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Tune in for the best amputation recovery and care tips for three legged pets, and their people. Hosted by the Tripawds Blogs community founders Jim & Rene, and spokesdog Wyatt Ray. Keep listening for interviews and informative discussions with veterinary surgeons, oncologists, rehab therapists and other specialist veterinarians as well as pet parents sharing their own amputation recovery experiences, treatment plans, and results for their own amazing three legged dogs and cats. Learn more and contact the hosts at

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Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #105: On this episode we talk with Dr. Brooke Britton about combination therapy for dogs with osteosarcoma. Specifically, we discuss her monthly chemotherapy treatments with both Palladia and Carboplatin for Jake – a 14+ year old three legged German Shepherd mix.Topic: Combination therapy for canine cancer, including Monthly Chemotherapy for Dogs with Osteosarcoma (and other innovative limb cancer therapies) Our Guest: Brooke Britton DVM DACVIM (Oncology) is a board-certified veterinary oncologist based in New York City.  A New York native, Dr. Britton obtained her veterinary degree from Cornell in 2007.  After completing her residency training at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, she returned to New York and practiced at BluePearl Veterinary Partners for several years.  She is now a private consultant.  Dr. Britton focuses on providing proactive, cutting edge, evidence-based therapy for companion animals, with an emphasis on maximization of quality of life during treatment.Resources mentioned in this episode:Tripawds News: Veterinary Oncology's Story: Episode Video:TBDFind All Tripawd Talk Radio Episodes & Subscribe: the show! ( the show (

Oct 7

33 min 52 sec

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #104:  On this episode we talk with Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael Lucroy about the Torigen immunotherapy vaccine for pets with cancer. The Torigen vaccine is a therapeutic vaccine available from any veterinarian for dogs or cats with cancer.Dr. Lucroy is the Chief Medical Officer at Torigen Pharmaceuticals, which provides the most advanced cancer care solutions for companion animals, including a "personalized" cancer vaccine to help dogs fight the disease.He is board-certified in medical oncology and author of over 40 peer-reviewed publications as well as the author of "Help! My Dog Has Cancer: Insights from a veterinary oncologist."Formerly at Purdue University as an Associate Professor and Chief of Clinical Oncology, Dr. Lucroy has also been in private practice, was part of the R&D Team at Elanco Animal Health, and also Director of Clinical Studies for MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets overseeing research in over 20 specialty hospitals.Resources mentioned in this episode:Torigen Immunotherapy Pet Cancer Vaccine! My Dog Has Cancer: Insights from a veterinary oncologist Amputation Speed Cancer Metastasis?2010 Q&A with Dr. Lucroy Episode Video: All Tripawd Talk Radio Episodes & Subscribe: the show (

May 27

35 min 27 sec

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #103:  On this episode we share the stories of two Sporting Tripawds, Tara and Neon. Tara is the winner of the 2020 American Kennel Club ACE Award for Exemplary Companion dog. Her mom Mary Pat selected the Tripawds Foundation for her chosen charity, to which the AKC made a generous donation on her behalf for winning the award. Neon is a champion agility dog who's mom Penny informed Mary Pat about the Tripawds Foundation.The annual AKC Humane Fund Awards For Canine Excellence(ACE) are presented in each of the following five categories: Uniformed Service K-9, Therapy, Service, Search and Rescue and Exemplary Companion dog. The 2020 winners range from a Flat-Coated Retriever that excels at dock diving despite missing a paw (Tara), to a search and rescue dog who sniffed out human remains dating back to 670 A.D.Resources mentioned in this episode:Flat-Coated Retriever “Tara” Awarded 2020 Exemplary Companion ACE Award Heroic Dogs Honored with 2020 AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) AKC Humane Fund Awards For Canine Excellence (ACE) 2020 AKC ACE Award for Exemplary Companion Announcement Foundation Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab a Canine Rehab Therapist: Tripawds Foundation to Honor Your Tripawd! Episode Video: Find All Tripawd Talk Radio Episodes & Subscribe: the show (

May 11

37 min 34 sec

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #102:  Tripawds Member Profile - Meet Tripawds blogger Clare Allen and learn how her three-legged "Meg-A-Star" loves life on three legs for the past five years thanks to regular canine rehab with her physiotherapist Phillipa Mitchell.Resources mentioned in this episode:Meg's Tripawds Blog:https://megsta.tripawds.comUK Canine Rehab with Dr. Philippa Mitchell: Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab: Guardian Article: Episode Video: the show (

May 9

41 min 43 sec

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #101:  Learn the truth about CBD and the use of cannabis products for pets. Discover what Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting does for pet parents, veterinarians, and the entire pet community.Discover how effective cannabis is for pain management and for treating other conditions, such as  navigating new situations/environments.Get answers to Questions about CBD for Pets:Can cannabis extinguish aversive memories created prior to amputation?How can it control pain/inflammation from injury/surgery/muscular compensation?What about controlling phantom pain? Or hyperalgesia?Does cannabis help a dog or cat adjust mentally and emotionally to limb loss? Or accepting a prosthetic? And more.GUESTS: Dr. Casara Andre, DVM, cVMAVeterinary Cannabis Education and ConsultingErin Lukacovic CCPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, BA (Applied Behavior Analysis)Elevation Behavior, L.L.C.LEARN MORE: Episode Video: the show (


May 8

45 min 14 sec

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #100:  Meet Ari, a Tripawd Changing the Game for AKC Dogs in AKC Obedience games. On this 100th episode of Tripawd Talk Radio, Rene and Jim share the story of Ari and her mom Carolyn who rocked the obedience world with a successful campaign to allow amputee dogs to compete in AKC events. GUESTS: Carolyn Baynes & Ari, with Diane Schultz, American Kennel Club Sr. Executive Field Representative, Obedience & RallyWatch Episode Video: the show (

