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Business, like life, moves fast. It’s hard to keep up with the changing needs of both customers and employees. In the Culture of Convenience™ podcast, host Jeff Kahler talks with experts from a variety of industries to discuss issues related to people, processes, technology, and operations.

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For many organizations, working from home has become the solution for keeping employees through the pandemic, and many companies plan to continue with a work-from-home or hybrid schedule. Chances are, you or someone in your household is currently working from home. While working from home may sound good, it requires self-discipline, which is a lifelong learning experience (we aren't born this way!). This week, Jeff Kahler shares some successful work-from-home practices. He also self-evaluates to see how he measures up! What are your best work-from-home tips? Email or visit to share! And don't forget to enter our "Broke as a Joke" contest by December 3rd.

Nov 23

42 min 15 sec

The time of paper applications is over. In this week's episode, Jeff Kahler discusses navigating a virtual workplace and the best ways companies can now recruit, interview, hire, and train employees. Jeff also decides to put his money where his mouth is with our first ever contest, and a $150 Amazon gift card is up for grabs! We want to hear from you! Enter our "Broke as a Joke" contest by telling us how you hustled to make money or get a job. Listen for more details. Then email or visit to send us your story!

Nov 16

39 min 13 sec

COVID has been used as an excuse for a lot of things. To punish someone in the name of COVID is downright appalling - however, it IS happening. This week, Jeff Kahler describes his daughter's experience with a manager who took his anger out on her. This is a potential HR nightmare! To identify where this situation went wrong, we invited Janna Arnold, RTO's Human Resources Administrator, onto the show, where she’ll also explain how companies can effectively establish relevant policies that address this kind of behavior.   What would you do in this situation? Visit us and send an email or comment:  

Nov 9

20 min

There’s currently a mass exodus of employees leaving their jobs to find their dream job, begging the question: why is there unemployment everywhere you look? This week, Jeff Kahler breaks down the issues with this new search for “greener pastures" mentality. How can business owners up their game to attract great new talent? The "Great Resignation" is happening, and the question is this: is your organization one that candidates will consider as "preferred?" We want to hear your best recruitment stories and strategies! Visit us and send an email or comment:

Nov 2

36 min 8 sec

Poor communication is at the core of many dysfunctional organizations. A breakdown in communication can wreck productivity, ruin trust, and keep employees guessing about the direction of the company. This week, Jeff Kahler fesses up to where he falls short with communication and provides sound tactical advice to make you a better leader and a more effective communicator while maintaining the trust of your team. How is your organization's communication? Share your experience with us! Visit us and send an email or comment:

Oct 26

45 min 50 sec

There are two general schools of thought when it comes to starting a new business: the "boot-strap" method or venture capitalism. However, no matter which way you go there will be a period where you just have to wait. Waiting is a part of business just like anything else, but what you choose to do while you are waiting for your business to take off is what will make or break you. This week, Jeff Kahler discusses his struggles with waiting, shares how he makes the process "easier," and explains what you shouldn't do during the wait. Plus, Jeff and Producer Kelly start a brand-new business… will it be successful?   Share your thoughts and experiences! Email us at

Oct 19

53 min 44 sec

Let’s face it: everyone has insecurities. But what happens when those insecurities manifest at work? These “scarecrows” often make your most valuable team members want to leave! In this episode, Jeff Kahler interviews a friend of the show who was dealing with a scarecrow. Find out how this scarecrow situation resolved and learn some simple solutions for dealing with scarecrows in your organization. Have you had a scarecrow in your organization? We'd love to hear how you handled it! Visit us at and send us an email or comment.

Oct 12

49 min 27 sec

Our episode recaps are some of our personal favorites, and this episode's questions are pretty scandalous! Topics include team member incentives, drug abuse in the workplace, tattoos, moving out of state, and the list goes on. This show's success relies heavily on our listener participation, and we are so grateful for all of you!   Got beef with one of our opinions? We’d love to hear you out and debate it on the show! Please visit us at and send us an email or comment.

