Let's Talk

Tom Rizzo

‘Let's Talk’ is a video podcast series featuring candid conversations on important matters for today’s freelance professional. Discussions with different thought leaders cover a wide range of topics including finance, business, education, home life and wellness.

The podcast is hosted by Tom Rizzo is Founder and Managing Director of Plectrum Advisers https://plectrumadvisers.com, an independent financial planning resource serving the freelance community. Tom works with clients on an individual basis to evaluate their needs and goals, both short and long term, to help secure their financial future. Through a comprehensive assessment of risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals, he designs an individually tailored solution.

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Join us as we talk to Melissa Walker about her leadership in Jazz House Kids as well as the Montclair Jazz Festival!

Aug 2

48 min 28 sec

Step 5- Find A Trusted Adviser

Jun 1

2 min 12 sec

Step 4- Invest in Funds, Not Individual Stocks

Jun 1

2 min 23 sec

Step 3- Get Credit Card Debt To Zero

Jun 1

2 min 6 sec

Step 2- Save 10% Of Each Check

Jun 1

4 min 4 sec

Step 1- Establish An Emergency Fund

Jun 1

2 min 56 sec

Join us as we talk to Mitch Glickman about his involvement in many great organizations such as the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra.

Apr 15

32 min 52 sec

Featuring: Sam Zadori

Mar 12

35 min 44 sec

Join us as we discuss the connection between finance, music, and philanthropy.

Feb 1

44 min 8 sec

Join us as we discuss Adapting and Managing Change.

Jan 8

49 min 59 sec

Join us as we discuss all the issues in creating a living trust; who should have one, what it does and doesn't do, how much it costs, all the pluses and minuses.

Dec 2020

35 min 18 sec