Feb 16

28 min 9 sec

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #99: For this episode we are sharing the full Live Q&A segment from our webinar with Drs. Sherman and Debra Canapp of Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group, recorded in November, 2020. Watch Episode Video: to the lecture segment of this  webinar series in part 1 of “Tripawds & Prosthetics: How to care fro our 3-legged friends” for complete details all about amputation surgery, the use of prosthetics as an alternative to full limb amputation, prosthesis types, rehabilitation, complications and more. Veterinary Orthopedic Sports MedicineDr. Sherman and Debra Canapphttps://www.vosm.comTripawd Talk Radio Episode #98: Webinar Lecture Segment Lecture Segment Video: the show (

Jan 13

1 hr 9 min

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #98: For this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio, we are honored to share the complete lecture segment from a RACE-approved CE webinar with Dr Sherman Canapp of Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group, recorded in November, 2020. Watch Episode Video for Presentation Slides: In “Tripawds & Prosthetics: How to care for our 3-legged friends” you will learn all about amputation surgery, the use of prosthetics as an alternative to full limb amputation, prosthesis types, rehabilitation, common complications and more. Tune in to part 2 for our Live Q&A session addressing specific concerns raised by webinar attendees. Veterinary Orthopedic Sports MedicineDr. Sherman and Debra Canapphttps://www.vosm.comListen to Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #98: Live Q&A SessionWatch Part 2 Video: Live Q&A Session the show (

Jan 13

57 min 24 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #97: Learn how you can get a professionally designed rehab program for front or rear leg amputee dogs that you can perform at home, to keep Tripawds fit and strong. Introducing Canine Rehab on Demand from Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner Dr John Waterhouse, CCRP at Veterinary Teaching Academy. Watch this video on the Tripawds Youtube Channel: 12-week rehab programs designed for three legged dogs include an educational lecture covering all details about amputation recovery for dogs, and a nutritional plan with recommended supplements. The rehab segment includes detailed step by step video instructions and downloadable resources to help recovering Tripawds regain strength and keep three-legged dogs fit and strong. REAR LIMB REHAB PROGRAM: Rehab On Demand - Back Leg Amputation 12 Week Program FRONT LIMB REHAB PROGRAM: Canine Rehab On Demand - Front Leg Amputation 12 Week Program SEE ALL CANINE REHAB ON DEMAND PROGRAMS: Directory of Conditions - Canine Rehab On Demand LEARN MORE ABOUT CANINE REHAB ON DEMAND: Canine Rehab On Demand Home PageSupport the show (

Jan 11

26 min 50 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #96: Renowned pet pain management expert Dr Robin Downing returns to Tripawd Talk Radio for this full-length interview, packed with tips for keeping three legged dogs and cats pain free - before, during, and after amputation surgery recovery.Watch the video recording on the Tripawds Youtube Channel: important tips for how to identify and treat acute and chronic pain in three legged dogs and cats, before during and after amputation surgery recovery. Learn to distinguish pain indicators from side effects of pain medication. Discover the best supplements and other ways to prevent pain in amputee dogs and cats. Learn how to best prepare your home to keep amputee dogs and cats safe. Hear about the importance of bioethics in veterinary medicine and how Dr Downing is leading the way. And much more...Watch the video version of this episode and find additional content on the subject here:Is There a Recipe Standard for Pet Amputation Pain Control?Resources mentioned in this episode:Learn more about Dr Downing: Tramadol effective pain management for pets? Web Master Harness: all Tripawds interviews with Dr Downing: all Tripawds pain management articles, videos and podcast episodes: all Tripawd Talk Radio episodes: the show (

Nov 2020

1 hr 22 min

Tripawds Podcast Episode #95: Meet Tripawds founders Rene and Jim. Learn about the Tripawds community, and why they created it after their Chief Fun Officer Jerry lost a leg to cancer in 2006. This is a short introduction to the people behind the Tripawds Foundation and online pet amputation support community. Get an overview of their book, Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now. Enjoy a video version of this episode with a slideshow including pictures of Jerry and current spokesdog Wyatt Ray on the Tripawds Youtube Channel.Find all Tripawd Talk Radio podcast episodes at Discover all Tripawds community resources at Learn about Tripawds Foundation assistance programs and how you can help at https://tripawds.orgGet the book Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now at https://bemoredog.netSupport the show (

Sep 2020

16 min 51 sec

Bonus Trailer: Dog Cancer Answers podcast highlights from episode featuring Tripawds Founders and Be More Dog authors Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson discussing life on three with Jerry after his amputation due to osteosarcoma.Listen to the full episode at Find all Tripawds resources at Get the book and gifts at https://bemoredog.netFind Dog Cancer Survival Guide Book and Webinars at: all Tripawd Talk Radio episodes and get your free gift for listeners at the show (

Aug 2020

1 min 59 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #94: What is the number one tip to help prevent osteoarthritis in Tripawds, and what can you do right now improve quality of life for aging pets who have it? Find out with Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio. Recorded May 14, 2020.Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw is a small animal surgeon and certified canine rehab therapist. She practices at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle and is the Medical Director of SOUND Veterinary Rehabilitation Center where she specializes in treating dogs with all sorts physical issues. Needless to say, she sees a LOT of Tripawds.We invited Dr Kirkby Shaw on the show, because she founded CARE - Canine Arthritis Resources and Education. Pet Parents and Veterinarians alike can find helpful resources about arthritis, pain management, weight management, adjusting your home - and your pets activity - at http://www.caninearthritis.orgFind more helpful articles and episodes about preventing arthritis in dogs and caring for arthritic Tripawds at all Tripawd Talk Radio episodes and get your free gift for listeners at the show (