Oct 5

1 hr 8 min

What better way to celebrate International Podcast Day than trying new foods and making a game out of it? The clock is counting down and Nick, our mute sound engineer, even makes a guest appearance in this episode! Thanks to everyone for your support and for listening! Please visit us at and send an email or comment - we love to hear from you!

Sep 30

14 min 17 sec

Who likes hearing the word "no?" Rejection is one of the most common fears we face on a daily basis - but do we even know why that is? This week Jeff Kahler cracks open the word "no" and unpacks why the word is so terrifying to hear AND say. This fear of the word "no" is one of the reason people have so much trouble suggestive selling, and why customers aren't buying. Also in this episode, find out how tweaking your sales pitch just a tiny bit could get you hearing more yeses in business and in life! How do you overcome the fear of "no?" We want to hear from you! Visit us at and send us an email or comment.

Sep 28

43 min 49 sec

E-commerce, though still relatively new to the business world, has become a multibillion-dollar industry that is extremely convenient for your consumers. This week, Jeff Kahler discusses the most important aspects of a successful e-commerce business model strategy. He also takes a look at why upselling and suggestive selling are far easier and more successful online than in person. Plus, put yourself to the test with our suggestive selling exercise that is sure to keep you guessing! How are you making e-commerce work for you? Share your thoughts and experiences with us! Visit us at and send us an email or comment.

Sep 21

41 min 32 sec

Your business model is your company's core strategy for profitable business. Some companies spend billions of dollars enticing people to buy their goods and services - it's calculated and perfectly timed. Some would even say it borders on conspiracy. In this week's episode, Jeff Kahler takes a look at this business model and explains how it compels you to spend money over and over again - as if you’ve entered the twilight zone. Intrigued? Take a listen and then send us your thoughts. We want to hear from you! Visit us at and send us an email or comment.

Sep 14

30 min 44 sec

Innovation must be at the forefront of your business model strategy, but evolution shouldn’t be far behind. This week, Jeff Kahler talks about some practical ways to encourage innovation in your organization and how to have an innovative mindset. Added bonus: Jeff shares the innovation that was a defining factor in the success of his training company, Ready Training Online!   How have you used innovation in your business? Visit us at, and send us an email or comment.

Sep 7

42 min 43 sec

What is the difference between responding and reacting? They may seem very similar, but rest assured they’re two very different things. This week, we discuss the psychology of reacting and the long-term effects it can have on your health and your business. Lisa from Big Fat Skinny Dish returns to explain how this revelation has had a profound effect on her health journey and encourages listeners to empower themselves with some minor tweaks to their approach to stressful situations. We want to hear your story about reacting or responding! Visit us at and send us an email or comment.

Aug 31

57 min 45 sec

This week, we’re taking a deep dive into the ten strategic elements that build a culture of convenience. Jeff Kahler goes into rapid-fire mode to explain the meaning of every element and how you can effectively implement each into your business. If you’re serious about taking action and taking charge of your business, you can't miss this episode! We want to hear your thoughts on the strategic elements! Visit us at and send us an email or comment.

Aug 24

50 min 35 sec

Studies show that nearly 85% of college graduates with an autism spectrum disorder are unemployed. This week, Jeff Kahler asks: “Who?” “What?” and “How to do you employ this untapped talent pool and bring their diverse assets to your team?” This is where it begins: with asking the right questions. Neurodiversity has recently become a popular topic of discussion, but it’s nothing new. It's time to stop the stigma and start normalizing thinking differently. Do you have feedback or a story to share? Visit us at and send us an email or comment!

Aug 17

42 min 52 sec

What makes an outstanding leader? It’s a topic that has been debated at length. This week, Jeff Kahler breaks down three types of leaders - bosses, visionaries, and coaches - discussing the positive and negative characteristics of each while asking the question, “Should a good leader have qualities of each?” Jeff also talks about the hardest part of running a company and a provides a method for overcoming that struggle. Do you want to develop as a leader, or are you happy where you are right now? We'd love to hear what's working for you! Visit us at and send us an email or comment!

