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Martin talks us through the past year on BTC and reveals upcoming plans

Nov 15

26 min 51 sec

How does a pro gambler not get stressed about a $5000 dollar loss, Martin explains!

Nov 8

30 min 50 sec

This episode Martin & Ryan breakdown everything that you need to start trading on Betfair. 

Nov 5

18 min 58 sec

Martin talks us through practical ways to improve your trading discipline and help increase your Betfair profits!

Nov 2

30 min 4 sec

Betfair losses happen, yes I said it suprised? Even the pros get losses on Betfair which is exactly the reason why we wanted to create this podcast episode for you today! Ryan and Martin join us from Betfair Trading Community to talk about how they handle those days when they get losses on Betfair and what they do to handle them. This is an actionable episode. What take aways did you get from this? 

Oct 22

23 min 33 sec

Betting restrictions might have you worried about the future trading? I want to reveal all in this weeks podcast I want to debunk the fear that many people in this industry have been pushing about it. Here at BTC we think it might actually make you a better trader - How the hell will it do that Ryan? Well listen in to find out! We've been around this game a lot longer than a lot of people so we think we are best placed to give our opinion on this matter. If you are worried about the future of trading you should listen into this episode now. 

Oct 15

9 min 26 sec

Martin's story, a great listen!

Oct 14

52 min 5 sec

Think you don't need Betfair Trading coaching? I think you are wrong and in this podcast I will tell you why it is an absolute must!

Oct 5

30 min 29 sec

Martin talks about why it might be a good idea for you to try a different sport!

Sep 28

14 min 30 sec

In this podcast, we'll walk you through the story of Ryan and Martin's first trade. They both have very different stories about how they got started on Betfair and have come a long way from the early days trading on Betfair! They're ready to share their story with you!

Sep 17

22 min 10 sec

In this podcast Martin Futter & Ryan Carruthers share their thoughts on how to balance sports trading with your life. It might surprise you how their days actually look! Sports trading is a really fun and exciting, but it can also be time-consuming and eat into family time, which stops a lot of people getting the success that they want from it, so in this podcast we break down how you can make money on Betfair even if you are the busiest person! 

Sep 10

31 min 22 sec

Late goals interest you? Then you will want to listen to this podcast, where Ryan joins Martin to talk all about late goals in trading. This episode is full of actionable trading advice that can make you the betfair trader even better! This new format will be coming at you weekly, what do you think of it? 

Sep 3

24 min 32 sec

Betfair Trading Pro's Talk LTD!In this episode we have a special surprise guest to ask them what they think of laying the draw, how to make money from it. This is great for people who want to learn more about trading.If you're interested in learning more about trading then this podcast will be perfect for you! You'll hear all sorts of different perspectives from professionals with years of experience that can help you grow as a trader yourself. If you like this epsiode make sure to hit subcribe so you never miss one! 

Aug 27

18 min 27 sec

Martin applies Game Theory to trading and gives an advanced lesson on how to trade on Betfair in a more optimal way.

Aug 23

29 min 33 sec

This podcast will explain how I approach trading the new Premier league football season on Betfair!

Aug 13

12 min 4 sec

Martin shares his key life lessons from 17 years of Betfair trading!

Aug 6

36 min 46 sec

Martin talks about how great horse racing is to trade on Betfair, for social and statistical reasons!

Aug 4

20 min 14 sec

Martin evaluates the Over 1.5 market and the popular strategies associated with it. Is it worth trading?

Jul 30

23 min 30 sec

Martin gives us the positives and negatives to using the 'Both teams to score' market when trading on Betfair.

Jul 28

15 min 6 sec

Martin talks through laying the draw on Betfair and explains what the risks and rewards can be with this trading strategy.

Jul 26

17 min 35 sec

Part 2 of our podcast on assessing a losing trade!

Jun 23

9 min

Everyone likes to talk about their winning trades but I never hear as much commentary on a losing trade. Being able to assess a losing trade and work out if it was a good trade or not is a hugely important Betfair trading skill. It's time to talk about it!

Jun 23

22 min 48 sec

Martin talks through how he trades international football and what has been most profitable, ahead of Euro 2020!

Jun 10

25 min 39 sec

Martin talks about when to take breaks and why they could be the difference between making money and losing money!

Jun 6

38 min 36 sec

Martin uses his years of trading experience to give a run through of what he has learnt regarding how to select trades.

May 25

27 min 7 sec

Lot's of traders get stuck on Betfair wondering how to develop a winning strategy. This podcast will explain where to start and what mental processes you should go through to work one out. For free strategies check out this link:

May 21

26 min 9 sec

Martin talks through his trading discipline tactics and relates it to his own life, giving you practical advice! 

May 12

27 min 3 sec

Practical pro trading advice on how to create time for trading and fit it into a busy lifestyle.

May 7

30 min 23 sec

Get sent your free strategies here:​There are three key things to consider when narrowing your selections: 1. Check our software, do any games overlap?2. Which games have the best value odds out of your selections?3. Do further research from you Betfair Trading Community Software shortlist.

Apr 29

41 min 3 sec

In this episode Martin tells us how to create strategies based on our own theories, giving three real life examples of how this has helped him make money when trading on Betfair.

Apr 21

27 min 26 sec

A look at the issues that surround gambling, pro trader Martin talks openly and honestly about the potential issues of trying to be a pro trader and when it might be time to stop.