May 2020

30 min 23 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #93: Pet Health Insurance! Nobody wants it, yet every pet parent needs it. But which company is best? Finding the cheapest plan is NOT the answer. Find out why, and learn all about pre-existing conditions for amputee dogs and cats. Also learn the importance of requesting a Medical History Review when selecting pet insurance on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio. Recorded February 27, 2020.Doug Kenney DVM, Your Pet Insurance GuideDr. Kenney is a retired general practice veterinarian and a leading veterinary expert on pet health insurance. To help pet parents make good choices about pet insurance, Dr. Kenney wrote the book Your Guide To Understanding Pet Health Insurance, which helps pet owners understand how pet insurance works and guides them through research to make an informed pet insurance company decision. He blogs and podcasts about pet insurance on his website, Your Pet Insurance Guide: http://www.PetInsuranceGuideUS.comJanna Mahan, Director of Claims, Embrace Pet InsuranceAfter 15 years working as a Registered Veterinary Technician, Jenna joined Embrace as a Claims Adjuster in 2011. Jenna was promoted to lead, then manager, and was made Director of claims and Chief Underwriter in 2017, overseeing nearly 50 members of the claims team. Jenna is responsible for implementing time saving system changes and advancements that get Embrace policyholder’s claims' processed quickly and efficiently. Learn more at http://www.embracepetinsurance.comFind more helpful articles and episodes about selecting the best pet health insurance for Tripawds at all Tripawd Talk Radio episodes and get your free gift for listeners at the show (

May 2020

44 min 46 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #92: Chemotherapy doesn't have to be scary! What is the most important factor when considering chemotherapy for your dog or cat with cancer? And why is it also important to think about nutrition, the clinical experience, and our emotions? Find out from Dr Vanessa Rizzo, on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio.PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded before COVID-19 distancing restrictions we announced. Please practice safe physical distancing and abide by your vet's regulations.Guest: Dr. Vanessa Rizzo, DVM, ACVIM (Oncology) Oncologist & Medical Director of Puget Sound Veterinary Specialists Dr. Rizzo is a board certified veterinary medical oncologist in the Pacific Northwest. As Medical Director and chief oncologist at Puget Sound Veterinary Specialists, she knew she wanted to treat pets with cancer since starting veterinary school at Western University College of Veterinary Medicine in Southern California. Dr. Rizzo a 3-year residency program in medical oncology at Cornell University and today in addition to oncology care, her unique specialty practice also incorporates integrative vet medicine such as nutrition consulting and acupuncture. Puget Sound Veterinary Specialists also goes the extra mile by taking a Fear Free approach to helping animals feel at ease in the clinic while undergoing cancer care and other serious conditions. Today we will talk about how the Fear Free experience can make cancer care less scary for pets and people, and what newcomers to veterinary oncology can expect if they decide to pursue treatment. Learn more about Dr. Rizzo:http://pugetsoundvetspecialists.comFind a certified Fear Free vet clinic near you:https://fearfreepets.comPlease subscribe and rate Tripawd Talk Radio on Apple Podcasts and find all past episodes at the show (

Jan 2020

31 min 38 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #91: Thinking of getting a brace your Tripawd? Find out why custom orthotics are best, and why it's important to consult with your vet first, on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio. Recorded on December 19, 2019.As an amputee himself, Ben Blecha understands the importance of comfort and function for prosthetics and orthotic devices. But when it comes to dogs, you can't just ask them how they feel to determine a perfect fit. That's why he founded Hero Braces in 2005, to help provide limb stability for dogs who need it. Whether used as an alternative to surgery, or to help provide support when missing a limb, custom orthotic braces are the best solution. Listen to Rene's discussion with Ben to find out why.More about Orthotics for Tripawds: for Tripawds: Dog Braces:https://goherogo.comSupport the show (

Dec 2019

27 min 47 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #89: In this short teaser episode, Life and Laughter Coach Dave Berman chats with Tripawds founders Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano about their new book, Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now. They briefly discuss the significance of living in the now, and how a MUTTS comic strip helped them realize what their three legged dog Jerry was teaching them as they traveled the country in an RV after his bone cancer diagnosis and amputation. To Be Continued... Find complete details about Be More Dog and the foreword by MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell at https://bemoredog.netSupport the show (

Dec 2019

9 min 44 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #90: What is CBD? Is it safe for pets? And why isn't your vet talking about it? Find out on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio. Recorded on December 12, 2019. CBD for pets is a hot topic everyone seems to be talking about these days, except your vet. Why is that? On this episode of Tripawd Talk, we welcome back an expert in the field of veterinary pain management to discuss the use cannabinoids for dogs and cats, what we know, and why your vet doesn't want to talk about it. You'll hear about specific conditions CBD has been proven to help with clinical studies. We'll discover how to choose a good product, and learn about the importance of reviewing the Certificate of Analysis before you purchase. Our guest in an expert in pain management for pets. Veterinary Technician Specialist, and Director of Education and Development at ElleVet Sciences, mister Stephen Cital.More about CBD for Pets: the show (

Dec 2019

41 min 42 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #88: This is the final episode in a four part series where we are sharing the complete unedited audio from interviews we performed with faculty members at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine on October 3rd, 2019. Find our edited video interviews at Find all Tripawd Talk podcasts, and, let us know what you think of this series of shows at had the honor of sitting down with one of our most respected previous guests during our visit to Davis. Dr Denis Marcellin-Little is a leading expert in veterinary orthopedic surgery and Professor of Surgical & Radiological Sciences. This episode of Tripawd Talk includes the complete interview from two videos we produced about remaining limb surgeries and osteoarthitis in three legged dogs. Dr Denis and Rene also discuss 3D printing technology and how it is being used for implants and other orthpoedic procedures. We also discover the single most important thing people can do to help keep their Tripawds fit and strong. Support the show (

