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Pepper's Podcast brings enlightening conversations, featuring some of the most intelligent, respected, and acclaimed Oklahomans, right to your doorstep.

Join Pepper DeVaughn, a personal injury lawyer and partner of an Oklahoma City-based law firm, each month as he explores the wide-array of insightful individuals in the Oklahoma community. Through listening to Pepper's Podcast, we hope you walk away with a new sense of understanding on a given topic, courtesy of an expert in the corresponding field.

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In the latest installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper welcomes David Pardue, a close friend and practicing attorney for nearly 50 years, to discuss his monumental career in law! David's practice focuses on commercial law, civil litigation, trial and appellate work, energy and natural resources, oil and gas, general business, real estate, construction, and creditor's rights. Throughout his career, David has represented some extremely noteworthy clients and has some truly interesting stories to share. This Podcast showcases the fact that everyone has a story! Oklahoma has the most fascinating people! Start a conversation with someone you’ve met by asking “tell me everything” and see what happens! Timecodes: 0:06 - Overview on Pepper's relationship to David Pardue 0:36 - David's upbringing in Bristol, Virginia 3:50 - David's family heritage and dynamic 10:30 - His family moving throughout the country and later to Germany 16:04 - David bouncing around to different high schools 20:30 - David's experience going to college at O.U. in the 1960's 27:36 - David's path into joining the Peace Corps after graduating law school 36:04 - How David's experience in the Peace Corps shaped his path forward in life 41:56 - Following his marriage, he came back to Oklahoma to practice law 49:48 - Starting his own practice and what that time in his life was like 55:23 - David's work with civil rights cases and his passion for fairness 1:02:45 - David's law practice beginning to grow sizably 1:09:00 - David's outlook on Oklahoma City as a place to raise children 1:17:31 - "Watch yourself as you talk. Watch yourself as you act." 1:19:20 - David's advice for a teenager in today's world 1:20:55 - Closing remarks Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Nov 2

1 hr 21 min

In the latest installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper welcomes a special guest to the show who helps leave an artistic footprint throughout the OKC area. Seth Lewis, Arts Director for Arts Council Oklahoma City, spearheads an array of live events, like Opening Night, OKC's New Year's Eve celebration, and the Sunday Twilight Concert Series, for the local community. Listen as Seth describes his passion for the OKC community and his work to bring world-class artists to OKC for various events. It's painstaking work, but Seth and his team help provide a true service for the people of the area. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another great conversation from a class-act Oklahoman! Timecodes: 0:30 - Welcome Seth Lewis to the show and some background on his role with the Arts Council 2:00 - What the Arts Council does for the OKC community 5:00 - How the Arts Council is ultimately funded and able to perform its duties 7:00 - The Opening Night event and all that it entails 8:50 - Importance behind the Arts Council's volunteers and donors 10:35 - When planning begins for the Festival of the Arts 11:50 - How artists are selected for the festival 16:00 - When the festival is held each year 19:00 - How the festival is positioned throughout the city 21:00 - How you can contribute and help out with the festival 22:30 - Art really bring people together 24:15 - Where to learn more information surrounding the Arts Council 26:20 - The various murals throughout the OKC community 28:40 - Closing remarks Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Jul 16

29 min 53 sec

In the newest installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper is joined by a world-class culinary professional, Chef Andrew Black. A native of Jamaica, Chef Black grew up around constant cooking and fresh food, which ultimately sparked his passion for food. Cooking was always there for him as a gateway and as a way to discover the world. Today, Chef Black serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Chef for Culinary Edge. This triple-restaurant concept consists of three separate restaurant experiences in one space - La Baguette, Deep Deuce, Black Walnut, and Grey Sweater. Located in Oklahoma City, each restaurant features an array of Chef Black's culinary expertise! So sit back, relax, and prepare for a mouth-watering episode, featuring wonderful conversations surrounding food, Chef Black's experiences, and why he ultimately chose Oklahoma as his home. Timecodes: 00:08 - Pepper's first meeting with Chef Black when dining at Grey Sweater 01:30 - Chef Black's love for the people of OKC 04:10 - Chef Black's background and upbringing in Jamaica 06:46 - Chef Black is excited to travel and source ingredients from around the world 09:45 - The water tasting experience at Grey Sweater 12:00 - Why the Chef's kitchen isn't closed off from the dining room 19:00 - Where the Chef looks to recruit staff for such a high-level of culinary service 20:48 - A typical day in the life of Chef Black 24:50 - Chef Black's first job in a kitchen 27:00 - How important the people that he met along the way are to him 30:00 - What steps should someone take to work in culinary arts? 32:00 - Pepper taking his family to Grey Sweater 35:30 - Grey Sweater's atmosphere compared to other restaurants 38:00 - The support received from the OKC community during Covid-19 pandemic 40:00 - Closing remarks Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Jun 1

