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The AI in Action series of The Alldus Podcast breaks down the hype and explores the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives.

Powered by Alldus International, the premium AI Workforce Solutions, our goal is to share with you the insights of technologists and data science enthusiasts to showcase the excellent work that is being done within AI across the world.

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Today's guest is Gaurav Bhattacharya, CEO at in Santa Monica, CA. Involve.AI are on a mission to make the world's companies more customer centric. organizes all customer data and makes it useful to stop customers from leaving and expand them to increase revenue. The magic is in the AI to find signals from all unstructured data and predict churn and expansion from sources like CRM, product usage and behavior data, emails, calls and support channels. In the episode, Gaurav will discuss: The mission to make the worlds companies more customer centric, How they went about building their platform, Use cases of the benefits that brings to customers, Successfully growing the team from the ground up, What it’s like to be part of the AI/ML team, What excites him for the future at, and Exciting opportunities within the team

Nov 29

19 min 35 sec

Today's guest is Andrea Leigh Castillo, Practice Director in SecOps at Iceberg Networks in Ottawa, Ontario. Iceberg Networks (a Highmetric company) provides trusted, aggregated and transparent risk & security intelligence, so that organizations can make confident and effective business decisions. They plan, deploy and manage successful programs for Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and Security Operations across Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing and Retail industries. Their key technology partners include ServiceNow and Archer. Icebergs’ team of experienced management consultants, subject matter experts and software developers offer a full lifecycle of IRM and SecOps related professional services including executive management workshops, strategy sessions, implementation & integration, and support services. Iceberg Networks' core values are Honest, Approachable, Accountable, Pursuit of Excellence, Collaborative and Empathetic. In the episode, Andrea will discuss: The interesting work she does at Iceberg Networks, The impact of digitalization within mental health, The role of SecOps and employee well-being, Advice to CSO’s & executive stakeholders on embracing digital transformation, Use cases of the impact they bring to customers, Future of SecOps and GRC in the industry

Nov 24

20 min 47 sec

Today's guest is Dennis Wall, Founder at Cognoa in Palo Alto, California. Founded in 2013, Cognoa is a pediatric behavioral health company developing digital diagnostics and therapeutics to enable the earlier diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health conditions, such as autism. They are dedicated to improving lifelong outcomes for children at risk for developmental delay and their families. Cognoa's lead products, the first digital diagnosis aid for autism and the first prescription digital therapeutic for children diagnosed with autism, have both received Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA. The company’s AI technology platform will enable Cognoa's product pipeline to address additional unmet needs including ADHD and anxiety. Cognoa plans to commercialize its autism diagnosis aid under the name, Canvas Dx™. In the episode, Dan will discuss: The journey to founding Cognoa, The fascinating work they do in treating autism, The role of AI, ML and Computer Vision in achieving their mission, Use cases of the impact they are making in the space, What excites for the future at Cognoa

Nov 23

20 min 34 sec

Today's guest is Dan Kokotov, VP of Engineering within Speech Technologies at Founded in 2010, Rev is a venture-backed internet startup headquartered in Austin with an office in San Francisco who offer speech-to-text services by combining the world’s best AI with the fine-tuning of the human ear to transcend the limits of audio. They continually enhance their best-in-class technology to deliver services with true-to-word accuracy and industry-leading turnaround times at-scale, at all times and for the best price. Rev are obsessed with the intricacies of language and have built intuitive tools to streamline workflows, including platforms for transcription, video captioning and world-language subtitling. In the episode, Dan will discuss: Rev’s interesting work in innovative speech-to-text services, The role of AI & Data Science in enhancing their products & services, Benefits that Rev AI brings to customers, How the tech team has evolved and interesting projects they work on, and  Helping you become more efficient in a remote working world

Nov 22

16 min 52 sec

Today's guest is James Tammaro, VP of Engineering at CatapultX in New York. Founded in 2018, CatapultX are the On-Stream™ Video Monetization & Contextual AI Platform. Their proprietary technology uses Artificial Intelligence to reinvent advertising by eliminating the interruptive experience consumers have grown to hate and allowing you to win the moment™.CatapultX provides the simplest tools to generate more revenue from your videos or ROI on your video ads, anywhere they live. James has 15 years of experience developing software and leading software product teams across diverse business and technology domains. He has extensive experience driving product strategy, delivering products and collaborating across functional groups within an organization. He is a Certified Scrum Master with the ability to drive low level product design discussions, roadmaps and interfacing with customers. James takes a pragmatic approach to the SDLC process, balancing long term goals with short term "get to market now" needs. In the episode, James will discuss: CatapultX’s work in on-stream video advertising, Challenges that they are solving in the industry, Use case of the benefits they bring to clients, The successful growth of the team, How to build & manage a data science team in a startup, What he enjoys most about working at CatapultX, Advice on making the switch from academia into industry and What excites him for the future

Nov 19

16 min 14 sec

Today's guest is Alexander Ljungström, Founder and Managing Director at Einar & Partners in Amsterdam. Founded in 2019, Einar & Partners is a niche firm focusing on AIOps & IT Operations strategy. Their passion is people, data and culture. Working with modern platforms and technologies such as ServiceNow, Azure, AWS and more, they enable enterprises to find their digital truth. Specialized in complex ITOM & AIOps transformation, Einar & Partners have experience across the globe with the mission of delivering measurable results, ROI, lowering OpEx and generating successful programs for AIOps & ITOM. They also services in the space of Go-To-Market strategy and portfolio development, together with a reliable implementation and capacity network. In the episode, Alexander will discuss: How he got into the world of ServiceNow, The importance of AIOps, Case studies of the benefits they bring to customers, Key learns in his experience using AIOps, and What the future holds for the ServiceNow platform

