to God by simply being themselves and fulfilling their God given roles in the created order. ----more---- • When God expects all of His creations including angels, sun, moon and stars, sea creatures, birds and animals, kings, princes, judges, young and old, men and women, to praise Him, if we as human don't praise Him, He will make the stones to cry out to Him. He has exalted the horn of His people who praise Him and lifted them up with all honor, glory, strength and power.

Jan 18

46 min 58 sec

Psalm 146 could be summarized as below. • If we Know our God (V 6-9) and Do What He Says (V3-5), we will not die, but we will Live to Praise Him (V1-2 & 10). • We know Our God who is a Creator, Giver, Miracle Worker, Champion & Encourager, Guardian & Protector & Defender of Widows and Orphans. • And if we do what he wants us to do by trusting Him and being Happy, We must not die, but live in order to praise Him.

Jan 14

40 min 17 sec

In Psalm 71, David is painting a picture of life to portray how Praise is involved in all the phases of life right from birth till death. God wants us to praise Him continuously. Living Praise lives along with us all through our lives. Psalm 71 can be sectioned as below. • Miracle of the Past - Start praising God for creating you, your children,----more---- the unborn, still not conceived, those who failed to make it from the mother's womb. • Wonder of the Present - In the midst of adversities, hardships and trials, God can make you a wonder to many when your mouth is filled with - not evil words, not negative words, not empty words, but praises to God. • Favor of the Future - Old age could be complex. You need God's favor to survive in that age, and that favor comes from our continual praises to God. • Purpose of the Rest - The purpose of the rest of your life is to declare God's strength and power to the next generation. Ministering to your own children and involving yourself in children and youth ministry.

Jan 5

36 min 31 sec

Zechariah 9:12 Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope. Even today I declare That I will restore double to you. In this year 2021, God is extending an invitation for us to return to the stronghold, that is God Himself. Also God is declaring a double restoration for us. ----more----If we return to the city of refuge, the Stronghold, we will see God's favor in our lives as He is going to restore double of those things that we lost in the previous years.

Jan 1

17 min 45 sec

Life is all about coming out of the house of bondage, traveling through the wilderness, reaching our earthly Canaan, living there until time comes to go the heavenly Canaan. As we are about to enter into the New Year, • God wants us to know there are tests on our way, it doesn't matter if we are in the wilderness or in Canaan. ----more---- • God tests us in our wilderness to see if we humble ourselves, to see what is in our hearts and to teach us spiritual truths through our lacks and scarcities or shortages. • God tests us in our earthly Canaan to see if we still follow God, if we still love Him and still serve Him even when we are blessed with all the material blessings. • He tests us to see if we rely on ourselves saying we achieved everything by our strength. • It is important to remember the God of our wilderness and humbly walk in His presence to follow His commandments. • If not, He doesn't qualify us to enter into the eternal Canaan, instead he destroys us as He destroyed His enemies. • All that we said is summarized in Micah 6:8 He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?

Dec 2020

50 min 46 sec

A Christmas Message.

Dec 2020

6 min 48 sec