Aug 10

40 min 15 sec

Leadership begins with you, but your own thoughts could be hindering your success. What are you telling yourself about how you lead? Your negative thoughts could mean you're setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. This week, Jeff Kahler is joined by special guest Lisa from, who shares the story of her incredible weight loss journey and her experience as a health coach - and it all began with changing her thoughts. Think you don't struggle with negative thoughts? There are four types of thoughts, and any one of them could be what is “yucking your yum”. How do you overcome your negative thoughts? Visit us at and share your experience with us!

Aug 3

52 min 30 sec

Earning customer loyalty means more than just getting customers to place a plastic barcode on their key ring; it begins before the customer even arrives at your business. At Ready Training Online, Jeff Kahler has kept his churn rate below 4%, and in this episode he shares the secret to that success. He also discusses some great ways to ease customers into your product or service. Don't forget - a customer's "NO" now doesn't necessarily mean "NEVER." How do you handle a customer leaving your business? Be sure to check out our newly redesigned website and share your story at!

Jul 27

38 min 26 sec

Ensuring client success goes beyond providing good customer service and managing accounts. This week, Jeff Kahler speaks with Ready Training Online's very own Client Success Manager, Julie Givens, who shares the highs and lows of being responsible for a client's success. Jeff also discusses the evolution of the software business and how it costs nothing to blow peoples' minds. Be sure to check out our newly redesigned website and share your thoughts on this episode at!

Jul 20

32 min 31 sec

Casting a wide net might seem like a great way to generate cash flow when starting a new business, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Niching down is a skill that pays large dividends if done correctly and with patience, but what does "niching down" mean? And how can you risk doing it correctly when your instincts are telling you to "cater to everyone?" Jeff Kahler has walked this road a time or two and shares best practices for finding your niche in the marketplace. Be sure to check out our newly revamped website and share your thoughts on this episode at!

Jul 13

33 min 29 sec

Anyone can be hired to fill a position and retain a job, but the question is always: will they remain a loyal employee in times of discomfort or adversity? The answer is yes, you can have loyal employees who are faithful to the business and passionate about your goals, but it comes down a critical first step - and no, it's not about money or getting a raise. In our premiere episode of season 3, Jeff Kahler breaks down the simple, yet complicated, task of earning employees' loyalty. Be sure to check out our newly revamped website, and share your thoughts on this episode at!

Jul 6

30 min 11 sec

Season 2 is drawing to a close, and we have been collecting your listener emails for another question and answer session with Jeff Kahler! This week, we’ll address the following questions and more: How do you create a culture of problem solvers? What do you do about self-sabotagers in your organization? How does one operate a debt-free business? For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at:

Jun 22

49 min 51 sec

What does your decision-making process look like? There are logical steps to making wise decisions - but occasionally things still don't work out. Is there a way to still feel confident while making decisions about your business? The answer is yes! Check out this week's episode, where we discuss how to make up your mind without looking back in regret. Making decisions without second-guessing might be easier than you think. For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at:

Jun 8

32 min 25 sec

Whether you like it or not, conflict - and therefore conflict management - is a part of life. You have the choice to either work through it or run from it. This week, Jeff Kahler breaks down the difference between "peacemaking" and "peacekeeping." Which category do you fall into? Do you believe you can cross over? As always, we would love to hear your thoughts! Do you have an experience with conflict management you'd like to share? Please message us! For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at:        

May 25

26 min 39 sec

Mirror mirror on the wall - what is the most common conflict of all? We manage multiple forms of conflict throughout our lives, but the most typical conflict we experience is internal conflict. What can you do when the heart and brain are fighting one another? This week, we explore three kinds of internal conflict as Jeff Kahler shares his own personal internal battle and how he overcame it. Do you have a story about overcoming internal conflict? We'd love to hear it! For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at:    

May 11

35 min 23 sec

Your people are essential to your business, but do some of them seem too "difficult" to deal with? This week, Jeff Kahler dissects this issue, addressing the fact that many people within an organization should be labeled as "difficult." So what is the underlying problem that makes them difficult, and how can you deal with them moving forward? As always, we'd love to hear your feedback! If you have a story about working with difficult people, please feel free to share it with us along with how you navigated the issue within your own team. For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at:    