Nov 17

14 min 28 sec

Today's guest is Michael Senftleber, Chief Technology Officer at Arrive Logistics in Austin, TX. As one of the fastest-growing freight brokerages in the nation, Arrive Logistics are defining a new standard for service in freight, pushing the limits of what’s possible for themselves and their partners every day.  Their relentless pursuit of perfection fuels their ability to optimize operations, identify efficiencies, build technology and deliver innovation that pushes businesses forward. An established product and technology executive with over 20 years of experience, Michael leads Arrive Logistics' technology group consisting of more than 100 professionals and is responsible for the company's overall technology vision, strategy and execution. He also leads Arrive EDGE™, where their mission is to not only build technology that best serves their stakeholders internally and externally, but to pave the way for the future and become a leader in technology within logistics. In the episode, Michael will discuss: His background and journey to Arrive Logistics, The problems they are solving within freight brokerage, Interesting projects the data team are working on, Benefits the platform brings to customers, Plans for growth and what he looks for when hiring into the team, & What excites him for the future at Arrive Logistics

Nov 16

22 min 8 sec

Today's guest is Nedialko Dimitrov, VP of Data Science at StackAdapt in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2014, StackAdapt is a self-serve advertising platform that specializes in multi-channel solutions including native, display, video, connected TV and audio ads. StackAdapt's state-of-the-art platform is where some of the most progressive work in machine learning meets cutting-edge user experience. In the episode, Ned will discuss: His background & transitioning from academia to industry, StackAdapt’s interesting work in the AdTech sector, Problems they are solving in the data science team, What a typical project lifecycle looks like, What he looks for when hiring into the team, Why StackAdapt is a great place to work, and What the future holds for StackAdapt

Nov 15

19 min 3 sec

Today's guest is Joe Baffone, Co-Founder and CEO at Annexus Health in Philadelphia, Pennsylvainia. Founded in 2017, Annexus Health are committed to reducing administrative and logistical burdens across the patient access journey in order to improve access to care and combat financial toxicity at both the patient level and the provider level. Annexus Health's unparalleled relationships within the US healthcare market combined with a development philosophy that emphasizes cycle-managing a problem rather than taking a task-based approach allows them to rapidly develop and deploy solutions that have an immediate impact on the access services cycle management process and on the lives of patients. In the episode, Joe will discuss: His journey to co-founding Annexus Health, The interesting work they do in the Healthcare industry, The mission they are working towards, What its like to work within their tech team, Plans for growing the team and What excites him for the future at Annexus Health

Nov 12

24 min 42 sec

Today's guest is Jon Becker, CEO at Platcore in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2016, PlatCore is a platform development company that is building applications that either compliment or enhance current functionality on the ServiceNow platform. Based on Service Portal, their initial application is a Learning Management System that integrates with the HR/GRC module or can be a standalone application on the ServiceNow platform. Jon is an accomplished professional experienced in leading mission critical initiatives, product launch and commercialization, and driving change within organizations. He has proven success in global program delivery, strategic alignment and translating executive vision into business results across various industries. Jon has delivered multiple enterprise software implementations and also has experience with custom applications, including geo-locators, portals and custom web-sites developed both in-house and off-shore. In the episode, Jon will discuss: How he got into the world of ServiceNow, Career tipping points and milestones, The Learning Revolution, The value that Platcore are adding to customers, How the ServiceNow platform is continuing to evolve, Top tips for a successful product integration, and Advice to his younger self

Nov 10

21 min 24 sec

Today's guests are John Carpenter, Chief Technology Officer and Sunil Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Blacksquare in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2010, Blacksquare is the global leader in digital transformation of the alcohol industry. BlackSquare has become the global leader in end-to-end digital and ecommerce solutions for international liquor brands, providing the tech and infrastructure required to sell their products online all around the world. After discovering that there were no suitable software solutions capable of fully integrated management of global DTC alcohol sales, their product Insight was born. This innovative technology integrates consumer acquisition, ecommerce, fulfillment and logistics into a single platform, giving brands seamless access to the data needed to reach their customers where they are. Insight allows brands to take control of the entire customer experience by eliminating fragmentation in the supply chain. In the episode, John and Sunil will talk about: Who are Blacksquare and problems they are solving for clients, What makes them stand out in the market, Generating insights into buyer and user behavior, Challenges that the engineering team need to overcome, Their unique offerings to customers, and Interesting data science projects they are working on

Nov 9

18 min 32 sec

Today's guest is Dipanwita Das, CEO and C0-Founder at Sorcero in Washington D.C . Founded in 2018, Sorcero is driving the next generation of digital transformation for smart, connected enterprises in insurance, life science and other STEM industries. Their core Language Intelligence technology offers unique AI capabilities infused with deep domain expertise, transforming cross-domain decision making experts with a platform that understands technical language and supports mission-critical decision making across the enterprise operating model. Dipanwita is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and AI innovator. Prior to starting Sorcero, Dipanwita was the founder & CEO of 42 Strategies, managing digital transformation projects for Richard Branson's Virgin United, Al Gore's Climate Reality Project and Bloomberg Philanthropies. An Atlas Corps Fellow and later Board Member, she designed the Global Leadership Lab, training global leaders from 60+ countries. In addition to her many professional endeavors, Dipanwita is passionate about science fiction, education, travel and making the world a better place. In the episode, Dipanwita will share: Her background & motivation for co-founding Sorcero, Socero’s platform for understanding scientific content, The journey of building a startup from the ground up, Day-to-day life of the data & tech team, Building human centric AI, Challenges of applying AI in an ever-changing technical landscape and What excites her for the future at Sorcero

