Beyond The Crusade: The "Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion" Production Podcast

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Journey behind the scenes of the full cast audio drama series! Discover trivia, interviews with the cast, in-depth studies of the characters, a look at the sound engineering process, and more!

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The audio trailer for EPISODE 6: CRITICAL MASS is finally here! What more do I need to put in this...

Sep 2019

17 min 25 sec

Welcome back to the show! It’s been a hot minute, but only because I’ve been hard at work on the...

Aug 2019

22 min 12 sec

“Beyond the Crusade” is back with another episode chock-full of announcements. Joe Harrison discusses the projected running time of EPISODE...

Jun 2019

30 min 45 sec

Welcome to the inaugural episode of this brand-new production podcast! Join Joe Harrison as he discusses some of the terminology...

May 2019

55 min 53 sec