Apr 27

31 min 53 sec

Coaching and Feedback are great buzzwords; but when you stop think about it, aren’t they often a little easier said than done? Receiving feedback in a way that is helpful to your organization and yourself is critical to the success of your business, as is coaching and being coachable. So how do you bring people into your organization that not only enjoy coaching but also being coached themselves? It’s all about getting those ducks in a row. This week Jeff Kahler explores the ways leaders can receive honest feedback without any bias. For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at:

Apr 20

28 min 26 sec

The COVID pandemic has plagued us for over a year now, and as people begin to get vaccinated and cases decline, businesses and schools are asking, "If things are ever to resume normalcy again, how can we actively ensure the safety of our guests and employees?" Enter CovidSafe™. This week, Jeff Kahler interviews Joe Rovinsky and Thom Greco, together exploring the certification behind getting businesses and schools up and running again. We'll talk about what it takes to obtain certification and identify the one thing we have to overcome to get back to normal. CovidSafe™ just may be the answer to filling seats in spas, schools, bars and restaurants. Find out more about CovidSafe™ at    

Apr 13

31 min 24 sec

If you budget your money, why don’t you budget your time? To know how to spend your time, you have to know where it’s going in the first place. This week, Jeff Kahler discusses the difference between the urgent and the important. IS there a difference? More importantly, will it make a difference in your business? What are the biggest time wasters, and how can you use your time to build your reputation, your leadership skills, and your self-esteem? For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at

Apr 6

38 min 34 sec

In-house solution sales guru Mike Fish joins us today, exploring the three components of what Jeff Kahler believes are the foundation of successful solution sales. We'll address: What is the easiest thing to sell on the planet? How can you go from slimy salesperson to valuable asset in your target market? How can underselling a client actually pay big in the long run? The answers go far beyond selling software; these are tools just about anyone can (and should!) implement. For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us on our website at

Mar 30

42 min 44 sec

Great communication doesn’t just mean speeches, debates and closing the deal; it's a lot more than that. Consider: What are you saying when you interrupt? How can you keep your mind from wandering during conversations? What can you do to really show people they are being heard? This week, Jeff Kahler is put to the test with three quick drills you can use with your own team to boost communication skills. It all starts with Listening (to this episode):

Mar 23

31 min 36 sec

In this episode, Jeff Kahler unwraps the reason why so many executives and business owners are rating themselves poor when it comes to problem solving. What are the common pitfalls when it comes to solving problems? Are you getting caught up in those pitfalls? Problems can range from nosey employees to complaining customers to unhappy team members to passing judgment on financial decisions and more. When you view problems as challenges to be conquered, the outcome just may surprise you. For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us online at

Mar 16

39 min 27 sec

Abuse should never be tolerated in the workplace. Jeff Kahler breaks down the four types of offenders you may run into and how to handle them. Maybe you need to have a tough conversation with a co-worker; who else should be involved? What can you expect when you confront a bully? And is worth it to stick up for someone? We'll answer these questions and more in this episode, looking at harassment and discrimination from a perspective you may not have heard before. For more from Culture of Convenience, visit us online at

Mar 9

23 min 19 sec

Culture of Convenience has officially launched ten episodes, and the train keeps chugging along. This episode, Jeff Kahler addresses questions and comments submitted by you--our listeners. We'll go more in depth on topics like core values, payroll, business advancement, and career development. How you can take your Culture of Convenience to the next level? We'll also pose a challenge: will you take Jeff up on it? Listen now and tell us your thoughts at

Mar 2

34 min 7 sec

If 50% of HR managers think doing a performance review is pointless and even more employees think they get nothing out of it, why waste the time? To the contrary, when done well, performance reviews can be incredibly valuable. Learning to give proper feedback takes time, and learning to accept feedback can take a lifetime. In this episode, Jeff Kahler shares what does and doesn't work in a review. He'll also tell you how tying one specific thing to those reviews could be your biggest mistake. We'd love to hear from you! Tell us what you think of this episode and be sure to share your solid performance review techniques as well. View this episode on our website and then reach out to us at