Nov 8

23 min 33 sec

Today's guest is Lewis King, Director of Data Analytics at Everly Health in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2015, Everly Health was formed to improve the lives of millions with a fully integrated digital care platform for consumers and businesses. They continue to innovate in the space by delivering more care to more people on a seamless diagnostics-driven platform. Everly Health believe better healthcare is achieved when everyone has access to fully integrated digital care. They believe hat a person's life can transform if we meet people where they are and provide them with a pathway to affordable and actionable health insights. The way healthcare should be is centered around people. In the episode, Lewis will share: The impact Everly are making in the Healthcare sector, His role and the make-up of the data science team, Challenges of working with Healthcare Data, Day-to-day life and their typical project life cycle, How data science varies from startups to large corporations & Plans for future growth at Everly Health

Nov 5

16 min 55 sec

Today, to mark our 50th episode, we are delighted to welcome back Robert "The Duke" Fedoruk for his second appearance on the show. Robert is an an experienced ServiceNow thought leader and evangelist. Robert articulates ServiceNow value proposition, how the product is evolving and the talent crunch we could be seeing in the marketplace. A four-time ServiceNow Hackathon winner and nine-time ServiceNow knowledge conference speaker, Robert is ranked in the top ten of all-time community contributors in his field. In today's episode, Robert will chat about: Personal branding, How to compete in a competitive market, Maximising your network, His products and coaching on resume building, How to break into the ServiceNow ecosystem, How to succeed in an interview, and The importance of storytelling in an interview

Nov 3

34 min 1 sec

Today's guest is Dr. Enes Hosgor, CEO and Founder of in Berlin. Enes is currently spearheading his latest venture, which is a privacy-first MLOps platform in the healthcare industry. A Carnegie- Mellon-trained serial AI entrepreneur, Enes previously founded and run the Machine Learning division of MedTech company Caresyntax. Prior to his MedTech experience, Enes also founded his first ML startup called EEme within the cleantech domain, which he led to a successful exit in 2018. In the episode,  Enes will discuss: What attracted him to the world of Data Privacy, Challenges in AI adoption and innovation within Healthcare, Exciting trends within Digital Health, What role policymakers should assume in AI and Digital Health, and The mission of his new startup

Nov 2

18 min 31 sec

Today's guest is Jason Prestinario, General Manager of the Healthcare Solutions Business Unit at Komodo Health in New York. Founded in 2014, Komodo Health partners with its customers to improve patient care and reduce disease burden through data-driven insights. Komodo Health's technology delivers patient-level insights by dynamically analyzing the broadest array of data across patients, practitioners and health systems. The Komodo Health software provides access provides access to a broader array of healthcare stakeholders in over fifty therapeutic areas. Their comprehensive Healthcare Map™ helps Life Sciences extend the reach of innovative therapies, patient advocacy align investments toward the right patients and practitioners, healthcare practitioners address unmet medical needs in their communities and allow payers to increase care quality while reducing cost. In the episode,  Jason will discuss: The interesting work they do at Komodo Health, Milestones and challenges during his 4 years at Komodo Health, Examples of the benefits their software brings to users, An insight into the culture of their data science team, What excites him for the future, What he looks for when hiring into the team

Nov 1

25 min 14 sec

Today's guest is Phil Holmer, Assistant Vice President and Product Owner at U.S. Bank. The Minneapolis-based bank blends its relationship teams, branches and ATM network with digital tools that allow customers to bank when, where and how they prefer. U.S. Bank is committed to serving its millions of retail, business, wealth management, payment, commercial, corporate and investment customers across the country and around the world as a trusted and responsible financial partner. Phil's passions are leadership, strategy and technology. Most recently, Phil has been leveraging his deep ITSM and IT Ops expertise on Threat Management, Security Incident, Vulnerability Response and the Security Operation Process. Moving forward, he will continue to help organizations leverage the best technologies and processes available to reduce risk, add business value, and improve customer and user experiences. In the episode, Phil will share: Key learns moving between end-user and consulting roles, Interesting Digital Transformation trends he is seeing in the market, Why ServiceNow is the platform of choice, Learns and challenges from Interesting Implementations he has worked on, The business value of embracing Digital Transformation, Stakeholder management tips, Building and sustaining a winning ServiceNow team, and The future of ServiceNow in security & banking

Oct 27

36 min 15 sec

Today's guest is Brad Taylor, Senior Director of Engineering at Marqeta in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2010, Marqeta brings speed and efficiency to card issuing and payment processing with the world's first open API platform. Their platform was built from the ground up to power an innovative payment experience for many of the apps and services you enjoy daily. Brad is a hands-on, mission-driven engineering leader who has led teams across a variety of industries including healthcare, accessibility, gaming, fashion, pets, power tools and payments. Prior to joining Marqeta, Brad helped bring Shaper, the world’s first computer-guided handheld power tool, and Whistle, a health and location tracking wearable for dogs and cats, to market. In the episode,  Brad will discuss: Who are Marqeta and what attracted him to the company Interesting projects his team are working on Challenges they need to overcome Key insights they have gained from their customer base What he enjoys about working at Marqeta What’s in store in the near future

Oct 26

13 min 41 sec

Today's guest is Mark DePristo, Founder & CEO at BigHat Biosciences in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2019, BigHat’s mission is to improve human health by making it far easier to design advanced, next-generation antibody therapeutics. Mark brings a wealth of experience to the company having previously founded and led the Genomics team in Google Brain and holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge. BigHat Biosciences' AI-enabled experimental platform integrates a high-speed characterization or “wet” lab with machine learning technologies to speed the antibody engineering process. When applied, these design capabilities have the potential to drive the development of new generations of safer and more effective treatments for patients suffering from today’s most challenging diseases. In the episode, Mark will chat about: His motivation for launching BigHat Biosciences The success they’ve had in the past two years The problems they are solving for customers What excites him for the future Exciting opportunities within the team