Nov 2019

35 min 40 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #87: This is the third of our four-part series sharing the complete unedited audio from interviews we held with faculty members at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine on October 3rd, 2019. Watch all the video interviews from our visit on the Tripawds Youtube channel at Find all Tripawd Talk episodes, and, let us know what you think of these full audio podcasts at would love to see a cancer vaccine. Well, the people behind the Vaccine Against Canine Cancer study currently underway at three teaching hospitals around the U.S. are working hard to make that a reality. Rene sat down with Dr. Jenna Burton who is leading the efforts at UC Davis. We'll learn all about the VACC Study, how it works, and what it takes to participate. If you live near UC Davis, find out more at Near Colorado State University, visit and in Wisconsin, please check  Support the show (

Nov 2019

16 min 16 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #86: On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we continue our series to provide the complete audio from video interviews we pproduced with faculty members at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine on October 3rd, 2019. Find our edited video interviews on the Tripawds Youtube channel at Find all Tripawd Talk podcasts, and, let us know what you think of the full audio  from these interviews at Amy Kapatkin is Professor of Surgical & Radiological Sciences at UC Davis, and we were fascinated by the work she is doing which involves regrowing bone with the use of Bone Morphogenetic Protein or BMP. We wanted to share her story of Ethel, a 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier, with a severely broken leg that never healed after multiple surgeries. Amputation was the only option if the BMP procedure was not appropriate for Ethel. So Rene asked Dr Kapatkin for details about what happened. We'll learn all about BMP, how it works, and when it can be used. Spoiler Alert: Little Ethel still has all her legs!Please share this episode with your vets and veterinary colleagues. Find all Tripawd Talk Radio episodes at the show (

Nov 2019

18 min 10 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #85: On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio Rene discusses, the benefits and potential of performing a lifetime study to analyze the long-term effects of limb amputation on dogs. Here at Tripawds, we are passionate about educating people to help their amputee pets live a long healthy life on three legs. And so is today's guest: Dr Felix Duerr, from Colorado State University's department of Small Animal Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. We have had the honor of meeting Dr Duerr a number of times, and having him as a previous guest on the show. Over the years, we have tossed around the idea of a lifetime study for amputee dogs. Something similar to the popular "Golden Retriever Lifetime Study" currently underway, could provide important insight into the mobility challenges and biomechanical changes Tripawds experience over time. But what would it take to perform a lifetime "longitudinal study" like this? We'll learn what that term means, the important discoveries such a study might reveal, and the challenges to make it happen. Please share this episode with your vets and veterinary colleagues.Recorded October 7, 2019.Support the show (

Nov 2019

26 min 45 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #84: On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we introduce a new feature for listeners. We will now be sharing the complete unabridged audio from video interviews we hold with veterinary oncologists, orthopedic surgeons, rehab therapists, and other pet health specialists. Find the edited videos and subscribe at And, keep listening to Tripawd Talk for our unabridged discussions with experts about topics of importance to anyone with pets facing amputation or a limb cancer diagnosis.We kick off this new segment with our recent visit to UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. This is the first of four interviews we held with faculty there about the cutting edge work they are doing. Dr. Robert Rebhun is Associate Professor and Researcher in Surgical & Radiological Sciences at UC Davis. He is working on a new study about immunotherapy for cancer that has spread to the lungs of dogs with osteosarcoma or melanoma. Rene get the details about this IL-15 study, and how it differs from the Interleuken-2 research that has been done. We'll learn how this inhalation therapy is administered, and what Adoptive Cell Transfer means. This interview was recorded on October third, 2019. For complete details about the study and info about how to participate, please visit the show (

Oct 2019

17 min 17 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #83: On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we enjoy another "Meet Your Tripawds Pals" segment. Meet Tripawds Helpline Host Sally (aka: benny55) and hear her tips for anyone new to having a three legged dog or cat. If you've ever posted in the Tripawds discussion forums, you have likely heard from Sally. She has been a huge part of the community since 2013, when her beautiful Mastiff Happy Hannah was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Hannah thrived as a rear-leg Tripawd for just over one year. Later, Sally rescued Frankie, a crazy front-leg Tripawd hound dog who amuses us all with his crazy antics - and sidekick Merry Myrtle, a four-legged blind Mastiff. Sally continues to help the community every day in many important ways, including her Tuesday shift as a host on the Tripawds Helpline. Learn more about Tripawds' resident angel Sally, and the tips she has to share others facing amputation for their own beloved dogs and cats.Support the show (

Sep 2019

23 min 24 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #82: On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio, you'll hear the success story of Boone, the three legged hunting dog who has defied the odds by beating osteosarcoma for six years since his amputation - without chemotherapy. Boone's dad, our guest Dan Thompson, attributes Boone's health and longevity to the holistic treatment plan they chose, including medicinal mushroom based immunity supplements from K9 Medicinals.Dorla Saling from K9 Medicinals will also be joining us to discuss how these supplements have evolved over the years. This program includes no sponsored content and no advertising, though in the interest of full disclosure, K9 Medicinals has been a long-time supporter of Tripawds. Read all about Boone's holistic treatments, watch videos of him in action, and learn much more about immunity supplements in the Tripawds Nutrition blog at Find information about immune support and more success stories at the show (

