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Reham Tejada

A podcast the celebrates and amplifies the voices of the Tamrah Lane community and those whose identities intersect with it, including Filipinos, Third Culture Kids, and more.

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What a time it is to be a Filipino/a/x! Hidilyn Diaz, the Filipina Olympic Weightlifting Champion, won the Philippines its first-ever Olympic gold medal. What a feat that is. Her win is not only historic on an Olympic level but for young Filipina women around the world, within the athletic landscape in the Philippines, and really for all Asians. Also in this episode, a new schedule for the WLGYC podcast, the lack of having an athletic role model like Hidilyn Diaz at a young age, and more. Much love, Reham -- Olympic Champion Hidilyn Diaz Deserves an Apology From the Philippine Government: https://thediplomat.com/2021/07/olympic-champion-hidilyn-diaz-deserves-an-apology-from-the-philippine-government/


Aug 9

28 min 37 sec

Welcome to the 6th episode of the When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast! Today's semi-rant, semi-storytelling episode focuses on the lack of experience we have throughout our educational careers. Dare I say it, school prevented me from wanting to learn more about the world outside of my own and the classroom. School, a place where you're supposed to grow and learn a lot, felt more like a box that you were forced to fit into and follow a specific trajectory that not only doesn't work for everyone but is outdated.  I'd also like to say Happy Birthday to Papa Tejada whose birthday is on July 25th a.k.a 2 days after the launch of this episode! If it wasn't for Papa Tejada believing in me, I wouldn't be here pursuing my creative passions. Again, thank you for joining me today and I hope you enjoy today's episode. Much love, Reham P.S. Follow my friend, Ahnaf: https://www.instagram.com/ahnafchowder/

Jul 23

32 min 13 sec

Welcome to 5th episode of the When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast! Today's episode is all about ME... Just kidding. But seriously though, instead of exploring my identity as a Filipina, I tell you a story about my first "traumatic" day of high school. Oh boy, was I a hot mess that day. I also talk about where I was 10 years ago, some things about present-day Reham (at the time of this podcast recording of course), and my answer to the infamous question: "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" As always, thank you for tuning into today's episode. Enjoy! Much love, Reham

Jul 7

30 min 56 sec

Welcome to the fourth episode of the WLYGC podcast! I cannot believe June flew by so fast (it did for me at least), but I did not want to exit June without creating an episode that commemorates Juneteenth, which officially became a federal holiday this year (thanks, Joe). Of course, that is not all I talk about today. Today we talk about Juneteenth, MLK Day, George Floyd, teaching race in school, and more. One episode is not enough to talk about race, but this is a start, right? For my non-American audience, especially my Filipino audience, these topics, and lessons apply to you as well. Being someone who lived in Saudi Arabia and frequented the Philippines, I know first-hand that racism exists in both of these countries whether you like to believe that or not. As always, I love and appreciate you for joining me for another episode of the WLGYC podcast, and remember to check out the links in this episode's show notes for resources mentioned in this episode. Much love, Reham -- The Importance of Juneteenth, Under the baobab: From MLK Day to Juneteenth, commitment, effort go into making a holiday, Melanie Moore speaking to the Board of Education of Gwinnett County, Georgia, All Students Need Anti-racism Education.

Jul 1

33 min 11 sec

Welcome to the third episode of the WLYGC podcast! This month is a special month because it is Pride Month 2021! I don't think I have ever shown my support and allyship through my content creation work, so I am starting today, baby! I reiterate this many times throughout this episode, but PLEASE keep in mind that the events, experiences, and/or things I learned and witnessed as a young child are very specific to me. If you have a problem with something I perceived 15 years ago, feel free to get a time machine and pick a fight with young Reham. I'm sure she would love to throw some hands. As always, I appreciate you for joining me for another episode of the WLYGC podcast! Remember to check out the links included on this episode's show notes for resources mentioned in this episode. Much love, Reham -- Pride Month History: https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/01/health/pride-month-2021-trnd/index.html Pride Flag Redesign: https://www.them.us/story/pride-flag-redesign  Pride Flags: https://outrightinternational.org/content/flags-lgbtiq-community Home is in the Body by Anak Publishing: http://anakpublishing.ca/HomeIsInTheBody.html Sponsorships: off for this episode

Jun 9

29 min 40 sec

Welcome to the second episode of the WLYGC podcast! This week, I am officially starting my journey to find the best calamansi juice in the U.S. (because if we included the Philippines, that'd just be unfair competition). On top of that, a few people have asked me for more explanation on what the show is about and why I chose the name, specifically calamansi. With that being said, enjoy this episode of me spitting calamansi fact, drinking calamansi juice, and deep diving into the context of this show. Oh, and you finally get to hear a few seconds of all 3 songs exclusively made for the podcast. Enjoy! Much love, Reham  -- Calamansi Facts: - Dr. Atoie Arboleda: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqEcR3UcppQEq9iZas_JDTtKWmCuKJfn- Panlasang Pinoy: https://panlasangpinoy.com/what-is-calamansi/- Drink Mansi: https://www.drinkmansi.com/the-calamansi/

May 26

30 min

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast! This has been in the making for quite some time and today felt like the ripe time to launch. In this episode, I count the calamansis that gave me reasons to create this podcast, show a little teaser of a future guest, and even tell you a little secret about me. I want to first give a special shoutout to those who helped make this podcast possible: Kairoz_Studios ilovenish Tatiana Gladetsk Barikader Drama Turg Music With this launch, I want to involve you, my magandang listeners, as much as possible in the content shared on this podcast so long as it's related to our key topics which are, but not limited to: Filipino/a/x culture and identity, third culture kids, feminism, relationships, family, food, anime, and more. To get involved and/or share your feedback, send an email to hello@calamansi.live or DM me on Instagram @calamansi.live. That being said, don't forget to show some love and follow this podcast's social media, YouTube, and website! Now that is out of the way, please sit back, relax, and enjoy this semi-rant, semi-introductory episode: the first-ever installation of the When Life Gives You Calamansi (WLGYC) Podcast. Thank you and I love you for being here. Much love from your host, Reham

May 12

20 min