Oct 25

27 min 31 sec

Today's guest is Elliot Branson, Director of Machine Learning & Engineering at Scale AI in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2016, Scale accelerates the development of AI applications by helping machine learning teams generate high-quality ground truth data. Their advanced LiDAR, image, video and NLP annotation APIs allow machine learning teams at companies like OpenAI, Lyft, Pinterest and Airbnb focus on building differentiated models versus labeling data. In the episode, Elliot will chat about: The great work they do at Scale AI, An insight into the ML team & projects they are working on, Why Data Science projects fail, What he looks for when hiring into the team, Why Scale AI are a great place to work and Plans for growth and what the future holds for Scale AI

Oct 22

19 min 14 sec

Today's guest is Jacques Clement, Chief Technology Officer of SPOC Luxembourg. Jacques has been working in the IT industry for three decades and he started dealing with ServiceNow in 2008, driving a worldwide deployment of the platform on one of the biggest implementations of the solution. Prior to his current position, he worked for global tech companies in both technical and business-related positions. SPOC Group is a leading ServiceNow partner supporting customers globally, which has progressed from specializing in ITSM to utilizing the Now Platform across the enterprise by developing business applications quickly and effectively. SPOC Luxembourg represents SPOC Group in the Grand-Duchy region. Whether it's consulting services, implementation services, technical support, authorized training or the resale of licenses, SPOC aim at achieving mutual benefits with their customers. In the episode, Jeff will tell you about: The interesting work they do at SPOC Luxembourg, The role of ServiceNow and interesting projects they are working on, Challenges they need to overcome, Wins and learns on implementing ServiceNow within the business, The importance of system design &  Exciting trends to keep an eye on in the future

Oct 20

23 min 59 sec

Today's guest is Dianhuan Lin, Senior Principal Data Scientist at Zscaler in San Jose, CA. Founded in 2008, Zscaler enables the world’s leading organizations to securely transform their networks and applications for a mobile and cloud first world. Their flagship services create fast, secure connections between users and applications, regardless of device, location or network. Zscaler services are 100% cloud-delivered and offer the simplicity, enhanced security and improved user experience that traditional appliances or hybrid solutions are unable to match. Used in more than 185 countries, Zscaler operates the world’s largest cloud security platform, protecting thousands of enterprises and government agencies from cyberattacks and data loss. In the episode, Dianhuan will chat about: How she got involved in AI and Machine Learning, Zscaler’s offerings within business transformation, Interesting ML & AI projects the team are working on, Understanding the right problems for the right customers, Plans for growth, What the future holds and Her top interview tips

Oct 19

19 min 29 sec

Today's guest is Erwan Rivet, Chief Technology Officer at Octave Bioscience in California. Octave is developing a comprehensive, first-in-class Care Management Platform. The team has developed novel measurement tools that feed into structured analytical data models, leading to improved decision-making, better outcomes, and lower costs. They are tackling neurodegenerative diseases -- starting with multiple sclerosis (MS). Octave believe that to dramatically improve outcomes, they need to improve care management. The challenges for MS are significant, the issues are overwhelming and the needs are mostly unmet. That’s why Octave is creating a comprehensive, measurement-driven care management platform for MS. Finally, stakeholders need better information that is highly actionable. Octave’s three layer model of biological, clinical, and economic data combined with sophisticated analytics, contextualization, machine learning and AI provide new insights for physicians, patients, payers and pharma. In the episode, Erwan will chat about: The impact Octave are making in the healthcare sector, Interesting projects they are working on within MS and medical imaging, Building and scaling the data science team, The importance of collaboration between data science and data engineering, Day-to-day life and challenges they are solving in the data team & What the future holds for Octave

Oct 18

30 min 12 sec

Today's guest is Ram Prayaga, CTO of Product and Technology at mPulse mobile in California. mPulse Mobile, the leader in Conversational AI solutions for the healthcare industry, drives improved health outcomes and business efficiencies by engaging individuals with tailored and meaningful dialogue. mPulse Mobile combines behavioral science, analytics and industry expertise that helps healthcare organizations activate their consumers to adopt healthy behaviors. Ram provides strong technical vision and leadership, and uses a pragmatic hands-on methodology to push new boundaries for the team and individual contributors. He believes technology decisions should be made with the business and users in mind, and he is am also a strong proponent of open source software solutions and enabling others to use technology as an open tool. Ram's experience is blend of building start-ups, managing projects in large corporate IT shops and consulting markets. In the episode, Ram will chat about: The impact mPulse mobile are making in the Healthcare industry, The role of Data Science and technology in their platform, Challenges the team needs to overcome, The impact of Covid-19 within the organization, Success to date, including their acquisition of The Big Know & Plans for growth and what excites him for the future

Oct 15

28 min 42 sec

Today's guest is Jeff Niebuhr, VP of IT Delivery at Fleetcor in Atlanta, GA. Fleetcor simplify the way businesses manage and pay their expenses. Their portfolio of brands help companies automate, secure, digitize and control payments to or on behalf of their suppliers and employees. They serve businesses, merchants and partners in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Fleetcor's strong track record of growth is only possible through their ability to attract and retain extraordinary individuals, who mirror their drive and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Jeff has built and led large, global and multi-functional teams delivering world-class product, infrastructure and services across multiple industries for both internal and external customers. In his current role, Jeff has managed and delivered a global technology and transformation portfolio supporting $2.6B in FinTech revenue for Fleetcor. He has built out new teams and processes to support massive growth in deployment of Sterling File Gateway, MuleSoft, multiple Active Directory Migrations, Cloud, zLinux and SolarWinds/ServiceNow infrastructure. In the episode, Jeff will tell you about: The interesting work he does with Fleetcor, Marco trends in the Fintech and Telcoms industries, His experience implementing ServiceNow from Verizon to Fleetcor, Key learns and interesting projects during his career, Key advice when embarking on your Digital Transformation journey, Skills needed to be a great leader, Building a winning team & What the future holds for ServiceNow