May 2019

22 min 2 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #81: "Shark Tank" deal winner Wild Earth is on a mission to make the world a better place for pets, people, and the planet. Tune in as we speak with Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Ernie Ward to discover the benefits of this plant-based protein pet food, learn all about the fungal protein "Koji", and debunk misconceptions about so-called "vegan dog food" - an all too common misnomer for this sustainable alternative to current pet foods containing factory farmed animal products. Ernie Ward, DVM is an acclaimed pet obesity expert and author who first appeared on Tripawd Talk Radio in Episode #56: Help Your Tripawd Get Slim with Dr. Ernie WardLearn more about healthy nutrition for three legged dogs and cats in the Tripawds Nutrition Blog and find a special gift for listeners in the Tripawds Downloads Blog.Support the show (

May 2019

35 min 11 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #80: Learn about recent developments in the fight against cancer in pets and people with a new osteosarcoma immunotherapy vaccine for dogs currently being developed by ELIAS Animal Health and the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine from lead clinician Dr. Jeffrey Bryan.Support the show (

Mar 2019

16 min 22 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #79: In the first edition of our new "Meet Your Tripawd Pals" segment, long time member Karen (aka: krun15) discusses the resources that helped her through Tri-Pug Maggie's mast cell cancer tumor amputation and how that helped her prepare for life on three legs with Tri-Puggle Rescue Mutt Ellie. Pet parents facing amputation for their dogs and cats find lots of help by joining the Tripawds community at, often making quick friends with others who understand exactly what they're is going through. These Tripawds Pals point new members to helpful resources, while offering advice, comfort and support. And in the coming episodes, we're going to introduce you to more of them.Support the show (

Mar 2019

19 min 5 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #78: Join us in the second of this special two-part Tripawd Talk Radio discussion with Dr. Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, DVM, about her work with animal amputees, as well as her activism in the #NotOneMoreVet movement. Dr. Cahalane is the first board-certified specialist in small animal surgery to practice in Hong Kong at Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong. She specialises in orthopedic, neurologic, cancer treatment, and soft tissue surgeries in companion animals. She is also an ardent advocate for the campaign #NotOneMoreVet, a movement building public awareness about the high suicide rate within the veterinary profession (nearly 1 in 6 veterinarians consider suicide at least once in their careers!). Dr. Cahalane's TEDxWanChai talk, The Partnership That Might Save Your Pet’s Life, is a thought-provoking spotlight on  why veterinarians deserve our trust, loyalty, and regard so that #NotOneMoreVet will succumb to suicide. Part 2: How to Work with Our Vet for a Happy Outcome What is the #NotOneMoreVet campaign about?How do pet parents add to stress in the veterinary workplace?What are some things we can do to help our vets be the best practitioner for our pets? Guest: Dr. Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, BSc, MA, DVM, DACVS Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons - Small Animals Please visit the Tripawd Blogs Community for more helpful pet amputation resources and assistance programs. Support the show (

Nov 2018

17 min 13 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #77: Join us in the first of this special two-part Tripawd Talk Radio discussion with Dr. Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, DVM, about her work with Hong Kong dogs and cats, as well as her activism in the #NotOneMoreVet movement. Dr. Cahalane is the first board-certified specialist in small animal surgery to practice in Hong Kong at Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong. She specialises in orthopedic, neurologic, cancer treatment, and soft tissue surgeries in companion animals. During her four years of internship and residency training, Dr. Cahalane was directly mentored by world-renowned veterinary surgical specialists, as well as leading specialists in the disciplines of anesthesia, internal medicine, emergency and critical care, and oncology. Dr. Cahalane spent several years in a busy specialty referral practice in the United States. Part 1: What Hong Kong Residents Can Teach Us about Pet Parenting How Hong Kong pet parents view the role of dogs, cats and other pets in the householdTheir feelings about amputation and special-needs, handicapped petsHow pet parenting in Hong Kong differs from those of us in the westAnd most importantly, what we can learn from Hong Kong pet parenting styles Guest: Dr. Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, BSc, MA, DVM, DACVS Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons - Small Animals Please visit the Tripawd Blogs Community for more helpful pet amputation resources and assistance programs. Support the show (

Nov 2018

20 min 48 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #76: Don't miss this informative conversation with Dr. Alex Avery, a veterinary surgeon and founder of one of the internet's best pet health resources, Through fun videos, blogs and photographs, Dr. Alex is dedicated to enriching the lives of pets by empowering pet parents with accurate, helpful information about preventative health care, illness and other situations faced by pets. Dr. Avery graduated from Vet School at the University of Bristol in the UK in 2006 and has since helped companion animals live healthier lives in both the UK and New Zealand, where he is currently practicing. During this fascinating chat with Dr. Alex, you will learn about topics near and dear to every member of the Tripawds community...including:     - Boosting appetite after surgery     - Proper pain management     - Understanding pet health supplements For more podcasts and, helpful gear and many more pet amputation resources and assistance programs, please visit Support the show (

Sep 2018

38 min 36 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #75: Years ago when Anneli Adolfsson was studying to be a medical scientist in her native Sweden, little did she know that some day she would create a pet loss and bereavement counseling service. But that's exactly what happened when her once-in-a-lifetime dog Angel went to the Rainbow Bridge. " It opened my eyes to the tremendous need in the community, the stigma attached to mourning the loss of a pet and the isolation many people face during that difficult time," she writes on her website, Thanks to Angel, pet loss now has a voice as Anneli helps pet parents with bereavement counseling, hospice care, after care arrangements, tributes and everything else that helps a pet's memory live on in dignity and love. Offering her services in three different countries, Anneli calls it "Love and Bereavement without borders." Today we'll talk to Anneli about the unlikely path she took to get to where she is today, and also learn tools for coping with pet loss in all its many forms. Learn many more tips to help you threough your entire Tripawd Journey in the Tripawds Community blogs, discussion forums, live chat and many other free support resources. Support the show (

