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The Second Episode of The Custody Place Podcast This week's Topic: DaddyoFive Follow The Money Your host Attorney Tim Conlon of The Custody Place in Maryland In this episode I interview digital marketing consultant David Bruce Jr of Cyber Security firm CoreRecon to explain how Google's YouTube came to fund emotional abuse of children in it's revenue sharing platform system of content creation transcript: Hi this is Tim Conlon from The custody Place following up on the story that DaddyoFive "Follow The Money", I'm here with David Bruce an SEO and guru of the Internet, Dave can you tell me what that means "follow the money" with these guys? David Bruce: "Follow the money, okay when you saw on the news all the stories about a YouTube channel, that garnered hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views, featuring child abuse, all the news media would talk about how horrible it was, but nobody was talking about is, that how it got that way" "(What) Follow the money is that... awhat... what the general population does not know is that when you make a YouTube, Google puts advertising on the YouTube, and they share that advertising money with the person who created the content... and the two facets of that are Google Adwords and Google Adsense ...but follow the money has to do with the reason that the DaddyoFive channel started off mildly (iord) lurid and got increasingly lurid, is because each months paycheck got larger and larger and the DaddyoFive creator of the content put together the correlation between - the more lurid make the videos the bigger my paycheck" Tim: "And I think the late-breaking information we've come across is that Google essentially was sweetening the deal - the worse and worse he hit the kids, the harder and harder he hit the kids... because what we had in effect, there was a worldwide playground where kids could watch other kids getting beat up and the adults got paid for the price" David Bruce" "Alright...that requires some explanation- now what the general population doesn't know is that the way Google works and why Google is different than, say cable TV or the old broadcast TV, I'm 60 you can tell how old I am... back when there was three channels ABC NBC and CBS Tim: "you sound 21" David Bruce: "(chuckles) thank you, the way Google works is that... amazingly, teenagers that have software skills can with, Photoshop and other video editing software literally compete. Even up with a cable TV channel, and attract an audience... and the audience need not be a million people between the ages of 25 and 30... as it turns out, if you created a content pitching thirteen to eighteen year olds you could get millions of people watching your video... and the video does not need to reach a broad audience, as a matter of fact the more "boutique", the more specific your target demographic is the quicker you can build a following... and if an advertiser can pitch... can sell products through your channel... you could make TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars a month... even if you're 14 years old and your audience is 14 years old" Tim: "And I think something you've identified from the research, doing what you do, is that really what we have is, child abuse times two because we have Mike abusing the children and the vast vast majority of his viewership was children watching that?" David Bruce: "Yes well okay... follow the money... if you want to know how this started - before DaddyoFive had prankster channel, he had a DaddyoFive gamer channel and here's how I see it happened. What is a gamer channel? Okay, a bunch of people playing an Xbox sometimes they stream, they play against each other, one of them might break a record, so they'll make a live video stream recording of "How I beat the game", here's how I got to score 1 million - one zillion in Call of Duty, or whatever space-age game, first-person shooter. Now once you've recorded it you could put it on...

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Announcing the new Custody Place podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify and Sticher Description:  Episode One There's never been a law firm like the Custody Place Your children are entitled to the best care you can give them At the custody place we know that includes giving them the best home environment that you possibly can. We know that even in a divorced or fractured household you want the best for your child, so do we. The Custody Place can help because at the custody place we care about kids. At the custody place our lawyers are in custody court all day every day, for over 20 years we've represented parents, grandparents and even children. A custody dispute will be among those challenging events of your life. You know it's going to be tough but having the best possible custody lawyer will make that process more manageable, more professional and just generally easier than it would be with a less experienced lawyer. At the Custody Place our lawyers and administrative staff are among the most experienced and successful in the business, they represent the first line of defense, but other experts should always be available as part of your legal team. At the Custody Place our lawyers work with medical providers and mental health experts abuse counselors mediators and private investigators, they know us and we know them, working together with these experts we can provide information to the court in a way that the court wants it: concise, direct, credible, and professional. That's what wins cases and that's what you get from The Custody Place. The Custody Place is a private for-profit Maryland law firm concentrating in child custody visitation and child support cases. If you think the custody place can help you you can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 301 865-1101 or on the web at   There's never been a law firm in Maryland like the Custody Place Listen and subscribe on Spotify Listen and subscribe on Sticher     Tim Conlon, Esquire for The Custody Place  

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