Oct 13

38 min 16 sec

Today's guest is Ben Cahoon, Chief Executive Officer at Techcyte in Utah. Founded in 2014, Techcyte is cloud-based digital microscopy software that uses machine learning to provide pre-analysis for final review by a Doctor, technician or other qualified individual. Their technology identifies and classifies cell types and visible organisms in peripheral blood, aspirate bone, urine, fecal and pap smears. In the episode, Ben will chat about: The origins of Techcyte and their fascinating work in microscopy, How they are levering AI and Data Science to achieve their mission, Use cases of the impact their product is bringing to the industry, The day-to-day work of the data team, How the team is structured for success, Plans for growth and what the future looks like for Techcyte and The impact of Covid-19 within the business

Oct 12

23 min 59 sec

Today's guest is Nandini Nayar, Data Scientist at Heartbeat Health in New York. Founded in 2017, Heartbeat is cardiology, modernized. It is reinventing the field of cardiology by combining technology and top-notch specialist level knowledge to focus on the early diagnosis and management of heart disease and its risk factors. As a multidisciplinary team of doctors, engineers, educators, designers, and data scientists, Heartbeat is not just a doctor's office. They are your heart health dream team. In the episode, Nandini will discuss: The work they do at Heartbeat Health, Applying AI to improve the patient experience, Challenges they need to overcome, Interesting Data Science projects they are working on, How she has grown her career at Heartbeat Health, What the future holds for AI in Healthcare

Oct 11

12 min 14 sec

Today's guest is Nauris Dorbe, Head of Data and Machine Learning at Brainbase. Founded in 2016, Brainbase helps teams optimize their partnerships from contract to revenue. They are revolutionizing the licensing industry by leveraging the power of advanced Data and Machine Learning technologies. Brainbase are building a future for the IP industry. Nauris is responsible for leading the Data and Artificial Intelligence teams at Brainbase, where they are building state-of-the-art Data and Machine Learning infrastructure. For most of his career, he has been working on software development and Artificial Intelligence with experience in combining these skills with building successful teams as a leader and visionary. In the episode, Nauris will discuss: Problems that Brainbase are solving within Intellectual Property needs, The role of Machine Learning in their product, Interesting projects the data science team are working on, Benefits that the platform brings to customers, Managing multiple teams in multiple locations & What the future holds for Brainbase

Oct 8

14 min 54 sec

Today's guest is Manjeet Singh, who is the Director of Product Management at ServiceNow within Process Optimization and Hyperautomation. Manjeet is a results-driven product management executive and technology leader with over 20 years of experience in product management, software engineering, data science, analytics, growth and strategy. Manjeet has a proven track record of building high-impact teams and organizations in product management and engineering. He has transformed multiple businesses through creating groundbreaking innovation, products and services which have led to significant increase in revenue, product engagement and customer satisfaction for the organization. In the episode, Manjeet will tell you about: Transitioning from a technical role into Product Management, What makes a great Product Manager, His experience introducing new products into ServiceNow, How he has seen the platform evolve, The intersection of AI/ML and Digital Transformation, What the future looks like for ServiceNow and Advice he would offer to his younger self

Oct 6

32 min 12 sec

Today's guest is Arun Nagarajan, Chief Technology Officer at BigSpring in New York. Founded in 2017, BigSpring is a mobile lifelong skilling platform with a mission to provide a direct path to employment for everyone. They empower people with the market-relevant skills they need to be gainfully employed and enjoy a high quality of life, and enable employers to measure ROI from learning to establish it as a core business driver and not a discretionary expense. BigSpring's reach extends globally across over a million learners with customers such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Samsung and AXA Insurance to name a few. The platform offers lifelong skilling for every worker and every job, with use cases including enhancing consumer financial literacy and driving sales channel productivity. BigSpring was rewarded with the "Technology Pioneer 2020" by the World Economic Forum for their cutting-edge technology and impact. In the episode, Arun will discuss: His background and current work with BigSpring, What attracted him to join BigSpring, Use cases of the interesting projects they work on, Building a data-driven culture at BigSpring, How they are embracing AI and Machine Learning & What excites him for the future

Oct 5

21 min 56 sec

Today's guest is Otkrist Gupta, Vice President of Engineering at LendBuzz in Boston, MA. Founded in 2015, Lendbuzz uses Big Data analytics to significantly improve access to credit for international students and professionals living in the US. They look beyond a simple credit score and focus on our customers'​ background information such as employment, educational, financial or personal history to assess their creditworthiness and grant the customer a loan. Lendbuzz offers their international customers access to car loans and car refinancing at exceptionally attractive terms and rates regardless of credit history, credit score and lack of social security number. Their proprietary artificial intelligence enables and expands access to credit for deserving borrowers and their algorithms allow them to speed up the loan process, from application to funding. Lendbuzz believe that anyone working, studying and living in the US is eligible for access to credit at fair rates! In the episode, Otkrist will discuss: His journey to Lendbuzz, The interesting work they do in the Financial Services sector, How they are using Machine Learning to improve their offerings to customers, The growth of the team in the past few years, Understanding the “why” of their mission at LendBuzz and What the future holds for the company