May 2018

28 min 51 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #74: Julie Buzby, DVM, CVA, CAVCA is an integrative veterinarian certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.  In addition, the South Carolina based veterinarian is founder of Dr. Buzby's Innovations, which created the dog traction solution known as Toe Grips. The Toe Grips traction product has helped millions of dogs regain confidence on slippery floors and empowered pet parents since the product made its debut to veterinarians at the 2013 North American Veterinarian Conference. This episode is not sponsored, and Tripawds received no compensation for production. Read our complete Toe Grips Product Review and find many more helpful products for three legged pets in the Tripawds Gear Shop.   Support the show (

May 2018

34 min 36 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #73: Learn all about the best pain management practices, techniques and latest developments for treating post-op amputation pain in cats. Discover tricks for pilling a cat, and much more! Stephen Cital,  RVT, SRA, RLAT, VTS- Lab Animal Medicine, is a renowned veterinary nurse and educator with a focus on veterinary anesthesia, exotic animal care and education for veterinary nurses. Stephen originally studied to become a registered human nurse but turned to veterinary medicine when he found animals more enjoyable to work with than people. He is a Registered Veterinary Technician, a Surgical Research Anesthetist and a Registered Laboratory Animal Technician, among many other significant professional accomplishments. Stephen is Executive Director for the Academy of Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians and Nurses, holding a VTS credential in Research Anesthesia. He is from the Silicon Valley where he works in a clinical setting as well as with several veterinary research organizations. Stephen also holds positions at the Oakland Zoo and the San Francisco Zoo! Stephen enjoys writing and teaching, serves on advisory boards for local Vet Tech colleges, is on the Aratana Technician Council of Pain Experts, is an Advisory Board member for PhytoAnimal Health, and is COO for the Veterinary Anesthesia Nerds and Veterinary Cannabis Academy Facebook and webpages. Visit for more information about Stephen's work, speaking schedule and latest invention. Find more helpful pet amputation resources at More Tripawds Pain Management Posts & Podcasts Support the show (

May 2018

32 min 46 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #72: Sharon Seltzer is founder of the Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog website, which launched in November 2013. This is a community for pet owners who are caring for a  handicapped, paraplegic or other special needs dog, cat or other pet. Sharon provides tips, support, news and where to find products for the daily care of pets with paralysis and other neurological conditions. As an animal advocate and freelance writer for over a decade, she started the website when her dog Sophie was stricken with a progressive paralysis that took away her ability to run, walk and later stand or even sit on her own.  For the next five years she bravely learned to enjoy a new way of life and her family learned how to adjust and live a "new normal" with a dog who had limited mobility. Many of the tips discussed should prove helpful for pet parents helping amputee dogs and cats love life on three legs, especially with giant breed dogs or during the early days of recovery. Find more help, resources, and support at Tripawds. Support the show (

May 2018

30 min 9 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #71: Dr. Amy Kramer has a long history in the human and animal physical therapy world. She began her career with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and Recreation, went on to  work as a human physical therapist in an orthopedic practice for seven years prior to receiving a Masters and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees in Physical Therapy. In 2004 when her own dog had knee surgery and needed post-operative services she became interested in animal rehabilitation, and pursued a Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. She went on to start the first Veterinarian and Physical Therapist owned rehabilitation clinic in Southern California and seven years later founded Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC). Dr. Kramer has been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association since 1991. She spends extra time trying to help integrate the veterinary and physical therapy communities getting them to recognize the benefit of combining their knowledge and expertise to improve outcomes.  She has been applying skills she learned and used in the human world to the animals with tremendous success. Learn more about Dr. Kramer's work at BARC. Find more amputee pet rehab tips and video interviews with Dr. Kramer at Tripawds. Support the show (

Apr 2018

37 min 19 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #70: You can't see, smell or hear them but each day we are all surrounded by high EMFs (ambient and man-made electromagnetic fields) in our homes and the outside world. These EMFs are proven to cause issues with insects and migratory birds' flying patterns, but how do EMFs affect the dogs and cats living in our home? Can EMFs increase pain symptoms and create problems for people and animals with compromised immune systems? Today's Tripawd Talk Radio takes a look at these questions. On this pre-recorded episode of Tripawd Talk Radio you'll hear from two people who can shed some light on the EMF issue. First we'll chat with 2018 TEDx Speaker Dr. Don Nixdorf, DC, formerly Executive Director of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association and Board of Advisors member for Farabloc Development Corporation, producers of the Farabloc medical aid that reduces exposure to high frequency electro magnetic fields. Next up, you'll meet Holly, mom to Purrkins, a front-leg feline amputee who suddenly developed phantom pain when the local power provider introduced a smart meter into his home. In this episode, we discuss: Why the absence of high EMF (ambient and man-made electromagnetic fields) has a profound impact on injury including recovery from surgery, burns, amputee phantom pain and chronic pain. Current research that demonstrates how faster wound repair and less associated pain when you reduce exposure to high EMFs. And, how Purrkins has found relief from phantom pain after the Farabloc blanket was introduced into his living area. Join the discussion on this topic here. Support the show (

Apr 2018

36 min 15 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #69: Learn how to maximize pet health with whole foods, not drugs from Dr Judy Morgan, Author of "Yin And Yang Nutrition for Dogs". Dr. Judy Morgan is an acclaimed holistic veterinarian from New Jersey who has just published her latest how-to book about home cooking for pets. Titled "YIN & YANG Nutrition for Dogs, Maximizing Health with Whole Foods, Not Drugs," (co-written by Hue Grant), this book boldly explains why premade commercial food is not the optimal diet for dogs and how Chinese medicine can help us do better by preparing simple yet nutritious home cooked or raw meals for each stage of a dog's life. She is also the author of the popular guidebook "From Needles to Natural: Learning Holistic Pet Healing" as well as the home cooking for dogs and cats handbook, "What’s For Dinner, Dexter?: Cooking For Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory." For this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we will discuss: - What inspired her to publish this latest how-to book. - Why conventional veterinary medicine discourages us from feeding real food to our pets. - What Chinese Medicine theory can teach us about home prepared meals and helping our dogs stay strong and healthy. - How food can heal or alleviate the symptoms of urgent conditions like kidney disease, cancer and more. - Dr. Morgan's best tips for cooking for dogs with cancer - Simple ways to make the transition to a home-prepared diet. Find more helpful pet amoutation recovery and care resources at Tripawds. Support the show (

