Expect Something Beautiful with Laura Booz

Laura Booz

Captivating stories about the way God's Word intersects with everyday life.

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Laura invites you to listen to one of her family's favorite vintage radio dramas to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Nov 25

9 min 15 sec

A retired couple once came to dinner at Laura's house and went home with black specks in their teeth. Find out why and be inspired to invest in others.

Nov 11

9 min 32 sec

Laura's daughter has taught her a lot about God's patience toward us.

Oct 28

8 min 31 sec

How do you guide your children when they learn from your sinful example?

Oct 14

8 min 24 sec

When Laura's first child was born, she felt overwhelmed as a mom. You'll be encouraged to look to God for strength for any situation that makes you feel weak.

Sep 23

9 min 25 sec

When you are suffering, you can get hope in the suffering of our Savior. Laura pondered this while eating hospital ice chips.

Sep 16

9 min 9 sec

Laura had an assignment. She was to watch a teetering tree and pull her husband out of danger if it started to fall the wrong direction.

Aug 26

7 min 51 sec

Sometimes the biggest way to show Christ's love to someone is just to show up and be with them.

Aug 12

8 min 5 sec

Do you ever feel stuck when you try reading the Bible? Laura will give you hope by remembering a time she was stuck in a bumper boat children's ride.

Jul 15

10 min 12 sec

A mystery was unfolding in Laura's corn patch. The solution involved country music, jalapeño peppers and a dirty shirt.

Jun 24

9 min 55 sec

Do you ever struggle to embrace God as a forgiving Father? You'll get a picture of our merciful God when Laura tells you about a gymnastics accident.

Jun 10

10 min 8 sec

When Laura chose to take a certain role in a musical theater production, she discovered she had a lot of things in common with Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Jun 3

9 min 24 sec

The hurt of abuse can last a lifetime. But you can be healed and whole. Laura shows you how to begin the process of healing.

May 13

10 min 49 sec

As a child, Laura Booz once found herself sinking under water. In the process she learned quite a bit about the need we all have to be rescued.

Apr 22

13 min

When you try to serve others, do you end up feeling depleted? Laura Booz reflects on this as she ponders a generous gift equaling about ninety cents.

Apr 8

14 min 57 sec

When Laura and her family stood at the grave of a tiny baby, they understood the hope of the Resurrection with a new sense of urgency.

Apr 1

19 min 57 sec

When you forget to plan an ending, the consequences can be disastrous. Laura Booz discovered that while public speaking. It's true for your whole life as well.

Mar 11

13 min

Who do you call in a crisis? Laura Booz was confronted by that question when her friend struggled to breathe on a snowy day.

Feb 25

11 min 21 sec

Do you ever get discouraged from the role God has called you to in this season of life?

Feb 11

13 min 22 sec

Balloon dart painting seemed like it would be a perfectly romantic date activity. That's what Laura Booz thought. But . . .

Jan 28

7 min 58 sec

Be ready to share the hope of Jesus everywhere you go.

Jan 14

4 min 43 sec

Laura Booz found a mysterious note on her driveway. When she read the cryptic words, would she respond in fear or draw closer to the Lord in faith?

Dec 2020

8 min 17 sec

It's easy to spend the Christmas season rushing from one commitment to another. In this episode, you'll be reminded why Jesus came for stressed-out people.

Dec 2020

11 min 21 sec

Laura Booz was lost in the woods without a flashlight. While wandering around, a gum wrapper taught her something important about the light.

Nov 2020

7 min 41 sec