Oct 4

20 min 39 sec

Today's guest is Aarti Bagul, Machine Learning Engineer at Snorkel AI in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2019, Snorkel AI is a technology startup that empowers data scientists and developers to turn data into accurate and adaptable AI applications fast with Snorkel Flow, a first-of-its-kind data-centric development platform, powered by programmatic labeling. Snorkel Flow reduces the time, cost and friction of labeling training data so data science and development teams can more easily build and scale AI models to deploy more meaningful applications. Incorporating human judgment into the AI process through subject-matter experts is made more efficient and scalable leading to more ethical, responsible outcomes. Two out of the top three US banks, several government agencies and Fortune 500 companies use Snorkel Flow. Snorkel’s core research was developed at Stanford AI lab and is deployed at Google, Intel, Apple, IBM, DARPA, and other trailblazing organizations. In the episode, Aarti will discuss: The interesting work they do at Snorkel AI, Problems they are solving in unlocking training data, Her role and interesting projects the team are working on, Transitioning from a research focused role into the startup world, Why Snorkel AI is a great place to work

Oct 1

18 min 26 sec

Today's guest is Yves Wullaert, Principal Executive Architect at ServiceNow in Berlin. Headquartered in California, ServiceNow make the world of work, work better for people. They deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. With 6,200+ customers, Servicenow serve around 80% of the Fortune 500 and were included are on the 2020 list of FORTUNE World’s Admired Companies. In the episode, Yves will tell you about: The interesting work he does with ServiceNow, The virtual centre, Problems they are solving for customers, Benefits of change management, and The importance of sustainability To find out more about Yves and all the great work happening at ServiceNow, check out the website check out the website or follow them on Linkedin and Twitter @ServiceNow. You can also connect with Yves on Linkedin.

Sep 29

16 min 48 sec

Today's guests are Dr. Christian Scheier, Head of AI & Co-Founder and Julia Saswito, Head of Marketing & Strategy at aimpower in Hamburg. Founded in 2020, aimpower are maximizing your marketing ROI through better creative effectiveness enabled by AI. With "brainsuite", aimpower brings a new and innovative SaaS platform for marketers to the market, which leverages the power of AI and automation to help brands to bring the most effective advertising to life. aimpower's platform offers a wide array of unique tools to predict consumer perception, brand activation and final impact on consumer behaviour. With results delivered in minutes, it accelerates your insights processes and allows you to test creative assets for any touchpoint super-fast, efficiently and at scale. It delivers exactly those actionable insights you need to optimize creative assets to the max and to create a competitive edge for your brand, based on scientifically validated behavioural science principles. In today's episode, Sebastian will discuss: aimpower’s impact in the marketing & advertising sector, The role of Neural Networks and Deep Learning in the platform, Use cases of the benefits they bring to customers, Making the move from attention to strategic fit, The importance of design thinking and Challenges into introducing new AI solutions in industry

Sep 28

20 min 6 sec

Today's guest is Luca Foschini, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Evidation Health in California. Founded in 2012, Evidation Health is a technology and services company that helps individuals and the world's most innovative healthcare companies understand and influence the everyday behaviors that create better health outcomes. Evidation measures health in everyday life and enables anyone to participate in groundbreaking research and health programs. Built upon a foundation of user privacy and control over permissioned health data, Evidation's Achievement platform is trusted by millions of individuals generating data with unprecedented speed, scale and rigor. They partner with leading healthcare companies to understand health and disease outside the clinic walls. Guided by their mission to enable and empower everyone to participate in better health outcomes, the team are working together to bring people individualized, proactive and accessible healthcare faster. In the episode, Luca will discuss: The interesting work Evidation are doing in health & wellness, The role of data science in helping achieve their mission, Use cases of the fascinating projects they work on, How the Data Science team is set up for success, The growth of the team and upcoming opportunities & What excites him for the future of Evidation Health

Sep 27

19 min 53 sec

Today's guest is Jayendra Shinde, Co-Founder and CEO at Crosscope in California. Founded in 2019, Crosscope are applying AI for Transforming the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer. Crosscope - abbreviated for “Computational Microscope” - is a medical AI software startup building digital pathology workflows and AI-based cancer diagnostic tools for hospitals and diagnostic labs to augment pathology. In the episode, Jayendra will discuss: The interesting work they do at Crosscope, The potential of AI at pathology, Challenges they need to overcome, How AI will continue to impact medicine and pathology, What the future holds for Crosscope

Sep 24

15 min 14 sec

Today's guest is Luiz Wolf, Global IT Director at The Kraft Heinz Company in Chicago. The Kraft Heinz Company is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world and are a globally trusted producer of high-quality, great-tasting and nutritious foods for over 150 years. No matter the brand, they're united under one vision: To sustainably grow by delighting more consumers globally. Bringing this vision to life is their team of over 39,000 food lovers, creative thinkers and high performers worldwide. As a Global IT Services Director and Digital Transformation Leader, Luiz drives organizational efficiency through innovation and consistent execution. He has established a culture of rapid innovation which requires a dedication to transforming ideas into successfully implemented products. His experience has enabled Luiz to lead groundbreaking innovations in mobile payment technology, AI engine development and intelligent chatbot technology. In the episode, Luiz will tell you about: Tipping points and lessons learned in his career to date, His role and responsibilities at Kraft Heinz, The value that ServiceNow is adding to Kraft Heinz, Use cases of the benefits ServiceNow has brought to the business, Challenges they need to overcome to achieve success, Advice for a successful Digital Transformation journey and What the future holds for ServiceNow