Feb 2018

43 min 41 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #68: Hear Dr Sarah Boston discuss details about the new veterinary limb sparing surgical procedure she has published: Bostonplasty: Limb shortening as a strategy for limb sparing treatment of appendicular osteosarcoma of the distal radius in a dog. Support the show (

Jan 2018

40 min 24 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #67: Tripawds members get closer to their three-legged heroes and angels with expert animal communicator Stacy Krafczyk of All Spirit Healing, in a live group call. Coping with change is hard. When change happens because of a leg amputation or the death of a beloved animal, it helps to get another perspective from a gentle soul who lives exceptionally close to the spirit lives of animals. Stacy Krafczyk is one such person, and on Sunday November 19 we were honored to have Tripawds favorite animal communicator return for a special one-hour live call-in session with more than a dozen members of the Tripawds community. Support the show (

Nov 2017

1 hr 14 min

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #66: Join leading orthopedic surgeon Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little from U.C. Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio to learn about the implication and use of internal and external prosthetics and other othotic devices for three legged dogs and cats. Find many more helpful resources about amputation for at Support the show (

Sep 2017

40 min 58 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #65: Dogs are good at hiding their pain. Do you know how to recognize the signs of arthritis in Tripawd dogs? Today we'll learn from veterinary surgeon Hanah Capon, MRCVS annd Managing Director of the CAM (Canine Arthritis Management) organization in the UK. Recognize and Manage Arthritis in Tripawd Dogs a Hannah Capon knows firsthand about the debilitating effects of arthritis in Tripawd dogs. As a veterinarian in the United Kingdom, she treats three and four legged patients with this painful condition. She uses a multimodal approach to canine arthritis in order to alleviate its associated pain and discomfort, giving dogs improved quality and quantity of life. Today on Tripawd Talk, Capon will teach us how to: know the signs of arthritis our pets may be giving us. She'll teach what to do when we suspect our dog has arthrtis. And finally, she will explain the various treatment options available. We'll also learn about the Canine Arthritis Management organization she founded and hear about the exciting walk she is taking in September to raise awareness about canine arthritis management. Support the show (

Jul 2017

44 min 17 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #64: When our pet gets cancer one of the first things we want to do is change their food. But it's hard to know the right way to do it and what's best to put in their bowls. That's why today we're honored to have vet nutrition expert Dr. Jennifer Larsen, DVM, PhD, DACVN on our show! Dr. Larsen is Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of California at Davis. She has extensive knowledge about pet food nutrition needs and today she'll share the best dog and cat cancer diet tips. For the next 30 minutes Dr. Davis will explain science-based facts about cancer and pet nutrition. Among other things we'll learn: Can commercial pet food cause cancer?What happens to the body when cancer takes over?How does cancer affect our pet's nutrition needs?Can a better diet help our pets fight cancer? Is there such a thing as a "cancer diet" for pets?What is the most important thing we should know about our pet's dietary needs while fighting cancer? About Dr. Larsen Dr. Jennifer Larsen holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Animal Science and a DVM from UC Davis. She completed one year in local private practice before accomplishing a clinical nutrition residency at UC Davis. In 2007, Dr. Larsen attained Diplomate status from the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, and completed a PhD in Nutritional Biology in 2008. She is an Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and does clinical nutritional consulting through the hospital's Nutrition Support Service.   Support the show (

Jun 2017

34 min 13 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #63: All pets will need pain management at some time and Tripawds often need it more than their four-legged pals. Today on Tripawd Talk Radio we learn how veterinary acupuncture can help our threee-legged pets feel better throughout their lives. Our guest is Dr. Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA (IVAS) a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and co-owner of Lombard Animal Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Let's Get to the Point with Veterinary Acupuncture for Tripawds From the moment a cat or dog loses a limb, their gait is forever compromised. This can lead to problems down the road, including joint stress, muscle strains and more. Managing their pain is critical and veterinary acupuncture is one drug-free way to do it. Veterinary acupuncture is also great for other conditions like anxiety and today Dr. Ostermeier will share everything we need to know about acupuncture for Tripawds, such as: What conditions can be helped by veterinary acupuncture?How does sticking needles in the body help a pet (or person) feel better?What are the different types of acupuncture available? What conditions are helped by these different types?Can acupuncture be administered when a pet is also on traditional pain management drugs?Who can administer acupuncture? Do vets need a license to practice it in the US? What about other countries?Which Tripawds are good candidates for acupuncture? Can it help with cancer patients too?What can we expect from a session? Will it hurt our pets?How many sessions are usually required before results can be seen? What is the success rate? About Dr. Ostermeier Dr. Nell has been a certified veterinary acupuncturist since 2012. She developed the Integrative Program at her hospital where she treats dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small exotic pets using the best of both worlds -Western and Eastern. Support the show (

