The Worldwide Tribe: Stories from the Refugee Crisis

By Jaz O'Hara

This podcast that will take you on a journey across the world...without you having to go anywhere. You'll be hearing from the people leaving their countries and everything behind them, to the volunteers working alongside them. Those currently living in refugee camps, and people working on the front line. The humans behind the statistics and the headlines. The real heroes of today. Transcend borders, nationalities, religions and languages to hear from the people with which we share this world...our Worldwide Tribe. Music written and created by Alexander Wells. Artwork created by Milla Adler at

  1. 1.
    26. Living Stateless in the USA with Karina and Katie from United Stateless
  2. 2.
    25. The Kafala System: Why two migrant domestic workers die in Lebanon every single week
  3. 3.
    24. The Story of Banksy’s Pink Search-and-Rescue Boat, with Crew Members Vanessa and Dickon
  4. 4.
    23. Napier Barracks: Life inside Britain's first refugee camp
  5. 5.
    22. A New Brother, a Catch Up and a Very Special, Surprise Guest
  6. 6.
    21. From Radical Jihad to Radical Inclusion: The Story of former Extremist Manwar Ali
  7. 7.
    20. Beirut: The explosion from the people’s perspective
  8. 8.
    19. Imprisoned, raped and sold in slave markets at the hands of ISIS: The Story of Yazidi Genocide Surviver Farida Khalaf
  1. 9.
    18. ’Losing three limbs in Afghanistan gave me the gift of connecting with suffering’: The Story of Anti-War Photographer Giles Duley
  2. 10.
    17. Having a baby in a War Zone: The story of Syrian mother and filmmaker Waad Al-Kateab, director of Oscar-nominated film, For Sama
  3. 11.
    16. Arrested for Smuggling a 4-year-old Afghan Girl into the UK: The Story of Ex-soldier Rob Lawrie
  4. 12.
    15. SPECIAL EPISODE: Homelessness, Connection and ‘People of the Pandemic’ with Joshua Coombes
  5. 13.
    14. SPECIAL EPISODE: COVID-19 in the World's Biggest Refugee Camp
  6. 14.
    13. From Refugee to Rescuer to Prisoner: The Story of Sarah Mardini
  7. 15.
    12. From swimming for my life, to swimming in the Rio Olympics: The Story of Syrian athlete and refugee, Yusra Mardini
  8. 16.
    11. From fleeing the Nazis to becoming a Lord: The Story of Alf Dubs
  9. 17.
    10. Sex talks and Mosques with my Somali Mother: The Story of Comedian and Child Refugee, Mo Omar
  10. 18.
    9. From life under the Taliban in Afghanistan to finding safety in the UK as a 12 year old child refugee - with Gulwali Passarlay, Author of The Lightless Sky
  11. 19.
    8. Trafficked from Vietnam to work on a Cannabis Farm in the UK: The Story of 21-year-old Nhat-Anh
  12. 20.
    7. From London Life to working in a Refugee Camp: how we got involved in the Refugee Crisis, with my brother, Nils O’Hara
  13. 21.
    6. A New Life in England through the eyes of my Eritrean Foster Brother, Mez
  14. 22.
    5. Crossing the Sahara, the Sea and the Calais Jungle at 13 years old: The Story of my Eritrean Foster Brother Mez
  15. 23.
    4. Being a mum of seven kids from four different countries. My Global Family, with Oeda O’Hara
  16. 24.
    3. The Story of Search and Rescue worker Brendan Woodhouse
  17. 25.
    2. The story of Awad, my Sudanese friend who taught me about kindness, change, patience and more
  18. 26.
    1. The story of 20-year-old Syrian photographer, Abdulazez Dukhan
  19. 27.
    The Worldwide Tribe Podcast - Stories from The Refugee Crisis : Trailer

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