Sep 22

27 min 34 sec

Today's guest is Dr. Sebastian Wernicke, Chief Data Scientist at ONE LOGIC. Since 2013, ONE LOGIC has been driven by one overarching goal: to create new value for their customers from big data. They develop innovative data products based on data analysis and an understanding of their customers' needs. To do this, ONE LOGIC combine their Data-Product-Builder ONE DATA and data-science expertise. ONE LOGIC's 193 employees work at locations in Munich, Passau and Frankfurt/Main. As one of Germany's leading AI-software companies, they transform data into business success, work on intelligent solutions for tomorrow and drive digital transformation. ONE LOGIC stands for developing creative solutions together, with which they can make a big difference and inspire their customers. In today's episode, Sebastian will discuss: Problems they are solving at ONE LOGIC, How they are helping customers improve their bottom line, Challenges they need to overcome to achieve success, Tech stack they use at ONE LOGIC, Getting the best out of their data science team and What’s in store for the future

Sep 21

21 min 29 sec

Today's guest is Francis Shanahan, VP of Application Software at Peloton Interactive in New York. Peloton is the largest interactive fitness platform in the world, with a loyal community of more than 4.4 million members. They pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness and the streaming of immersive, instructor-led boutique classes to our members anytime, anywhere. Peloton makes fitness entertaining, approachable, effective, and convenient, while fostering social connections that encourage their members to be the best versions of themselves. World-class instructors teach classes across a variety of fitness and wellness disciplines, including indoor cycling, indoor/outdoor running and walking, bootcamp, yoga and meditation. In the episode, Francis will discuss: His background and journey to date What attracted him to join Peloton How they are applying data science and machine learning at Peloton Exciting projects that the data team are working on What excites him for the future at Peloton Exciting opportunities to join the team

Sep 20

27 min 30 sec

Today's guest is Thor Clark, Chief Technology Officer at Well Health in California. Founded in 2015, Well Health is upending the $3.5 trillion healthcare market by helping patients and administrators break free of antiquated communication practices. This 2021 Best in KLAS for Patient Outreach software provides medical organizations with a single command center that connects the many tools they use, transforming everyday interactions between patients and the doctor’s front office.​ In the episode, Thor will discuss: The fascinating they do at Well Health, Applying data science and automation to improve the patient journey, How the data team is set up for success, Use cases of Covid-19 related projects they worked on, Plans for growth and what the future looks like & What makes Well Health a great place to work

Sep 17

24 min 20 sec

Today's guest is Jeff Schott, VP of Platform Automation & Global Service Delivery at Pomeroy. Headquartered in Kentucky, Pomeroy is an industry-recognized North American IT services company. They help clients in Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services and Manufacturing industries to optimize and enhance their digital infrastructures with the mission to transform the workplace experience with the resources required to assess, design, deploy and continually innovate in an agile, flexible IT environment. In the episode, Jeff will tell you about: Highlights and Milestones during his career to date, His role & the work they do at Pomeroy, Digital Transformation Macro-trends within their customer base, How they’re utilizing AWS and ServiceNow at Pomeroy, Use cases of the benefits they bring to customers, Top tips for a successful project roadmap, Advice to c-suite execs embarking on their digital transformation journey, and What the future holds for ServiceNow

Sep 15

23 min 45 sec

Today's guest is Max Fiedler, CTO and Founder at Nomitri in Berlin. Founded in 2019, Nomitri are deep-tech AI startup who have turned cutting-edge research in the field of Embedded Visual Deep Learning into product-ready application providing an inexpensive, infrastructure-light and privacy-preserving solution to automate visual performances offline and in real time. Nomitri combine experience, professionalism and drive with team spirit, creativity and room for experiments to enable innovation at the forefront of AI. Nomitri's revolutionary embedded technology can be applied to many use-cases including stationary retail and industry. For retailers, Nomitri launched their first solution: The Intelligent Shopping Assistant. It's a smartphone-based AI application, enabling retailers to offer their customers a self-checkout solution including product recommendations. Therefore, retailers are able to provide their customers' a contactless, autonomous and personalized shopping experience. In today's episode, Max will tell you about: The interesting work they do in the retail sector, Problems they are solving through applying AI, How they are leveraging Deep Learning and Machine Learning in their services, The wider goal to democratize AI & The potential of moving from smart stores to smart cities

Sep 14

17 min 49 sec

Today's guest is Joseph Gartner, Director of Data Science at in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2017, ClosedLoop makes it easy and affordable for healthcare organizations to use data science to improve quality and reduce costs. Their technology consists of two key pillars: a healthcare-specific machine learning automation platform and a catalog of pre-built predictive and prescriptive models that can be customized and extended based on your local population's needs. ​As the Director of Data Science, Joseph's priority is to guide the efforts of their talented data science team. His responsibilities include designing processes to ensure consistent & repeatable work from the data science team, ensuring all customers are continually moving towards successful AI interventions, and collaborating with data scientists, stakeholders and their sales team to focus efforts on building and operationalizing the best models in healthcare.​ In the episode, Joseph will tell you about: The interesting work they do at, How he transitioned into a role within Data Science in Healthcare, Use cases of the interesting projects they work on, Their successful agile methodology approach for bringing models to production,  Why he loves working at ClosedLoop and What excites him for the future

Sep 13

23 min 54 sec

Today's guest is Jason King, Senior Director of Data Science at XSOLIS in Nashville, Tennesse. Founded in 2013, XSOLIS is a healthcare technology firm focused on improving healthcare operations. By aligning cognitive computing with clinical expertise, they are creating a new framework for decision-making. XSOLIS leverages insights gleaned from proprietary machine learning and AI to transform the utilization management process for both providers and payers. They combine Utilization Review Technology, Denials Management services and Physician Advisor services in a comprehensive suite of solutions that converts clinical information into insight and action to transform the way you approach operational challenges and inefficiencies. XSOLIS' mission is to find truth in data, to reduce noise through artificial intelligence and to build strong partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem In the episode, Jason will tell you about: The interesting roles he enjoyed over the years, The impact XSOLIS are making in the Healthcare sector, The different services and benefits they bring to the industry, Interesting projects the data science team are working on, Plans for further growth at XSOLIS & Advice to Data Scientists looking to get into the Healthcare sector