Feb 23

27 min 35 sec

In life and in travel, you must know where you're headed before you can begin your adventure. The same is true in your career and the careers of your employees. Planning a manageable career path can be the key between just hiring another employee and watching employees thrive within your organization. Consider: what is the one thing employees need? What is it that keeps them going? Could a convenience store clerk have a career path? The answer is a resounding, "Yes!" In this episode, Jeff Kahler provides the tools you need to help your employees develop a plan for career growth. When you plan your work and work your plan, you have something that employees can sink their teeth into and get excited about. For resources, visit our website at

Feb 16

23 min 27 sec

This week, Jeff Kahler takes a deep dive into building a culture of trust in your organization. We'll talk about how trust is built over time and also what can be done today to bolster it. When we give up doing this one thing--building trust--the government and other groups have to step in and do it for us. Your "trust factor" could be the difference between building a long-lasting team and losing your best employees at a mind boggling rate. This episode will help you strengthen your organization's foundation as a culture of trust for clients, employees, and peers. For more, visit us at

Feb 9

25 min 18 sec

Sure, developing core values sounds like a given when starting a business, but did you know that sharing them can be dangerous? This episode, Jeff Kahler explains that core values should not be taken lightly. Find out what you can buy with core values when executed correctly and the consequences for not upholding them. Intrigued? Take a listen and let us know what you think at

Feb 2

22 min 33 sec

What’s standing in between a thriving team and constant turnover? And why are managers to blame for this? This episode of Culture of Convenience addresses the importance of training in employee retention. Jeff Kahler not only breaks down the importance of training new employees but also addresses the elements that are missing from the process. This episode might touch a nerve, and we'd love to hear your feedback. Just send us an email at or visit us on the web at

Jan 26

36 min 33 sec

As leaders should there be specific time carved out to recharge? Of course! Then why do we feel guilty when we do take that time? Jeff Kahler and SACE Consulting's Kristi Thompson discuss the types of self care and the ways in which business leaders can fold those practices into their lives and make it a priority with their teams. Visit our website at For more on self-care and other valuable business services, visit Kristi's website at

Jan 19

21 min 32 sec

Onboarding a new employee is more than hours of boring orientation and filling out forms. What do you show your new hires with the act of onboarding? And how does that shape how they contribute to the company in the future? Listen as Jeff Kahler explains the three benefits of effective onboarding and how they help you build your Culture of Convenience. Visit the episode on our website at

Jan 12

29 min 58 sec

How can you avoid last minute negotiations when making a job offer? Can you use your instincts to hire someone? Who else can you rely on during this process? Selecting the best candidate and making the offer can be a challenge. In this episode, you'll find out what motto Jeff Kahler lives by when selecting an employee and making the offer. He'll also provide honest, up-front tips for getting the right employee in the right position for the right amount of money. Visit the episode on our website at for related bonus content.

Dec 2020

42 min 59 sec

The quality of an interview can ultimately influence employee retention and turnover rates. Believe it or not, there's an art to interviewing, and a successful interview will support a culture of convenience. In this episode, Jeff Kahler will walk you through the entire process of setting up and conducting an interview--even seating arrangements matter! Avoid hiring challenging employees by implementing these interviewing best practices. Visit the episode on our website at

Dec 2020

42 min 55 sec

Recruiting: does it really matter?! Is there a technique to attracting the right people to your business? Are you asking the right questions, and are you looking for the right qualifications? Attracting quality job applicants means engaging with excellent candidates, which translates to hiring the best employees. In this episode, Jeff Kahler provides valuable insight for recruiting applicants who will have a positive impact on your culture of convenience. Visit our website at

Dec 2020

25 min 3 sec

The Culture of Convenience podcast steps onto the scene! What does pizza have to do with software? What’s non-negotiable when you’re aiming for success? Is profit always the biggest focus or can you tweak your mindset to get the results you’re really looking for in your company? Learn the answers to these questions as host Jeff Kahler tells his story of evolving from a pizza shop owner at age 18 to the CEO of a training and technology company today. This premiere episode explains how adopting a Culture of Convenience can shape your business and your life.   Stop what you’re doing and listen right now. Please.

Nov 2020

11 min 26 sec