Jun 2017

42 min 10 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #62: Are home cooked pet food diets really better for cats and dogs? A group of vet nutritionists are looking at fresh versus store-bought pet foods in a groundbreaking new study. On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we'll speak with pet nutrition expert Dr. Donna Raditic, DVM, DACVN, CVA. Fresh Versus Store-Bought Pet Foods Study Needs Your Support Millions of dogs and cats are fed high heat processed, commercial foods throughout their lives. But is this really the best nutrition we can offer? Heat treatment of foods can cause a reaction between the proteins and sugars called "the Maillard reaction" which results in the formation of what is termed dietary Advanced Glycation End- Products or AGEs. Studies have shown that elevated levels of AGEs in tissues are associated with age-related diseases in humans, rats, and dogs including diabetes, cataracts, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, renal disease, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. Dietary AGEs and their accumulation in the body may be one of the ways diets can impact age- related diseases in humans and our companion animals. Preliminary data suggests some pet foods may contain over 122 time the AGEs found in processed human foods! A groundbreaking independent study led by the Companion Animal Nutrition and Wellness Institute (CANWI) will compare the levels of AGEs in processed and fresh food pet diets and evaluate the influence of feeding differing intakes of dietary AGEs. The study will involve veterinary nutritionists, food scientists and one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in the Country. Learn how his study can help pet parents make better food choices for our cats and dogs. Dr, Raditic will explain what CANWI does and how pet parent support is critical to the health of our pets. Support the show (

May 2017

31 min 37 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #61: On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we will learn how amputation impacts dogs and cats' bodies. Our guide is Dr. Denis J. Marcellin-Little, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, VSMR and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at North Carolina State University. Chances are you're already familiar with Dr. Marcellin-Little's work. Over the last few years he's become world famous for orthopedic breakthroughs in animals such as the first total knee replacement in a cat. "I am interested in limb sparing and the design, fabrication, and implantation of custom orthopedic implants," he writes in his bio. And that he's doing. In his breakthrough implants known as transdermal osseointegration, Dr. Marcellin-little creates titatnium implants that attach to animals' legs and prosthetics. He has successfully performed this procedure on more than six dogs and two cats as of 2015. Today we'll discuss amputation as a concept, amputation of a front leg versus the back leg, amputation in puppies and how to help amputees through the use of Dr. Marcellin-Little's technology and prosthetic limbs. Dr. Marcellin completed his doctor of veterinary medicine training in Toulouse, France. He is a Diplomate of both the European and American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr. Marcellin is recognized as an authority in the field of veterinary orthopedics. His areas of interest include total hip replacement, external fixation, treatment of bone deformities and physical therapy. His current research interests include the biological response to orthopedic implants, distraction osteogenesis and canine developmental orthopedic diseases. Support the show (

May 2017

44 min 42 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #60: This episode of Tripawd Talk Radio will discuss an exciting study currently underway at Colorado State University, "Evaluation of Partial Amputation in Dogs". This study will examine how partial amputee Tripawds cope with artificial limbs (prosthetics). The study is led by Dr. Felix Duerr, DMV ACVS Diplomate, ACVSMR who oversees CSU’s Small Animal Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation program. The year-long study is currently seeking front or rear limb amputee dogs and their owners. Dr. Duerr will discuss which dogs are ideal candidates to participate in the study, the benefits of participating and things that owners will need to do in order to receive a free prosthetic device, and all rechecks and aftercare associated with the prosthetic device for the duration of the study. For more interviews with Dr. Duerr about his work in orthopedics for three legged dogs, please visit This episode of Tripawd Talk Radio is made possible by TruDog. Support the show (

Mar 2017

31 min 41 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #59: "Join us in welcoming Susan Marie and her Tripawd, Miss Olive, better known as the Doggy Diva! Susan Marie and Miss Olive have quite a story to share. They're not only hosts of the Doggy Diva Radio Show in Sarasota, Florida (, but each week the dynamic duo attends animal-related events. Their mission is to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering, adoption, fostering, volunteering and, most importantly, “always loving your pets, because they love you unconditionally." Miss Olive is a Tripawd because she lost her leg and most of her teeth to cancer and neglect. Despite her ruff start in life, she is still a loving pup and an inspiration to all. For Susan Marie it was love at first sight when she discovered Miss Olive waas up for adoption through Italian Greyhound Rescue Florida. Susan Marie already knew how special Tripawds are, because her previous dog Maggy lost a limb to osteosarcoma long before veterinary oncology became mainstream. On today's show we'll talk about the important work they do to raise awareness about animal welfare concerns, adoption, and of course, the magic of three-legged dogs and cats.   Support the show (

Dec 2016

31 min 32 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #58: Today on Tripawd Talk Radio we're chatting with author and animal advocate Laurie Kaplan. As creator of the indispensable handbook "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer" and founder of the Magic Bullet Fund, a non-profit fund dedicated to covering treatment costs for those that can't afford it, Laurie shares over 15 years of insight about what it's like to care for a dog with a cancer diagnosis, how we can help others with in their pets' cancer diagnoses and where we can focus our efforts to end this devastating disease. Support the show (

Nov 2016

34 min 15 sec

Tripawds Podcast Episode #57: Tripawds is honored to interview Cyndie Courtney, DVM, creator of ""! Have you ever left the vet's office with a ton of questions you didn't get answered? Do you ever feel like you're not getting your concerns across to your vet? If you've ever thought that "speaking up" makes you look like a jerk, this is the show for you. In this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio Dr. Courtney will teach how to communicate with your vet so your pet gets the care you want. We'll talk about: What a vet's typical day is like, and why you might sometimes feel that you didn't get the information and advice you'd hoped for.Why and how to ask questions about a suggested treatment -- instead of stating what you might have heard before as fact.How to know when the time is right for a second opinion -- and how to ask for one without feeling like you're insulting your vet. Dr. Cyndie Courtney is a practicing veterinarian in Kansas City and founder of the veterinary blog Vet Changes World. She works every day to make a difference in the lives of pets and the people who love them. She is especially interested in how veterinarians and pet owners can work together to make pet healthcare decisions.   Support the show (

Nov 2016

31 min 9 sec