Sep 10

24 min 56 sec

Today's guest is Sachin Khankhoje, SVP of Digital Technology at Tech Mahindra in Texas. Sachin is an experienced strategic technology leader who builds and scales enterprise-grade products and platforms that drive digital adoption in Fortune 1000 companies. He helps innovate, optimize and grow business by applying technology to achieve business results. Sachin has over 14 years of leadership experience at Tech Mahindra. In his current role, he turbocharged digital transformation for global Fortune 1000 companies through a bold, synergistic approach towards new platform development, process automation and successful adoption of new methodologies through almost every level of the organization. In the episode, Sachin will tell you about: The interesting work he does with Tech Mahindra, Key highlights and milestones in his career thus far, Digital Transformation macro-trends in the industry, Use cases of his interesting projects throughout the years, The value that ServiceNow adds to their customers, How AI Ops can bring key value to your organization and His top tips for implementation best practices

Sep 8

20 min 42 sec

Today's guest is Tiankai Feng, Director of Digital Analytics - Social, PR & Voice of the Consumer at Adidas in Bavaria, Germany. With over eight years of experience, Tiankai loves to combine his analytical mindset with creative thinking and apply that to all things digital. He is currently the lead in Social, PR and Voice of Consumer Analytics at Adidas to integrate Consumer Insights from Social Media, PR, Search Behavior, Product Reviews and Experience NPS feedback into any decision-making in brand strategy, campaign planning and in-activation optimization. In today's episode, Tiankai will tell you about: His work with consumer feedback and data analytics, The message of his Data Analytics rap anthem, Interesting projects he is working on, Deciding what projects to invest in, Their interesting work within sustainability, How they stay on top of driving ROI and The future of the sports & fashion industry

Sep 7

19 min 39 sec

Today's guest is Kenny Hosey. Kenny is a servant leader and continual learning advocate offering diverse management experience leading information technology departments, platform implementations and department transformations. At the time of recording, Kenny was Director of Service Management at AdventHealth but he has now joined Corsica Technologies as their Vice President of IT Service Management. Kenny delivers innovative, reliable, cost-saving solutions and strategies that streamline processes and drive business growth in a dynamic environment. He is committed, analytical and hands-on with a proven track record reflecting proactive leadership experience that inspires and motivates teams. Kenny is well known for work ethic, problem-solving, excellent communication skills and people-focused leadership philosophy. In the episode, Kenny will tell you about: Learns and challenges during his career to date, Digital Transformation trends in the Healthcare sector, Use cases of the value that ServiceNow has added to AdventHealth, Key learns on implementing ServiceNow, Advice to C-Suite execs on embracing Digital Transformation, What makes a great IT Service Management Director, Advice for building a winning team and What the future holds for ServiceNow

Sep 1

33 min 36 sec

Today's guest is Rahul Kalippurayil Moozhipurath, CEO and Co-Founder at Forecasty.AI in Mannheim, Germany. Founded in 2019, Forecasty.AI enables B2B firms to take smarter and more profitable business decisions by making forecasting easy, accurate and explainable. This month, they launched the beta version of Business Desk, a no-code self-service forecasting platform that enables users from various business functions to generate forecasts quickly and easily. With the advanced AI technology and simple drag-and-drop interface, the Business Desk aims to create a user-friendly forecasting experience for people without coding skills, extracting valuable insights from data to assist the business decision-making process. Beta users will have the opportunity to explore the platform and get exclusive benefits from the business desk for a trial period of 30 days. Create an account here to be a pioneer in AI-powered forecasting. In the episode, Rahul will tell you about: Problems they are solving at, Benefits they are bringing to data scientists in the enterprise, Use cases of their impact in the market, The impact of Covid-19 within the business, The Future of the commodity market & business forecasting & The importance of AI-driven decision-making

Aug 31

13 min 52 sec

Today's guest is Albert Loyola, Management Consultant in the field of AI for Human Resources at Accenture in Dallas, Texas. Albert is a Manager in Accenture’s Talent & Organization/Human Potential Consulting Practice where he leads the AI Startup Evaluation Hub & Market Ecosystem for Talent & HR. He also manages their Ecosystem Partnerships with Pymetrics, Gloat, Yva and other priority partners. Albert is an HR innovation market technology analyst and advisor to senior executives on the impact of intelligent technologies across the employee experience. For over ten years, he has been advising CHROS, SVP, VP HR with digital HR strategy, talent strategy and employee experience enabled by AI/intelligent digital solutions. Albert is also a regular HR technology keynote speaker and frequently featured in talent and business publications. In the episode, Albert will tell you about: His background and current role with Accenture, Applying AI to improve HR practices and the employee experience, Use cases of helping clients build an effective data strategy, How the pandemic has impacted the working culture and What he enjoys most about his work at Accenture

Aug 30

18 min 29 sec

Today's guest is Gaurav Chakravorty, Founding Member at DevRev in California. Founded in 2020, DevRev is a business software company that brings developers and customers together in the era of product-led growth. The company is building an API-first dev-centric CRM that leverages data, design and machine intelligence to empower devs to build, support and grow their revenue. In times of anemic NPS and high customer churn, DevRev strives to create the world's most customer-centric companies led by happy developers. In the episode, Gaurav will tell you about: The interesting work and mission at DevRev, How they have attracted top talent while in stealth mode, His passion for graph neural networks, Exciting opportunities & what he looks for when hiring, Key Learns from his career that helped him build a startup and How the pandemic has impacted the working culture

Aug 27

14 min 46 sec