Apr 13

27 min 50 sec

Martin talks us through how FOMO effects traders and how to resolve the problem! 

Apr 9

24 min 27 sec

Have you ever started trading a strategy and found it made a profit, then after a while it went downhill? Watch this video to find out why that may be!

Mar 26

35 min 41 sec

Today I want to talk to you about why most Betfair traders fail.Why so many sports trading novices struggle, and better yet, some key tips for you to avoid this!

Mar 10

29 min 27 sec

Today I want to teach you how to create time to trade on Betfair!How do you do this?Prioritise what actually matters most I'm going to list 5 steps to create time whilst trading on Betfair 

Mar 2

27 min 37 sec

Sport without fans, players opting out and teams having to play without key players who may be in quarantine. Pro Traders have had to change the way we approach certain trading strategies, in football we suddenly saw far fewer goals in first halves of games.But...Now we have a clear path to normality. 

Feb 25

39 min 22 sec

One thing that upsets me is when somebody loses money on a betting or trading strategy.It's never nice to hear that someone has lost money, especially in an industry where we know it is possible to make great long terms gains on your financial investments by trading. What is even worse is how most of the time this could have easily been avoided.The number one most common mistake traders make is that they do not test a strategy first before putting money on it.It doesn't matter if it is your own sports trading strategy or a system developed by somebody else, you must always test it without using real money first! 

Feb 17

35 min 14 sec

One of the questions I get asked all of the time is ‘Should I join a paid tipping service?’Here at Betfair Trading Community we are not a tipping service, we teach people to trade for themselves,so I always recoil when I hear this question as I know how this usually turns out.I cannot tell you how often I have heard this follow up phrase, ‘ I used to be a member of a paid tipping service,I lost a lot of money and then they just disappeared!’Ouch!If you have not had the pleasure or perhaps (as is more often the case) the pain of following one then hopefully this article will help you avoid them.

Feb 11

41 min

This podcast episode Ryan goes through all the services that we offer at Betfair Trading Community - we get asked this a lot, which is the reason for this episode. I never want just anybody to sign up. I want them to make sure it's the right decision for both them and us. In this episode I'll cover the 3 main products we have at BTCIncluding: What it is? Who it's for? Who it's not for? The results you can likely get?

Feb 9

15 min 28 sec

One of the great privileges I have as someone who looks after a community of Betfair traders is that I get to see sports trading from all angles.People of all ages (above 18!), shapes and sizes. From trading careers that are just starting out to professional traders that have mastered the Betfair exchange. Why do I mention this?The truth is that every trader is unique, no two journeys are identical. Why does this matter?I think it matters because traders (and people in life in general) do not look inwardly enough. Why is this?There is a lot of information about Betfair trading out there but from what I have seen very few people have ever focussed on what matters most - YOU!The reality is I can show you all the trades in the world and explain them in detail but has that helped you correct any of your issues or train you as a trader, maybe but your personal journey is that, yours.So your learning needs to incorporate you.  This is a big part of the reason we offer the one-to-one coaching threads on our forum and why we focus so much on working with traders individually to improve their discipline and mentality.The problem is simply that if you are being held back in your trading, you need to be able to analyse that and understand what is happening.  Let's give some examples of what can hold a trader back and then some advice on how to correct this:1. Lack of confidence - You may not have the confidence in yourself or truly believe you can make the right steps to become a profitable Betfair trader. 2. Lack of time - You may be rushing or forcing your trading into a narrow time window, making trades you would not normally do.3. Lack of patience - You may be frustrated at not becoming a pro trader overnight, it takes time and work but you do not want to wait.4. Family/Social life - You may have young children, a busy social life or a job that takes up all of your potential free time.5. Focussing on others trading ability - You may be jealous of how others or doing or put yourself down because you are not as good a trader.  Listen to my breakdown of all of this right here!

Feb 3

46 min 1 sec

Following from last week's podcast about Betfair exchange trading using a 'gut feeling'. I was asked a great question on our Betfair Trading Community Youtube channel.The question from Scott was:'Interesting video, would be interested to hear about how you deal with gut feeling when you're in a trade?'So today I will answer this! 

Jan 29

43 min 48 sec

Martin talks through how he approaches the subject of using your gut feeling when trading on Betfair.

Jan 21

32 min 2 sec

Ryan took to the pod today to talk through some of the things that he has spotted over the last year and how they have impacted his trading, what he is doing about them and how he will look to trade going forward. 

Jan 19

17 min 36 sec

Pro Betfair Trader Martin explains why traders use the term 'points' when talking about their staking or profit from a trade. More importantly, he also explains why this term is an essential part of measuring true trading success. 

Jan 14

38 min 32 sec

Martin talks through the trading of 2020 and his hopes for 2021!

Jan 6

26 min 55 sec

Martin explains in detail how to use your time most efficiently for pro Betfair Trading.

Jan 6

27 min 29 sec

Martin gives his thorough analysis on target setting, the pros and the cons!

Jan 6

44 min 51 sec

We discuss if you should narrow selections when trading on Betfair.

Jan 6

26 min 13 sec

Martin tells all...

Nov 2020

44 min 28 sec

Money management, sticking to a plan & putting a sport you love on the back burner? All things we cover in this first podcast of it's kind for BTC, where I (Ryan) join you instead of Martin this...

Nov 2020

33 min 56 sec