41 min 29 sec

In the fourth installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper is joined by JD Strong, Director of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, for a great discussion on the area's conservation efforts. Listen as JD shares valuable information regarding wildlife population numbers, addressing the feral hogs across the state, hunting on public versus private land, and so much more! If you're a hunting/fishing enthusiast, this is the episode for you! So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation from one of Oklahoma's brightest minds. Timecodes: 00:45 - Introducing JD Strong and what led JD towards wildlife conservation efforts 03:16 - What JD is tasked with as Director of the Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation 05:33 - How hunting and fishing can benefit the game and fish populations 08:45 - Logic behind wildlife population numbers and regulations put in place 12:30 - What is going on with the feral hogs and efforts to suppress their population 16:40 - 95% of Oklahoma's landscape is private land 20:50 - The number of hunters is increasing in Oklahoma each year 22:00 - The terrain of Oklahoma makes them the most eco-diverse state 25:30 - Advice for private land owners to help increase wildlife and their resources 29:00 - What private land owners should NOT be doing 33:53 - HAs there been a change in the water quality throughout the state? 43:00 - JD's phone call with Blake Shelton 45:30 - Closing remarks Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Apr 1

47 min 2 sec

In the third installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper is joined by a local music star in the Oklahoma City music scene. Morgan Hartman, lead singer of LCG & The X, a predominately female lo-fi rock band, joins Pepper DeVaughn to discuss an array of topics. First and foremost, Morgan shares her passion for music and advice for other young, aspiring musicians looking to cultivate a career in her field. Additionally, Morgan shares her personal and professional journey to becoming the lead singer of the popular rock group. But aside from playing shows and cultivating records, Morgan has also needed to pivot and focus on other ways to grow her career amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation from one of Oklahoma's finest musicians! Timecodes: 00:17 - Introducing Morgan Hartman 00:50 - How Morgan got started in music professionally 01:45 - Should you risk it or wait? 03:15 - Morgan's first professional gig 05:30 - Why music is her passion 08:00 - Morgan hopes to relate to people through her original songs 09:50 - Morgan's songwriting process and who she writes for 12:00 - How to know when you're done writing and producing a song? 13:30 - Morgan's advice to someone interested in taking a similar path 15:45 - How to get your songs on the air and out for people to hear 17:00 - Making money vs. risky music career 20:30 - Highlights of Morgan's career so far 22:00 - Advice for issues to avoid as a new musician 24:30 - How to tell when someone isn't going to make it as a musician 28:15 - Luck does play a role in finding success 29:50 - What is Morgan's next step? 37:00 - Where LCG & The X will be playing once OKC opens back up 39:30 - Story of Morgan pulling Pepper's daughter up on stage during concert 43:15 - How to find the band and listen to songs online Resources: (Facebook - LCG & The X) Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Feb 11

46 min 19 sec

In the second installment of Pepper's Podcast, we're joined by a childhood friend from Enid, Oklahoma, Brandon Baird. While growing up together, Pepper and Brandon played baseball together and forged a long-lasting relationship. Despite Pepper eventually veering away from the game, Brandon stuck with baseball. In fact, not only did Brandon find tremendous success at the high school and collegiate levels, he was actually drafted by the Kansas City Royals organization. Through heartfelt and insightful conversation, Brandon and Pepper explore how athletics provide countless opportunities to learn valuable life lessons. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a great conversation about goal setting, perseverance, and the importance of proper preparation. Timecodes: 01:00 - Introducing Brandon Baird 04:45 - Family played a massive role in Brandon finding success as an athlete 07:30 - How Brandon became the go-to guy in clutch scenarios 11:00 - Team sports are designed for people to overcome difficult circumstances 16:20 - With team sports, you don't have to do it all on your own 19:45 - "People give you 100% of their opinion and you only need 10% of it" 24:45 - The Wiley Stillman story 29:00 - You have to lose before you start to win 35:40 - What it was like for Brandon to play in the College World Series 44:00 - The pressure increases as your success increases 55:00 - You have to put trust in those around you in order to grow 59:00 - Life throws you opportunities and you have to rise to meet them 01:06:00 - It all boils down to preparation Resources: (The Success Network Profile) Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Jan 29

1 hr 19 min

In the inaugural episode of Pepper's Podcast, we learn more about our star of the show, Pepper DeVaughn. As a personal injury lawyer and partner of an Oklahoma City-based law firm, Pepper understands the value behind community. Through his practice, as well as other personal efforts in the greater Oklahoma City area, he has forged relationships with very enlightening and prominent individuals. It's these same individuals that he plans to bring to your doorstep. In our first episode, Pepper shares details on his upbringing in Oklahoma, his personal and professional experiences that led him to OKC, and most importantly, what he plans to accomplish with this show moving forward. Each month, Pepper's Podcast will feature a conversation with an Oklahoman who is striving to make their community a better place. So tune in and listen as Pepper shares his background and vision for the future of this exciting podcast. Timecodes: 00:30 - Pepper moving to Oklahoma City and practicing law 03:30 - Why pepper decided to move into personal injury law practice 06:30 - Pepper establishing his own firm with a partner 08:45 - Why Pepper is so passionate about helping others through his practice 11:00 - What types of accidents his practice focuses on 12:00 - We do what is in the best interest of the client 16:00 - What drew Pepper and his family to Oklahoma City 18:00 - Challenges they encountered when establishing the firm in Oklahoma City 20:30 - People talk and law firms receive reputations 23:00 - Where integrity comes into play with Pepper and his staff 24:45 - How you should be communicating passion 29:45 - What can be expected on Pepper's Podcast moving forward Resources: (The Success Network Profile) Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Jan 12

34 min 25 sec